Ever since the introduction of ibeacon technology by Apple Inc. in WWDC 2013, companies have leveraged this to their maximum benefits. Businesses are delving into newer dimensions with ibeacon apps.
Beacons app development is scaling new heights in the industry as the demand for ibeacon apps is soaring up. Unlike the Geofencing apps, ibeacons operate in a much smaller area and track every single device in their range. In this post, we will be discussing the various aspects of ibeacons development and ways to reap the maximum benefits to your business.
What the buzz is all about?
Beacons are low energy (LE) Bluetooth devices, which send Bluetooth wireless signals. It scans its proximity for beacon compatible devices and sends a promotional push notification to the devices.
Currently, few companies are manufacturing such BLE beacon devices. You can install as many beacons as you want to ensure maximum coverage and guide the prospective customers to your store.

How to use the Beacons?

It’s time to refurbish your old push notification mechanism. You are all set to use the beacon apps with the below steps.

  • 1. Set up the beacons: You need to buy some of the beacon devices and get it molded to suit the nature of your business. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind that those must be compatible with iOS and Android.
  • 2. Integrate with the app: In the next step, you have to create the push messages that you wish to send to the devices in its range. You can install the beacon app and integrate multiple physical beacon devices with it. Once the setup is done from your side, it starts scanning the proximity for compatible devices and sends the pre-defined messages.
  • 3. Install at your desired locations: Be it, your entrance or your exit or the main hall, you can choose to install the devices anywhere you want. Besides their locations, you can also choose the time and frequency of sending notifications.
How secure are these Beacons?
As we have already mentioned, these are very low range devices. Once the user moves out of its coverage area, beacons cannot track them anymore. Therefore, as it operates in a smaller area, it is very safe and secure.
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With the perspective further tightening of the search engine algorithms, the need of exhaustive App store optimization cannot be overlooked. According to experts in the industry, new trends will be set in App store optimization services in 2017 like it did in the previous year. While deep linking strategies are expected to play a major role in ASO trends 2017, many other changes are also expected to take place in the area of ASO services.
  • 1. Deep linking will be the king:
    As the trends have already started moving towards profound linking and app indexing from keywords, it is obvious to have a great impact on the portable ecosystem. App indexing lets the users navigate to their native mobile apps directly from the Google search results through back end links.
  • 2. Real-time Analytics to play a major role:
    Numerous tools have just emerged in the ecosystem and are not adopted fully yet for real-time analytics. We do not expect this to be a key trend change in 2017 but according to experts, it will definitely bring a revolution in the expectations, integration techniques and reporting models of the modern real-time analytics tools.
  • 3. Description of the apps will have a big impact:
    The app description will need to be more keywords rich as the keyword’s density in the app’s description and name will play a major role in deciding the rank of the apps. The ASO services providers, and developers will have a tough time creating a quality app description.
  • 4. More real-time A/B Analysis:
    A/B testing has been in the web world right from its inception, but it is getting attention for a few years now. According to experts, 2017 will be a year where A/B testing will get some priority, and a standard will be set in the industry.
  • 5. Online reputation management will become crucial:
    Ratings always play a key role in deciding the fate of an app, be it a new app or a famous one. App owners will need to pay greater attention to all the reviews and ratings that affect the reputation of the app. App developers need to align strategy well to drive in reviews that are more positive by adopting good reputation management techniques.
    User retention rates of the apps will also become important in deciding an app’s rank in the app stores. The app stores are already booming with millions of apps and we are eagerly waiting for more apps in 2017. Hence, App store optimization services will play a significant role!
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The Ahmedabad-based tech company Technostacks has achieved a great milestone by developing a full-fledged safe invoicing app. Though there are already so many established players in the market, Stapel would surely be proved the winner owing to its fresh look and state-of-the-art technology. Stapel is a complete solution for all payment-related needs ranging from secure payment storage to tracking payments.

Overview of Stapel:

You can use Stapel to gain maximum benefits by tracking your daily payments and schedule payments or get reminders.

