Fraud Detection In Banking With Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning- this technology have a significant impact on almost every field, and now it is helping the financial sector to go through one of the most significant transformations ever. The financial industry is becoming pretty advanced every day, and there have been a lot of changes lately. With the help of technology, the tasks that employees usually take some days to complete are done within some seconds. And this indeed is some severe transformation.

However, technology has also resulted in an increased number of frauds in the banking sector. Now, everything that a person needs regarding their bank details is available on their phones and their laptops. This scenario makes it easy for hackers to get into the device and steal the amount. Vast amounts of money are at stake with these kinds of frauds, and people are going through a lot of stress just because of it. This particular case is where machine learning is going to step in.

This technology can detect frauds and protect customers from potential dangers. It is common to have a question popped in your brain- how machine learning in finance and banking helps in scam detection? This article is going to discuss the same. You will get to know everything you need to know about fraud detection and what you can do to handle it.

Fraud Occurrences and Statistics

The cybercriminals are getting smarter every day. And they are leveraging the same technology that has been helping customers for their advantage. The banks and other financial institutions have no other option rather than employing more advanced tactics to curb the frauds. The business firms are spending more and more money with every passing year so that they can control these kinds of fraud. While it is helping in some instances, it is not as effective, and people are still falling prey for various types of fraud from time to time.

While there are various ways to fall prey for fraud detection, one of the most common issues is credit and debit card fraud. With the increase in eCommerce shopping and online money transfers, the number of people who are falling prey for fraud is increasing with every passing day.

According to Statista, the online fraud amount that has been lost by Americans in 2015 is 1.1 billion USD, and it reaches 3.5 billion USD by 2025. More than 82% of companies have fallen prey to this card fraud, and the amount of loss is increasing with every year passing by.

The direct cost frauds are also impacting companies as they lose sales when genuine transactions are declined because of fraud management. The companies now have a more significant task before them, and they have to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent transactions without affecting customer experience in any way.

Digital Solution For Online Fraud Detection In Banking

Bankers approached this issue manually using a set of rules. This case means that they will use a complex set of criteria for suspicious flag transactions that need to be reviewed manually.

This process is useful to discover fraud detection in the banking sector, but it is not something that you can rely on. It won’t detect the frauds, and this has become another excellent chance for cybercriminals to make use of it. The banks and other financial institutions now have to get ahead of the criminals and use advanced options like applications of machine learning in finance and banking.

How Machine Learning Helps Fraud Detection in the Banking Sector?

Banks have vast volumes of customers’ data, and this is something that will help them understand and analyze the patterns. The financial sector can apply the same data and use machine learning to flag any kind of fraudulent transactions with ease. They check for any type of inappropriate behavioral patterns and file them immediately. This scenario will help them in keeping things under check without the requirement of human intervention.

Machine learning is always a step ahead when compared to the cybercriminals, and it keeps an eye on any kind of newly adapted technique by the fraudsters. As the accuracy of machine learning increases, it becomes capable of identifying the false and incorrect flagging too. There can be some genuine incidents which are flagged because of some mistake, and the machine learning can identify them also and ensures that these kinds of errors won’t happen again.

Now, the firms will have a chance to mitigate their financial losses and protect their reputation as well without causing any kind of problem for customers. It improves customer confidence in the organization, which is something that they need.

How ML-Based Fraud Detection Works?

Earlier, you have understood the leading theory behind why to implement machine learning. Now, you are going to see how this machine learning-based fraud detection works and the process of fraud detection with machine learning.

Cybercriminals are relatively quick, and there is no other option for the bank rather than going with this machine learning. There are two types of fraud detection machine learning models which are known as –

  • Supervised machine learning
  • The supervised machine learning uses the already provided data by human beings during their detection and finds out similar patterns. It learns the intricate data patterns in the sets provided by the business and uses it for the further exposure of any kind of fraud. These are the methods for fraud detection using machine learning.

  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • This unsupervised machine learning, just like its name, uses the datasets that are not labeled, and it infers the inner data structure by itself.

