Business plan for mobile app startup

Modern trends come with modern solutions. From having computers that are as big as a big room, we have come a long way to smartphones. It wasn’t a big journey though. It’s been just a decade or so, to get here. Do you ever wonder how this impossible thing turned up to be quite simple? Well, allow me to explain that.

There was a business plan written and executed in the same way as to keep up with given time. For startups, old school ways are of no use. One should have a mobile application to reach more and more customers.

Now making a mobile application is a job behind the desk. But once it is ready to launch, you have to approach a specific audience within a specific timetable to get your desired outcomes. For that, you need to come up with a mobile app startup business plan.

Whatsoever your business strategy is, say B2B or B2C, once the app is developed you will be facing competition with around 2.1 million apps from Android and iOS. Let’s make a mobile app business plan to beat them.

On average a person keeps 30-40 apps on their smartphones apart from mandatory ones. Out of these, hardly 8-10 are actually used daily. Now to get a place in those 8-10 we have to come up with a perfect app startup plan. You can’t simply wait and see how things turn out; you have to work for them to turn out in the exact same manner you want them to. That’s the sole key to a successful business plan.

Hence, to write a business plan for a mobile app you have to come up with some basic set of rules as to how you want to execute a plan for your business. From investors to clientele approach everything has to be planned on paper and then executed in real.

Let me give you tips to create the best business plan in a systematic way that will be your best guide throughout your journey.

1. Executive Summary

It tops the list to set goals for near as well as long term future plans. One has to be quite sure about how and when to take up one’s business and in which direction. This part is generally written out at the end, after seeing the scenario of investors and shareholders. It includes:

  • Problem
  • The shortcomings or the difficulty your targeted audience is facing is the primary step to write a business plan for a mobile app. It can be a series of events that your present customer base wants to be solved. It has to be concise and clear.

  • Solution
  • Answers to all the problems that were in previous versions. Make sure the mobile app startup business plan gets the solution to all the problems from previous apps. State how different your app is than others that are already available in the market.

  • Value proposition
  • For every mobile app business startup plan, all you need is a direct agenda. It helps you create quite a proposition to your value. If you are creating a new market, it’s going to be tuff. But working in existing isn’t easy either. You have to state how different you are than the present ones.

  • Target
  • It’s the only thing investors are looking for in any business plans for apps. They will see to it that your targets are beneficial for them and match their portfolio. You have to tell them what they are investing in. What is the exit plan? In how long one can expect for returns? And much more of this sort.

2. Know your Market

Mobile app startup business plan needs to be clear for their selection of the market. It should be precise but not small. History has witnessed it, the bigger the market, the bigger the success is. Take Zomato and Airbnb for example. All you have to do is convince your investors for the following three keys to majoring in the market scenario:

  • Total Available Market
  • Generally known as TAM is the sum of the wide audience that you are targeting.

  • Serviceable Available Market
  • Generally known as SAM is the total number market that your startup is planning to achieve within a given time limit. This is a must step in the mobile app business plan.

  • Serviceable Obtainable Market
  • known as SOM is the sum of the previously established market that you are aware of and going to get hold of them in near future say a year or two.

    Since it’s your first time to face the market that is already established, you need to know what you are in for. Business plans for apps help you do that exactly. From portals such as Nielsen, Forrester, Gartner you can have all the information about who’s standing where in the market.

    To set a proper mobile app business plan example we need a graph for potential growth and success, you have to go through SWOT ANALYSIS of all your suspected competitors. Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats are the keys to know your competitors in and out. You will know what you are dealing with and with whom, quite before facing it in real time. It will help you prepare for a solution rather than giving you problems.

3. Team Members

The main support you will have to plan and establish would be from your company. For a startup choose your team wisely. Based on skills and efficiency, choose every member that is suitable for the job. The terms you are looking for are legal registration of the company and where it is based along with the number of employees on your team. The way you are going to act as a team at work each day.

