In times of success, we should thank all those who stood by us when we needed them. This is why we felt the need to thank our team, the hardworking souls, who have been with us through this journey. We, from Technostacks, had organized a day long picnic for our team at a renowned resort. Our Team too, loved the idea and on February 24, 2017, we embarked on our bus journey with a happy gang of our staff members.
The bus ride was as memorable and we had reached the resort early in the morning. The resort had our breakfast ready and soon after, the music speakers were on playing the latest of music encouraging everyone to shake a leg.
  • Adventure activities to have fun:

    After a satisfying breakfast, our staff members got a chance to try their hands and skills on some adventure activities too. We had booked the resort for its lush open space and we found that our staff members happily ventured out to do the forest trekking and try their hands at Kayaking, tire walking, swimming and having fun in the pool, and finally zip-lining.

    As the day progressed, the resort got our lunch ready. The sumptuous food left everyone contented. We then had an award ceremony where we felicitated all the members who had been our great pillars of support.

  • Awards, Music and Dance aplenty:

    Our unique award ceremony gave away awards to achievers in the following categories:

    1. 1. The Perfectionist “High Dedication” Award
    2. 2. Star Performer of the Year
    3. 3. Wonder Woman Award
    4. 4. Bright Beginner Award
    5. 5. Excellence of Adaptability Award
    6. 6. Hyper Helper Award 2016 “Support Staff”

  • The resort then organized a cultural event post which, we had high tea, and then danced our way to the waiting bus for our return trip. While returning, we saw the smile of contentment, and simply enjoyment on the faces of all our staff members. This just proved us that there is nothing more pleasing than a happy employee is. We would like to thank the resort members too for making the day very memorable for each of the employees of our firm.
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The Ahmedabad-based tech company Technostacks has achieved a great milestone by developing a full-fledged safe invoicing app. Though there are already so many established players in the market, Stapel would surely be proved the winner owing to its fresh look and state-of-the-art technology. Stapel is a complete solution for all payment-related needs ranging from secure payment storage to tracking payments.

Overview of Stapel:

You can use Stapel to gain maximum benefits by tracking your daily payments and schedule payments or get reminders.

  • 1. Secure:
    Stapel supports both password and fingerprint-based authentication process.
  • 2. Easy print of invoices:
    The invoices can be printed easily from this app and you can also choose to get them on the fly with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • 3. Hassle-free scan and upload:
    Documents and images can be scanned and uploaded without any hassle using Staple.
  • 4. Password storage:
    Staple keeps the user credentials in the secure inbuilt storage and eases concurrent user logins.

Features of this amazing app:

Stapel is loaded with many powerful features that ease the entire process of making payments, tracking payments and secure payment storage from potential cyber threats. Some of the outstanding features of this app are:

  • 1. Generate and Send/Receive Invoices:
    Generating an invoice and sharing it with clients can now be done on your fingertip through Stapel.
  • 2. Digitally Sign Your Invoices:
    To add credibility to your invoices, you can currently digitally sign them using the amazing app by Technostacks.
  • 3. Export Data to Cloud:
    Be it Google Drive or MS Azure, you can now classify your payment data and store them in the cloud by simple export processes of Staple.
  • 4. Sync Data from Many Sources:
    Bluetooth can synchronize payment information securely and easily with various devices.
How to use Stapel?

Stapel resolves many day-to-day hassles you face with tracking your payments. So you can now benefit from this revolutionary app in 3 simple steps.

  • 1. Download:
    The app is available for both iOS and android users. It can be freely downloaded from any of these app stores.
  • 2. Install and customize :
    After installing the app on your device, you can now customize it with your information.
  • 3. Ready to go:
    Once your customization is done, you can easily generate invoices, share and export all you want.

Stapel boasts of many advanced features that promise a secure and easy payment management. With the prospective future upgrades, this invoicing App is all set to change the entire process of invoice management.
Get download our app from here:-

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Anniversary celebrations are always an important event for all organizations as it brings back the memories of making small baby steps with great efforts and perseverance. Recently, the leading IT Company Technostacks rang in its third anniversary celebrations on January 21 in an innovative way. The company organized a CSR activity in which more than 35 employees participated enthusiastically to bring smile on the faces of the individuals living in orphanages of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, India.

Distribution of Essential Stuff
Corporate social responsibility has always been an integral part of Technostacks philosophy. This year employees participated in CSR activity in large numbers. They distributed useful stuff like grocery items, towels, socks, toothpaste, and blankets among them. The CSR activity was carried out at two local orphanages, i.e. Mother Teresa Orphanage and Vatsalya Red Cross Visionary Old Age Home.
Lot Of Playing And Chatting
The event lasted for more than two hours. Everyone had a gala time while interacting with the orphans and elderly people. They made sincere efforts to bring a change in their dull lives. Some employees were also indulged in playing games with them such as chess, snake and ladder, and carom while some clicked selfies with them and uplifted their moods. Orphan kids of all age groups were thrilled to see new faces and were delighted at the sight of the donation stuff.At the end of the CSR activity, the company professionals meets every one & spread smile and fulfilling their commitment to do something meaningful for the deprived ones.
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  • Summary – IT Company Technostacks launches an improvised website, which provides greater insight into its vast range of services and technologies. The website is sleek and professional in its look.

  • India, January 21, 2017 – Technostacks providing end-to-end IT services announced the launch of its new website on [21-1-2017]. Started in 2014 in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the Indian company has carved a niche for itself in the immensely competitive IT industry and the launch of its fresh website is intended to offer a quick view of all the intended information to its potential clients in a hassle-free manner. The new website with a dedicated blog section is also more sleek and professional in its appearance.Founder of Technostacks, Hansal Shah, Mrudul Shah & Harshil Parikh says, “We are excited regarding the launch of our website as this will expand our client reach. We believe that this will greatly facilitate our visitors to explore our services and to have a better understanding of our expertise in the IT field.” A couple of years old company already has a physical presence in the overseas with one of its offices in the United States to cater to the needs of its global clients more efficiently.

List Of IT Services Offered By Technostacks

A strong advocate of open source practices to reduce an overall development cost, the company has proven expertise in delivering the following list of services to a global clientele within a fast turnaround time.

  • Mobile App Designing and Development
  • Software Development
  • Web and E-commerce Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Real-Time Solutions

The company with its strong and passionate team of developers, designers, programmers, SEO experts, technicians, marketing, and testing professionals is continually pushing all the limits in ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and quick delivery of completed tasks. Apart from the details of all the services it offers, the new website also features a section named “Success Stories” where visitors can catch a glimpse of some successful projects executed by the company.

About the company
Technostacks is a renowned IT company having presence in India, UK and USA. It is engaged in providing end-to-end IT solutions of a vast range at the most competitive prices to a global clientele. The company has a team of skilled professionals and an excellent leadership to grow its presence at a steady pace.
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