codeigniter vs laravel

This blog is updated on 21 september 2020.

We have seen most of the debated topics in recent years and the one of that is CodeIgniter vs Laravel. It has become essential to use a PHP MVC framework for developing custom solutions with PHP programming language.

There are various types of PHP MVC frameworks available on the web & among those plethoras of options, the two famous PHP frameworks are Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Here we want to show the PHP frameworks popularity chart by SitePoint. Laravel is a clear winner!

Click on the image to explore a large view.

php frameworks popularity sitepoint

Source:- SitePoint

Also, check here the Google trends comparison of Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Again Laravel is ahead than CodeIgniter in the race!

Key differences of Laravel and CodeIgniter

Codeigniter precisely is an object-oriented and event-driven functional, while on the other end, Laravel is component-oriented. Coming to other differences, Laravel has its own inbuilt Unit testing tool; however, Codeigniter doesn’t have the same. Codeigniter is simple to use, whereas Laravel provides many added features and functionality that are complex to use for less experienced development professionals. Also, Codeigniter offers adequate support and instant answers provided by an extremely energetic and helpful CodeIgniter community.

Before digging into this Codeigniter vs Laravel 2020 article, you need to see comparison parameters of both frameworks.

Comparison Parameters of Laravel and CodeIgniter

Parameter Laravel CodeIgniter
Structure and Updates Laravel follows MVC Structure for filing. It is equipped with a command line tool named Artisan. The structure adapted by CodeIgniter is MVC and it provides easier on boarding. The structure is based on the object-oriented programming. It provides the flexibility for developers to use it as per their requirements.
Current Trends and Popularity Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks present out there right now. The expressive coding style is loved by the seasoned developers CodeIgniter is also very popular among the developer and with its ease of using the 2.x, most web developers are leaning over to this framework.
Support for the RESTful API The RESTful controllers can empower the developers to manufacture an assortment of the REST APIs without any need of spending extra time. The CodeIgniter does not facilitate the streamlined development of the REST APIs.
Template Engine and API Building The template engine of Laravel is simple yet robust like Blade. The Blade template engine provides its programmers with an option to optimize the web application performance by manipulating and enhancing views. CodeIgniter does not have any built-in template engine. The developers should integrate a framework with other template engines like smarty. This will help in conducting common tasks and improves the performance of websites.
In Built Modules The best thing about Laravel is its in-built modularity features. The developers can divide any big project into smaller modules and work on them separately. CodeIgniter does not have any in-built modularity features. The developers need to create these modules and maintain them with the help of the modular extension.
Template Language Blade Template Engine PHP proprietary
Support of other DBMS ORACLE, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL orientdb, Microsoft SQL Server, JDBC and MYSQL, compatible MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Microsoft BI.
But CodeIgniter also supports some of the other popular databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, and others.
Data Base Model Relational Object Oriented Object Oriented
Programming Paradigm Component Oriented Object-Oriented Event Driven Functional
Libraries and Online Help Laravel’s official documentation feature is highly helpful. The process is elaborate, and it is easy to understand it too. CodeIgniter has a wide range of built-in functionalities. They also provide a useful guide on the website for the novice developers.
Authentication Laravel has authentication class feature which helps in the implementation of authentication and authorization rules. CodeIgniter does not have any built-in authentication features. The developers need to authorize and authenticate users with the custom CodeIgniter extensions.

What is Laravel?


Laravel is extensively used open source PHP framework. The platform was designed with an intention of development of the web applications by using the MVC architectural pattern.

Laravel is released under MIT license and hence its source code is hosted on GitHub. Most of the developers consider Laravel as a reliable framework because of its accurate and expressive language rules.

Features Of Laravel

Laravel is power packed with some of the best features which made it very popular. These awesome features help it to stand out from the other frameworks present out there.

  • Modular Packaging
  • Offers Better IO
  • Unmatched quality session control
  • Easy integration with the third-party libraries
  • Dependency manager fully composer based
  • Built-in caching mechanism
  • Easy to use blade templating engine
  • Inbuilt authentication mechanism
  • Query builder acts as potential ORM alternative

Why Use Laravel?

Well, this question would have popped up in so many developer’s minds already. It is important to know why you should use Laravel before making up your mind to select it.

