SaaS Benefits For Business

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a precise cloud computing service that offers users access to a vendor’s cloud-based software. SaaS delivers an intriguing alternative to benchmark software installation in the business environment (conventional model), where you have to build-up the server, enable and install the application, and finally configure it for further use.

What is SaaS, and how does it benefit the business? However, here in the SaaS model, applications directly reside on a remote cloud network accessed by the web or API, and it operates as a rental model. You and your company have the authorization to utilize it for a fixed time period and pay for the software you are using, thus enjoying software benefits as a service model.

Why would a Business Use SaaS and SaaS Benefits for Business?

SaaS is one of the three significant categories of cloud computing, with the platform as a service (PaaS) model and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). SaaS benefits in many potential ways over customary business software installation models, including cost-effectiveness, swift configuration and deployment, effortless updates, better accessibility, and scalability. We will explore the advantages of SaaS in cloud computing with complete details in this blog post.

How does SaaS work as a Cloud Computing Model?

In the SaaS model, the provider offers clients with network-based access to a single copy of a precise application that the provider has built for the SaaS-based distribution. The application source code is the same for all the client-bases. When fresh features or functionalities are enabled, they are automatically distributed to all the clients in that SaaS model.

As per the service level agreement (SLA), client data for every model can be stored-up locally, in the cloud, or hybrid. Companies can integrate SaaS applications with other software utilizing diverse application programming interfaces (APIs). For illustration, an organization can write its own software tools and use the SaaS provider APIs to enable or blend those tools with the SaaS service offerings.

The most common SaaS applications are utilized for crucial business technologies, such as customer relationship management (CRM), email campaign handling, sales management, financial management, human resources management (HRM), invoicing, billing and software collaboration. The key providers of SaaS include Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Intuit.

Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS)

To assist companies in understanding why they should select SaaS solutions over time-honoured software, we have listed here the advantages of SaaS for the businesses.

1. Highly Affordable

Unlike long-established software, SaaS (like CRM software) is by and large sold mainly on a subscription basis that comprises upgrades, maintenance, and a degree of client support. SaaS subscription models generally operate on a monthly subscription basis, and thus there are no high up-front service costs applicable in this specific model.

2. Swift to Implement and Deploy

With SaaS solutions, all you require is a web browser and online access, and you are ready to go. While with conventional software solutions, they can take weeks or months to implement and deploy. Also, SaaS solutions don’t need any of the software tools to be enabled, and so you can access your fresh software right away.

3. No Need for Physical Infrastructure

When enabling business applications through SaaS, the intricacy of the underlying IT infrastructure is all managed by your SaaS vendor. The end users do not require being concerned about the maintenance of any hardware or which operating system version backs which of the databases. So, the SaaS service provider will take care of all this stuff for your company, so you can directly focus on your business operations.

4. Flawless Updates and Upgrades

Your SaaS service provider will handle all the software updates and upgrades for you, getting rid of the requirement to install or download different patches. You can also be fully assured that you will always have a higher up-to-date software solution.

5. Assured Levels of Service

With most long-established software solutions, you are not given an assurance on how well it will work and perform; however, with SaaS, you are guaranteed on its performance levels. Most of the SaaS service providers guarantee your applications will be accessible 99.5 percent of the time. In the scenario, if the vendor doesn’t deliver the promised performance levels; the vendor has decided penalties to be paid.

6. Enable Backups and Data Recovery

If you have worked with conventional software, you will very well know that except a pricey automated solution has been enabled, the procedure of backing up your data on a frequent basis can be a painstaking job at the best of times. However, SaaS solutions do away with this painstaking activity, facilitating automated backups without user intrusion and thus make sure the uprightness of your data.

7. Work from Anywhere

With merely an internet connection, SaaS solutions can be effortlessly accessed from anywhere. Users are able to access their data and work more resourcefully from anywhere, making life seamless for home employees or for those people that operate across numerous sites.

8. Safety and Security

In many cases, a company’s business information is more safe and secure in a SaaS solution than in customary software. For instance, at many SaaS vendors, two geographically separated data centers connect the infrastructures to provide applications. In the ill-timed event that a failure occurs in one of the centers, the SaaS vendor can enable a second data center, prolonging providing continuous services.

