Top React Native Development Companies

React native is the best mobile app development framework and it is trusted by big enterprises and startups. There is a number of top React Native development companies present in the USA, India, UK, and Canada for app development services.

These days the mobile phones are a half soul of every individual, this is an undeniable fact. As the usage of mobile phones daily increased, the apps in the app stores of Android and iOS platforms are increasing. Apps have a pretty good time now and if companies use these apps effectively, they will be able to take their business even close to their target audience.

React Native helps you create real mobile apps based on JavaScript only. These apps support both iOS and Android platforms. As it is backed by Facebook, React Native has huge community support too.

In this article, we will discuss top React Native development companies in the world by which you can take a better decision in selecting the best firm for your business requirement.


We have reviewed major B2B sites such as Clutch, GoodFirms, AppFutura, analyzed over Quora community and discussed with the number of global clients.

This list of best React Native app development companies is based on these sources.

If you are a startup business or SMEs and searching for the best mobile app development company then this article helps you to take a better decision for choosing the right agency.

Top 10 React Native App Development companies in The World

1) Technostacks Infotech (Top React Native Development company USA, India)

Technostacks Infotech

Location: India, USA, Germany, UK
Employees: 50-249
Pricing: Starting from $15/hr

Technostacks is one of the best React Native development companies in India established in 2014. They extend their branches to Germany, UK and different parts of the USA. The company has been engaged in providing end-to-end IT solutions for the diversified clientele. The company possesses highly experienced candidates working for them and their expert react native developers team has already achieved so many milestones in diverse industries as well as marketplaces.

Technostacks has proven methodologies that their employees follow to ensure that they provide the highest quality of service for their clients. The top-notch react native development services is one of the key factors that have helped them in acquiring so much of popularity across the world. Although Technostacks never compromised on the quality of service, all the services that they have offered were available at affordable prices only. From startups to SME’s and enterprise companies, anyone can afford the services offered by them.

At Technostacks, the projects are never put on hold or involved with complications, the professionals keep on working and solving issues if created at all the time in their respected shifts to deliver the right products for their clients. You can hire react native developer from them for your app development projects.

Some of their valuable clients are PLCSydney, VISA, MTU, Honda, Toshiba, Logistics, Luxury Yacht Group, CALMS, PSky Parking Services,, and Pro Hunter.

2) Simply Technologies (React Native Development Company USA)

Simply Technologies

Location: New York, Armenia
Employees: 10-49
Pricing: $25-$49/hr

Simply Technologies is one of the New York-based top React Native Development Companies. The company always focuses on making every project a triumph. Simply Technologies is a company that has always believed in teamwork and has the best react native developers working for it.

The entire team of this company works to amaze the customers with the output. “Focus is the key to success and mastery”- this is what we believe in. Simply has picked a quickly developing technology and mastered at it. The employees in the company always try to perfect their knowledge and use it as a superpower to create trustworthy and quality code. The team of Simply Technologies is capable of handling any kind of coding work; however, they specialize in Java Coding and they do the same very perfectly.

Simply Technologies have already worked with several companies and clients. They have been working with JavaScript projects for a long time now and have delivered some of the top-notch products to the customers.

3) Apptension (Top React Native Development company UK, Poland)


Location: London, Poland
Employees: 10-49
Pricing: $25-$49/hr

Apptension is a team of 50 highly motivated and driven employees. The company loves technical challenges and innovations so much and this is the reason why they are in this field. Apptension is an organization which is a blend of product experts, designers, and technologists. The company has a streamlined process which helps in swiftly ideating the assumptions, bringing them in the prototype form and testing the assumptions effectively.

The company ensures that the creative ideas they have in mind are turned into lasting products and web experiences. The company has its own resource management tool which will aid them in the procedure.

4) Cheesecake Labs (Best React Native App Development company Brazil)

Cheesecake Labs

Location: Brazil, USA
Employees: 50-249
Pricing: $50-$99/hr

Cheesecake is a company that works along with the client’s company like a partner but not a contractor. The company believes that one can yield the best results when they provide the utmost dedication and time for a particular work. This is the reason why Cheesecake is the most preferred option for so many small and medium-sized businesses in the USA and Brazil.