Laravel provides a version control system that assists with easier handling of migrations. It comes with modular packaging along with a composer based dependency manager. It offers innovative features such as a blade templating engine. Further, it provides support for Eloquent ORM, the modernized ActiveRecord implementation, for precisely working on DB. It backs DBMS platforms such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, as well as SQLServer.

It helps and supports artisan command along with enabling sample codes line interface. It offers excellent and practical documentation. Laravel allows you to put into effect constraints amid numerous DBM objects by utilizing a modernized query builder mechanism. The framework possesses an auto-loading functionality, so you can avoid having manual maintenance as well as inclusion paths. The framework also assists you in generating innovative tools with the assistance of a LOC container.

  • Modular packaging with the composer-based dependency manager
  • The framework has the auto-loading feature which loads itself automatically and there is no need for human intervention with because of this feature.
  • Laravel offers the version control system that helps with the simplified management of migrations.
  • Supports the DBMS platforms such as Postgre SQL, SQL Server, and My SQL.
  • The framework can generate various new tools with the help of a LOC container.
  • It has a great documentation feature
  • Laravel allows you to enforce the constraints between various DBM objects in an advanced query builder mechanism.
  • It supports the Artisan command along with the sample codes line interface.
  • It also supports the Eloquent ORM, an advanced ActiveRecord Implementation for working on DB.
  • There is a number of an enterprises in the market who have used Laravel for their web applications such as workshop software.

What is CodeIgniter?


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework. It has been designed for developers who like the simple and elegant toolkit for creating full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter is one of the best framework present in the market for creating dynamic websites using PHP.

Codeigniter enables stakeholders with clear and structured documentation. It offers superior stability and supports. It facilitates a simple routing method. Further, it assists you to the cached website for enhanced performance and loading times.

It provides complete freedom for the users so that they don’t need to depend upon the MVC development pattern. The best thing about CodeIgniter is that it allows the third-party plugins which help in implementing complicated functionalities. Another commendable feature of CodeIgniter is great security and encryption procedures.

Features of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter has acquired a lot of prominence among the developers and it has created a separate mark already. The main reason for getting this much fame is the best features offered by CodeIgniter.

  • Error Logging
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • It supports the class extensions and hooks
  • File uploading class
  • It validates the forms and data
  • Simple and easy to use MVC framework for developers
  • Library with image manipulation programs
  • It offers the session management
  • Built-in class support to send emails
  • It offers the calendar class, unit testing class, and template engines
  • Data is encrypted
  • XSS filtering and higher security levels
  • The framework is extremely light weighted
  • Supports for data encryption and paging

Why Use CodeIgniter?

This is another important question which needs to be addressed immediately. Without knowing the reason for using CodeIgniter, one cannot prefer it. Here are some of the reasons why you need to use CodeIgniter.

  • The entire framework is clear and well structured. Documentation on this framework is extremely easy.
  • The routing method is simple
  • Offers better stability and support
  • The community support of CodeIgniter needs special mention. They provide great support and the knowledgeable community has solutions for almost all types of framework issues.
  • It allows caching of the website for enhanced performance and easier loading times.

Pros and Cons of Laravel

Laravel Pros

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Fast application building
  • Easily available documents
  • Faster execution of web applications
  • Fulfill almost all the requirements of modern web applications such as security, robust performance, etc
  • Bundled modularity will make the reuse of code easy
  • The CLI comprised advanced tools are used to carry out important tasks and migrations
  • The blade template feature will speed up the engine
  • The reverse routing facility is an added advantage.

Laravel Cons

  • The platform is entirely new, and it isn’t tried and tested effectively yet.
  • There are some minor bugs and it is important for the Laravel team to resolve them completely.
  • The transformation of Legacy systems isn’t easy with Laravel.
  • The platform is quite slow, and it will take some time for the developers to get adapted with it.
  • When compared to other platforms, community support isn’t so good. CodeIgniter is far better than Laravel in this aspect
  • Amateur developers will face some challenges with this platform

Pros and Cons of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Pros

  • There is no need for developers to run pages of code with CodeIgniter. The program only important things and there are so many other resources present which will speed up the process
  • The architecture is simple and novice developers can also use it without much of a hassle.
  • It is an MVC framework and hence the separation of code and its presentation can be done easily.
  • The input class provides server-side validation easily, and the scrubbing of user input is also handled with ease.
  • It is very easy to create readable SQL statements using active record.