  • History
  • We all can always act better if we are known to the history about it. Think about all the possible milestones to achieve and maybe run a survey on how to cope up with such scenarios.

  • Team
  • This is the spinal cord of the entire operation. Your project is nothing but just papers without the people working on it. So better keep tabs on how you’ll work with them and how you’ll manage the entire task force.

4. Marketing Strategy

Here comes the tricky yet most important part of the business plan. How you plan to pull the entire operation in real time world. The market is no longer confined to a particular area.

Social media has helped a lot in building a vast approach to get to the targeted audience in more than one way. You are supposed to see PR, content writing, advertising, approaching referrals and much more that’s not a job for a day.

You have to follow a set of tactics that makes you set your foot in the market at the right place and right time. You will get a complete overview from the planning phase to investing in it and then actually getting results!

5. Financials

The most important part of the business plan is this. Now you are talking! Bending some numbers and keeping it all down with facts and figures is the real-time executing experience that you’ll get while making a business plan for the app. From getting money to gaining profits back, it’s a long journey ahead. Few points that you need to include are:

  • Revenue Model
  • For app startup business plan you might be quite clear with this context. The first option is ADVERTISING. Here actually you tend to make your user-based product. The advertisers pay for reaching out and users can enjoy it for free. The next one is PAID. The name itself says it all; you have to pay for the app that you download, and the company gains revenue out of it. IN-APP PURCHASES is also the best feature.

    This allows the company to first let the user to use some portion of it for free and tries to gain the interest of the audience. Then for added features, it can ask money via in-app purchase feature and collect revenue. Last resort is via SUBSCRIPTION that helps to grow one’s B2B connections.

  • Costs
  • The bare minimum for app startup business plan that is about to cost you from developing the app until launching it is the costing of your entire project. Now according to the revenue module, an investor will get the clear picture on how the costs are covered and when returns are expected.

  • Funding
  • It’s the last resort we turn upon while getting a little push up for the entire project to actually take place.

Key Takeaways

To summarize it all, all the apps are different, and milestones are also different. But with this business plan, you can work wonders and get the outcomes in a timely manner. It’s truly said, precaution is better than cure! Well, it surely suits here. Hope the tips to create the best business plan helped from my side to help you build one of the best apps ever made. Stick to your plan and investors are bound to get impressed.

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Tips to Hire Mobile App Developer

Developing mobile applications can get complicated at times. The best possible options available are to hire a mobile app developer or work with a mobile app development company to do your part and reduce your burden. But approaching the right mobile app developer for developing your application is a task that turns the tables. When you have decided on the vision and ideas for your application, then make sure that you share those ideas with the right developer who can meet your expectations.

After knowing about this, you might be wondering as to how you can choose the right developer for your application. Well, in that case, you must be introduced to a few factors that matter a lot while choosing the apt mobile application developer. The basic and traditional method of choosing a developer revolves around examining his portfolio. If the portfolio phase doesn’t satisfy you well then go to the next level where you must go through his capabilities and previous projects. After all, with such actions, you will get to shortlist some developers and choose the right one. Apart from this basic plan, you should consider these few factors while hiring a mobile app developer or company.

Tips to hire mobile application programmer

1. The Work Portfolio

The most basic policy of hiring a mobile app developer is to check his work portfolio thoroughly before shortlisting. By doing so, you will get a brief idea of what his capabilities are and up to what extent can he go in developing your application. The best portfolio should be giving you a crystal-clear picture of his capability. So, only after getting convinced about his past projects and background, you must hire him for developing your mobile application.

You can check the previous work of the mobile app development company. Clutch, GoodFirms, and AppFutura are the best B2B mobile app company listing platforms and you must review there for approaching the best mobile app developer and company.

2. Grip on Technology

Technologies keep evolving each day. With this drastic change in technologies, a mobile app developer should surely have a good grip on at least the latest versions prevailing in the market.

