React Native Performance improvement

There are so many ways to do this but here are few most preferred ways:-

  • Use of shouldComponentUpdate method of react-native lifecycle
  • Use Pure Components of React
  • Use Memo from Hooks API
  • Build the module with native whenever it is possible
  • Remove the console logs before building the application
  • Reduce Application size

1. Use of shouldComponentUpdate

Using shouldComponentUpdate method, we can reduce unnecessary re-rendering of components.

shouldComponentUpdate returns the boolean value and according to that components will rerender. For example, if it returns true then it will rerender and if it returns false then it will not rerender component.

So, on state update or on new props to the component this method will be called with two arguments called nextState and nextProps. So, you can compare the new props and state with the previous ones. And according to your business logic requirements, you can use the boolean to render the component again.

2. Use Pure Components of React

The pure component of React helps to render only the specific props that have been changed or the state has updated.

For example, if we are using a flatlist which is rendering 1000 rows. Now, on every rerender that 1000 data will be rendered again.

Using flatlist in the pure component we can ensure that only the change on required props, components will re-render again.

3. Use Memo from Hooks API

React Hooks provide the lifecycle of components to functions.

Memo from react helps to do a shallow comparison on upcoming changes. So, it allows re-rendering functions only if the props get changed.

4. Build the module with the native driver whenever it is possible

Here, We are not talking about not using React Native. Sometimes, it happens that we have to use some features which can be done by the native more efficiently. At that time, we have to build that module in native one and can use the feature from the React Native by creating a bridge.

5. Remove the console logs before building the application

It has been identified that the console logs are taking some amount of time for logging purposes. So, it is good to use at the time of development but in the production build, it should be removed which will help to improve the performance of the app which you will realize while using it.

6. Reduce Application size

In React Native, you use external libraries and components form libraries so it impacts application size.

To reduce the size, you have to optimize the resources, use ProGaurd, create different app sizes for different device architectures, and make sure to compress the graphics elements, i.e. images.

The components on the JavaScript side use a bridge to communicate with the Native side. Reduce the load on the bridge and improve the app’s performance.

Key Takeaways

These are the tips to improve the performance of the React Native app. Technostacks is a leading app development company and has experience in delivering numerous React Native apps. If you have any issue or want to develop a robust React Native then contact us. We will give the best assistance for your app project.

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eCommerce Mobile App Features

The boost in mobile eCommerce has led to the development of mobile applications and platforms in current times. The users have become much more relaxing and secure while shopping products through a Mobile App compared to a web portal. Both large-sized eCommerce organizations, as well as small and medium-sized eCommerce companies, are now dedicatedly going on mobile devices to enhance their end-user experiences.

The eCommerce companies adopt a robust technology infrastructure by having advanced eCommerce mobile app development for their business and by facilitating mobile eCommerce.

Scope of Mobile Commerce

The span of Mobile Commerce is quite big and comprises everything right from e-commerce and in-app buying to mobile banking and buying of products utilizing a digital wallet.

By the year 2021, global m-commerce sales are predicted and will make up for around 54 % of all e-commerce sales. Further, the global m-commerce share in e-commerce will reach-out to about 73 % worldwide by 2021. While mobile wallet payments just summed to $75 billion in the year 2016, they are forecasted to rise to $ 500 billion by the year 2020.

The prime challenge any E-Commerce business faces is to stand out in the contest with an eye-catching, engaging, and interactive app that communicates and retains purchasers at each level.

We at Technostacks cater to such users’ requirements by developing advanced Mobile Apps for all categories of eCommerce businesses.

Here are some critical features of an eCommerce mobile app that you should embrace to give your online business a competitive edge and provide an exceptional user experience.

Must have Features for E-Commerce Mobile App

1) Easy and Uncomplicated Registration Process

Most of the customers would not like to fill out the lengthy forms asking for too many details and personal information.

Make the registration process easy by enabling just needed fields facilitates an uncomplicated customer listing cycle. People hardly ever prefer the apps that request time-consuming information to be entered for a casual registration.

2) Multiple Payment Alternatives

It is really imperative to give numerous payment alternatives for a customer to select from at the time of check-out. Try to incorporate a safe, secure, frequent, and issue-free payment option for a problem free check-out.