They offers hire react native developer services for the clients to achieve their business dreams.

5) NomTek (Best React Native App Development companies San Francisco, Berlin, Wroclaw, London )


Location: United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany
Employees: 50-249
Pricing: $50-$99/hr

NomTek is one of the reliable React Native Development agencies in San Francisco. The company believes in delivering the apps that not only work but succeed. Yes, the team of react native app developers NomTek crafts any app considering the ultimate goal of the client and make sure that the app serves the right purpose. They approach every project as a game changer in the market and make sure that the app makes a statement out there.

The people working at NomTek are not only coders, but they are visionaries who with whom the clients want to discuss their ideas, requirements. They make sure that the product is built on a budget. They make a product strategy effectively by reducing any kind of wastage, shortening the time to market and generating needed actionable insights.

6) PromptWorks (React Native App Development Companies USA)


Location: Austin, Philadelphia, New York
Employees: 10-49
Pricing: $150-$199/hr

PromptWorks is a react native development company USA that is built for delivering services and solutions for its clientele success. The company believes that it succeeds when the company’s clients achieve desirable success. This is the reason why their team works hard to deliver the desired output. The three founders of the company have decades of experience individually and now the three of them came together to build great applications and software for the clients.

The company received Top Software Developer, Philadelphia badge from Clutch and Philadelphia Business Journal 2016 Top Software Developers award too. The company has catered for both Fortune 500 companies and even startups with their services. The one thing that is commendable about PromptWorks is their affordable pricing.

PromptWorks is associated with some of the renowned brands in the market like Sony, Seagate, SunGard, Daily Worth, Thrive, DevOps consulting, etc.

7) Just Coded (React Native Development Services London)

Just Coded

Location: United Kingdom, Ukraine, Cyprus
Employees: 50-249
Pricing: $25-$49/hr

JustCoded is a React Native development agency that focuses on delivering quality products to the startups and FinTech companies. The company always wants to have a partner relationship with the client rather than having a client-vendor relationship. Their team will work along with until the project is completed and ensures that both of you are on one page.

JustCoded is one such company which focuses on delivering better quality services for the customers. Their immense experience and knowledge about the React Native Field make them one in the list of React Native Development companies.

8) Octobot (Top React Native Development Companies)


Location: United States, Uruguay
Employees: 10-49
Pricing: $50-$99/hr

Octobot is a React Native app development company that looks beyond the necessary requirements of the client. Hire React Native developer Octobot takes up the client’s work as their own and strives to achieve success in the same. They think one step ahead all the time and provide various kinds of ideas and improvements. Octobot has a team of professionals who always have an open mind and embrace the changes immediately.

They are listed over major B2B sites such as Clutch, Appfutura, Crunchbase, and other sites.

9) Atlasopen (React Native Development Company in Australia)


Location: Melbourne, Australia
Employees: 10-49
Pricing: $100-$149/hr

Atlasopen is a Melbourne based organization that offers various kinds of digital services and mobile app development. The company is one of the most reliable app developers agencies in Melbourne, Australia. They have developed apps across various platforms and they usually adopt the React Native for app development.

Atlasopen is a company that deals with app design and development. The company has the best React Native developers who will aid the clients in various ways. Some of the renowned clients with whom Atlasopen has worked are –

  • Kahwa Tea
  • Tacit art gallery
  • Firm checker
  • TSS Group of Companies
  • Fashion Club wear

10) DataRockets (Top React Native App Development Companies in Canada)


Location: Belarus, Canada
Employees: 10-49
Pricing: $25-$49/hr

DataRockets has a team of 17 developers who developed 20+ products in their 4 years of experience. It is one of the best React Native companies in Belarus. The company believes in delivering products that assure and satisfy the client’s requirements. They make sure that all the products that have been designed by them are of top-notch quality and are perfectly designed and developed.

Key Takeaways

These were some of the top React Native companies around the globe. You can hire React Native developer or a team who are highly skilled and talented for your organization from these companies operating worldwide.

If you have any question or doubt then you can leave a comment below.