Most of the mobile app developers can easily work with artificial intelligence based chatbots, augmented reality and virtual reality. The best developer is the one who is good in these sectors along with the latest versions that streamline business operators. Always hire the developer who has knowledge and experience in at least one of the latest versions so that your applications will not fail to stand as a competitor for the rest.

3. Industry and Domain Specialization

Mobile applications these days are turning out to be a must for every industry. Out of these vast industries that exist on this planet, a mobile app developer should be having a piece of basic knowledge about each industry’s rules and regulations. Each industry is unique with its features, services, and functionalities so hiring mobile app developer who is knowledgeable enough to handle the application based on the industry would be a wise decision to make.

4. Trustworthiness

The first and foremost quality you must see while hiring a mobile app development company or hire mobile app developer is to till what extent he can go for making your application successful. He must initially be a trustworthy person who is passionate about your project. He must have love for his work so that he can develop your application with a lot of contribution and sensitivity. His determination towards the app plays a crucial role in making your mobile application stand out in the market.

5. All-around Performance

Developing a mobile application is not about the coding and implementation part alone. It consists of an entire package of designing, testing and the usability which all together work for obtaining a successful outcome. The developer should have that ability to give a flawless user-experience and run successfully in the market. This scenario happens only when the developer is good enough to perform all these operations on a roll.

6. Overall Potential

The essential quality a mobile app developer should have is the potential to design and make the application run successfully. This includes designing and developing as well. Unless and until he has the potential to work correctly on every phase of the development cycle, the app won’t be obtained as expected.

A developer should have the potential to implement innovative ideas to grab the user’s eyes and to increase sales. He should be able to instill some unique and special features which make your application different from the other applications that are existing. This is a crucial factor you have to keep in mind when hiring a mobile app development company.

7. Ability to Grab Vision

A mobile app developer’s job is to develop an application based on the way you convey your requirements. In that case, you should choose a mobile app developer who has grabbed your visions and ideas in the most perfect way. If he is clear about what you’re expecting from him then the ultimate mobile application will be a hit. So always hire a mobile app developer who you can communicate well with and share your best version of ideas with. He should literally be the transparent glass between your ideas and the end-users or customers.

Also, you can communicate the previous client of the mobile app development company via social media and other related platforms such as LinkedIn, Snapchat and ask them about the passionate level of the company for developing an app.

8. Experience

A mobile app developer is said to be experienced only when his applications get published in the app store. Even if a developer has developed numerous applications in the past, they will be of no count unless and until they are published in the app store. This is the point where you can go wrong most of the times. So always make sure that you have a thorough inspection of his app store published links. If his applications are not published, you better go in search of another mobile app developer.

How much experience mobile app development company have?

This question matters because you can judge the quality level of the company by the experience level of it.

9. Communication Levels

A successful mobile app is a result of how you communicate your best ideas to the developer. A good mobile app developer should be able to communicate every detail to you. He must be clear in communicating the updates and the running status of your application frequently. So, hire a developer who is good with communicating in the language you are comfortable with so that he can match our ideas.

Again here, you can communicate with the previous client of the company and can ask them for the communication level of them. You can check to google my business review and other B2B sites reviews for the company to judge this.

10. The Charges

Most of the clients often fail to discuss the pricing policy in the starting stages. This will turn out to be a nightmare in the later stages of the project. The reason for this is that a developer or mobile app development company might charge you less in the beginning but later, he will start adding extra charges to the given pricing.

You must always be aware of the application’s running status and the cost of every change that he makes. It is still a better way to get your mobile app developed at a fair price. So, for that, you should be familiar with the prices charged by the developers in the market and make a wise decision.

11. OS Support

Most of the clients fail to mention to the developers that their mobile app should run on a cross-platform. A mobile app developer should be able to make your application run on both IOS and Android platforms as well. Your application should be designed to runs on multiple operating systems and on both platforms. You can’t ignore this factor While hiring a mobile app developer or company.

