Tips To Hire Augmented Reality App Development Agency

In the past few years, there has been an incredible rise in AR app development and technology. Augmented Reality has turned as one of the subsequent big moves in different application sectors. As per Statista reported, The market for AR technology is mounting, with projections for 2023 estimating it at 18+ billion USA dollars.

This paradigm shift has led AR applications to be used in numerous domains. The use of advanced AR mobile technology for the diverse business and service sectors has also matured progressively with this dependency.

For these reasons, businesses that are interested in reaching broad audiences are moving their attention to augmented reality apps. This scenario has made AR app development companies some of the most hunted companies in the last couple of years.

How to Choose an AR Mobile App Development Company

It is quite significant to figure out how to choose the best AR app development company. It is crucial for agencies to use correct AR app development tools for building user-friendly applications. These tools are analogous to the Software Development Kit (SDK). When it comes to selecting an AR development company for development, it is essential to consider what tools they use for building applications.

Things to consider when hiring an AR App Development Company include the strong support of the platform, its overall costs, unity support, monitoring or tracking support, GPS, image recognition tools, OpenSceneGraph shore up, and more.

The ideal AR mobile app development companies are chosen on the basis of what frameworks, technology procedures, tools, and a precise platform that can assist them in building useful AR apps.

Tips to Hire Augmented Reality App Development Company

Augmented Reality enables developing Android and iOS applications that are useful, robust, fitting for a range of requirements, and are exceedingly interactive. Tips to Consider While Hiring AR app Developers or an App Development Company includes the below factors.

  • Exploring work portfolio of app development companies
  • Checking-out the years of experience the company has in the AR development field.
  • What types and categories of projects they have successfully delivered
  • What sorts of clientele they mainly deal with when developing similar AR projects
  • Discovering the technology and coding platform options they offer
  • Going through their online reviews or offline recommendations
  • Analyzing their expertise through POC projects before awarding the complete project
  • What processes and steps they follow to make the application scalable and secure
  • What they have to offer for UI and UX that actually attract the potential clients
  • What design and technology processes as well as practices they follow
  • Their willingness to get into a precise Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Getting feedback from the previous clientele of the company is also a good option
  • At a distance from taking feedback on a direct basis, you can even check reviews on the AR app company on search engines, social media sites, and review sites.
  • Interview the development team who will build your AR mobile application. Get to know them, their knowledge, testimonials, and acquaintance about the platform.
  • Interactions and communication are fundamental. If your developer grips the idea of the app you aspire, your half work is already done.
  • Finally, be smart enough and strike a balance amid superior quality and overall costs.

So these are the valuable tips on how to hire the AR App Developer or Company.

Why Use AR App Development in Diverse Fields?

The current businesses require considering providing AR mobile app solutions, so as to boost their customer base and increase the earnings. Our specialist AR developers have a proven track record of exceedingly interactive applications in diverse fields like retail, healthcare, education, travel, real estate, manufacturing, and more.

With every passing day, the competition in the AR development marketplace is on the rise. The preference for selecting the expedition of mobile apps is not a tricky task, but finding the right AR App Development Company for your business is one of the critical functions.

Here are some of the Advantages of Choosing AR Development for your Subsequent Projects

  • Create a superior and interactive user experience
  • Personalized content for specific requirements
  • Allow readers to connect quickly and with published content
  • AR can trim down language challenges and barriers
  • Brand awareness gets boosted
  • AR assists in customer purchasing decisions
  • Insights and analytics are generated for tracking user behavior
  • Increase scope for consumers to interact and engage with campaigns

Projects Technostacks has implemented across AR Technology for eCommerce Business

Technostacks recently implemented an Augmented Reality solution for a watch app. This particular client owns an eCommerce platform where you can explore and purchase premium Rolex watches. The Technostacks development team updated this watch selling application version 2.0 with innovative features and functionalities. The App categories include three models, such as a retailer’s application, customer app, and administrative panel.

The interesting stuff in this 2.0 version is that it gets upgraded with the augmented reality solutions. The customers can test out different watches on their hands in real-time without even wearing the same. The consumers can virtually wear the watch right on their wrist and scan the marker for checking-out the watches in real-time. Also, the customers can now test watches without wearing a marker on their wrist.