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Benefits of mobile apps in the healthcare industry

There were days when the patients were bounded to wait in a long queue in the waiting halls. It was tiresome and a lot of time was usually wasted in these waiting halls. But the times have changed, thanks to the revolution in the mobile industry. When compared to other forms of communication available, mobile phones are ever-present. They offer solutions that are tailored for the new generation users, and even older people use them. One such great thing about this technology is mobile apps. These mobile apps have a solution for almost all the problems. Now they are addressing the issues faced in the healthcare industry and providing the best solutions for them. Portability, affordability, and availability of these health care apps made them popular among the different kinds of users.

Customer perspective to use healthcare apps

The mobile application for the healthcare industry is drafted according to the requirement of the customer. Smartphones and mobile applications should be efficient and productive in order to deliver the right service for customers. These healthcare apps are created for the customers, and the designing of these apps is done from a customer perspective. You will be provided with all the features that you need with these mobile apps.

Due to its effectiveness, the mobile app industry has an increased number of users. According to the Statista, mobile healthcare apps are a significant contributor in the application industry, and it is estimated that the revenue will reach $58.8 billion by 2020.

The Accenture consultation has conducted research in which it has been proven that the number of downloads of healthcare apps is doubled in the past couple of years. These stats are enough to describe how prominent healthcare apps became recently.

There are numerous benefits of having mobile apps in the healthcare industry. These are some of the advantages that patients can acquire with the help of healthcare apps.

7 Reasons to Use Mobile Apps in The Healthcare Industry

1. Boon for Medical Staff

Right from the evolution of mobile apps in the healthcare industry, they have become a boon for the doctors, nurses and other staff present in a hospital. The app made it easy for them to access the patient details and is updated with the health conditions of patients from time to time.

As per the Stat reported, 93% of the doctors believe that healthcare apps are capable bringing improvement in patient’s health while 80% of doctors are already using the technology of the mobile app in order to communicate and access their patients.

There are so many doctors who are using digitalized prescriptions. These prescriptions can be accessed on the mobile device, and the doctors will be able to edit or change it whenever required. The medical professionals can look at all the reports related to a particular patient at one glance even when they are on a go which helps in emergency situations.

This way the healthcare mobile app features are helping the doctors and other hospital-related support staff a lot.

2. HealthCare Apps helps the Patients Located in Remote Areas

This is the digital era where you can find smartphones and high internet speed connection in every nook and corner of the world. Even in far away remote areas, people have access to mobile phones even though they don’t have proper hospital facilities.

This availability of smartphones in such remote areas is indeed a blessing because they can get into touch with the doctor without traveling. Everything can be done with the help of an app in a very short time and they can even order medicines online.

On top of that, the healthcare apps also provide various essential healthcare tips for the user from time to time which also helps them.

3. Blessing in Disguise for the Patients

Gone the days when patients should come to the hospital, take a token and wait in line for some hours of time. The latest mobile applications make everything easier for patients. They can schedule a quick appointment with a doctor, find a specialist who has hands-on experience in treating the issues and purchase the medicines online, viewing the medical reports directly online and providing the access of same to the doctor, purchase medicines and various other products.

On top of that, they can constantly stay in touch with the doctor and discuss about the health issues they are facing directly. The entire one on one video chat will cost a lot less when compared to the visiting charges for the doctor. The users will also be able to maintain a healthy diet with the help of nutritionists.

4. Reduced Risk of Diagnostic Errors

A minor error in diagnosis can result in some serious issues. There will be severe damage caused to the patient’s health. The mobile healthcare apps possess intelligent diagnostic capabilities will reduce the error rate and provide accurate drug predictions for users. The healthcare mobile app development companies incorporate various other features to the mobile application like cloud facilities to store the details of patients, etc.

5. People can monitor their Health condition

The usage of fitness trackers and health wearables has increased a lot these days. The health apps will give users an option to monitor their health consistently. It not only gives them ownership for monitoring health in order to stay active, but it also helps them in achieving the best results.

These powerful trackers and wearables are making people conscious about health. The metrics that can be tracked with the help of these gadgets are calorie consumption, diet regime, diabetes, heartbeat, exercise routines and so many more.