12. Variety
There are three main types of mobile applications. A good web app developer should be able to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a model. He must have an idea of these three types of applications and the features they use. The development of your mobile app is based on the decision he makes.

You must have to do your own research and compare it with the suggestion given by the mobile app development company or developer. Don’t hesitate to ask them your question.

Key Takeaways

So, these are some of the factors that are to be evidently considered while choosing the right mobile app developer or mobile app development company for your application.

Eventually, the boom of your mobile app depends entirely on the developer you choose. Not all applications should be the same so to witness your mobile app standing out in the market as a unique number, make sure that you tick each factor mentioned above.

These key factors will make you realize that it is the best idea to hire app developers than to do it by yourself. If the developer you have hired has every ingredient from the above list, you can assuredly hire him. These guidelines for “how to hire a mobile app developer or company” will help you in finding the right developer for your app.

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Hire IT Outsourcing Companies in India

Today’s world is moving towards globalization and it has become challenging for organizations to boost sales in a limited period so that they can gain maximum profit at the earliest.

The best way to get the work done in time at the same time managing the other tasks is by outsourcing some of them and the best option is to hire IT Outsourcing Company in India.

Most of the business owners are finding it difficult to gain competitive traction by optimizing the work efficiency, providing better customer experience and cutting down the cost.

It is not possible for organizations to hire a huge workforce to handle all the work. Outsourcing some of them will help in keeping the things in order and get all the work done in a stipulated time.

You can opt for IT outsourcing services for all the IT software related work so that the employees that you have focused on your core business and dedicate their time for it only. There are so many IT outsourcing companies in India that offer high-quality services at affordable costs.

Benefits of Hiring IT Outsourcing Companies in India

  • Get Higher Expertise
  • The best and reliable software development outsourcing companies will provide you with top experts in order to fulfill your entire web or app development needs. These companies only employ experts with high industry experience and commendable knowledge in various IT domains. Their shared knowledge will ensure that your IT outsourcing services always have the most effective and latest technology in the market. They follow the market trends and threats up to date and incorporate these trends into the development projects.

    Therefore, they will have the necessary experience to support IT operations and get the best results. The one thing that you have to concentrate on is to hire the best software development outsourcing company in India to get the things done. If you hire a reliable company, they will take care of everything while you can relax.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Software outsourcing companies in India offer more productivity. Their primary goal is to cater to the requirements of their clients and these companies ensure that they provide the right kind of service to their client. They provide effective communication, have the necessary knowledge about how things happen around and collaborate productively to offer the best results.

    The companies adopt various kinds of development and management techniques which will aid them in working more productively. The best practices and high experience in the field help them in providing better outputs.

  • Low Cost
  • It is an undeniable fact that any business irrespective of its size would want to save money whenever it is possible. In fact, the goal of any company is to make more money by investing less. Hire IT outsourcing companies in India help businesses in saving money. Hiring a software development company will help you in refining the entire business process and save both money and time as well.

    You will be approaching these companies whenever necessary so you will be paying them only when required. A perfect system model and flowchart will be created which improves the operations of a company, sales performance and increases the efficiency of customer services.

    The outsourcing companies aim at providing better services at relatively lower prices. The dollar conversion price and some other factors also influence when it comes to the pricing of software development.

  • Focusing on the Core Tasks of Your Business
  • There are so many situations where the organization is of different domain and do not have any core competency in the IT domain. In such cases, it is not possible for you to handle the IT requirements. Hiring an IT domain expert is going to take a lot of time and costs you a good amount of money too. But if you outsource the same work to any outsourcing organization, the company will take care of your IT requirements while you focus on the core tasks of your business.

    These companies will throw good ideas and develop strategies which are not overshadowed by the company itself. This will allow you to focus on commercial activities without sacrificing the quality of service. As these outsourcing companies use their own resources, you will also have so many free resources for yourself. You can use these resources for other tasks. The one thing that you have to remember here is to hire best IT outsourcing company and get updates on the software development project from time to time.