3) Effortless Navigation

When you develop an eCommerce mobile application, one of the essential things to consider is the screen size and display of content.

As mobile display screens have restricted space, it is imperative to make sure that your application and its content do not look crammed up on the respected mobile device.

So, designing an undemanding and well-organized layout is vital. It should provide picture perfect navigation and showcase your company brand or products in the utmost inspiring style.

Responsive design is the most excellent solution, which automatically fits into any screen sizes and resolutions and enables a user-friendly experience.

4) Enable Precise Analytics

Apart from providing a better-quality user experience, the core goal of an eCommerce mobile application is to generate revenues. Hence, analytics is one significant feature that your app should possess.

Analyzing spot on user behavior and purchasing patterns on your mobile app is of supreme value. The overall session time, cost of product sales conversion, click-through rate, and accessing tailored fields all offer details about precise consumer behavior, leading to a boost in revenue streams.

5) Feedback System

The significance of having some approach for users to offer feedback on your application is crucial. Whether it is a call to action button or a link to enable an email doesn’t matter; the essential part is that you give your users a fast way to describe their feedback, including reporting bugs, and offering recommendations or having negative criticisms.

The Users will be quite pleased to know that you are unfastening their positive / negative feedback and that their input can drive the future of your application.

6) Presenting your Products with Augmented Reality

This functionality of effectively presenting / showcasing your Products with Augmented Reality can definitely assist you to boost the customer experience, and our technical team at Technostacks can help you to develop this functionality for your eCommerce mobile app. We have enabled this AR feature for one of our clients. This app is for selling luxury Rolex watches and it falls under the category of mobile Commerce space.

7) Push Notifications

Push notifications are the simplest and most valuable way to interact with users and get them back to your online store without any robust efforts.

Simply market your new product arrivals, discount offers, or merely offer discounts on products that are left-out in the cart with the help of push notifications. These notifications encourage pressing action.

You can merge this functionality with your store’s analytics to quickly view a noteworthy boost in sales. Specialists found that push notifications are liable to take delivery of more response than any other approach of marketing or promotion such as messaging or endless emails.

8) Log in through Social Media Accounts

Use Facebook / Instagram Connect or another single sign-on technology solution to enable your customers to utilize their social media logins to pretty easily sign into the application. And allow them to keep signed in. This functionality offers them an approach to retrieve their credentials or effortlessly tell them which social network they utilized when setting up the mobile app.

9) Have Precise and Reduce Extra Clicks

If you are asking your users to register, sign up, or fill forms, be smart about reducing the number of clicks or taps, right from the overall app design.

Ask for minimum personal details and information. The overall conversion rates fall down when additional work is needed to enable signing up.

This scenario is a slip-up new world designers make frequently. You only have a limited window to attract users, and if they have an awful experience, they won’t make an effort to reach you again.

10) Facilitating Loyalty Programs

Today, most eCommerce stores provide their customers with the choice to gather points through the application while online shopping and win product discounts.

Steering loyalty through a unique mobile commerce app is an intelligent business move. You can also utilize the application to hand out promotion codes to a diverse range of users, further encouraging more downloads and increasing the use of the app at your online stores.

11) Easy Product Returns and Checking of the Return Status

Online shopping can be complicated, and products customers get many times depart from what they thought to be, such as the wrong size, color, and much more. So, creating a seamless returns process is so significant.

By providing a simple returns process and the quick option to check-out the status of returns effortlessly, you will improve your business’ transparency and turn more reliable in the eyes of consumers. Users knowing that returning of products will be simple; will eliminate their fear of an erroneous purchase.

12) Product Availability Reminder

In many digital stores, users can now select this option to get a quick notification when the product they would like to purchase becomes accessible again.

Key Takeaways

This was the list of eCommerce mobile app features an online store business should have to aim at providing an in-depth and exclusive experience that makes online shopping a much flawless procedure.

At the same time, these eCommerce mobile apps features can steer sales and increase revenues for your online business.

Technostacks is a leading eCommerce app development company, and if you want to include all the above features in your mobile app, then contact us today itself.