CodeIgniter Cons

  • Lack of composer integration.
  • The active record is commendable but there are certain situations when it is not suited perfectly, and the coding needs to be done again.
  • Lack of authentication method against the active directory.
  • The code isn’t compatible with latest versions of the PHP

Here are some FAQs on what is the difference between CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP framework.

Which is a better CodeIgniter or laravel?

As per the Google Trends report related to Laravel and Codeigniter evolutions in the preceding year, Laravel is a better framework compared to CodeIgniter. This is mainly because of the coding pattern, which is the most liked with its graceful look. Along with this, Laravel also backs robust application development in less time.

Is CodeIgniter Dead 2019?

Many forums were littered with “Is CodeIgniter dead 2019?” and even there were numerous spam posts. In the end, the decision to stop the progress of development was made by EllisLab, the company that developed CodeIgniter.

What is the major difference between laravel and CodeIgniter?

When we talk about the comparison of Codeigniter vs. laravel, the major difference is that Codeigniter is Object-oriented, and Laravel is relational Object-Oriented. Codeigniter doesn’t have built-in authentication features, and Laravel has in-built authentication class features.

Which PHP framework is the fastest: CodeIgniter or laravel?

The applications built in the CodeIgniter framework work faster, and it enables the developers to create small and middle-scale PHP apps in quick time with minimum setup.

Which PHP framework is best for beginners: CodeIgniter or laravel?

The intricacy level for learning Laravel is higher, and so beginners find CodeIgniter best to explore and get initiated with the same.

Which is easy to learn: Codeigniter or laravel?

The learning curve of CodeIgniter is lower and more straightforward when compared to that of Laravel. Laravel is one step ahead with advanced features and tools, which makes learning more challenging and takes more time.

Laravel vs. CodeIgniter: Which is more significant?

We can clearly say that both of these PHP frameworks have their significance and advantages. However, it entirely relies on your project and technology requirements and which one you should have a preference to move forward. Regardless of that, we can say that Laravel has a better edge when compared to CodeIgniter with its more elegant and modernized features.

Moving Forward: CodeIgniter vs Laravel

Both frameworks got immense praise in the year 2019 and it is expected more in 2020. Each of them is unique and has both pros and cons of their own. Choosing either of them entirely depends on the type of project and client requirements.

This blog post has demonstrated insights about each of Laravel and CodeIgniter in a clear and elaborate manner so that the customers, as well as the technology stakeholders, can move forward making their choices wisely.

However, if you are still not sure amid Laravel vs. CodeIgniter, please get in touch with us at Technostacks, and we can have a chat on your existing or future projects. Our business analysts and technology experts are highly capable of lending a hand to you in making the best choice based on your business challenges, technology needs, and operational requirements, as well as enable you with the best professionals from our highly talented teams.

Whether you necessitate a technology development team, assistance through project managers, or other industry consulting specialists, we can offer you top certified professionals with adeptness in your respective domains and the project or solutions you require to implement in the decided budget as well as project timelines.

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Amazon alexa

Amazon’s Alexa for business is a fresh and new way to incorporate voice commands into the corporate offices and small businesses. The voice interactions with the AI assistants have become a common practice in houses, but with the new Amazon Alexa for business, they can be incorporated in offices too.

The first question that popped into your mind after reading the phrase “Amazon Alexa for business” would be what is Alexa for business? Do not worry because this article answers all your questions regarding Alexa, its uses and benefits for businesses.

The Purpose Of Different Alexa Devices

The Alexa devices like Echo dot, Echo, Echo Plus and Amazon Tap have already assisted in business matters, but they haven’t been used completely for the official purposes. They were largely used by consumers for their personal purposes.

In 2018, Alexa was integrated into various devices in order to connect with the users, but this integration wasn’t helpful for businesses either. This is the reason why Amazon has designed special devices directly intending the businesses only.

With this Alexa for businesses, Amazon packed various integral features into Alexa making it much more business oriented. They designed the device to match all the requirements of an office. It added the most important feature – shared devices which allow the public to use one device. This latest Alexa for business can take care of various types of tasks without much stress. A lot of equipment can be replaced with this Alexa and some of the humdrum tasks of the corporate offices like ordering printing paper, organizing the videoconference camera, giving office directions, etc. can also be handled.

Well is it right for your business? Yes, you read the question right.

Is Amazon Alexa is right for your business?