9. Higher Adoption Rates

As SaaS solutions are provided over the internet, there is practically no learning curve involved with adopting a new solution as staff members tend to be used to working on the internet previously.

10. Long-Term Client Relationships

We consider that this last point to be the most noteworthy. At many SaaS vendors, they charge you a yearly fee for their services. However, the actual reality or fact is that by the time they take into account the customer conversion costs and the money they have already invested in the infrastructure, they don’t make big profits in the foremost year of the customer relationship. So it is essential for them that their customers are satisfied with all their services and remain with them for a longer time.

How to Build a Cloud-based SaaS Application?

SaaS application development varies from the conventional approach to software development in many ways. These differences can seem unapproachable to non-experts and those not experienced with the SaaS product concepts. However, cloud-based and conventional app developments really have a lot more similarities.

The foremost difference in building cloud applications is the requirement to choose the right cloud services provider. One of the significant advantages of cloud solutions is that subscribers characteristically don’t have to install software on their devices. This scenario is good for users, who don’t have to pay higher up-front expenses for the application itself and don’t have to give up precious storage space and computing power to operate the application and get the job executed. However, you still have to evaluate a trustworthy cloud service that can host your SaaS platform and facilitate easy access for your end-users.

Key Takeaways

These are the benefits of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for your business. You can match this with long-established software vendors who make the majority of their profit on the preliminary software license sales and have a comparatively small ongoing support fee. Their focus is on getting you to purchase the software license and not essentially work on the long-term view.

Technostacks is a leading SaaS development company, and you can connect with us for any kind of SaaS-based cloud software development services. We have an experienced team of developers who are able to satisfy your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us, email us or call +919909012616 for your project discussion.

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Chatbots For Automotive Industry

The rise of digitization is transforming organizations, industries, and people from all walks of life. It is the era of conversational commerce, and Chatbot in the automotive industry is combined with several OTT applications. And the Chatbots are gradually proving to be a unified solution for business communication processes.

A recent survey reports that 90 percent of consumers today prefer instant messaging to invigorate communication with a business, while only 63 percent of consumers prefer messaging over any other communication channel.

Today, contemporary living is witnessing consumers, especially millennials, actively engage in messenger and chat applications. They are actively involved in manifesting a purchase, research, and interaction on a real-time basis, benefitting business and organizations.

With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, today’s platforms offer a real-time experience while engaging with the preferred brands. The automotive industry is one such area where customers need personalized assistance while economizing the procedure for automakers and car dealers.

But before any other detail is chased, here is brief info about what chatbots are.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are conversational assistants that use artificial intelligence (AI) to converse with diverse kinds of consumers effectively. Industries such as the automotive industry make most of the chatbots as a part of their marketing strategy.

How Chatbots Are Beneficial For The Automotive Industry?

Like every other industry, chatbots can alter the automotive industry and significantly benefit customers. Here are brief information and insights on how chatbots are changing the automotive industry.

Here are the major reasons to have chatbots for the automotive industry.

1. 24*7 Onsite Messenger

Today, the digital economy has increased the expectations of customers in terms of both accessibility and convenience. For becoming a winner in the current competitive world, automotive dealers need to be well prepared to deliver a meaningful and engaging customer firsthand experience. The automotive chatbots efficiently help the dealer to catch the ever-evolving understanding of the customers.

Chatbots can offer real-time and instant conversations seven days a week and 365 days a year. Customers have the liberty to interact with the representatives, along with receiving dedicated support from chatbots. When the dealership is not operational during odd hours, customers can still interact with the Chatbot and obtain the necessary assistance.

2. After-sales Service

The ultimate aim is never to sell a car instead of offering an overall experience to propagate further assistance. While dealers are busy and service bays are crammed with an unending list of orders, the chatbots for the automotive sector are the right assistance to help automate schedules and decipher problems while getting connected with the right dealer. When a customer schedules an appointment, they also need to know the estimated cost and delivery time. Although these tasks might look minimal, however, they create an enriching and valuable customer bond.

These are efficient in elevating dealer retention and customer engagement levels. It can effectively touch each aspect of the delivery chain, including retailers, dealers, salesmen, manufacturers, and service technicians. The auto industry is one such sector that continues to evolve while embracing the future of car buying and personalized experience for every consumer.