6. Streamlining Clinical Operations

According to a forecast, the IoT healthcare market is estimated to reach $138.6 billion marks by 2021. This prediction makes it quite apparent that the clinicians and medical practitioners are investing a lot of amount in the healthcare apps and automation to bring out a change in the way industry operates.

There is no denying that the IoT changed and simplified the task of healthcare professionals by giving them access to the entire data and information on smart devices that are connected with the patient’s body. The IoT infusions with healthcare domain give an easier and better way to manage the resources. The medical staff will be able to keep a tab on the large stocks they have without putting in many efforts.

7. Reduction in Medical Bills

The healthcare industry is pretty expensive, and almost everyone is aware of that. Even one visit to a clinic will cost you a higher amount of money. The medical expenses can be reduced by using healthcare apps.

These apps are also helping in paying the bills in an easier way too. You can schedule the payments on a monthly basis at once, and the amount will be deducted every time even without your intervention. The healthcare mobile app trends are reducing the efforts on both doctors and patients ends.

Note:- If you are looking for Gym management software then you can choose GYM Clock which is the best fitness app that can easily manage your daily tasks such as take attendance of both trainers & members, add new members, send festival offers or discounts vouchers to users and more.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the uses of mobile devices in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is going under a massive transformation. The doctors are now providing efficient treatment to patients with ease and patient’s comfort.

There are several reasons to use a healthcare app. They make complex tasks simple and help in taking a decision correctly. The apps have already brought a revolution in the healthcare industry and with ever growing technology; much more features can be expected in the near future.

Technostacks is a top mobile app development company in India and if you are looking for a trusted app development firm for your business project requirement then contact us now.

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native app vs hybrid app

The usage of the smartphone market has increased a lot in recent years and native app vs hybrid app development is also the most debate topic for app developers in present times.

Last year, the share of the mobile phone traffic had risen to 52.2%, and this is enough to understand how useful as well as compelling the app building is.

The availability of affordable smartphones and the internet has made an enormous difference for the people out there. People started depending on the smartphones making it difficult for the developers to choose whether native app development is good for crafting the app or hybrid app development.

Let’s compare both native and hybrid app development and decide which one among them is good for app development.

Native App Development Overview

The native mobile app development is a process that helps in creating apps for iOS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry. The apps developed on native platform will work only on a particular operating system. This means the developer should create different versions of an app for different systems. The native apps provide optimized performance and they take advantage of the latest technology such as GPS.

The developers write code in Swift or Objective-C for iOS applications, Java for Android Native applications and C# for Windows. The construction of app, design, graphic styles, typography, visual effects, data entry, etc. everything varies between the operating systems. The native apps are capable of accessing the features that are present in the mobile quickly like microphone, camera, location detection, etc. They are quick to send the push notifications too. Some of the famous native apps that are available in the market are Pokémon Go, Waze, Twitter, etc. The native apps give much better user experience when compared to hybrid apps.

The pricing for native app development may vary from $5000 to $250,000 depending on the complexity of the app.

Hybrid App Development Overview

In Hybrid app, one app will be created for different platforms. These means be it iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry, only one app is enough to serve all the purposes.

The hybrid apps are a combination of native apps and web apps together. A single product is enough to work on all the operating systems. These apps may look and feel like a native application, but the fact is that these apps are run by a website.

The languages that are usually used in hybrid app development are CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. It is simply a web-based app that is put in the native app shell and connected to the device’s hardware.

These hybrid apps are cost-effective and almost all the startups and people who are on a stiff budget usually opt for hybrid app development.

The cost of developing hybrid apps is less when compared with native apps. One can get an app at a price of $4800 to 100,000 depending upon the complexity and nature of the app.

Let’s check here hybrid app vs native app pros and cons.

Native App Advantages

  • Smooth Performance
  • In native mobile app development, the programmers write different codes for different operating systems with respective programming languages. As the app is made only for a specific operating system, it works smoothly.

  • Speed
  • The application is optimized according to the requirements of a specific platform. This way it will achieve higher marks in both speed and performance. While developing native apps, programmers consider every aspect. They make sure that the app is perfect for the specific operating system.

  • User Experience
  • User experience matters a lot and the native apps give smooth and intriguing user experience. The feel and experience are way better in native apps when compared to hybrid ones.