There are different types of industries out there and each industry belongs to a different niche.

Does Amazon Alexa for business capable of handling tasks of any industry?

The answer to this question will be “Yes.” So many people used to integrate their personal Alexa with their office work and handled scheduling as well as their calendar with Amazon Alexa for business; with these functions, they will be able to enjoy so many other benefits too.

This Amazon Alexa is crafted to suit any kind of business and one can use it as they want because of the customization options. The employees can bring their own Alexa devices to an office and pair it up with the office Alexa device for better coordination. Before knowing about the uses of Alexa, you have to get an idea of how it works.

Types Of Alexa

There are two types of Alexa for business- one is personal Alexa device and another is public Alexa device.

The personal Alexa device is confined to only one person and he will be operating the device all by himself. These devices have enrolled users and only those users can use it. These devices can help in completing the personal tasks, managing the to-do list, setting up reminders, making personal calls, schedule the meetings and finding the required information from other software and programs. Personal users can integrate their Alexa home and office devices and use them collectively.

The shared devices are for everyone. These devices are placed in the public places of the office and can be used by anyone. Lobbies, conference room, kitchens, printing rooms are some of the places where these devices can be placed. You can customize the skills as per your requirement.

How To Use Alexa For Business?

It uses the resources that you have provided to it to process the information. Let’s imagine that you asked Alexa to start meeting in the conference room. It starts checking the location, looks up the calendar to know whether the room is booked or not and then checks with the schedule too. This way Alexa uses various resources and skills that have been provided to it in order to process a specific command.

You should have an AWS account and one or more Alexa business devices to start using the Alexa for business. You have to sign into the console and open Business productivity, then navigate to Alexa for business.

Why Use Amazon Alexa For Your business?

Almost every entrepreneur would have gotten this question in mind when they first heard about Amazon Alexa for business. Alexa answered their questions with ease through its features. Here are the uses of Alexa for business.

  • Managing the Emails

Usually, an organization receives more than 100 emails per day, and it is really a hectic job to organize all those emails. It is a time and effort consuming task and it is important to handle it with utmost care. The Astrobot skill will help you in managing the Office 365 Email or Gmail from your Alexa device. This skill aids in reading, replying and managing the emails. Prioritizing the emails can also be done with ease. The additional functions of this feature are deleting, quick replying and archiving certain emails.

  • Management of Schedules

It becomes extremely difficult and overwhelming when to manage the hectic schedules. Alexa coordinates with the free busy scheduling assistant in order to organize the meetings so that you never miss any appointment. It will remind you from time to time about the meetings and other things present on your schedule. You can use the calendar or contact feature to manage these meetings.

  • Monitoring of Website

The Vigil website monitoring skill of Alexa will help you with the maintenance of your websites. You can ask Alexa about the status reports of your website and whenever your website is down, you will be sent a push notification immediately.

This helps the business owners in maintaining their site. They need not worry about the website or its status as Vigil skill takes care of it.

  • Managing Invoices

Invoicing and receiving payments is a vital part of any business. Amazon Alexa’s Account Receivable factoring skill will help the small business owners with the invoicing. The small owners who aren’t able to afford any invoicing software can use Amazon Alexa for this process. If you tell Alexa the amount of invoice and factoring rate, it will calculate the total amount and tells you the value. This makes the entire computation process easy.

  • Collecting Store Information Online

If you have an online store or a Shopify account, Alexa will gather all the information from the account like inventory, store performance summaries, orders and provide it to you. All the data will be available at your fingertips.

  • Tracking Business Trips

Small to medium business owners plan their trips and organize everything by themselves. Alexa for business will take care of tracking everything on business trips. From your flight ticket price, taxi fares, upcoming trips, checking the flight status, booking a rental car and even checking your loyal points. The device does everything that needs to be managed. This reduces a lot of stress.

  • Editing Documents

If you want to edit the documents and do not have any computer nearby, then you can use Alexa. With the Edit docs feature, Alexa edits the documents with just your voice commands. You can edit the documents on the go with Alexa.

  • Providing Digital Marketing Tips

For a small business, digital marketing may sound complicated. The Authentic digital marketing tips skill of Alexa will provide you with some effective tips for branding and marketing your business.