Types Of Machine Learning Algorithms Used in Fraud Detection

Machine learning is a technique that adapts different types of algorithms to ensure that fraud detection is identified. It hugely depends upon the data provided by banks. Here is the list of algorithms that Machine Learning follows –

  • Logistic Regression
  • This is a model that checks the relationship between different variables in the data sets. This scenario can come in use to create an algorithm that will predict whether a particular transaction is good or bad.

  • Decision Trees
  • The decision trees come in use to create a particular set of rules that will help machine learning in identifying normal behavior. This scenario even helps with the training.

  • Random Forests
  • The random forests are an ensemble of decision trees. Multiple trees are classified and put under one robust classifier for better understanding.

  • Neural Network
  • Similar to its name, this algorithm depends on the working of a human brain. The neural networks are pretty powerful, and they can identify the fraud in real-time.

All of the above algorithms come in use in a supervised technique. In the unsupervised method, there will be clustered algorithms that will group all the similar data points together. They are mainly used for anomaly detection.

  • K-Means Clustering
  • This algorithm divides a dataset into different clusters. This algorithm works iteratively and assigns a different set of data points to a particular predefined number of classes. This case is dependent on the features present in a dataset.

  • Local Outlier Factor
  • This is an algorithm that calculates the local density of data points and allows in identifying the regions with similar frequency. This locality concept will help in identifying the locality points that will distinguish points with much lower density.

  • One-Class SVM
  • This learns a function that has been used in novelty detection. It detects the incidents that happened rarely and will notify immediately.

So this is how machine learning applications can help in banking and fintech. Machine learning is pretty advanced, but it still has a set of limitations. The process of fraud detecting with machine learning is useful when the right set of data is provided only. Machine learning feeds on the data only, and if the proper amount of information is not provided to it, it won’t work as required. There are various kinds of approaches that help in dealing with this problem.

Financial firms are overcoming this particular issue with the help of creating artificial data points that usually replace the original ones. They are using techniques like oversampling and undersampling. These techniques assist in developing data that will help in restoring original data.

Banks and financial institutes are using every method possible in order to create data that will help them with the research. The first stage here is automated, but the second stage process requires manual checking. This scenario may result in different kinds of human errors, and this is the reason why organizations should not use this process and adapt to a new and reliable one.

Key Takeaways

Cybercriminals are increasing with every day passing by, and they are participating in various kinds of fraudulent acts too. It has become essential for financial organizations and banks to implement machine learning to curb such a variety of issues. With banks and financial institutions, there is huge money at stake, and banks have to ensure that they provide proper safety to their customers and ensure that their money is safe.

If you are someone who wants machine learning-based apps or solutions, then get in touch with us. We at Technostacks, have been dealing with machine learning and AI app development for a long time and can provide tailored services depending upon your requirement.

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Turn Your Offline Pharmacy Into A Mobile App

Online pharmacy apps are growing nowadays and most of the patients preferred to buy medicines from the online portal. It is also helpful for both patients and pharmacists. The users can book their medicines online and get it at their doorsteps. If you are one who wants to start an online pharmacy app then this article is for you.

Let’s discuss how you can convert your store into an online pharmacy app.

As per the report of, In 2014, the global online pharmacy market was estimated to be worth some 29 billion U.S. dollars. By 2023, it is predicted that the market will grow to reach around 128 billion dollars. These statistics show how well the online pharmacy app will grow in the upcoming years.

There are a number of benefits of having an online pharmacy app. An online pharmacy app deals with prescriptions online and provides patients the choice to converse with a pharmacist on the internet instead of physically going to a store. With 45 to 50 percent of people fading to take their medications as per prescriptions, businesses are trying to transform the industry by facilitating diverse ways to access information or health advice.

Learn how to commence your own Online Pharmacy app and whether it is the correct fit for you.

Turn Your Brick & Mortar Pharmacy Business To Online With Mobile App

You have found the ideal business idea, and now you are ready to take the subsequent steps. There is more to initiating a business than merely registering the same. We have put together this uncomplicated guide to exploring the online pharmacy app business opportunity. These stages will make sure that your online pharmacy app plan succeeds, gets registered precisely, and is legally compliant.

