With the perspective further tightening of the search engine algorithms, the need of exhaustive App store optimization cannot be overlooked. According to experts in the industry, new trends will be set in App store optimization services in 2017 like it did in the previous year. While deep linking strategies are expected to play a major role in ASO trends 2017, many other changes are also expected to take place in the area of ASO services.
  • 1. Deep linking will be the king:
    As the trends have already started moving towards profound linking and app indexing from keywords, it is obvious to have a great impact on the portable ecosystem. App indexing lets the users navigate to their native mobile apps directly from the Google search results through back end links.
  • 2. Real-time Analytics to play a major role:
    Numerous tools have just emerged in the ecosystem and are not adopted fully yet for real-time analytics. We do not expect this to be a key trend change in 2017 but according to experts, it will definitely bring a revolution in the expectations, integration techniques and reporting models of the modern real-time analytics tools.
  • 3. Description of the apps will have a big impact:
    The app description will need to be more keywords rich as the keyword’s density in the app’s description and name will play a major role in deciding the rank of the apps. The ASO services providers, and developers will have a tough time creating a quality app description.
  • 4. More real-time A/B Analysis:
    A/B testing has been in the web world right from its inception, but it is getting attention for a few years now. According to experts, 2017 will be a year where A/B testing will get some priority, and a standard will be set in the industry.
  • 5. Online reputation management will become crucial:
    Ratings always play a key role in deciding the fate of an app, be it a new app or a famous one. App owners will need to pay greater attention to all the reviews and ratings that affect the reputation of the app. App developers need to align strategy well to drive in reviews that are more positive by adopting good reputation management techniques.
    User retention rates of the apps will also become important in deciding an app’s rank in the app stores. The app stores are already booming with millions of apps and we are eagerly waiting for more apps in 2017. Hence, App store optimization services will play a significant role!
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Creation of Unique Identity of the brands is the need of an hour, as the competition in the online market is getting fierce day-by-day. In this vague hour, it just becomes impossible for the Small Business Houses and the Startups to get along with the big players. For this, they need seamless Digital Marketing Strategy with good planning that can help them leverage their brand. Here are some of the unique marketing tactics for the Startups and Small Businesses:
  1. 1. Social Media Marketing
    Every company is nowadays having a Facebook Page as well as they are available on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. The Social Media is growing in a fast manner and Small Business owners and even the executives from the Startups should choose Social Media as one of their tools for promoting their brand. This will help them to get an insight of the audience’s mind and to work in a better way.
  2. 2. Responsive Websites and SEO
    In the present times, the Small businesses and the Startup Marketing Services are booming because everyone wants to stand ahead in the competition. The Digital Marketing Service provider as Technostacks makes sure to design responsive websites and has a team of SEO specialists too. The experts are aware that the people mostly use smartphones and if the website does not work properly then Google may penalize them. Moreover, the SEO team is experienced in the On-Page and Off-Page SEO.
  3. 3. Content Marketing
    Content is the Boss, as it rules the websites and for the Startups and Small Business houses, it works as a lifeline. Until the time the companies are able to attract the consumers with their engaging content, the users will make a comeback to the website. The Content Marketing is an effective Digital Marketing Strategy, which will help them to reach a large number of audiences. At Technostacks, the company has a team of efficient and skilled writers that can help the clients to get 100% unique content.
  4. 4. Usage of Mobile Marketing
    Nowadays, mobile is not just used for calling but it has gained its position in the online marketing too. Even Google has released its algorithm to test the sites that perform well and are mobile-friendly sites. The Digital Marketing for small business and the startups also includes Mobile Marketing that helps in building the brand name and places the company’s website higher in the rankings.
It is indeed compulsory to choose the best service provider for the Digital Marketing Services for both the Small Businesses and Startups that can help them grow.
The clients can choose the expertise services from Technostacks as the company has an efficient team and expert small business digital marketing strategist. They will help your company to fetch the global recognition within less time.
Written By : technostacks
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