Technostacks Experienced and Proficient Developers for AR App Development

At Technostacks, we have experienced and proficient developers with the right AR app development expertise. We work with our clients in both ways the hourly as well as fixed based development approach. We have cost-effective development pricing and work on different development models. We commit to development timelines and take extreme care of the maintenance of the app.

Key Takeaways

Even though each and every business has its own priority, the above points are quite universal. They must come practical for all types and categories of companies as well as entrepreneurs.

In the end, if you need to hire the right AR app development company or developers, then you must follow the below quick steps:

  • Conduct proper and extensive research
  • Analyze the accessible options and preferences
  • Check-out the genuineness of the service provider

Always bear in mind, consent only when you are completely assured about the AR app development company’s aptitude and proficiency.

At Technostacks, we are one of the top AR app development companies, and you can connect with us at any time with your project ideas. Being a leading AR development company in India, we offer flexible project engagement models to meet varied business requirements. We have the right experience in enabling our clients with modernized and advanced software solutions based on the newest technologies.

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AR in eCommerce

There are so many emerging technologies out there, but AR stands apart from all of them. It is driving the eCommerce industry into an entirely new horizon and is striving to provide a better experience to the customers. AR in eCommerce has spiked customer’s interest, and their participation level has also increased. People these days are using AR under various fronts, and eCommerce is indeed making the most out of it. We will see a huge impact of the AR on Ecommerce in upcoming days.

Augmented Reality in online shopping can be very helpful. eCommerce stores have done shopping easy, it lacked the real in-store experience. When a customer steps into a clothing store, they will try all the dresses on themselves and pick one of them. But the situation in eCommerce stores is different. Customers have to choose by just looking at the dresses on models. This scenario, indeed, is a big issue.

AR Market Value Growth Statistics

Augmented reality impacts almost all industries and eCommerce is one of them. According to the report of, the AR market value was 3.5 billion USD in 2017 and it will be estimated to increased 198 billion USD in 2025. These statistics shows how AR can be helpful for the eCommerce industry.

Benefits Of AR in eCommerce

There are a lot of benefits of AR in ecommerce. Here you are going to look at some of those benefits.

  • Connected
  • The customers who get to see the virtual product in the form of the 2D image seems to be more connected to it than usual. For every business, it is vital to take their product into the customers and make them connect with it right! This entire thing is possible for companies with the help of AR. If they get to see the intensive view of eCommerce, they will be motivated to visit the shopping site more than once, and the conversion rate will eventually increase.

  • Curiosity
  • Curiosity is one of the most important things that drive the world. AR has become one of the fascinating things for people, and they are pretty excited to know how it works. Although curiosity brings them to your site, your products are the ones that will make them stay. You need to use this opportunity to provide better products and an excellent AR experience.

  • Accuracy
  • The AR, combined with 3D visualization, will help users in making accurate decisions. Let us consider that a user is shopping for a mobile online. In the 3D AR view, he or she will get to see how the mobile looks from various angles. They will know what they are paying for here, and the returns rate will be decreased exponentially. From mobiles to apparel, customers can see everything beforehand. This interactive experience will help customers in making the right choice.

  • Personalized Experience
  • As said earlier; the online shopping experience is not great when it comes to apparel. Users won’t be able to wear the dress and know how they look in it, and this is the reason why most of the people avoid shopping online for clothing, gowns, etc. But now, with AR, this situation can be changed. AR offers a pretty high-level customization options to the customers so that they can pick the outfits and check them on. The entire AR version will give them an idea of how they will look it the dress, and this feature makes it easy for them to shop.

  • Shopping Support
  • The online stores don’t have any salesperson, and users have to pick a product and place an order for it. This entire process is simple, but the lack of shopping support may hinder the online shopping experience for older adults. An AR virtual assistant will make shopping as this whole experience smooth and straightforward. This virtual assistant will give suggestions about the products, helps with checking out and all. People who are not familiar with the online shopping process can use this feature.

  • Integrating Real Images
  • The images that you see on eCommerce stores are the designs but not the real product, and this usually bothers the customers. But with the help of AR, the online stores will be able to project the actual image on the screen and show the same to the customer. Watching the real image online will surely spike interest in people.