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Technostacks Burgeons At GoodFirms By Providing Mobile App Services

Holding profound knowledge of the most advanced tools and technologies along with the excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure endows TechnoStacks amongst the top mobile app service providers in Germany at GoodFirms.

Overview of the Company

Incepted in 2013, TechnoStacks Infotech is based in Ahmedabad, India. It also has its branch office in the USA. The Tech-savvy professionals at TechnoStacks build high-end technologies to suffice the client’s business & market needs. The group caters to a diverse line-up of services to the clients that boast of best quality solutions from AR/VR, machine learning, IoT, enterprise mobility, NodeJS, Angular, and a few more services.

The company is actively involved in presenting end-to-end IT solutions to feed the demands of a diverse clientele across the world. TechnoStacks has proved its excellence in producing and designing technology-driven solutions with its strong group of professionals who hold an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies and tools as well as an excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure. This understanding of the team enables them to add more power to companies’ at the most competitive rates. TechnoStacks experts focus on delivering desirable solutions within a rapid turnaround by ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.

GoodFirms’ Research Process:

Situated in Washington DC, GoodFirms is an online research and review platform. It supports service seekers to get their best allies in terms of best software or service companies matching their business needs. GoodFirms is the foremost platform serving service representatives from around the world by giving them a classified directory that is generated by assessing them. This evaluation system covers three necessary criteria – Quality, Reliability, and Ability, through which the GoodFirms team has defined the process for the service-seekers.

Likewise, the researchers at GoodFirms also assessed TechnoStacks and asserted it as the flourishing mobile development, software development, and IoT app development agencies in Germany, Hamburg, & Ahmedabad, respectively.

The below-mentioned is the evaluation summary of TechnoStacks made by the GoodFirms’ team:

Incredible Apps Made by Proficient Developers:

The in-house team at TechnoStacks is very focused on digitizing and automating the client’s business purposes. The organization believes in transparency with clients to serve them as their home side unit. TechnoStacks is a one-stop destination to get the right app that meets the specific requirements of the clients and to perform well in the competitive market. The expert group of app developers holds in-depth expertise in app designing, programming, testing, as well as its successful delivery. The designers ensure that each app instilled is peculiar and has the mobility to obtain the attention of its users.

Furthermore, the autogenous group of developers has created an app development strategy that helps in delivering appealing apps within the scheduled deadlines. Besides this, the group offers a full range of apps for different platforms like Android, iOS, iPad, etc. Thus, by offering cutting-edge app development services, the company has made its entry into the prestigious list of best app development companies in Germany at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms proves the efficiency of TechnoStacks developers.

review obtained at GoodFirms

Robust, Cost-Effective & Scalable Software Solutions:

TechnoStacks is a renowned software development organization that renders fully functional software for the client’s business with maintenance services. The software development process followed by the company’s qualified team is qualitative, and it also reduces operational costs. The software produced and designed by the developers’ team is scalable and as per the clients’ business requirements. Moreover, the group of engineers helps the clients to focus on core business ventures to expedite their market positions with the advanced business software.

Besides this, the software development services provided by the trained experts involve server application, location-based applications, middleware, and GPS-based applications. The developers furthermore concentrate well upon the application security, quality assurance, and testing of the software, so they are delivered bug-free to the clients. Hence, by leveraging modern tools and technologies to deliver best software solutions, TechnoStacks has made a name among the leading software developers in Hamburg at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed review is the evidence of the quality of software developed at TechnoStacks.

software developed at TechnoStacks

IoT Enabled Solutions:

TechnoStacks helps the clients leverage the power of IoT to improve user engagement and drive business revenue. The highly skilled developers are endured in a range of integration patterns that seamlessly bring together tools and platforms to present more value to target users. TechnoStacks helps the clients leverage the power of IoT to improve user engagement and drive business revenue. The highly skilled developers are endured in a range of integration patterns that seamlessly bring together tools and platforms to present more value to target users. The Smart Parking IoT enabled solutions helps parking management firms to maximize the potential of their business by rendering extremely convenient parking access that also helps them to increase revenue.