  • Flexibility
  • The native apps provide access to various inbuilt devices such as GPS, camera, calendar and some other functions of the mobile. The hybrid apps have certain limitations and it cannot access certain features of mobiles.

Native App Disadvantages

  • Development Cost
  • The developers usually have expertise in developing apps for only a project. This way if you need an app for various types of platforms, you have to get numerous developers working on them. This scenario will surely increase your budget.

  • Development Time
  • Native apps require more time for development when compared to hybrid apps. Creating an app according to the requirements of one particular operating system is not easy.

Hybrid App Advantages

  • Decreased Cost of Development
  • If you are tight on budget, then hybrid app development is the best choice for you. There is no need for you to hire multiple programmers to work on various OS platforms.

  • Maintenance
  • The hybrid apps are web applications in a native nutshell. You will be able to update the content as many times as you want, and it needs very low maintenance.

  • Less Time for Development
  • The hybrid native apps don’t take a lot of your time during development. You will be able to get the app into the market in very less time.

Hybrid App Disadvantages

  • Poor Performance
  • The Hybrid apps add an extra layer between source code and target mobile platform likely the hybrid mobile framework. This can result in performance loss.

  • Difficulty in Debugging
  • The extra layer causes some big issues with the debugging too. The developers have to rely on the framework itself to work nicely on the targeted operating system without introducing any kind of bugs in the app.

  • User Experience
  • The user experience lags in hybrid app development.

Now check below the quick comparison and the difference between native app and hybrid app.

Native vs Hybrid App Comparison

Aspect Native Hybrid
Languages Native only Native and Web / Web only
User Interface Rich and attractive interface It won’t give a fully native experience for the users due to the usage of web technology
Platforms Single for each platform Multiple
Access to native APIs High Moderate
Performance The apps perform faster and highly reliable due to their design Usually slower
Updating It supports several versions like complex server part.
The whole app must be updated to see changes.
The app code is updated through the market.
The apps will be updated regularly from the App store and there is no need of the market for updating the app code.
Security The attacks occur in insecure data storage, weak implementation of SSL, unlimited leaks of data, the reverse engineering, and code injection. The attacks occur in insecure data storage, weak implementation of SSL, unlimited leaks of data, the reverse engineering, and code injection.
Apart from them, the additional layer leads to some problems.
Compatibility with other apps present on the device Higher Less
Ecosystem It has a rich ecosystem of tools It is limited by the developer’s ecosystem of community solutions and the third party plugins.
Navigation It has built-in navigation systems The WebView will help in combining existing content present on the Web with the native app capabilities.
Frameworks API provided by OS Rubymotion (Ruby), React Native, PhoneGap (on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript),Sencha Touch (on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript).
Stores Available:
Windows Store, Apple’s App Store, and Play Store
Microsoft Windows Store, Google Play, Apple App Store.
Developer’s learning ability The developers should have expertise in developing apps on a particular OS, if they don’t have experience then it will take time to study and understand development for each platform. The developers can learn this easily as there is no need to learn the development of apps for each platform.
Time of market launch It takes a lot of time to launch one app in the market. Usually, six months is required for sure. This requires very less time, usually less than 6 months.
Development cost It is expensive It is cheaper and people who have a tight budget can go with this.
Cash allocation This requires separate financing for each platform. The financing will be done in one stream.
Device specific features High availability Moderate
Internet connection The internet connection depends on the app. The native apps that usually need internet connection are
1) API-client apps
2) Updating the apps from the market
Almost all the apps need connection. The web part needs to be renewed from time to time, and this requires internet.

Key Takeaways

Both the apps have their fair share of pros and cons. But the one thing that can be said is native app development is better than hybrid app development. Though hybrid apps are helpful for people who are on a tight budget, they are not preferable if you have a reasonable budget. The users are the ultimate decision-makers and you have to provide them with an excellent interactive app with amazing UI/UX which is possible with Native apps only.

Technostacks is a top mobile app development company in India and if you are looking for a trusted app development firm for your business project requirement then contact us now.

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Business plan for mobile app startup

Modern trends come with modern solutions. From having computers that are as big as a big room, we have come a long way to smartphones. It wasn’t a big journey though. It’s been just a decade or so, to get here. Do you ever wonder how this impossible thing turned up to be quite simple? Well, allow me to explain that.

