• AngularJS and Node.js are both JavaScript based open-sourced frameworks used for developing extremely immersive web applications. If you want to deliver dynamic views in web applications, HTML is found wanting and this is where AngularJS is used to extend HTML vocabulary of the web app and make it more expressive and readable. Node.js on the other hand is a great framework if you want to build data friendly real time web applications that work across platforms and environments. Web applications built using Node.js perform faster because the various actions that are a part of web applications like reading or writing to the database are performed faster.
  • Your business needs an edge over its competitors if it is to succeed and in a technology enabled world, it is empowered applications that deliver this edge. At Technostacks, we have made it a habit to deliver such apps.


If you are looking for leading high performance app built using Angular.js and Node.js Technostacks should be your choice.

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