  • 1. Secure:
    Stapel supports both password and fingerprint-based authentication process.
  • 2. Easy print of invoices:
    The invoices can be printed easily from this app and you can also choose to get them on the fly with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • 3. Hassle-free scan and upload:
    Documents and images can be scanned and uploaded without any hassle using Staple.
  • 4. Password storage:
    Staple keeps the user credentials in the secure inbuilt storage and eases concurrent user logins.

Features of this amazing app:

Stapel is loaded with many powerful features that ease the entire process of making payments, tracking payments and secure payment storage from potential cyber threats. Some of the outstanding features of this app are:

  • 1. Generate and Send/Receive Invoices:
    Generating an invoice and sharing it with clients can now be done on your fingertip through Stapel.
  • 2. Digitally Sign Your Invoices:
    To add credibility to your invoices, you can currently digitally sign them using the amazing app by Technostacks.
  • 3. Export Data to Cloud:
    Be it Google Drive or MS Azure, you can now classify your payment data and store them in the cloud by simple export processes of Staple.
  • 4. Sync Data from Many Sources:
    Bluetooth can synchronize payment information securely and easily with various devices.
How to use Stapel?

Stapel resolves many day-to-day hassles you face with tracking your payments. So you can now benefit from this revolutionary app in 3 simple steps.

  • 1. Download:
    The app is available for both iOS and android users. It can be freely downloaded from any of these app stores.
  • 2. Install and customize :
    After installing the app on your device, you can now customize it with your information.
  • 3. Ready to go:
    Once your customization is done, you can easily generate invoices, share and export all you want.

Stapel boasts of many advanced features that promise a secure and easy payment management. With the prospective future upgrades, this invoicing App is all set to change the entire process of invoice management.
Get download our app from here:-

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Whenever a new technology evolves, it redefines our existing way of living. With each bit of it, we advance towards more comfort, smarter and better life. Internet of Things is also one such trailblazer, which is rejuvenating the way we communicate. The IOT enabled devices connects our day-to-day objects to collect and exchange data, and building the new infrastructure for the information society. And this leads a new technology revolution in the human society.

Typically, the IOT application services are very broad and sometimes beyond our imagination. It inhabits the world with its scope of services and future expectations. The ideas like smart home and smart cities are now pragmatic with this integrated information technology. Serving life sciences in crucial organ implants and real-time monitoring, actuating DNA analysis devices and automation in a plethora of applications are coming to life over IOT platforms.

Various aspects of this rapidly changing world affect our life. There are many areas where IOT application is doing the life improving jobs. Some of the industries are:

  • Manufacturing:
    With IoT-enabled devices, manufacturing defects are being reduced and the production efficiency is improved. Global manufacturers are investing on it to cut the cost and gain insight to the entire manufacturing system.
  • Retail:
    The analysis of customer behavior and interest is extremely important to the retail industry. The IoT indoor GPS system together with iBeacons and WiFi routers are helping the retailers to better reach their customer and offer user-friendly services.
  • Transportation:
    Sensors are the new sensation and companion of IoT technology. The transportation industry leverages it to optimum from logistics to public transit. Shipping vehicles can be tracked, monitor in the real time manner and geopositioning data helps to reduce traffic and accidents.
  • Agriculture:
    This is the industries that needed the IoT most, and it is getting benefitted out of it. The data from the sensors and actuators helps the farmers to optimize their production and yield maximum with less prone to lose.
  • Healthcare:
    Technology has already revolutionized this field but IoT is ramping its advantages to the next level. The IoT-enabled machines and devices in Hospitals help the doctors and staff to monitor the condition, improvement, and measures of the patient in more accurate and timely manner.
  • Automation:
    This is considered as a prime objective and very positive application of Internet of Things. With automation, devices are becoming smarter and human error is being greatly reduced. By 2020, the world expects to get 70% of the things automated with the help of IoT.

In this life-changing era where technology is surpassing the human imagination, Technostacks is also proudly contributing to it. We develop IoT application that enhances our client services, innovate new products and transform internet experience of the world.

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