3. Lead Generation

A chatbot for the automotive industry can efficiently convert the public Facebook profile into a source that offers useful data, ensuring an instant lead generation. A chatbot deployed FB messenger can identify the customer instantly through the profile and serve the necessary information.

4. Test Drives

While it can get hectic for the staff to perform the daily mundane task of seeking customers’ information intending to go for a test drive, the chatbots are equipped to handle the job well. It does so by uploading the information to the database, while the test drive appointments are quickly scheduled without any human being’s assistance.

5. Alert Staff Members

Automotive industry AI chatbots also alerts the staff members once a customer fills out an online form. It does so by leaving a message and schedules an appointment to communicate with a representative. The alerts pass the message without any delay and without needing the customer to wait.

6. Voice Support

A few of the chatbot platforms offer built-in voice support. This scenario enables customers to communicate with the Chatbot instead of typing and sending messages. Hence, it is beneficial to provide a more realistic experience and a human touch.

7. Internal Support

A pile of information needs to be catered to regularly. It could be customers, inventory, automobiles, and more. Thanks to the chatbots, it has become one essential source of information for any queries while helping employees get quick access to obtaining relevant information.

8. Service Plea

The dealers in the automotive field receive daily service requests, and using the car dealer chatbot can further automate the process. It can interact with the customer, capture the required data, and set up the service request forward. The staff members can furthermore view the appointments and form the plan accordingly.

As per a survey by Capgemini, conducted on 12000 consumers along with 1000 executives from varied industries, it was seen that 50 percent of automotive companies make use of AI-enabled chat or chat assistants to engage the customers actively.

9. Hassle-free Sales Conversions

Car dealers offer a pile of information on digital interfaces such as social media and websites while helping potential customers in the initial decision-making stages. However, the data is often too much for customers to absorb, and dealers are assisting customers in ending up incurring maximum efforts to convince customers for sales.

Here, by deploying the automated chatbots, dealers can efficiently reach out to a broad audience while generating awareness and simplifying the prospect’s research and collaboration details. With such functionality, even customers can simultaneously chat with a friend and check the estimated value while setting an appointment online.

10. Reduced Wait Interval

Customers today are quite busy with their personal work and are used to attaining instant responses. The same applies to the automotive industry, where automotive dealers need to invest in a more convenient solution such as automotive chatbots observing these types of trends. Also, this scenario effectively caters to the growing expectations of the customers. No longer do customers need to wait for a solution. Instead, they can attain it instantly through round a clock support system. Now, you can get your queries solved even at odd hours of the day with the enablement of automated chatbots.

11. Reduced Costs

Automation can save a significant amount of costs by introducing chatbots and automating sales, marketing, and customer support. It can efficiently reduce costs through timely service appointments and scheduling maintenance tasks.

12. Boost Customer Engagements

Chatbots helps to increase customer engagement and automates the varied aspects of the delivery chain. It enables customers to schedule appointments and receive the necessary estimates. In this case, booking also becomes as easy as responding to the message, and the customer also attains regular reminders, offering seamless services support.

Key Takeaways

Hence, chatbots today are transforming the realm of the automotive industry and creating a revolution in its real sense. There is tremendous potential in the way the technology helps the automotive industry deal with customers, save costs, and improves customer engagement.

By helping businesses build a strong bond with the stakeholders, car dealers, and customers, today’s technology is winning the world of the internet.

We at Technostacks are one of the leading IT Software Companies developing automotive software and chatbot integration systems. Please feel free to anytime reach out to us, call us on +919909012616, mail us and get your technology, as well as business queries, addressed.

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Importance Of Mobile Apps For Logistics

Over the last few years, the world of logistics has been transforming like no other. The technological era has had a significant impact on all businesses, but perhaps the biggest has been logistics.

Logistics businesses have been strategically adapting to the ever-changing world of technology as time has progressed. Given the current situation, they might benefit even more as things change.

Logistics mobile app development can boost communication, and they can eliminate the need for various smaller logistic jobs. The best part is that this is the least that they can do. Here are a few ways in which mobile apps can help unlock accurate logistics app benefits.

1. Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is one of the most common usages of mobile apps in the world of logistics. The benefits of logistics management apps genuinely come to light when you use GPS vehicle tracking at its very peak. With the right internet and bandwidth setups, managers can track packages on a minute to minute or a second to second basis.

This is huge for the industry for various reasons. This level of advanced vehicle tracking not only helps you get an update on your package locations but it also lets you know when something is wrong at that very moment. This way, you can take a call immediately and save the company/brand some valuable time.

2. Real-Time Information

The actual benefits of having Mobile App for your Logistics do not just range within the given parameters of pre-existing mobile apps. Through an experienced IT team like Technostacks, you can create a mobile app to suit your logistics management needs.

By doing this, you can design an entire system wherein relevant information is being put into the app by everyone who uses it regarding consignments, parcels, delays, and much more. This scenario enables you to create a fully functioning web that essentially carries out and also holds power to carry out all your operations at any given time.

3. Monetary Boosts & Time Reductions

Using a mobile application for logistic businesses can help you save on some crucial costs. For starters, you need to employ fewer people to pass around information. More importantly, you save on communication costs that previously would have burned a hole in your pocket.

When you get into the inventory aspect, a lot of your time and fuel money are also saved by passing on crucial information on time. This scenario is also aided by optimizing routes and creating an integrated driving network to operate efficiently.

4. E-Paperwork

People often ask, ‘Why are mobile apps important for logistics businesses?’ when considering switching to a tech-savvy way of doing things. The best argument that one can make on this front is that all that time, money, and effort wasted in paperwork could virtually be cut to zero by using the right mobile application system.

With the help of an all exclusive app, you will be able to dispatch and receive work orders within a few minutes, thanks to pre-ready forms. Signatures can also be taken virtually, and your assistant won’t be running up and down the stairs thrice a day for your approval on new paperwork. This scenario makes all operations related to paperwork much more accessible.

5. Enhanced Warehouse Managing

One of the biggest and the most complicated sides of any business is the warehouse. A minor communication error in the warehouse can result in massive delays and significant losses. Warehouse management is what separates the big players from the small ones today.

With the help of logistics app development, you can fully visualize and boost your inventory. Storage and transportation problems won’t take up your time and energy anymore as you will have a system that is dedicated to creating the highest efficiency at any given moment.

6. Performance Monitoring

Statistical data has been a significant upside of why a logistics app is important and should be adopted by your brand today itself. By keeping track of various minor statistics, you can start analyzing your business to boost its efficiency.

It is now possible for you to know which worker takes the shortest or the most amount of time for their tasks. Similarly, you can even let your data tell you who works efficiently and when. When you get into the nitty-gritty of it, statistics can single-handedly change the whole dynamic of your business and are being used by major companies all over the world today. The best part about these stats is that more often than not, you don’t have to go out of your approach to obtain them.

Mobile apps are usually coded to collect specific stats that you can look back at and make changes. Encoding these in is a one-time investment, and the cost is peanuts compared to what you can gain.

Technostacks has Extensive Experience in Developing Logistics Apps

One of the leading clients approached Technostacks to develop an on-demand transportation application in the local language to enable related users to manage their day to day product delivery, shopping, shipment, and taxi service functions. With flourishing efforts, Technostacks delivered MENA’s Local Courier Service Booking App in local language as per the requirements of the client.

The Technostacks team facilitated the client to add the chat functionalities and features across the admin and users. They even brought substantial enhancements in the ideation of the original application. The project features and functionalities included delivery services, shopping solutions, shipment enablement and taxi services.

With this comprehensive project, the client accomplished and is providing the best experience to its end users. By making possible the faultless access to business customers, the app provides explicit products right on decided time. The app services are meeting the entire business and consumer fineness that too in a highly specialized manner. Further, the team facilitated the users and stakeholders to utilize the application with suppleness as well as simplicity.

The app provided inclusive control over the shipment, offered secured and high-quality services. The Technostacks team continuously challenge themselves to go a step further than their client expectations by delivering high-end solutions as per their needs. The technology used by Technostacks teams included iOS & Android App, STOMP Protocol, AWS, and Payfort.

Technostacks has built an on-demand delivery platform through this application that everyone can use readily for their customized projects. You can contact us, email us and call us on +919909012616 for developing an on-demand service application or something similar for your upcoming projects.