Moreover, the team also provides IoT healthcare applications to health care providers by ensuring better patient care, along with the increase in business profitability. In the same way, the expert developers also produce apps for transportation, retail, and manufacturing sectors enabling the clients to improve the overall performance of their respective businesses. Thus, developing off-the-shelf tailor made IoT solutions endows TechnoStacksInfotech amongst the top IoT app development companies in Ahmedabad at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews company that helps in finding mobile development, software development, and IoT app development agencies rendering the best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

About the Author

Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers to shape every company’s performance and critical attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.

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Amazon chime features

Exactly, what is Amazon Chime? It is a new communication service by Amazon that backs and supports video conferencing, calls, chat a well as the sharing of content. The product is accessible for devices operating Windows and Mac OS X, and also for the mobile operating systems iOS and Android, with an online version which can be device-independent.

Data is automatically synced despite the concern of a particular device that you are utilizing to access Amazon Chime. Amazon users can sign in through their account, or split their Amazon shopping account from Amazon Chime if they have a preference to do so.

It is additionally possible to join meetings without an account by inflowing the meeting ID in the Amazon Chime application. Amazon Chime is enabled and facilitated on AWS. Further, Amazon monitors that the different types of content in the form of messages, voice, video as well as data in diverse formats are encrypted utilizing AES 256-bit encryption.

Amazon Chime Features and Functionalities

  • Online Meetings
  • Create or opt for online meetings from any backed device or through the web version. The interface enables the participants, and all have choices to mute noise. Meetings can be locked so that only valid users can join the meeting.

  • Video Conferencing
  • One can join video conferences with up to sixteen people on their desktops and up to eight people on the mobile-based devices. Superior quality audio and high definition video are backed-up.

  • Chat
  • Message and chat with people inside and outside your company. Amazon Chime enables notifications when you get new messages, and you may chat with people individually or in diverse groups. The chat history is trackable and attached across devices automatedly.

  • Chat Rooms
  • You may build different chat rooms in Amazon Chime to bring people on a common platform to chat. This scenario can be a chat room for common project stakeholders to discuss a particular project, for instance.

  • File Sharing
  • You may use Amazon Chime to link or attach files to chats, discussions, meetings, chats, and chat rooms. File sharing is backed up and obtainable on all devices.

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Amazon Chime backs Microsoft Active Directory to validate users. So, the staff members may sign in using organization based usernames and passwords, and that applies to all the user credentials on Amazon Chime.

  • Administration
  • Chime provides an administration console that discloses usage reports, facilitates admins to add or remove users that are subscribed, and operates support related activities like assigning of different meeting Pins.

Chime apps are backed and supported on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, as well as Windows 10
  • Apple iOS, version 8.0 and beyond
  • Apple Mac OS X, version 10.10 and higher
  • Android, version 5.0 and exceeding

Amazon Chime Voice Connector

The Amazon Chime Voice Connector is a service that allows enterprises to migrate their telephony workloads directly to AWS. IT professionals can utilize Voice Connector for low-cost SIP trunking right through on-premises or cloud-based phone systems. It backs and supports inbound calling, outbound calling, and even both of them.

Software developers can utilize Voice Connector to build PSTN calling directly in their applications utilizing the Amazon Chime SDK or stream audio for phone call insights. The voice connector can even come in use for advanced and latest technologies such as machine learning.

Amazon Chime SDK Features

The Amazon Chime SDK is built from and is a set of real-time communications elements that developers can utilize to swiftly add audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing abilities to their web as well as mobile applications.

Application developers can use similar communication infrastructure and services that enable Amazon Chime and provide valuable experiences in their different applications. For example, they can add video calling to a medical app so patients can connect with medical professionals on health problems remotely or audio calling to an organization’s web portal so clients can promptly connect with the sales department. By utilizing the Amazon Chime SDK, software developers can get rid of the cost, complications, and resistance of developing and sustaining their real-time communication infrastructure as well as involved solutions.

Moving Forward

With Amazon Chime, you can select how you desire to communicate and with whom to converse. In fact, you can use a single application for all types of interactions and pay only for what you actually use.

So, is Amazon Chime a Skype rival? It looks like it is a close competitor. Besides, there is a free version allied with Amazon Chime that should be adequate for many home use states of affairs and two subscription versions for corporations who need to check further functionality.

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