  • Excellent Shopping Experience
  • The AR will help customers in more ways than you imagine. The customers will get a never before never after experience online with AR. Be it supporting staff or 3D imaging, their whole experience will be enhanced, and it will become even more useful. The brick and mortar kind experience is something that customers will always cherish, and with eCommerce giving that, the sales will surely increase.

  • Creative Storytelling
  • Putting up content on a website describing a product is well and good, but is it enough? No. Not every customer will have time or interest to read about the entire product online. If you keep a virtual new platform that describes the product and lets customers know about it effectively, you will be a step closer to the customers. A new kind of platform with everything in place is undoubtedly something that every customer would vouch for.

Use Cases of Augmented Reality in eCommerce

There are so many use cases of AR-based eCommerce. It has evolved into one of the key aspects to drive in traffic to retail stores. The future of augmented reality is going to develop even more with customer expectations.

  • Virtual Tryon
  • Tryon feature has become a key player in the retail industry as it is successful in driving traffic and turning that traffic into sales. It helps in driving cross channel traffic and attract the shoppers too. When it comes to the user’s perspective, the VR provides a more productive and better experience for customers. The latest VR tries on solutions are acting as a great marketing option and will attract more buyers too. Jewelry, watches, furniture, shoes, clothes, and various other options are available in the market already.

  • Body Measurement App
  • The body measurement app is intended to provide the customer with a perfectly fitted dress for their body. This AR solution is indeed a better way to measure the fitting of the body. This case is a revolution in the eCommerce world. No matter what kind of wearable’s you shop online, fitting is a problem. Some of them are perfect for your body, while some of them are not. Classifying the right ones from wrong is not an easy task. The body measurement apps will give users an option to try a product that fits them accurately and the ones that they can rely on upon without any worries.

  • AR Manual
  • The AR user manual will demonstrate users how to use the appliances with the help of a practical guide. Usually, when someone buys a device online, they will get a manual with all the installation, usage details in it. People have to read those manuals and use the appliances. Now AR manuals are going to replace these usual manuals, and people will get a virtual guide who will explain to them what to do step by step rather than them reading online. This complete step by step guide is an excellent benefit for the users. They just have to scan the barcode present on the appliance, and they will get a virtual assistant who will explain to them all the things. This way, the mishaps in appliances will be reduced.

Future Of AR In eCommerce

The future of AR in eCommerce is pretty solid. With the improvements in technology, it will bring in even more changes to the online store, making it even more useful. People are investing in the eCommerce and AR market more because they believe that it will change the entire customer experience. Games like Pokemon Go have already proven how people will embrace this AR feature, and hence the companies are planning to make the most out of it now.

AR Projects Portfolio in eCommerce | AR Ecommerce examples

Technostacks is an AR app development company, and it has delivered AR-based eCommerce solutions. One of its projects includes Augmented Reality Solution for a Watch App. The client with an eCommerce platform enabled customers to explore and purchase a premium collection of Rolex watches online. We at Technostacks have updated this watch selling application version 2.0 with new functionalities and features.

The mobile application was categorized into three models, which comprised of a retailer’s App, customer’s App, and administrative panel. The new appealing stuff in this 2.0 version is that it is completely modernized with the augmented reality solutions. The customers can test and look at watches on their hands in real-time without wearing it in reality. The users with AR functionality can wear marker (template watch) on their wrist and scan that marker for checking-out the watches on a real-time basis. Another major update is that the customers can now assess the watches without wearing a marker on their wrists. Also, customers will be able to alter the watch faces as well as the straps. This feature will assist customers to try a variety of watch combinations on their wrist.

The technology stack involved in this project by Technostacks comprised of a native android app – android studio, Java, Native iOS app – Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, AR SDK – Kudan, PHP – Codeigniter, Laravel, and MySQL as database.

Moving Forward

Nowadays, many customers prefer brick and mortar stores above eCommerce ones for some or the other reason, but the AR will change this entire paradigm in quick time. With AR features, customers can get many benefits and added advantages, which we discussed above.

AR is a new and exciting way to shop by exploring the online space and enjoying the new challenges. It has transformed the retail stores into an advanced eCommerce shopping space. Technostacks is a leading AR app development company, and it has successfully delivered many AR-based eCommerce solutions in swift time.