There was a business plan written and executed in the same way as to keep up with given time. For startups, old school ways are of no use. One should have a mobile application to reach more and more customers.

Now making a mobile application is a job behind the desk. But once it is ready to launch, you have to approach a specific audience within a specific timetable to get your desired outcomes. For that, you need to come up with a mobile app startup business plan.

Whatsoever your business strategy is, say B2B or B2C, once the app is developed you will be facing competition with around 2.1 million apps from Android and iOS. Let’s make a mobile app business plan to beat them.

On average a person keeps 30-40 apps on their smartphones apart from mandatory ones. Out of these, hardly 8-10 are actually used daily. Now to get a place in those 8-10 we have to come up with a perfect app startup plan. You can’t simply wait and see how things turn out; you have to work for them to turn out in the exact same manner you want them to. That’s the sole key to a successful business plan.

Hence, to write a business plan for a mobile app you have to come up with some basic set of rules as to how you want to execute a plan for your business. From investors to clientele approach everything has to be planned on paper and then executed in real.

Let me give you tips to create the best business plan in a systematic way that will be your best guide throughout your journey.

1. Executive Summary

It tops the list to set goals for near as well as long term future plans. One has to be quite sure about how and when to take up one’s business and in which direction. This part is generally written out at the end, after seeing the scenario of investors and shareholders. It includes:

  • Problem
  • The shortcomings or the difficulty your targeted audience is facing is the primary step to write a business plan for a mobile app. It can be a series of events that your present customer base wants to be solved. It has to be concise and clear.

  • Solution
  • Answers to all the problems that were in previous versions. Make sure the mobile app startup business plan gets the solution to all the problems from previous apps. State how different your app is than others that are already available in the market.

  • Value proposition
  • For every mobile app business startup plan, all you need is a direct agenda. It helps you create quite a proposition to your value. If you are creating a new market, it’s going to be tuff. But working in existing isn’t easy either. You have to state how different you are than the present ones.

  • Target
  • It’s the only thing investors are looking for in any business plans for apps. They will see to it that your targets are beneficial for them and match their portfolio. You have to tell them what they are investing in. What is the exit plan? In how long one can expect for returns? And much more of this sort.

2. Know your Market

Mobile app startup business plan needs to be clear for their selection of the market. It should be precise but not small. History has witnessed it, the bigger the market, the bigger the success is. Take Zomato and Airbnb for example. All you have to do is convince your investors for the following three keys to majoring in the market scenario:

  • Total Available Market
  • Generally known as TAM is the sum of the wide audience that you are targeting.

  • Serviceable Available Market
  • Generally known as SAM is the total number market that your startup is planning to achieve within a given time limit. This is a must step in the mobile app business plan.

  • Serviceable Obtainable Market
  • known as SOM is the sum of the previously established market that you are aware of and going to get hold of them in near future say a year or two.

    Since it’s your first time to face the market that is already established, you need to know what you are in for. Business plans for apps help you do that exactly. From portals such as Nielsen, Forrester, Gartner you can have all the information about who’s standing where in the market.

    To set a proper mobile app business plan example we need a graph for potential growth and success, you have to go through SWOT ANALYSIS of all your suspected competitors. Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats are the keys to know your competitors in and out. You will know what you are dealing with and with whom, quite before facing it in real time. It will help you prepare for a solution rather than giving you problems.

3. Team Members

The main support you will have to plan and establish would be from your company. For a startup choose your team wisely. Based on skills and efficiency, choose every member that is suitable for the job. The terms you are looking for are legal registration of the company and where it is based along with the number of employees on your team. The way you are going to act as a team at work each day.

  • History
  • We all can always act better if we are known to the history about it. Think about all the possible milestones to achieve and maybe run a survey on how to cope up with such scenarios.

  • Team
  • This is the spinal cord of the entire operation. Your project is nothing but just papers without the people working on it. So better keep tabs on how you’ll work with them and how you’ll manage the entire task force.

4. Marketing Strategy

Here comes the tricky yet most important part of the business plan. How you plan to pull the entire operation in real time world. The market is no longer confined to a particular area.

