In the present time, most of the discussions around health care and technology broadly revolve around the internet of things, personalised medicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. But how precisely are these technologies going to bring transformations? Three major trends that can impact and strike are improvements in human augmentation, the actual implementation of open AI ecosystem and better defining or proper testing of social robots applications.

Human Augmentation

We sense information, we practice it, and we take action on it. Technology can be used to bump up this information dealing out loop at any of those stages. On the sensing part, we are improving in not just to restore lost hearing or vision, but moving one step forward to enhance it. For instance, Doppler Labs has developed earplugs that can sort out sounds that we don’t want and augment the sounds we want to really hear.

Google is coming up with the contact lens which will sense your body glucose levels and temperature to assist you to manage your diabetes and other related diseases. Research is going on to develop implantable devices to assist in restoring memory.

Open AI Ecosystem

We have all heard regarding the internet of things (IoT) which we tend to think of devices and machines linking each other. However, we in actuality have an internet of things and people – all producing multiple sets of data by dynamic interactions and passive monitoring.

An open AI ecosystem refers to the idea that with an exceptional amount of data accessible, joint with advancements in social awareness algorithms and natural language processing. And defined applications of AI will turn to be more beneficial to consumers. Smart personal digital assistants, like Jibo or Alexa, are the best examples of this scenario.

Social Robots

The following technology trend is the companion or social robotics. Social robots use artificial intelligence to comprehend people and respond suitably. The straightforward robots have been around for loads of years and act in response when spoken to and have been utilized to trim down stress levels especially in elderly patients.

Moving Forward

These three above technology trends can assist with the move from treatment to wellness and prevention. We have heard about connected medical devices that are building a digital health uprising and putting medical care directly in the hands of consumers. Whether you are a startup, medium sized company or a large business, work with Technostacks today. Let us know your project needs, and we can have a business partnership.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most efficient and the powerful buzzword now a day. According to a study, AI increases your business efficiency to around 40%. If AI is effectively deployed in a manufacturing unit, the company will quickly notice saving in cost, time and process. AI if used skillfully can give you enough time to free you to do other business-related work. To understand how AI will impact your business in the coming year our experts have compiled their views;


Strategized and customized User Experience (UX)


The year 2018 is going to be the year of AI as companies are aggressively embracing it this year. In order to customize the user experience business and brands small or big have geared up to deploy AI in their organization. The smart analysis, buying trend and browsing history eliminates the conventional method of asking for the customer’s contact information.


The drastic change in approaching Social Media


The day is not far when social media will start showing real-time personalized content in order to achieve the bottom line, i.e. increasing sales numbers. The data collected through AI proves to a useful tool to project the sales and strategize your business.


Fraud Prevention


AI enabled fraud detection tools to help your business to gain the shield of protection on the digital platform. Other frauds that happen through manipulation of automation, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine learning engines can be detected easily.


Behavior of Customers


AI is powerful in predicting customer behavior hence it goes to the next level to understand and detect whether or not the customer is willing to buy their product. While considering AI, the era of machine learning will get a bit more aggressive so that the approach looks more of human and not robotic to engage customers.


Incomparable Customer Support


The recent internet sensation chatbots are deployed to give 24/7 support to the customers, by integrating this business can gather more insightful data. This data can be used to optimize various important points including feedback. The indispensable customer data is an ultimate invention to enable incomparable customer support.




These are some of the ways how AI will impact businesses functions in the year 2018 and the more years to come. The AI app developers at Technostacks create modernized algorithms that can assist your business leverage both unstructured as well as structured data that they fetch from an assortment of business activities. This helps our clients to optimize their business and revenue streams.

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Chat Bots is a digital transformation which appears to be on the rise in the past few months. Chatbots are capable of updating your bank accounts, be your personal shopper and send notifications about your food delivery.Chatbots not only have captured the eyes of big brands and their curious customers – the flow of natural language processing and AI has created an excellent base for chatbots technology in the business sector be it B2C or B2B.

Partially eliminating human intervention

According to a recent study, companies are saving a huge chunk by reducing human intervention in the customer service. Hence the reach has broadened beyond customer support and expanded throughout the organization at each level.

Chatbots are the future of virtual assistant for organizations. Today through chatbots every employee has a personal assistant in the form of chatbots who can help them with their daily chores such as reserving business travels and scheduling meeting etc.

To consider or not to consider chatbots in your brand is totally a business call. However, there is a lot to ponder when it comes to deploying chatbots as a business tool. Along with the question of quality and cost. Business heads should understand the weather or not it will fit into their organization and the target audience.

Far-reaching adoption of AI

With the advancement of technology and drastic adoption of AI, chatbots have become a matter of sophistication and have proved to be valuable across organizations. AI and Chatbots have the capability to develop and streamline the various processes of the company. The language learning process which empowers them and the business is endless.

The day is not far when AI and chatbots will become an integral part of our daily life as we have made other technologies as part of our life.


Technostacks is leading Software Development Company in India. It has effectively carved its position within a few years of its setting up. We provide end-to-end IT solutions to fulfill the demands of a mixed clientele across the globe. Technostacks has proved its brilliance in developing and designing modernized technology-driven solutions.

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Today the genuine challenge goes well beyond purely attaining more data. The key is accessing data in a precise way, at the precise time, and in the precise format to generate helpful insights.

Need of both Human Analysis and Superior Technology

It needs both the human analysis and the advanced technology to determine significant insights for business leaders to be successful.

Roles of IBM Watson and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Watson is the IBM’s pioneering effort to revolutionize the future as we know it utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Watson is a keen reader and has the capacity to consume a million books every second. IBM Watson’s hardware is quite smart and is much smaller in size.

How IBM Watson and AI would Assist Different Industry Domains

  • IBM Watson is helping in reviewing cancer patient cases and published studies on cancer subjects. It also helps in designing healthcare treatment strategies. Watson is presently being tutored by many cancer institutes around the globe.
  • IBM Watson is also used in different domains with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage routine queries and activities which when executed automatedly can free up the time of professionals so they can focus on other tasks.
  • In the coming time data right from hiring to employee management or production, all the data would be managed by AI.
  • Utilizing machine learning algorithms, IBM Watson is able to drive its own conclusions from the immense data it consumes.
  • Finally, IBM’s vision is to utilize AI for enhancing human decision-making with continuing machines to be reliant on humans.

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