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Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented Reality (AR) technology lets users see the actual world showcasing digital information onto the present environment set-up. AR has transformed the healthcare industry in every way. In this article, we will see the benefits of Augmented reality in the medical field.

In several ways, AR works on virtual contents in the form of digital imagery or sound, more often applied to 3D models and videos. AR works through a series of different sensors which include the camera, computer components as well as display devices. Augmented reality in healthcare 2020 will help both doctors and patients to diagnose medical problems.

The mobile applications for the medical industry are drafted as per the specific requirements of the client. Portability, cost-effectiveness, and better accessibility of health care apps have made them fruitful among the different kinds of users as well as various stakeholders.

Most of you have a question about how AR changes the healthcare industry. By blending AR technology and healthcare industry app development solutions, the horizons of medicinal projects can be advanced and taken to the next level.

AR impacts on the healthcare sector

The augmented reality technology is enabling new and innovative opportunities in the healthcare industry. It is likely that by the year 2020, the worldwide market will reach a value of around $1.5B in this technology domain.

Augmented reality growth statistics

According to, the global Augmented reality market was valued at $12.15 billion in 2018 and it will reach $78.45 billion by 2025. This Augmented reality growth statistics show that it will impact heavily on the healthcare industry.

AR can assist medical professionals in their capabilities to diagnose, in the treatment, and performing surgery on their critical patients more precisely. The technology can provide them with real-time data and patient analysis swifter and more accurate than ever before.

AR can also bring enormous value to practicing medicine and medical education by enabling students and trainee healthcare professionals to visualize health problems and scenarios in a better way. The applications and benefits that AR can bring to the medical industry can be pioneering, and we are exploring more than the openings of what is to come from AR in the area of healthcare.

Use of AR in the medical sector

augmented reality in the medical field

The use of AR technology is essential and growing in the medical industry. The healthcare fields are the ones to accept AR in excellent and advanced ways. Today, many doctors and nurses are communicating through AR applications on an everyday basis to enhance patient education and different medical procedures. By combining the AR technology with the medical app development processes, IT companies are advancing the role of AR.

Beyond the consumer marketplaces, technologies such as Google Glass have found a home in the healthcare domain, displaying the significance of AR even at the early stages of technology development.

Healthcare professionals have to learn a massive amount of information about the way the body functions. AR applications offer learners the capabilities to visualize, communicate, and interact with 3-dimensional representations of human bodies.

However, it is not only medical executives who are benefiting from this technology. It is also proving practical and useful as a tool intended for patient education, enabling professionals to lend a hand to patients being aware of surgical processes and the different techniques on how medicines actually work.

Today, surgeons use quite a lot of techniques to visualize the operated area, and augmented reality, which can help in displaying 3-dimensional representations of the patient’s anatomy into the surgeon’s view, is likely to enhance precision and results for patients.

Many applications have been built that can project a map of a patient’s body parts, making it more straightforward and uncomplicated for healthcare stakeholders to plan the surgery in advance. The applications of AR also include radically transforming the quality of life for seniors and others who rely entirely on the medical industry.

Key Pointers on how AR changes the healthcare industry

  • Augmented reality is utilized in medical facilities across the globe today, for applications that comprise healthcare education, training, surgical as well as vein visualization.
  • The latest hardware and software advances have trimmed down the overall cost of augmented reality while notably getting better on the users and developers experiences.
  • Advanced level healthcare service providers are studying and exploring the potential benefits of AR to their clients.
  • The future of augmented reality in the medical field will bring considerable advances to patient education, medicinal professionals, engagements, and healthcare outcomes.

Advantages and Benefits of AR Technology for Patients

  • The foremost advantage or benefit of AR for patients is that of having more safe surgeries. With the assistance of this technology, the risk involved in different surgeries can be minimized.
  • Further, without defocusing the attention towards the patient while surgery, the doctor will have all the information and insights, he requires right in front of his eyes.
  • AR will also provide overlay 3D images of body parts to improve a surgeon’s visibility.
  • Apart from complex surgeries, AR will also assist in educating expecting parents with helpful facts and how to take good care of a baby.
  • Google Glass is helping and training in breastfeeding.
  • AR apps are quite competent in teaching patients about any meticulous disease and what are the most excellent ways of dealing with it.
  • The procedures like finding the patient vein to put in a needle turn straightforward with AR technology.
  • AR will also lend a hand to diabetic patients in handling their precise sugar levels, studying about diseases as well as effortlessly searching out about their symptoms.