Benefits Of Amazon Alexa For Business

Amazon Alexa aids a business in several ways and deploying it with efficiency can make a huge difference. Here are the benefits of Amazon Alexa for business.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Alexa takes care of almost all the tasks of your employees and this will make them more productive. It manages their to-do lists, reminds them of the meetings, and manages the meetings. It is capable of setting the one on one meeting for the colleagues, dials the conference calls, moves and cancels the meetings. It takes care of all the things that don’t need special attention from employees. This will save a lot of time for your employees which make them more productive.

  • Intuitive Control

With the Alexa for business, the administrators have the provision to manage all the Alexa devices present in your organization via one console. The IT specialists can operate and update all the devices present in the organization with the help of one Alexa. It provides extensive management and control over the entire organization. The admins can also manage the status of the device and usage with ease.

  • Simplified Meetings

Just a voice command to the device will make the entire organization of meeting easy. it helps in knowing the availability of the meeting room, sends the reminders to all executives to participate in the meeting, etc.


We can fruitfully conclude this blog post with the fact that Amazon Alexa for business is really assisting the business owners to become more productive and efficient with its best in class features packed device. The world will see more advancement in the coming time.

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how to hire best software development company

Once you have determined that your business requires custom-built software, the most essential decision to take is of choosing a precise custom software development company.

There are millions of custom software development companies existing and competing globally. If you fall short to pick the correct company, it will become an obstruction in the accomplishment of your project. To assist you to take the spot on decision, we have considered the eight key elements to be taken into thought for deciding on a well-suited technology partner.

So, how will you select that just right custom software development company which can give the best solutions amongst the rest out there? I am sure that you know there is a lot of disparity stuck between finding a software development company and finding the best software company which match your project requirements.

Brilliant Solutions And Services

Majorly the recognized companies are masters of their work into software development services offering brilliant and competitive solutions. They are all experienced in building software and applications from basic to enterprise levels.

Most of these service providers have invested a considerable period of time in the industry, know the latest trends and are continually competing in different markets for projects. So, these companies need to be highly competitive and actually they are modernizing with time to get recognized as a leading Software Product Development Company.

Consequently, how do you choose that one provider from these many specialists out there in the industry and the marketplaces? It’s without a doubt a very complicated job and should be executed with caution. However, you will find eight key points given below to be useful in selecting your precise software outsourcing partner.

8 Key Considerations Prior To Choosing a Best Software Development Company

  • Understand and Identify Your Precise Requirements
  • Set a Range of your Budget to Decide Accordingly
  • Check the Company’s Technical Capabilities and Proficiency
  • Get Referrals and Check their Reputation in Your Network
  • Determine the Size and Scope of your Software Project
  • How Serious are they to Develop the Project
  • Timeline, After Sales Support and Services
  • Have a Demo and Test Drive with a Prototype

1. Understand and Identify Your Precise Requirements

How can you decide on the best software development company for your project when even you don’t know what you desire? Recognize your business requirements.

You need to have chats with your management, key employees, know about the current issues and well analyze the requisite solution.

Create a clear outline of your software product development solution you want to meet your company’s business and technology objectives. Considering the nature of your project, the technical requirements and specifications pick an offshore or an onshore service provider.

Also, before you pick the company, categorize the issues you are facing with the current scenario or systems. Try to check would the new solution will meet all your needs and is it the type of software that will lend a hand to meet your business objectives.

You can decide on for an offshore or an onshore service provider company relying on your requirements and the outlook of your proposed project.

You also have to ask them about the strength and profile of the software developers for hire.

2. Set a Range of your Budget to Decide Accordingly

Cost is always the most significant deciding factor. Analyzing the overall cost will enable you to know the capacity of investment that will be involved in your project. Also, you need to cross-check with the key stakeholders to decide is it fit to your budget and is it worth the investment or not.

Anyways one needs to determine whether the pricing of the project comes in the decided budget. Unless convinced on the definite ROIs, you don’t want to go insolvent buying an over or a high-priced software that automates only some parts of your current business.

Some vendor companies price their solutions for the utter piece of evidence of overpricing to appear like an advanced and superior company. Do not forget to look for out of sight or supplementary costs in the contract, like added fees for documents management, software set-up, maintenance, and support costing or in-person training charges.

3. Check the Company’s Technical Capabilities and Proficiency

Collect the information about the service provider company with respect to skills, acquaintance, and experience of the team members. Check out their portfolio and explore their working in the most modern technologies in a related domain as your project. Track company’s experience with management of projects in the specific niche, company’s expertise in decoding your needs into fitting solution, the communication efficiency, obedience to deadlines, and the like. Also, check the software product development process they will use to take your project further for final development.

