Google announced that it removes the consumer version of Google+ for the next 10 months. Google said that currently, 90 percent of Google+ users spend only average 5 seconds over this social networking platform which is very low user engagement.

This March, as Facebook came under worldwide scrutiny for the harvesting of personal data for Cambridge Analytica, Google itself discovered a bug in the API for Google+ had been permitting 3rd party application developers to the way in the data not just of users who had approved permission, but even of their friends.

If that sounds common, it’s a similar situation that got Mark Zuckerberg drawn in front of the US Congress. The equivalent was not lost on Google, and the company decided not to disclose the data leak, the Wall Street Journal publicized on Monday, in order to keep away from the public relations pain and probable regulatory enforcement.

Disclosure will likely consequence “in us coming into the limelight alongside or even in its place of Facebook despite was under the spotlight throughout the Cambridge Analytica issues”, Google policy and legal officials wrote in a memo accesses by the Journal. It “almost guarantees Sundar will testify facing Congress”, the memo said, addressing to the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. The disclosure would even invite “direct regulatory interest”.

Soon after the story was published, Google declared that it will shut down direct consumer access to Google+ and work on privacy protections for 3rd party applications.

Google unveiled the data leak with which it is said that it affected up to 500,000 accounts. Up to 438 diverse 3rd party applications may have had access to private data because of the bug, but it appears that have no way of perceptive whether they did as Google only conserves logs of API use for two weeks.

No evidence that any developer was conscious of this bug is found till date is said by Google. There is no federal law that compels Google to divulge data leaks however there are laws at a state level. In California, where Google has its headquarters are only needed to disclose a data leak if it incorporates both an individual’s name as well as their Social Security number, ID card or driver’s license number, license plate, medical data or health insurance information.

Google even announced to give users more control on the amount of data they share with 3rd party application developers. Google will further bound 3rd parties’ access to SMS, email, contacts and phone logs.

The conclusion is that the leak was added evidence that the large technology platforms require more regulatory oversight.

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WWDC 2018 keynote just got over in California and we are covered with all of the key news live, comprising the headline pronouncement of iOS 12.

It was a software dominant keynote

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his senior staff came up with macOS 10.14 Mojave, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 announcements in accumulation to iOS 12. There was no fresh or innovative hardware, though – last year’s conference gave us a foremost look at the HomePod, with the iPad Pro 12.9 as well as iPad Pro 10.5.

A lot was highlighted on Apple for WWDC 2018

Google wowed us with its Google IO keynote and pioneering demos last month. Apple software had a lot to answer for, together with the annoying iOS 11 issues. It was all about refined iOS 12 and other OS updates. The developers can download the iOS 12 developer beta 1 now.

For everyone else, it’s a quick look at the current Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, and thrilling new-fangled hints in advance of the theorized iPhone 9 and iPhone XI.

Confirmation of iOS 12 and ARKit 2.0

Apple kicked off procedures with a swift look at iOS 12 and its features with key functionalities for the opening time at WWDC 2018, amongst others.

  • iOS 12 – Performance and Overall Presentation is the Key

  • iOS 12 was owed to see an interesting home screen redesign and twists to mainstay applications like Camera and Mail, as per multiple leaks, however, that’s been shelved in favor of constancy and performance enhancements. 

    Apple is instead looking to make the iPhone quicker and more receptive than it’s up to that time been. It’s undertaking that at WWDC, right back to the iPhone 5S.

  • ARKit 2.0 Features

  • Apple’s ARKit and Augmented Reality development platform was also displayed, with Apple teaming up with Pixar to build a completely new file format for sharing AR content. 

    Showing off the advantages of the digital and physical worlds merging was a fresh app known as Measure, which lets you use AR to view the size of items just by dragging a finger across them when your camera is pierced at them. Apple demonstrated a photograph with a frame and sized up a suitcase.

Other Key Updates

  • Brands like Fender and Lego came on board with their striking demos.
  • The Photos app got an elegant update with a new superior search option.
  • Siri gets smarter with a new feature ‘Shortcuts’, which integrates with applications to create bespoke voice commands.
  • Stocks, News, Books, and Voice Memos were announced.
  • Apple is expanding its Do Not Disturb feature, like grouped notifications, with options for addressing notifications from a lock screen.
  • Apple’s going further with ‘Memoji’ – tailored animated emoji that can be well-designed to look like you.
  • FaceTime group calling is the improved feature.
  • WatchOS 5 is on its approach to come to your wrist.
  • Pride Edition watch band & face: Having support for the LGBT community with a new rainbow-themed band and watch face.
  • You have to be all set for Dolby Atmos Apple TV content.
  • Dark Mode introduced: making Apple first-party applications taking on a darker hue.
  • Key Takeaways

    Apple WWDC 2018 presented updates on iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS 10.14 and much more stuff. The event was not the prevalent WWDC 2018, and some of the attendees commented to it as ‘underwhelming’. However, what was majorly conveyed included refined iOS 12 and other OS updates.

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Traveling to a foreign country or to another state or city requires the good amount of luggage. It may happen that one may lose their luggage on the airport. For this, the provision of the specified Beacons Solution is made to the travelers. Technostacks has recently launched a Travel Goodie App, which is a kind of Travel tracking app. It helps in identifying the Beacons assigned to the traveler’s luggage.
Registration of the Travel Goodie App
The Travel App Travel Goodie helps in tracking the luggage as soon as the app meets the Beacon assigned to one’s luggage. The approximate range is 70 meters to track the luggage, kids or even your pets. However, the range merely depends on Beacon’s quality. Following are some steps for registration:

The Travel App Travel Goodie helps in tracking the luggage as soon as the app meets the Beacon assigned to one’s luggage. The approximate range is 70 meters to track the luggage, kids or even your pets. However, the range merely depends on Beacon’s quality. Following are some steps for registration:

  1. 1. Register the specified Beacon with Travel goodie App.
  2. 2. Identification of Beacons from the app purely depends upon the UUID and the Beacon Major Number.
  3. 3. In case, the traveler has purchased new Beacons, then it is mandatory to register the application or the Website. If the person has purchased Beacon from a specific app, then one should register the name, major and minor number and the UUID.
  4. 4. While using the Travel Goodie App the user should set the same Beacon Major number and the UUID that is set up in the Beacons Application. This will make the tracking of the luggage and other goods easier.
In closing, the Technostacks Travel Goodie App is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod that possess the IOS 8.0. It helps in detecting your products as soon as the luggage comes within the tracking area through the Beacon application. The traveler is notified on their Apple devices.
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