You can never estimate the potential of your business until you allow technology to dive in deep. Real time chat is one such application boom that can help you to gain an edge over the competition, and keep your business lively among customers. Moreover, adding a cherry to the cake – integrating it with Firebase, an asynchronous backend application is an absolute plus.Firebase is a real-time database, owned by Google, which empowers end-user applications with its exclusive data storage and synchronization technique. One can develop a completely Firebase-powered application or enhanced the already existing one by collaborating extraordinary Firebase features.

How can real-time Chat over Firebase help to increase your business efficiency?

Perfect question! Let’s see what exactly Firebase can do to improve your business value and efficiency:

  • 1.Firebase storage: Out of the box multimedia support:
    Unlike other databases, Firebase offers safe uploads and downloads of the file in poor network condition. It authenticates and transfers data in a real-time manner to ensure secure sharing of user data. Most important, the user can resume the interrupted transfer from the same point in case of connection loss. This, in turn, reduces your user bandwidth usage and time.
  • 2.Massive scalability:
    You will never run out of space with Firebase. This is mainly because its native is Google cloud. This allows your adaptive chat application to handle petabytes of data from the large user base.
  • 3.The best one – Cloud messaging:
    The primary aim of real-time chat application is to resolve customer queries via messages. In addition, Firebase is integrated with Google cloud messaging, which comes equally handy to smart device users.
  • 4.Firebase notification console:
    In a single database, you have many such features to manipulate. The firebase can compose and send the notification to your user’s app in real time.
  • 5.Dynamic links and Firebase invites:
    This is the part where your business growth will be reflected, and you will make actual money out of it. The dynamic link will keep track of your user wherever they go. It brings users to your app smartly, and redirects them to your affiliate links for marketing. Moreover, with its cross-platform solution, Firebase invites, it enables the user to share their thoughts about your app with other and thereby promoting your business.

Firebase just simplifies the real-time application development. Leveraging it, TechnoStacks has also developed an exclusive business app – Metwork. This imperative business app allows you to schedule a business meeting and send an invite to the participants with timely notification of essential meeting details. The user can share images, videos, and also record audio and share, making meeting extremely professional and fun at the same time.

Firebase is without a doubt a great help and support to businesses. It enables real-time features to the legacy application and brings your users in a realm of live chat.

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Since its inception in 2000, Google AdWords has enabled many businesses, and individuals earn handsome benefits. AdWords, one of Google’s flagship advertisement programs renders ads of various products and services for the user based on their query items. If the user chooses to click on that ad and do any transaction, the owner of the ad pays Google an agreed amount. Therefore, if you are a beneficiary of Google AdWords services, then you ought to know the PPC trends 2017 and key changes that Google has recently introduced.
Briefly, Google has replaced the standard ads with expanded ads. In the following section, we will be highlighting the major differences between them.
What are PPC latest updates?
In the evolving digital market, businesses feel a dire need to transition from traditional advertising channels to online marketing channels. Earlier, advertisers could not express much about their offerings due to the word and size limits of standard ads. Now Google has relaxed these limits to a certain extent, and given its AdWords users freedom to be more expressive about their products with more words and larger ad space in its display and search network.
What differences do Expanded Ads bring in?
  • 1. Large Size:
    The newly expanded ads will appear as a 47% larger ad as compare to the standard ads.
  • 2. No More One Headline:
    Google is now allowing advertisers to put two headlines instead of one headline. It will append a hyphen in between of two headlines and show up as per the device’s screen size. Advertisers can now use 30 characters per headline instead of total 25 characters.
  • 3. New Description Field:
    Google has scrapped the two lines set up that businesses use for product description. In place of two 35 characters lines, advertisers can now use an 80-characters field for description.
  • 4. No Need To Display URL:
    Advertisers no longer need to worry about giving the display URL while designing the Ad. Google will automatically read the domain from the final URL.
  • 5. Upgrade for Mobile-compatibility:
    Earlier Advertisers had a hard time optimizing their designs and codes in order to render a perfect ad for mobile users. Now Google has decided to take this on its own and expanded ads are optimized enough to make adjustments and present ads perfectly on mobile platforms.