Social media has helped a lot in building a vast approach to get to the targeted audience in more than one way. You are supposed to see PR, content writing, advertising, approaching referrals and much more that’s not a job for a day.

You have to follow a set of tactics that makes you set your foot in the market at the right place and right time. You will get a complete overview from the planning phase to investing in it and then actually getting results!

5. Financials

The most important part of the business plan is this. Now you are talking! Bending some numbers and keeping it all down with facts and figures is the real-time executing experience that you’ll get while making a business plan for the app. From getting money to gaining profits back, it’s a long journey ahead. Few points that you need to include are:

  • Revenue Model
  • For app startup business plan you might be quite clear with this context. The first option is ADVERTISING. Here actually you tend to make your user-based product. The advertisers pay for reaching out and users can enjoy it for free. The next one is PAID. The name itself says it all; you have to pay for the app that you download, and the company gains revenue out of it. IN-APP PURCHASES is also the best feature.

    This allows the company to first let the user to use some portion of it for free and tries to gain the interest of the audience. Then for added features, it can ask money via in-app purchase feature and collect revenue. Last resort is via SUBSCRIPTION that helps to grow one’s B2B connections.

  • Costs
  • The bare minimum for app startup business plan that is about to cost you from developing the app until launching it is the costing of your entire project. Now according to the revenue module, an investor will get the clear picture on how the costs are covered and when returns are expected.

  • Funding
  • It’s the last resort we turn upon while getting a little push up for the entire project to actually take place.

Key Takeaways

To summarize it all, all the apps are different, and milestones are also different. But with this business plan, you can work wonders and get the outcomes in a timely manner. It’s truly said, precaution is better than cure! Well, it surely suits here. Hope the tips to create the best business plan helped from my side to help you build one of the best apps ever made. Stick to your plan and investors are bound to get impressed.

Technostacks is a top mobile app development company in India and if you are looking for a trusted app development firm for your business project requirement then contact us now.

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Tips to Hire Mobile App Developer

Developing mobile applications can get complicated at times. The best possible options available are to hire a mobile app developer or work with a mobile app development company to do your part and reduce your burden. But approaching the right mobile app developer for developing your application is a task that turns the tables. When you have decided on the vision and ideas for your application, then make sure that you share those ideas with the right developer who can meet your expectations.

After knowing about this, you might be wondering as to how you can choose the right developer for your application. Well, in that case, you must be introduced to a few factors that matter a lot while choosing the apt mobile application developer. The basic and traditional method of choosing a developer revolves around examining his portfolio. If the portfolio phase doesn’t satisfy you well then go to the next level where you must go through his capabilities and previous projects. After all, with such actions, you will get to shortlist some developers and choose the right one. Apart from this basic plan, you should consider these few factors while hiring a mobile app developer or company.

Tips to hire mobile application programmer

1. The Work Portfolio

The most basic policy of hiring a mobile app developer is to check his work portfolio thoroughly before shortlisting. By doing so, you will get a brief idea of what his capabilities are and up to what extent can he go in developing your application. The best portfolio should be giving you a crystal-clear picture of his capability. So, only after getting convinced about his past projects and background, you must hire him for developing your mobile application.

You can check the previous work of the mobile app development company. Clutch, GoodFirms, and AppFutura are the best B2B mobile app company listing platforms and you must review there for approaching the best mobile app developer and company.

2. Grip on Technology

Technologies keep evolving each day. With this drastic change in technologies, a mobile app developer should surely have a good grip on at least the latest versions prevailing in the market.

Most of the mobile app developers can easily work with artificial intelligence based chatbots, augmented reality and virtual reality. The best developer is the one who is good in these sectors along with the latest versions that streamline business operators. Always hire the developer who has knowledge and experience in at least one of the latest versions so that your applications will not fail to stand as a competitor for the rest.

3. Industry and Domain Specialization

Mobile applications these days are turning out to be a must for every industry. Out of these vast industries that exist on this planet, a mobile app developer should be having a piece of basic knowledge about each industry’s rules and regulations. Each industry is unique with its features, services, and functionalities so hiring mobile app developer who is knowledgeable enough to handle the application based on the industry would be a wise decision to make.