Step 1: Plan your Pharmacy App Business

A coherent plan is necessary for success as an entrepreneur. It will assist you in mapping out the particulars of your business and find out some unknowns. A few important topics to consider are:

  • What are the currently applicable costs for a startup?
  • Who is your target audience and market?
  • How much elongated time will it take you to break even?

Don’t worry; we have done extensive research for you.

How Much Cost Involved In Opening An Online Pharmacy App?

Owners will require procuring ample medical insurance in the scenario of a liability claim. The estimated cost for online pharmacy app development may go $10,000 to $50,000 US dollars. The prices mentioned here may go up or down as per your app features and functionalities.

Medical professionals will necessitate obtaining licenses for the state while dealing with the prescriptions. The license costs will diverge depending on the particular country. Business owners will also require hiring a lawyer to make sure they are following all the rules and pay their medical executives a sizable salary to assure quality care. They also need accounting for the wholesale cost of drugs prescribed, which will fluctuate by the supplier.

What are the in-progress or ongoing expenses for running an Online Pharmacy App?

Online pharmacy app owners will have in-progress expenses:

  • Marketing and advertising costs
  • Liability insurance and legal expenses
  • Wholesale prescription costs and salaries of employees
  • Different types of administrative costs

Identifying the Target Market?

In the current scenario, people amid the ages of 30 to 50 will likely be the target to order from an online pharmacy app. They are the ones who will be more at ease navigating pages on the internet, online chatting, and utilizing an online shopping cart.

How Does Online Pharmacy App Make Business Profits?

Online pharmacies make profits by marking up the charges of the drugs. They may or may not charge people to chat with the pharmacist or medical professionals on-site.

Online pharmacies stand to make a noteworthy portion spent on prescription drugs as they deal with wholesalers. The revenues will boost with the rise in the aging population and benchmarked inflation.

How Much Can You Charge Consumers?

The markup for a prescription drug depends on demand as well as location. The best way to decide how much you can charge is by doing research on what people are paying and what their insurance will characteristically cover for every drug.

How Can You Make Your Online Pharmacy App Business Lucrative?

Online pharmacies may incorporate premium subscription services as they mature. For instance, a person with a premium plan will get 5 hours every month of direct pharmaceutical care from a certified and licensed doctor. They will have access to tailored treatment plans or more meticulous guidance about their health conditions.

What Will You Name Your Online Pharmacy App?

Selecting the correct name is exceptionally significant. We propose checking if the business name you decide is accessible as a web domain, and securing it will be the right move. You can select a name as per the search query that is mostly searched by the users on the internet.

Step 2: Structure a Legal Entity

Having a legal business entity such as LLC will safeguard you from being individually liable if your online pharmacy app is challenged in the court. There are many other business structures to pick from which includes Corporations, DBA’s as well as LLC’s.

You should also hire a registered agent service to aid you in protecting your privacy and remain compliant in different scenarios.

Step 3: Register your Company for Taxes

You will necessitate registering for a diversity of state and federal taxes ahead of opening your online pharmacy app.

To properly register for taxes, you will require applying for an EIN, which is simple to opt for and free of cost!

Step 4: Set up a Business Bank Account and enable a Credit Card

Opting for dedicated business banking and credit accounts is crucial for safeguarding personal assets. When your business and individual accounts are miscellaneous, your personal assets such as your own home, vehicle, and other valuables are at a high risk in the case your online pharmacy app business is being sued in the court. As per business laws, this scenario is considered as piercing your corporate veil.

Benefits of Opening up a Professional Business Bank Account

  • This step breaks up your personal assets from your corporate assets, which is obligatory for personal asset protection.
  • It also makes accounting and tax filing trouble-free.

Benefits of Getting a Business Credit Card

  • This step assists you to divide personal and business expenses by enabling your business expenses in one single place.
  • It also creates your organization’s credit history, which can be helpful to raise funds as well as investment on a long-term basis.

Step 5: Setting up Business Accounting

Recording an assortment of expenses and sources of revenue is decisive to understand the economic performance of your online pharmacy app. Keeping the accounting both precise and detailed eases your tax filing annually.