Look for teams offering direct admittance to developers who can converse well with you. Software houses with teams practiced in agile or hybrid agile methodologies are for all time a healthier choice. Have relaxed meetings and get to know each other with online chats, but collect firm information in the course of your dealings, that without a doubt showcases their competence in preceding works.

A company that is innovative or has less experience may not have the aptitude to prevail over tricky challenges that come during the development procedures. However, if the management and staff are at a reasonable level as well as have a high degree of expertise you can try them for your project.

4. Get Referrals and Check their Reputation in Your Network

One of the most excellent ways to know about the company is to get in touch with its customers. Get the clients’ references from the company and congregate the different feedbacks. You can know about the category of projects the company has to hold on, its capacity to meet the quality and timeliness of projects it has delivered.

You can converse with your colleagues, friends and other professionals in your network to know about a mixture of software development companies. This is the preeminent way to get candid feedback about the companies. You can even post queries in different online forums, social media, and professional sites.

Of course, you want to associate with the best custom software development company, but would you go for a company that is not courteous and pleasant to work with? How robust and scalable are their offered services and solutions? Know the company’s suppleness to get on with diverse ambiance by looking at their customer base and client affiliation in the past.

Check the client’s testimonials and reviews on diverse platforms or get connected with one of their clients all the way through social media channels to know their view of the company.

5. Determine the Size and Scope of your Software Project

Is your project big or vast? Not all companies embark on any size of custom software development projects. Some software development companies commit only to large fishes, which provide them with giants and million dollar projects. These are more often than not well-known brands and industry specialists.

While many elegant small to medium-sized companies take multi-year projects which are generally average sized ventures. Such companies’ development arc over a small period of time shall display their know-how and industry perspective. Has the company been rising swift or failing in size or sluggish over this period?

6. How Serious are they to Develop the Project

The company to which you outsource must comprehend to your entire proposed requirement in a way you realize and seek to.

Are they as zealous as you about this particular project? Are they from top to bottom devoted to making a superior product?

Do they have enough time and resources to be invested or are they just doing a task for cash they take from you?

These are apparent from the way they put forward additional features which can be incorporated, potential scopes for the product, or contradict with the idea that is not quite constructive.

However, make sure they back their view with suitable facts and causes that persuade you about their enthusiasm and is not just to ‘make the task simple’ for them.

An aloof and awkward team will guide your project to just a failure.

7. Timeline, After Sales Support and Services

A very vital consideration is the timeline of your software development project. A software project may take much time to get finished. So, you must have a precise project deadline set to get the software developed, for swiftly launching your product in the different marketplaces.

However, you just can’t be expecting the software to be voluntarily developed; it is always intelligent to deal with features for time.

A high-quality custom software development company will work with you the way you desire, make sure you get on-time delivery of defined project milestones and even assist you to make a clever trade-off linking the features and time frame of the project, in case of stiff deadlines.

Even the highly picture perfect solutions offer an assurance of just 99.9999% up-time. Sorry to say, bet there are no 100% just right solutions. Even though too small, there is always a portion of the likelihood that things might go erroneous after project release from the vendor, in particular with the case of software projects.

So make sure your vendor company make available unswerving access to the technical team and propose good quality support, maintenance, technical updates and upgrades along with troubleshooting services for a reasonable period of time even after sales.

Make sure you have the details about the technical support services of the vendor company. Your software might face problems after the delivery, fetching your work to decline. So, discuss about the after-development support services offered by the company.

Also, get suitable agreement on safety and security problems and how you get your data back in case you put down the vendor contract. Look forward to some charges in particular if the data was encrypted, but it shouldn’t make you ruined in any case.

8. Have a Demo and Test Drive with a Prototype

Most companies these days offer a free trial to make certain the excellence of the features, paybacks and real-time usability. You can make sure that the software will meet your business requirements by checking out the obligatory features and functionality during the trial or by taking a demo.

During the trial, feel free to ask your service provider for all the queries and confusions you may have with the requirements and delivery.