  • Offers more Flexibility and Scalability
  • It is better for you to hire IT outsourcing company in India if you want to get flexibility and scalability for your projects. There are times when you are on a tight schedule and stringent deadlines, at such times these IT outsourcing companies will ensure that you deliver the project in time.

    These companies are flexible enough to cater to any kind of urgent requirements from the users. They will make sure that the project is delivered in time. The one thing that you have to remember here is to hire a reliable service provider and give them the detailed inputs of what you want.

  • Anytime Availability
  • The cyber-attacks or any issues related to the software can pop up at any time of the day. The good outsourcing companies will make sure that they are available at any time to solve your issue. The availability of the customer plays a very crucial role.

  • Time Zone Advantage
  • The time differences between other countries and India can be used to get the most out of the businesses. For instance, the time difference between India and the USA that is between IST and GMT is 5.5 hours and the IST is ahead of GMT with a difference of 10.5 hours. The US clients will be able to get 24×7 customer service due to this time difference. The employees in the other part of the world will be working even if the office hours are over. This way you will be able to deliver the product even it is not your working time. The time difference matters a lot in these scenarios, and this is the reason why most of the people prefer Indian outsourcing companies.

These were the top benefits of hiring IT outsourcing companies in India. Now we will further discuss the factors for the same.

Factors for Choosing IT software development Outsourcing in India

There are so many factors that contribute to the decision of why you should go for software development outsourcing in India. Some of the basic factors are

  • The companies are free to concentrate on the core IT concerns and are available all the time to solve any kind of issue.
  • These experts from the outsourcing companies have less vertical domain experience and they always strive to give more efficient output.
  • Availability of extremely knowledgeable offshore experts in software will ease all kinds of IT related issues.
  • Small and easy tasks can be handled by the outsourcing company without wasting any kind of efforts, resources or labor for it.

Key Takeaways

So, there are multiple-level of benefits and added advantages of hiring an outsourcing company in India. The company will get best in class service by outsourcing their IT projects and these outsourcing companies use the leading-edge technology to deliver the services. This helps the companies to thrive in the competitive world without spending a hefty amount on either resource or on experts.

Are you want to Hire IT outsourcing company India, then Technostacks Infotech will be the best option for you. We will provide the best software outsourcing development services for your business requirements.

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benefits of ai in business

In the past few years, Artificial intelligence has gained a lot of momentum in various industries. Industries like healthcare, retail, logistics, manufacturing, transportation have started using artificial intelligence based applications in order to improve productivity and performance.

Artificial Intelligence hasn’t been completely incorporated in the businesses yet, but the companies and its employees are using these techniques without even knowing about them.

Machine learning and AI for business are one of the most important aspects in the present day. Both technologies are making a huge difference in the ways that operate their businesses.

According to a report given by Forbes, artificial intelligence will contribute more than $15.3 trillion to the global economy by the end of 2030. This helps the businesses to reap huge benefits with these technologies. In a study conducted by MIT, it has been proved that more than 85% of the executives believe that there is a plethora of benefits of AI in business growth.

The best way to evaluate a technology is by understanding the benefits of that particular technology in your business. Here are some of the benefits of artificial intelligence in business.

1. Automate Your Marketing Techniques to Improve the Sales

AI Marketing

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These days, digital marketing is the most imperative aspect of your online business. It is very significant for businesses to use various marketing techniques to get better prospects and convert them to loyal customers. Incorporating the AI into this marketing will help the organization in many ways. The AI-based applications can handle the routine tasks and they can customize the sales and marketing information depending upon the consumers.

The AI chatbots can be considered as another boon for the businesses in this digital era. These chatbots are helping in keeping the customer engaged and solves their doubts without any need for a customer service executive.