Step 6: Obtain Obligatory Permits and Licenses

Failure to get your hands on crucial permits and licenses can effect with fines, or even lead your business to get shut down.

  • Federal Business Licensing Needs
  • There are a lot of federal regulations regarding the production and distribution of drugs that are prescribed. Previous to opening your online pharmacy app, be sure to go over this FDA page concerning drug distribution, as well as any other applicable FDA laws.

  • State and Local Business Licensing Needs
  • Some of the state permits and licenses may be necessary to run an online pharmacy app. Explore more regarding licensing requirements in your particular state by discovering SBA’s reference to the specific state licenses as well as needed permits.

Step 7: Get an Insurance for your Business

Insurance is highly suggested for all business owners in this domain. If you hire professionals, worker’s compensation insurance may be a legal obligation in your specific state.

Step 8: Define your Business Brand

Your business brand is what your company gets to your feet for, as well as how your business is supposed by the general public and professionals in the marketplaces. A well-built brand will lend a hand to your business stand out from different rival companies and industry competitors.

How to Effectively Promote and Market your Online Pharmacy App?

It is not merely lower prices that consumers want when it comes to their prescriptions; they even need helpful and suitable advice. Since you will be running your store on the internet, you should principally be marketing as well as advertising your specific services online. Using social media channels, online blogs, as well as Google Ads, is quite common now. These digital tactics increase your online presence.

However, you may even want to build good relationships with local doctors in your location and find ways to market exclusively to their patients. The direct suggestions and recommendations from the doctors or with offline flyers around the medical facilities can assist your business.

How to keep Professional Clients and Customers Coming Back?

The more imperative thing is to enable patients with safer medicines, along with secure healthcare treatment plans. The doctor or pharmacist should have admirable people skills and the aptitude to build up relationships with their individual patients swiftly. They should also be conversant and ready to find solutions if they are unsure of the current trends in the healthcare domains.

Step 9: Set up your Business Presence

A website enables customers to explore more about your pharmacy app company and the products you provide. You can also take help and utilize social media platforms to draw new customers.

Step 10: Choose the Right Software Development Company for Online Pharmacy Mobile App

You need to pick a precise online pharmacy mobile app development company for your online business functioning as well as marketing. These were the ten steps to start an online pharmacy app.

Is it Good to Start Online Pharmacy App, and What Are The Daily Operations In This Business

Doctors or pharmacists are required to be engaged on-site to manage and check the different medications. One also needs to handle the online inventory and customer services. One also requires operating communication protocols and work with diverse stakeholders to determine quality levels of drugs.

What are the Skill-sets and Standard Practice that will assist you in building a thriving Online Pharmacy App?

It is always needed to have skill-full and experienced employees to run this online pharmacy app. Highly qualified and licensed professionals are required in order to distribute medicines on an online platform. The critical company stakeholders need to be well organized and industrious. They should have some experience working with lawyers, different suppliers, as well as insurance companies prior to jumping into this business career.

Moving Forward

This business is well-matched for entrepreneurial doctors and pharmacists who can partner with other medical stakeholders. However, they need to follow many trends in the insurance sector, patient care, and customer preferences.

The growth perspective is massive for online pharmacies. Based on the latest statistics, it is predicted that this business will gain momentum in the near future. The steady and reliable service providers will find their way in swiftly growing their business across the industry.

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As mobile apps have become a go-to method for most businesses to market their services, modern-day developers are seeking top mobile app development tools that can help them build apps resourcefully. With enlightening guidance on tap and loads of templates to pick from, app developers can now swiftly create good looking mobile applications.

Creating a mobile app is becoming quite straightforward for development stakeholders, especially with a lot of tools that are available and easily accessible at hand right now.

The fresher and experienced developers have a question about Which are the latest mobile app development tools? If you are also among them then this blog is for you.

However, there are a lot of open-source mobile app development tools in the market, which puts development stakeholders often in confusing scenarios and these are the prime reasons why we have curated all the information that stakeholders need to know about mobile application development tools. With this blog post, development stakeholders get to know what kind of tools or software can be used depending upon the occasion and where they can invest the resources too. For instance, they can know where native or hybrid mobile app development tools are useful and where not.