Key Takeaways

There are numerous and multiple reasons why you should consider switching to a mobile app-based logistics business today. By now, you surely know the answer to ‘what are the advantages of a logistics app?’ but what’s more important is for you to create a foundation for it.

A lot of times, this shift in dynamics starts with simpler things like making high-speed internet available to all or making sure that your employees own a smartphone and can use apps efficiently. It is significant to take your time and dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s so that you can create a foundation that can benefit your logistics business without faltering for ages to come.

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We're A Top Mobile App Development Company

With the expansion of technology and the increased usage of smartphones over the past few years, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our life. Having innovative and customer-centric apps is very essential for the modern-day businesses and this is the reason why we at Technostacks have been on the front foot in acquiring knowledge related to latest app development trends, techniques and providing quality mobile app development solutions.

Our consistent efforts have proved to be beneficial for our clients and helped them to move forward. We are happy to announce that acknowledging our work, in their recent press release about the top Mobile App Developers, have included us in the list of reliable firms to commence app development projects with.

The finesse in the mobile apps developed by Technostacks Infotech plays an important role in giving a much needed edge to our clients and boosts them to stay ahead. We serve as one stop destination to solve all the software and app development related necessities and develop mobile apps according to their exact requirement and be resourceful in their progress.

In today’s increasingly challenging modern day business scenario, our experienced developers and designers never hesitate going the extra mile for our clients and give the best product. Thus, Technostacks Infotech is considered as a leader in our special service categories and one of the leading mobile app development companies in the world as far as mobile app development is concerned.

We render a wide range of software services apart from mobile app development. The list of our immaculate services includes Machine Learning development and services, Cloud Computing, Wearable App Development, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Development and many more. If you want to take a look at our work and service specialties, work ethics, focus areas and more details on our skill set, you can visit Technostacks’ profile on

Our experienced developers are proficient in technologies such as .NET development, LifeRay Development, Angular and Node JS development, Salesforce, etc. In addition to this in the last six years, ever since our inception, we have rendered our services to a plethora of industries such as IT, business services, automotive, hospitality and leisure, manufacturing, etc.

Having a strong and loyal client base of global leaders such as Toshiba, VISA, PLC Sydney, Honda, etc., will speak volumes about our work, our system’s ethics and our ability. In order to have a detailed view about our previous works, please visit our portfolio.

Who is is a widely respected directory and review platform of B2B IT service providers. They take a neutral approach in analyzing the companies. The team of analysts at vets the companies through stringent parameters which ensure that only the most competitive firms, businesses, enterprises, and entrepreneurs are filtered through their process. This helps the service seekers in getting a ready to use pool of companies from which they can choose the appropriate firm according to their need.

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Reasons to Invest in Retail Store App

Today’s growing advancement of the retail industry has led mobile applications to become the holy grail of online shopping. Persuading customers to download and integrate mobile applications is not a thing of the future anymore; instead it is of the present scenario.

As per research, the users tend to visit the retailers more frequently through digital platforms and are typically more loyal. So if you are wondering what are the key reasons for having a retail app, welcome onboard as this blog post explains the same with detailed insights! You can also take the benefits of retail mobile apps for your business.

As per a new report published by Sensor Tower, a popular app marketing intelligence firm, the total number of iOS shopping app downloads has increased around 17 percent during events like Black Friday.

Additionally, as per another report published by SimilarWeb, a popular digital analytics firm has found 24 major U.S retailers witnessing a 45 percent hike in active app usage. A considerable part of the boost is the increased usage of mobile applications among retailers due to the ease and convenience it offers to the diverse set of users.

Some of the research statistics for you to understand why is a mobile app useful for retail business:

  • As per a study done by a financial services firm Synchrony, shoppers today are not only downloading but also using shopping applications, and a lot more than ever before.
  • Shoppers, moreover, seem to be loving the apps and using a total of four applications together on an average.
  • The applications facilitate an easy and hassle-free checkout process with integrated mobile payment options that help customers develop an improved intimate connection. This scenario allows users to build greater loyalty.

What are retail apps?

A retail app is a software that enables buyers and sellers to make transactions online. While sellers sell their products, buyers buy them through a secured payment gateway or other payment methods.