Here are some of the Software Demo Questions

  • What kind of technologies and tools will match the project?
  • What other software applications can be integrated?
  • What types of customizations I can expect?
  • What sort of support will I get after the project?
  • Are training and onboarding incorporated? How long does the procedure take?
  • Can I use the software offline?
  • Can I fetch and integrate my precedent project data?
  • Can I measure and report on the performance of my employees?
  • Are there any restrictions on how many products and clients I can have?
  • Can I control what type and level of data my employees are able to see?
  • Can I control what type and level of data my employees are able to see?
  • Why should we prefer you above your competitors?

During every software demo, it’s time to outline whether that current vendor will be able to provide an accurate mix of consistency, functionalities, features, and suppleness.

As your primary stepping stone when setting-up your goal is deciding on the precise custom software development company. A mistake here might lead to shattering outcomes. So, take no probability, do painstaking research and study with a base on the points or factors detailed above.

Final Note:-

If you are looking for the best software development company, then Technostacks Infotech will be a perfect choice. Technostacks is a leading IT company that provides a number of software development services for web, mobile, digital, AR app, VR app, IoT, Machine learning app, artificial based apps and more.

You can check our work here.

For more information, you can contact us. Share your ideas with us. we will make it in reality.

Contact details:-

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Enterprise Mobility Trends

Enterprise Mobility Solution is a budding trend that is rapidly grasped by the global market to enhance the productivity irrespective of the workspace. The organizations who consider mobile application as a top priority are experiencing more numbers of work hours yearly on an average. With the latest trends in digital transformation, integrated innovations and cloud computation, the enterprise mobility is going to play a significant role in 2019.

In the recent years, the focus has been shifted from data models to service models. Mobile apps and portable devices are becoming the cloud for scrambling services. Here you can explore the top enterprise mobility trends of 2019.
  • Function-friendly apps:
    Enterprises are looking towards more specific feature app for both of their employees and customers. Demands for enterprise mobile app has been increasing, which aims to make a particular function of the organization easy instead of pasting the entire features of the desktop site.
  • Virtual personal assistants:
    The trend to develop ‘smart’ application is on top today. And admiring special assistant services offered by Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, more and more enterprises are adopting it widely. The industries are embracing virtual assistant to save time, reduce error and improve the efficiency of the employees.
  • Moving to the cloud:
    Cloud computing has travelled a long journey and now it is established as mature, affordable and reliable service and source of data. The enterprise mobility is quite impossible without adapting to the cloud. All the critical data is saved, shared and operated in the cloud, which makes Enterprise mobility development more flexible and accessible.
  • Bring Your Own Device:
    A novice culture, which is setting the trends for future and laying a platform to explore enterprise mobility. BYOD is widely entertained by the corporate world and more than a trend, it established as norms in many companies. With mobile device management solution, BYOD concept is improving the fluidity of work carried out on devices.
Security Trend In Mobility Solution 2019

With open and mobile data sources and application, enterprise mobility solutions become more vulnerable to the security breach. Effective threat management, hybrid solution for hosting critical apps and control over the devices and cloud would come as a responsibility with the latest trends. Moving towards 2019, we will see security measures like biometric authentication to access data, device or services, tracking device information and location to set the security threshold of the workflows and device protection against malware and viruses. Especially, Android and cross-platform enterprise application would get more IT focus.

For tapping into the latest trend, you need sound professionals as your development partners and Technostacks is the optimum choice in this context. Our experience and expertise both allow you to leverage the latest tools and technology in the cost-effective manner to get highly intuitive Enterprise Mobility Solutions.


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Google Cloud Vision API

The cloud vision API is used to integrate diverse range of Google Vision functionalities and features. This integration mainly comprises of image labelling, face, logo, landmark detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and detection of explicit content into desired applications.

Functioning with Vision Search Project

While working with the Vision Search project, when a user uploads an image and explicitly request or calls Google cloud vision API, it will return required image related keywords. For instance, if we upload a round chair image, it will automatedly return back with a stool, table, chair, dining room and other such image based keywords.

The cloud vision derives insights from your images with the help of commanding pre-trained API models and with no trouble trains custom vision models using AutoML Vision BETA.

Dealing with Powerful Image Analysis

Cloud Vision provides both pre-trained models through an API and the ability to create custom models. It utilizes AutoML Vision to offer flexibility and suppleness depending on the specific use case which you are relating to the context. The Cloud Vision API further facilitates as well as enables developers to comprehend the content of an image by summarizing sturdy machine learning models into a straightforward and simple to utilize REST API.