Best Mobile App Development Tools That Developers can Use in 2020

There are a lot of mobile application development tools for Android and iOS available in the market, but which one is best for your project? Let’s discuss all the details. The developers have to be extremely careful with their choice here and have to make sure that the app tools they choose are handy.

Here are some of the latest mobile app development tools in 2020 and fair comparison of them so that you can make the best selection for your upcoming projects.

1. Buildfire.js

Buildfire js

This is the foremost and best mobile app development tool that you will find in the market. It is a cross-platform library that can be used to build custom functionality in the Buildfire.js. The best thing about this specific tool is that it can be customized according to your requirements with the help of JavaScript. The customization options here are unlimited. This is the one feature that makes it simple and easy to implement the framework.

Buildfire.js is an open-source tool, and with the help of its platform Buildfire, the tool will help in reducing 80 percent of the mobile development task.

There are more than 45+ open-source plugins that this tool will use to overcome or minimize a lot of hassle from the developer’s shoulders.

The platform can help with the development of apps on both Android and iOS devices. It reduces the development time a lot and provides some great options for the users. The pre-existing templates and pre-build functionalities like direct integrations with Smooch and Segment have highly contributed to the performance of Buildfire.js.

2. Ionic


Ionic is another famous mobile app development tool that everyone should check out. This tool is perfect for various projects and will help developers in different kinds of aspects. This is based on Sass CSS language and is a cross-platform tool. This scenario means that the developers can use this tool to create apps that will run on different kinds of operating systems with ease. The best thing about this Ionic tool is that it is pretty easy to use. It can be integrated with Angular JS to build various types of apps.

Ionic has a huge library with JS CSS components, mobile-optimized HTML, and CSS features too. These tools and gestures work perfectly with the features that are present in mobile phones.

A proper command-line interface will help in providing features like emulators, logging, and live to reload. The app developers can send any app updates directly to the users without any third-party intervention. This is the reason why it has been one of the top tools for mobile app development.

3. Xamarin


Xamarin is backed by Microsoft, and this is enough for most of the app developers to go with it. With the help of C# codebase, it is pretty easy to develop Android, Windows, and iOS apps. The best feature of Xamarin is that it allows code sharing options on multiple platforms, which means that the same code can be used on various platforms without any hassle. Xamarin has a cloud service, which makes it one of the best cross-platform mobile app development tools.

Xamarin is equipped with standardized UI controls, and there is no need for the developers to use any kind of extra UI option either. The tool is integrated with SDK, and hence the apps will be updated depending upon the changes in the OS of a device. This is very important for the apps if they want to be compatible with any kind of OS.

The best thing about this Xamarin is that it is open source. The app offers a lot of features, and being open source is indeed a great benefit for the developers. They can make use of the features effectively. The component store of Xamarin needs a special mention here because it has a great set of UI components, libraries, third party web services, and UI controls. All these features are a great help for developers.

Xamarin and Azure are associated with one another, and both of them will assure you with the app security. You don’t have to worry about the data of the app at all as they are secured and are rock solid.

4. Android Studio

Android Studio

The Android Studio is one of the noteworthy open-source mobile app development software that you have to look out for your project. It is straight from the Android IDE and is very stable. This is the perfect tool that you can use for Android app development. It won’t support cross-platform development but is the perfect pick for developers. This studio is specifically built to reduce the app development time and accelerate the process.

There are so many features in the Android studio that makes it stand apart from the other options that are obtainable in the market. It is significant for users to make the most out of these features. The tool is tailored to match the requirement of Android developers.

There are so many modern functionalities in Android Studio, and it is even a highly reliable mobile development application tool for Android. Being the official IDE of Android, it has a lot of backing and great community support that the users can take help from in the project.

5. Corona Labs

Corona Labs

The Corona labs support almost all the major platforms and are one of the effective and top application development tools for both Android and iOS devices. This tool is used to develop educational applications and 2D games specifically. It can also be used for developing 2D applications on various platforms too.