Are you a retailer and do you often find yourself thinking about improving the retail business and gaining more customers? If yes, then the article is rightly catered to you. It shares valuable insights about the growing popularity of mobile app development for retail industry and why should retailers consider creating mobile apps:

Reasons your retail store needs a mobile app

Providing customers with a completely new shopping experience and placing the mobile app in the pocket of their target audiences can help retail brands increase the revenue, and in no time. Over the last decade, retail companies have been making an enormous shift and going online by launching Android and iOS platforms.

This scenario is because of the increased usage of devices such as smartphones and tablets worldwide. Research shows that 90 percent of time individuals spend on mobile devices than 10 percent of time spent on browsers. Hence, if you wondered why retail businesses need apps, well, you just got one major reason to tout for.

1. Apps are equipped to do what websites cannot

One of the most indisputable facts lies in the fact that native apps offer the most reliable and fastest user experience. As compared to the web applications, mobile applications deem to be a lot more responsible with a reduced connectivity error.

The mobile apps offer retailers an ideal way to relate to the customers and offer a more customized shopping experience. As a vast subset of customers tends to interact with the phone as the first thing in the morning, placing the front logo creates a powerful impact.

Additionally, a native application furthermore enables you to send varied promotional push messages along with rich messages directly to the inbox. Push messages are an instrumental marketing channel for brands. These reach out to the customers at any point in time and are rather a timely and direct affair.

A retail store can combine the communication tool with location-based technology, and this will help you to reach out to the customers at the right time while enhancing an improved customer journey. Applications can also incorporate smartphone features such as Bluetooth, GPA, camera, address book to better scan products and cards.

2. Applications catering to the cross-channel customers

Due to the overwhelming popularity of tablets and smartphones, more and more customers now wish to shop with the help of multiple channels. With mobile devices being at the customer’s side day in and night, it is a matter of merging in-store and digital efforts into a more seamless retail experience engaging shoppers at home, in-store, and while on the move.

With the divisions between offline and online getting blurred, more and more retailers adopt the ‘cross channel’ approach. As customers tend to spend a lot more through varied well-connected channels, retailers have embraced the passing time approach.

Moreover, consumers adopt several new technologies and more convenient payment and shopping platforms; hence retailers need to adapt to remain a lot relevant. The application needs to be an eminent part of the cross-channel retail presence, instead of being an optional add on, and hence leading to being a part of a broader marketing strategy.

3. Apps propagate ease of use and improved user experience

Even when you have a responsive website, each time a user logs in, the browser prompts the user to sign in and continue shopping. This scenario is when the user details are stored, and users need to register only once while downloading the application.

As the users do not require or need to sign in each time, the ease of use increases, and it ultimately offers greater customer satisfaction. Mobile applications further allow users to switch between tabs and hence make navigation easier easily. This scenario improves user experience and thus emerges as one of the best reasons to invest in a retail store app.

4. Seamless checkout and hassle-free payment options

One of the most significant problems and issues faced by retail businesses is the abandonment of shopping carts. Irrespective of an eCommerce or in-store platform, customers are likely to give up shopping when the checkout process seems tedious. This scenario is where a mobile application’s actual use steps in as one of the significant reasons retailers needs a mobile app. These help to eliminate friction from the checkout process and make everything a lot more interactive.

The wallets’ widespread popularity exists because they allow faster processing of transactions with improved facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and more. This scenario enables an easy and hassle-free checkout and payment process while allowing a faster authentication. Besides, who doesn’t want a time saving and secured checkout process with speedier delivery of their favorite item!

Key Takeaways

Thus, mobile apps are an essential part of a retail business, without which businesses will fail to form a much-required bond with customers. A mobile app helps to gain customer loyalty and for a lifetime by offering a more personalized shopping experience.

Hence, it is the best investment you can make for your current and future business initiatives that promises a long-lasting relationship with your valuable customers. If you do not have a precise mobile application yet, it is time to give your business the much-needed boost and retain useful customers to stand out amongst your competitors.

Technostacks is a leading retail app development company and has expertise in delivering advanced apps in different domains. If you want to develop a custom retail mobile app then contact us, mail us, or call us on +91-9909012616. We will give you the best assistance and affordable cost estimation for your retail app.

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