Classification of Images into Multiple Categories

It swiftly classifies images into multiple categories (such as, “sailboat”), detects entity objects and faces within the needed images, and reads the provided printed words contained within the involved images. You can create metadata on your image catalog, moderate offensive content, or let fresh marketing scenarios via image sentiment analysis.

How AutoML Vision Operates with Custom Models

AutoML Vision Beta makes it possible for developers with restricted machine learning proficiency to train high-quality custom models. Subsequent to uploading and labeling of images, the AutoML Vision will train a model that can scale as required to become accustomed to demands. AutoML Vision delivers higher model precision and swifter time to build a production-ready model.

Step – 1: The user uploads the required images.

user uploads the required images

Step – 2: The vision API detects board objects and sights form the required images, and get the labels returned with detection keywords, web entities keywords, safe search, properties, and JSON.

vision API detects board objects

Detecting insights from your images:

You can straightforwardly detect broad sets of objects in the required images, from flowers, animals, or transportation to multiple other objects and their categories found within the images. Vision API enhances over time by using fresh concepts which are introduced, and its precision is made for better presentation.

While working with AutoML Vision, you can build custom models that highlight specific ideas and concepts from the images. This allows the use cases to range from categorizing the needed product images to the requirement of their diagnoses.

Extraction of required text:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) facilitates you to detect and extract text within your images, along with using automatic language identification. Vision API supports an extensive set of languages which makes it suppler and more flexible to use.

Power and influence of the web:

Vision API utilizes the power of Google Image Search to detect topical entities like the in-hand celebrities, logos, and the news events. Millions of beings are backed and supported, so you can be sure that the newest applicable images are accessible with ease. Merging this with the Visually Similar Search makes simple to search alike images on the web making things straightforward to handle.

The Cloud Vision Use Cases:

1. Image Search flow:

Image Search flow

2. Document classification flow:

Document classification flow

3. Product search flow:

Product search flow

The Key Cloud Vision API Functionalities and Features:

One can discover insights from the images using the strong and powerful Cloud Vision API in the following ways described below.


1. The label detection

It detects broad sets of categories within an image, for example ranging from the required modes of transportation to the animals.

2. Detection on web

Search online for related images to work with them.

3. Optical character recognition

Detect and fetch the text within an image, with back-up and support for an extensive range of languages. This even supports the automatic language identification process. You can easily upload the PDF and TIFF files with images like PNG and GIF files to view the complete list of supported files.

4. Landmark detection

It helps in detecting all the accepted natural and man-made structures within a required image.

5. Face detection

Detect numerous faces within an image, along with the connected significant facial attributes which includes the emotional state or wearing headwear. Facial recognition is not backed up and fully supported.

6. Moderation of Content

It assists in automated detection of precise content like adult content or violent content within a required image.

7. Handwriting recognition BETA

Utilizing the Vision API, one can easily distinguish human handwriting in totaling to machine-printed text effectively.

8. Detection of Logo

It helps in detecting accepted product logos within an image.

9. Object localizer BETA

In accumulation to spotting an object in an image, the Vision API can now also recognize wherein the image that objects is located. It also detects how many of those categories of object are present in the current image.

10. Integrated REST API

It assists in admission to the Cloud Vision API through REST API to request one or more annotation sorts per image. Images can be uploaded as per the demand or incorporated with the Google Cloud Storage.

11. ML Kit integration

Integrate with ML Kit, a mobile SDK that makes it simple to apply Google’s machine learning technology to Android and iOS apps. It works in an authoritative yet simple to use package.

12. Product search BETA

It helps in getting acquainted with the products from your catalog within the web and mobile pictures. It further implements visual search experiences that allow your apps to distinguish products in your currently displayed images.

13. Image attributes

It helps in detecting the required common attributes of the image, such as leading colors and fitting crop hints.

Key Takeaways

The cloud vision steers insights from the images with superior pre-trained API models and with no issues trains the custom vision models using AutoML Vision BETA. We hope the above functionalities and features along with the use cases have provided you a better idea of discovering the required insights with our well-built and influential API.

We at technostacks successfully integrate the google cloud vision API in our client website. You can see below the video presentation of it.

If you want to develop such kind of functionalities in your website, then you can
contact us. We will give the best possible consultation for your business requirements.

Written By : Hussain Arif (Project Manager)

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