Advantages and Benefits of AR Technology for Doctors

  • The most unique and noteworthy AR benefits for doctors are in different surgical departments. AR will assist them by delivering all the essential information like the location of body parts and organs, vein-meshes, and quick medical reports right in the front, which will assist their focus, minimizing any chances of mistakes or errors.
  • AR technology usage also helps doctors in their medical training. Utilizing AR-related tools, students can explore in a more engaging way and enable real-life simulation of different surgeries or diagnosis of a particular patient without any existent risk being a concern.
  • The AR technology is now also assisting doctors in operating diseases involving tumours in a safe manner by helping localize these types of conditions in crucial areas.
  • Using AR technology, surgeons can now perform surgeries remotely through video conferencing. A remote surgeon operates everything that a local surgeon will do remotely assisting in the surgery through AR technology assistance. This scenario can not only revolutionize the ways operations or surgeries can be conducted but also help in trimming down the risks involved in operations.

Future of AR in the healthcare industry

While fairly an intense debate can be well thought-out about the benefits and disadvantages of healthcare technology, however, no one can deny that augmented reality for public health is transforming the medical sector. And yes, there is a lot of superiority yet to come in the advanced technology, and we are yet to find a way to utilize AR more deeply; however, the early progressions are impressive and paint an inspiring picture of the future.

Moving Forward

High-end technology advances have enhanced the outcomes in the healthcare industry. With the set of promises augmented reality has made in the healthcare sector by 2020, the technology is evolving faster and even meeting the day to day routine of the medicinal industry.

AR will be incorporated more into healthcare domains in the coming years. There is a diversity of technical and even societal challenges by integrating AR into medicinal domains, but it is surely executable and will be seen as advancements within the subsequent few years.

Technostacks is one of the top mobile app development companies in India & USA. if you are looking for a reliable AR app development firm for your healthcare and medical app development solutions, then contact us right now.

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AR Quick Look
At WWDC 2018, Apple released ARKit 2.0 with fresh APIs, functionalities and features for Augmented Reality (AR) development. One of these key features was an accumulation to their quick look APIs.
Quick look overall is a framework that enables users to get a preview of a complete range of file formats such as PDFs, images, and much more. For an instance, the mail application in iOS utilizes quick look to preview the needed attachments.
With iOS 12 AR quick look, 3d models of products in the .usdz file format can be uploaded straight away to the online stores and observed in AR right within the safari version, without the need of downloading a different application.
In Object Mode, the device you are utilizing does not require to be AR proficient if it is operating the iOS 12 or the safari version on the macOS. It is in fact a studio viewer where the object is rendered on a flat white background and is all set to be interrelated with. You can pan around your object viewing it at diverse angles, you can zoom in to display finer details, and get access to see animations if your model supports the same.

In AR Mode, you can always place your 3D object straightforwardly into the physical space. The AR Viewer smartly collects lighting information from the real world and renders the object to go with the environment it’s in. A grounding shadow is functional to your object to make it feel as though the object is in fact sitting right on the surface in the direct front side of the given viewer.

AR quick look is a latest technology that could alter the way we can view the media on the web and in our mobile apps.

1) First add .usdz file in your app, ensure that you check the target box as shown below.

AR quick look

2) Add models list array.

check the target box

3) Open QLPreviewController for seeing the 3d model in the scene by directly putting it into the physical world.

Finally, build and run your application. Ensure that the app runs on a real device running iOS 12. As while running the app on a simulator won’t showcase the needed Quick Look preview.

Quick Look preview

Moving Forward

It works as projected by integrating AR Quick Look into your apps. However, that’s not all as AR Quick Look even offers the required web support. So, you can build a web portal utilizing both the HTML and the AR Quick Look.

Here is a video presensentation for AR quick look.

If you have any doubt, then you can contact us. We will give you the right solution for your query. Technostacks Infotech is a leading AR app development company which has vast experience in developing AR based apps for both Android and iOS. Hire us for App development project.

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