Google has scrapped the standard ads completely after January 31, 2017. Utilize the new PPC features of Google AdWords now and reap the maximum benefits out of it.

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In today’s fast-moving world, staying fit has become a prime necessity. A fit and healthy body not only rewards you with a happy personal life but also fuels your professional growth. While the market is now abuzz with many fitness apps or wearable apps, choosing the right option for you can be difficult. Technostacks has recently launched a GPS-based mobile app to track your daily running details. It is different from other apps in this genre in terms of its improved features, the accuracy of GPS tracking and lucrative UI layout.
What is Run Trackr App?
Run Trackr is a completely GPS-based running and fitness app available for download in iTunes store. India-based tech company Technostacks develops the app. If you are a regular sprinter, this app is a boon for you. It helps you track your daily running information like distance covered, speed and locations. It also stores this information, which later helps you in analyzing your performance and taking effective decisions.
Why Choose this app?
The fitness bands and other wearables available in the market are high-priced, and many of them do not quietly serve the purpose. Therefore, instead of wasting money on such expensive stuff, the users can download the Run Trackr app on apple devices and used instantly. This GPS tracking for fitness app is suitable for running, jogging, cycling or walking. The tracking accuracy of this app is outstanding as it lets you trace your performance by distance, by time, by location and by speed.
Features of Run Tracks App:
  • 1. Custom Target Setting
    One of the unique features of this app is the daily target setting. You can set the distance that you wish to cover within a certain time limit through this app. Then it tracks your activity and notifies once you achieve the target.
  • 2. Flawless Tracking:
    The designers of this app have taken utmost care to make the GPS navigation error-free to a great extent. The tracking capability of Run Trackr app is accurate to the core, and it constantly monitors your movement.
  • 3.Data Analysis:
    This app stores your daily data and helps you analyze your progress through the statistical representation of your running information.
  • 4. Sharing with Friends:
    The app also lets you connect with your friends who are using Run Tracks app. This helps you stay motivated with your friends and lets you share mutual information.

This daily workout app can eat up significant mobile data and battery as it constantly runs the GPS at the backend. So turn it off unless you are using it throughout the day.

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Retail and Restaurants are such business areas where customer satisfaction plays a vital role in deciding the business’ fate. With an increasing customer empowerment, people now expect paramount quality of customer service from the service providers. If you do not let your customers believe that you truly value them, you will be left with hardly any consumer for your products. If you are into the retail or restaurant business, it is high time that you re-strategize your business plans. Having a Point of Sale system can be of immense help to enhance your customer services.
Hassle-free and quick checkouts:
Gone are the days when cashiers used to type in every detail of the product and it took like an eternity to create the invoice. Such a process not only frustrates the customers but also make many of them not want to stand in the queue. Using modern POS systems that use barcode scanning, you can make the checkout process quite faster. Removing manual effort, you can also ensure error-free transactions and can keep the queue shorter.
Sale Trend Analysis:
A Point of Sale system stores your transaction data and enables you to create reports to analyze the trend. By few clicks of the mouse, you can check what products or food items are selling more. Based on the customer preferences, you can opt to have those products ready before your customers turn away. The reports on POS can also be helpful in keeping an eye on the stocks of the inventory. Plan properly and clear your old inventories on sale or declare a happy hour in your restaurant and sell off that new food on your menu.
Analyze Individual Customer Data:
Modern POS systems are equipped to capture personal details like email ids and phone numbers of the customers. So make sure that the man behind your counter asks for such details while making a transaction. You can analyze the buying pattern of individual customers and identify frequent buyers. A returning customer is nothing less than a delight for retail stores or restaurants. So give personalized offers to such customers to keep them coming back.
Mobile POS:
To further enhance your customer service and make the checkout process even faster, you can use mobile POS applications like iPad POS systems and deploy employees all over your store or restaurant who will make transactions going to the customers.
Technostacks has developed such POS systems that promise excellent results for your retail or restaurant business.
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