The customers who usually visit the website with a query won’t have the time to wait until one of your customer service executives shows up and in such instances; the AI chatbots do a miracle. They not only provide customers with their answers, but advanced technology helps in interacting with the customers and providing them with extreme customer satisfaction.

The machine learning can also help in optimizing the price of various markets. A data science platform, Rapid Miner leverages the data about different competitors, consumer preferences, suppliers, and risks to create the pricing models for the individual market segments automatically. This AI-based approach will help the businesses to optimize the marginal profits.

2. AI Based Analytics for Better Business Decisions

AI based Analytics

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The modifications in the recent networking and storage technology have given rise to the age of big data. But what can one do with the analytics if they don’t have proper ways to analyze the information? Due to the large size, the human intelligence isn’t enough to analyze the data. The technology should be used to make the better business decisions.

The machine learning and deep algorithms will help in this analysis. SAP’s in memory data platform named HANA is using the machine learning to analyze the big data and create patterns according to it.

Walmart has been using this platform for the data analytics. More than 245 million customers visit Walmart stores and websites all over the world. So, the data that this company collects is enormous and without a proper intelligence technology, they won’t be able to analyze and use this data. The HANA’s machine learning algorithms will bring important data to the forefront so that the Walmart employees can make informed data driven decisions.

3. Enhances Both Security and Maintenance of Your Equipment

AI For Cybersecurity

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The artificial intelligence can improve the maintenance schedules in the manufacturing and transportation sectors. Let’s take an example of airlines industry; the industry always tries to predict wear and tear of the mechanical parts of their fleet in order to prevent the downtimes. The AI-based predictive analysis will help in improvising this process dramatically. The airline’s industry will be able to create more optimized maintenance schedules with the help of Artificial intelligence.

The manufacturing industry has been using the AI for the maintenance and safety for a long time. The General Electric has developed a Predix Platform which will use Artificial intelligence to optimize and scale the industrial applications.

4. Saving Time

AI time saver

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No matter what type of business you are in, the time plays a prominent role there. In the business world “Time is Money” and one cannot simply waste their time with simple yet time consuming tasks like data analytics.

Analyzing the data with human intelligence will take a lot of time and this is the reason why people prefer to use the help of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence will help in the entire process and it will save a lot of time too. The situation is similar with chat bots too. One cannot spend their entire time before a computer waiting for the questions to pop from the customers. The artificial intelligence will reduce human efforts and saves their time in this industry too.

5. Easing the Inventory and Supply Chain Management

AI Supply Chain Management

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The machine learning algorithms will help both retail and other businesses with better management of their inventory. It is capable to automate the refilling requests and helps in the optimization of the supply chain. You can just hand over the maintenance of both inventory and supply chain to artificial intelligence. This is one of the ways AI can help the business.

Major AI based companies like IBM Watson are investing in this supply chain and inventory management at a large sum. IBM’s supply chain management will help in automating your order fulfillment and management. There is another company named “Transvoyant” which is combining the Internet of Things and machine learning to create applications that will predict the supply chain movements.

6. Advanced Hiring Processes

AI Hiring

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It is one of the common issues in any of the organization. Searching and hiring the right candidate isn’t something that can be just done. It takes a lot of cumbersome procedures to work. But with the latest AI based facial recognition applications, the interviewing and hiring process has become easy. This technology will evaluate the performance of an employee by their emotional cues which will help businesses to streamline their processes.

Various giant companies like IBM, Dunkin Donuts and Unilever have already started using artificial intelligence to screen the entry-level employees. Unilever has already declared how AI has aided them in the hiring process. The Applicants can give interviews using HireVue app on the smartphone. This app will use the video and audio data of the interview and analyzes it and on top of that provides the recommendations for the next step of the human recruiters.