The tools can be used for free by the developers. The platform is pretty easy to learn, and any beginner developer can opt for it without any hassle. There are so many guides and in-depth tutorials that will help in understanding the features and how to use the Corona labs platform.

6. Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch

Sencha is a rapid mobile app development tool that is perfect for developing apps on multiple operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Blackberry. This tool is based on MVC and works along with JavaScript. The JavaScript, along with MVC, makes it a go-to choice for so many developers as JavaScript is one of the simple programming languages that almost every programmer is aware of. The developers have to code in HTML 5 and then use the program for both iOS and Android applications. The tool has more than 100 supporting components, which helps in various ways. Even the community support for this tool is commendable.

There are so many commercial supported widgets that will make UI even more friendly.

7. Appcelerator


Appcelerator is another amazing tool that can be used for both native and hybrid apps development. This is a favorite for so many developers because it reduces the number of programming lines and makes it pretty easy for them to use. The best thing about the Appcelerator is that it has an open market place that allows the users to share and sell templates, modules, and extensions with ease.

Key Takeaways

We hope that this comparison of the mobile app development tools will be helpful for development stakeholders. Requirement and budget of the client are two other factors that one has to take into consideration for picking which mobile dev tools are right for your app.

Tools like Android Studio are not suitable for developing hybrid or iOS applications; they are meant for only Android applications alone. So, if you are trying to develop an app for only an Android device, then this tool is perfect for you. Likewise, depending upon your requirements, you can pick the right kind of app. Your budget will become a key factor too.

The open source mobile app dev tools are an essential part of the development process. It not only speeds up the development, but it also reduces a lot of efforts on the developer’s part with the help of various interesting plugins.

However, not every tool is fit for the development process. The developers have to choose wisely here. There are a lot of factors that will impact their choice here, and one such factor is the project size. Not every tool is perfect to handle huge projects, so the developers have to make a smart choice here and pick the tools that will go perfectly with their app development.

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AR App Development Companies

The market value of the Augmented Reality was at $3.5 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $198 in 2025. This technology is highly beneficial to most of the industries, and around 67% of media planners require AR advertisements right in their digital marketing campaigns.

So, Augmented Reality (AR) has turned the next immense move in the technology space. While heading into 2020, we see a specific prominence on augmented reality solutions. This scenario is because recent smartphones come with advanced gyroscope sensors, in-built cameras, modern processors, as well as high-resolution displays. And these components are highly capable of offering in-demand AR experiences.

The benefits and added advantages of Augmented Reality for different businesses include access to real-time information, better visualization, exclusive user experience (UX), enhancements in brand image, as well as a competitive differentiation.

Augmented reality is one such advanced technology that has risen as a creative force in quite a lot of high-caliber sectors and industries. The absolute number of applications AR offers has enterprises looking to explore innovative ways of driving the digital world and augmenting the physical space, further making the businesses better, smarter, and safer. AR is in use for multiple companies that cover domains such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail, automobile, defense, gaming, light guide systems, marketing, sales, real estate, and many other industries.

Further, mobile AR services are altering the way people interrelate with brands. It has brought digital information in diverse forms of superior graphics, restructured objects, rationalized videos, and effective audios on your screens.

Then what is the challenge?

Developing AR-based applications needs dedicated and modernized resources that most software companies do not have in their reach.

To address this challenge and to provide you a solution, we have listed the top ten augmented reality app development companies in the USA and India.

These companies have high-end AR capabilities and experiences to assist you in creating your subsequent augmented reality mobile application.

Note: All company information has been collected with high-end research activities and adequately discussed, along with considering their reviews on popular B2B listing sites. We have also figured out the date from reliable online sources, which include Clutch, Google my business ratings, The Manifest, and Quora.

1) Technostacks (Ahmedabad, India and Texas, USA)

Clutch Rating: 5.0

Technostacks, a highly reputed IT Company in India and the USA, has fruitfully carved its niche within a few years of its commencement. The company offers end-to-end IT solutions to enable the demands of a varied clientele across the globe. It has catered to different industries for augmented reality app development services, which include gaming, manufacturing, retail, real estate, education, PR, and advertising.