4. Trustworthiness

The first and foremost quality you must see while hiring a mobile app development company or hire mobile app developer is to till what extent he can go for making your application successful. He must initially be a trustworthy person who is passionate about your project. He must have love for his work so that he can develop your application with a lot of contribution and sensitivity. His determination towards the app plays a crucial role in making your mobile application stand out in the market.

5. All-around Performance

Developing a mobile application is not about the coding and implementation part alone. It consists of an entire package of designing, testing and the usability which all together work for obtaining a successful outcome. The developer should have that ability to give a flawless user-experience and run successfully in the market. This scenario happens only when the developer is good enough to perform all these operations on a roll.

6. Overall Potential

The essential quality a mobile app developer should have is the potential to design and make the application run successfully. This includes designing and developing as well. Unless and until he has the potential to work correctly on every phase of the development cycle, the app won’t be obtained as expected.

A developer should have the potential to implement innovative ideas to grab the user’s eyes and to increase sales. He should be able to instill some unique and special features which make your application different from the other applications that are existing. This is a crucial factor you have to keep in mind when hiring a mobile app development company.

7. Ability to Grab Vision

A mobile app developer’s job is to develop an application based on the way you convey your requirements. In that case, you should choose a mobile app developer who has grabbed your visions and ideas in the most perfect way. If he is clear about what you’re expecting from him then the ultimate mobile application will be a hit. So always hire a mobile app developer who you can communicate well with and share your best version of ideas with. He should literally be the transparent glass between your ideas and the end-users or customers.

Also, you can communicate the previous client of the mobile app development company via social media and other related platforms such as LinkedIn, Snapchat and ask them about the passionate level of the company for developing an app.

8. Experience

A mobile app developer is said to be experienced only when his applications get published in the app store. Even if a developer has developed numerous applications in the past, they will be of no count unless and until they are published in the app store. This is the point where you can go wrong most of the times. So always make sure that you have a thorough inspection of his app store published links. If his applications are not published, you better go in search of another mobile app developer.

How much experience mobile app development company have?

This question matters because you can judge the quality level of the company by the experience level of it.

9. Communication Levels

A successful mobile app is a result of how you communicate your best ideas to the developer. A good mobile app developer should be able to communicate every detail to you. He must be clear in communicating the updates and the running status of your application frequently. So, hire a developer who is good with communicating in the language you are comfortable with so that he can match our ideas.

Again here, you can communicate with the previous client of the company and can ask them for the communication level of them. You can check to google my business review and other B2B sites reviews for the company to judge this.

10. The Charges

Most of the clients often fail to discuss the pricing policy in the starting stages. This will turn out to be a nightmare in the later stages of the project. The reason for this is that a developer or mobile app development company might charge you less in the beginning but later, he will start adding extra charges to the given pricing.

You must always be aware of the application’s running status and the cost of every change that he makes. It is still a better way to get your mobile app developed at a fair price. So, for that, you should be familiar with the prices charged by the developers in the market and make a wise decision.

11. OS Support

Most of the clients fail to mention to the developers that their mobile app should run on a cross-platform. A mobile app developer should be able to make your application run on both IOS and Android platforms as well. Your application should be designed to runs on multiple operating systems and on both platforms. You can’t ignore this factor While hiring a mobile app developer or company.

12. Variety
There are three main types of mobile applications. A good web app developer should be able to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a model. He must have an idea of these three types of applications and the features they use. The development of your mobile app is based on the decision he makes.

You must have to do your own research and compare it with the suggestion given by the mobile app development company or developer. Don’t hesitate to ask them your question.

Key Takeaways

So, these are some of the factors that are to be evidently considered while choosing the right mobile app developer or mobile app development company for your application.

Eventually, the boom of your mobile app depends entirely on the developer you choose. Not all applications should be the same so to witness your mobile app standing out in the market as a unique number, make sure that you tick each factor mentioned above.

These key factors will make you realize that it is the best idea to hire app developers than to do it by yourself. If the developer you have hired has every ingredient from the above list, you can assuredly hire him. These guidelines for “how to hire a mobile app developer or company” will help you in finding the right developer for your app.

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