7. AI helps in Fighting Frauds and Preventing Crimes

ai fraud detection

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The businesses spend a lot of time on detecting the fraudulent transactions, but it is like a never-ending process for the businesses. Usually, the frauds and crimes can be detected depending upon the pattern recognition. The machine learning tools can take care of this pattern recognition. Like this the cyber threats are also dependent on recognizing the pattern anomalies and AI-based applications will help in this area too.

A company named is using the latest machine learning techniques to develop the solutions that will help the company in detecting the frauds in a better manner. The rule-based systems detect a lot of positive false alarms and the machine learning system can detect such false alarms.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the best ways to use the power of Artificial Intelligence in different businesses. If someone asks you about how AI can help your business, you can provide them with these benefits and added advantages. There are enormous paybacks by incorporating AI in a business and most of the companies are using it to the fullest.

Are you want to implement AI in your business, then you can contact us. We at Technostacks Infotech expert in developing AI-based application. We will give the best assistance for your organization.

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Agile methodology in testing

The world’s most widely used software development framework is the agile methodology. Most of the organizations out there have adopted it while testing, but there is still a long way to go. Back in older days, coding and programming were tiresome, and there was a lot of documentation. A lot of time and efforts were wasted in order to develop simple software.

Developers have been trying to invent something that is much more powerful and consumes less time when compared to their conservative methods and this is when Agile came into the light. The existing waterfall methods were too cumbersome, and this made all the developers turn towards the agile methodology.

In the waterfall method the development is done in different phases and one has to move on to the next phase after the completion of the first phase. If there is anything wrong in the first phase and the developers are already in the second phase, they won’t be able to go back to the first phase for a checkup. This is the reason why experts wanted to find a new methodology.

The basic agile model can cater to all the requirements of software development. It has everything in place, and the entire product development is organized and managed perfectly with the help of this methodology.

The Agile Methodology in Testing

Agile isn’t a set of guidelines or rules. It is not even a perfect methodology. Agile is nothing but a set of principles that encourage the flexibility, communication, and adaptability. The Agile software development process allows the teams to work together productively and efficiently. They help in developing the complex processes.

It consists of certain practices that exercise the incremental and iterative techniques which can be easily adopted to display great results. There are various methodologies of Agile which will help in applying the Agile into action. These methodologies will help in catering all the requirements of the software development team.

There are various Agile methodologies available, but the four essential methodologies are

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean
  • Extreme Programming

What is the significance of Scrum?

Scrum is the most eminent methodologies out of all the methodologies related to Agile. Scrum is so famous that it is considered as the synonym of “Agile”. This is just a misconception. The Scrum is just one of the frameworks that will help in implementing the Agile.

This word scrum has been derived from the game rugby where all the players are huddled together interlocking their hands. Each player in the scrum plays an important role and in a similar way each and every member of the software development team will play an important role according to the Scrum methodology.

In Agile scrum testing process, there are three important roles – PO, Scrum Master, and the Development Team.

  • PO
  • It stands for the product owner. He/she is the key stakeholder or the lead user of the application that is developed. The product owner represents the customer side and this person should always be available for the team. They should be reachable so that the team members can contact them at any time if they have any doubts.

    If this person isn’t available when there is any issue, it may lead to the delay of the project too. Therefore; the PO plays an important role in the project. They should understand and not assign any new requirement after the sprint (predefined time interval for the completion of work) has started.

  • The Scrum Master
  • It is the head of the scrum team who manages the team and takes care of them effectively. They have to make sure that the scrum team is performing effectively and efficiently. If there are any issues, he/she should follow up and resolve the issue on their own. This person is responsible for the communication between the scrum and PO. The Scrum master has to give an everyday report to the PO.

  • The Development Team
  • The team consists of all the other members of the scrum. These developers, QA, testers, etc. The entire team that is working on the project are considered as the development team.

Scrum testing process, Activities Done in Scrum Methodology

  • Planning Meeting
  • The planning meeting is the starting point of Scrum methodology. The entire scrum team gathers for this discussion and the Scrum Master describes the user story (the requirements of customers) and then the team will start brainstorming on it.