Technostacks is a leading augmented reality app development company, which comes in with a robust architecture, practiced AR developers, and up-to-the-minute AR toolkits. They deliver custom augmented reality app development services with superior functionalities and display augmented data right on the mobile screens. They have built and worked on AR app development for android and iOS platforms. The company is amongst the top AR app development firms in India & USA. A company with AR development requirements can any time contact Technostacks to hire AR developers in India.

The company has enhanced productivity, improved safety benchmarks, and is exploring new growth opportunities in advanced AR application development areas. Technostacks has so far helped enable its client operations in many diverse ways, and continue to steer their revenue generation business opportunities by providing modern AR-enabled apps. If you are searching for augmented reality app developers in India then you can hire them. The company has even driven added sales and marketing engagements using AR to amalgamate its client’s online and offline retail channels. Further, the company has successfully provided an omnichannel experience that has enabled its business to step up.

2) Wow-How Studio (Bay Area, USA)

Clutch Rating: 5.0

Wow-How Studio is one of the top augmented reality app development companies in the United States. They are a seasoned team player and digital professionals providing AR expertise, gathered together for enabling a one-stop-shop for empowering your project ideas. The company follows a business process in which it discusses your needs and requirements, identify a scope, assess a delivery, commend payment terms, bring together a team, deliver results, and enable ongoing support.

With AR and VR capabilities, the company has also enabled turnkey solutions and support in all digital design domains comprising advanced-level game design, 2D and 3D graphics, video editing as well as animation.

3) Zco Corporation (Boston, USA)

Clutch Rating: 4.7

Zco Corporation is one of the best AR app development companies in the USA with reliable teams of developers, engineers, artists, as well as project managers. The company has already worked on an extensive series of diverse projects comprising interactive augmented reality experiences as well as enterprise cloud-based storage solutions. We assist our global clientele by delivering cutting-edge augmented reality solutions that meet their requirements.

Zco Corporation blends digital content tactics with the real world. They have built modernized software products for their customers, which ranges right from desktop to mobile, and they have since added AR skill-sets across their teams. The company has enabled AR technologies that cover tools such as Apple ARKit, Google ARCore, Vuforia, and more. For AR technology, they even include projects directly connected to consumers, enterprises, and the gaming industry. Their technology teams can combine live video with advanced-level videos, sounds, images as well as GPS data to provide exclusive augmented reality experiences.

4) Gramercy Tech (New York, USA)

Clutch Rating: 4.9

Gramercy Tech specializes in developing augmented reality applications. As a Digital Laboratory, they are experts in all the needed stuff right from concept creation, design, implementation as well as software development to deliver in-depth customer experiences. It is one of the best AR app development companies in the USA.

The company’s development team has developed numerous customized solutions and platforms for AR. With practical experience in in-depth AR technologies, the skilled team of AR developers provides persuasive AR apps in a short time. They work on AR filters, AR sports, 360 video experiences, mixed reality immersions, and more. The company team assures to provide remarkable customer experiences that boost their client engagement rates using AR technology.

5) Hyperlink InfoSystem (Ahmedabad, India)

Clutch Rating: 4.9

Hyperlink Infosystem offers end-to-end IT services with promising results. The company provides competent AR App Development Services in India and other parts of the world. As a leading AR application development company, Hyperlink Infosystem uses the newest techniques as well as tools to speed up client project deliveries. They provide services for hiring AR developers india.

The company has provided a range of solutions in augmented reality space and is known amongst top AR app development agencies India. The company’s devoted team works with demonstrated development methodologies having an apparent working pattern that provides curves to the client’s vision. You can be sure enough for the unique AR mobile apps and development solutions at quite reasonable rates within your planned time.

6) CitrusBits (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Clutch Rating: 5.0

CitrusBits is one of the top mobile app agencies in the USA for user-focused designs, mobile application development, as well as other emerging technologies. They are enthusiastic about delivering mobile technology comprising augmented reality to assist their client’s businesses to reach their planned goals. They have produced a mobile app and web development with AR technologies in domains like gaming, eCommerce, medical procedures, digital marketing, advertising, as well as in the entertainment industry.

AR application development at CitrusBits occurs on multiple platforms while the agency’s AR team is experts across mobile AR solutions comprising diverse platforms like ARCore, Unreal, ARKit, Unity, Vuforia, Xamarin, as well as web.

The services of the company also include AR application design as one of the core competencies. With the aptitude to build eye-popping mobile applications with native and flawless AR experiences, CitrusBits assists businesses in developing interactive mobile applications that utilize AR functionalities to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

7) The Intellify (Ahmedabad, India)

Clutch Rating: 5.0

The Intellify is renowned as a leading Augmented Reality Development Agency, with VR as well as web development expertise. The company works with enterprises and startups of all sizes belonging to diverse sectors. They serve different industries such as education, finance, healthcare, real estate, print media, publications, retail, product packaging, as well as AR commerce. The company is a growing AR solution provider in India, coming up and making pioneering products that confront boundaries. They believe in sustainable solutions and have an innovative approach to technology as well as business.

8) Techugo (Noida, India)

Clutch Rating: 4.9

Techugo is a top augmented reality app developer in India. All these years, the company has delivered the support for enabling business strategies, mobile application design, and development services to their varied customer base, which look forward to the digital transformations to spread out their current businesses.

As a team, they deliver the quality-laden IT solutions for mobile app development and responsive web solutions tied with the most recent technologies. They cater to different techniques such as AR/ VR solutions, React Native, Flutter, IoT, and Blockchain to enable the scalable and robust technical infrastructure of diverse user’s needs. To be precise, the company is deeply involved with Location-based AR, Marker-based AR, as well as Superimposition-based AR solutions.

The company works on solutions that can lend a hand to the clients to portray the most excellent features in front of the possible audience to clutch hold on the ever-changing market needs. The company further supports functions such as cloud recognition, 3D object tracking, chatbots as well as smart glasses support.

9) Saritasa (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

Clutch Rating: 4.8

Saritasa is an augmented reality app development company that builds customized applications for its varied clientele. The company has a development team of specialist augmented reality app developers. The company offers AR solutions in the field of diverse businesses, learning, education, marketing, sales, and more.

Saritasa also offers solutions that comprise customized 3D application development across web, mobile, virtual reality, and desktop. They cater advanced solutions for business development, education, training, marketing as well as sales. The company is set-up on long-term business and technology partnerships, which means that they want to earn their client’s loyalty and fulfill their expectations and also keep it. They execute this in the course of the commitments made to clients with absolute transparency in work and project processes. Though the regularity of updates will be at their client’s discretion, the company always keeps you up to date on the project status, overall budget, business risks as well as timelines.

10) Quytech (Haryana, India)

Clutch Rating: 4.7

Quy Technology Pvt Ltd offers customized web and mobile software development services. The company has proficiency in niche technology solutions which includes AR app development services in India, IT consulting as well as outsourcing. The company holds a wide-ranging experience and sturdy software application development skill-sets. The company is further known as one of the best AR app development agencies in India.

Quytech works with all sizes of clients, which include enterprise companies, startups as well as SMEs, assisting them in fine-tuning the newest mobile app strategies. The company offers end to end software and application development solutions initiating from conceptualization to implementation as well as technical support. The advanced IT solutions and connected services of the company speak on their customer expectations. Their solutions have positioned them across the world with well-defined standards of higher quality, best performance, and topmost productivity in the sector. They carry hand on experience in AR app development Services in India powered by modernized AR app solutions for their latent clients to enable their services.

Key Takeaways

The above-discussed companies possess exclusive AR app development abilities and experiences to facilitate you develop augmented reality mobile applications. You should visit all these websites to explore and fill inquiries for additional details.

These are the best-augmented reality app development companies in the USA & India that provide exclusive and unique solutions across the globe. You can even contact them personally for an augmented reality app development cost. And after proper analysis, select your precise technology growth partner and move ahead with your subsequent AR app development.

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