    The scrum team will discuss about the complexity of the story and then aligns it as per the Fibonacci series. The team identifies the tasks along with the amount of time that is required to complete the implementation of the user story. A pre-planning meeting will be conducted before the planning meeting to discuss about the product ideas. It is like homework before an actual meeting.

  • The Execution Part
  • The scrum gets on to the work and starts working in order to complete the project. They work to take the user story to “done” state.

  • The Daily Standup or daily scrum
  • The scrum meets for fifteen minutes every day to discuss about the project. This procedure is called Daily standup and three major points are discussed in this

    What is the work done by team member yesterday?
    What does the team members plan to do today?
    Are there any impediments (issues)?

  • The Review Meet
  • At the end of every sprint cycle, the Scrum team meets with the PO and provides her/him with the user stories and its implementations. The PO can verify the user story according to its implementation criteria. The scrum master is responsible to preside over the meeting.

  • The Retrospective Meeting
  • This happens right after the review meeting and the following three points are discussed

    Best practices of Sprint
    What went bad during the Sprint
    What are the lessons learned and the action items?

Activity Tools used in Scrum

The following tools are used as activity tools in the Scrum Methodology.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Agile Tester?

The agile testing involves conducting the test from the customer’s point of view and performs it as good as possible. The role of an agile tester isn’t just limited to the testing of software. He is also responsible to assure the quality of it. In most of the scrums, the agile testers work as quality assurance team too.

Role of QA in Agile Scrum

  • Face to Face Communication
  • Face to face discussion is the most efficient way to work and discuss ideas with the team. The agile tester will participate in all the scrum meetings in order to talk and ask any doubts regarding the user story. This way he will be involved with the scrum right from the start. The design meetings are organized before the sprint planning is done and it is important for the QA to participate in it.

  • Understand Customer Requirements
  • The QA sits with the scrum and discusses the customer’s requirement. He works collaboratively with the PO to know what they are expecting from the scrum. The tester and other team members sit and discuss the requirements of PO before the user story is sent for the development process.

  • The Absolute Role
  • The tester should have both technical knowledge and skills. He should be good at communications so that he can talk with the PO as well as the scrum master from time to time about the project.

  • Automating the Testing Process
  • In agile testing, the integration testing and unit testing plays a huge and important role. It is better to automate this testing process altogether. There are various tools available for automation and there is no need for learning any language to automate the testing process.

  • Commendable Technical Knowledge
  • An agile tester should be able to contribute their technical skills in the discussion of the teams. They help in reviewing the codes, understanding the requirements of POs and user stories grooming. The tester QA should stay with the development team during the performing unit testing and offer their insights from the perspective of a tester. This different perception will help the developers to make a difference in the development.

  • Exploratory Tester
  • The exploratory tester will be using his skills to perform the testing in order to avoid any risks and uncertainty with the product. The tester can get the ideas with the initial design meetings and discussions with the team to explore the system. Once the tester gets an idea about the area of ambiguity, he will be able to work more efficiently and systematically for the product. An agile tester is bound to share his ideas and knowledge with the other scrum members.

  • Choosing the Quality Metrics
  • Before even evaluating the quality of the product it is important for the QA tester to establish certain metrics so that they can measure it. You can set these quality metrics as per the user story.

  • Lay Certain Ground Rules
  • The managers and scrum masters give a lot of freedom for the scrum to perform the implementation on their own. While this is commendable, it is important for you to set some of the ground rules when it comes to testing. This is one of the major agile testing responsibilities. You have to decide the type of testing tools you want to use, how to define the statuses, type of methodologies to apply, how to classify the state of build, etc. are some of the basic rules that you have to look upon.

Key Takeaways

These are the roles and responsibilities of an agile tester. If anyone asks you what is the role of a QA tester on the scrum? You can give them this list of roles and responsibilities. The role of a software tester in Agile environment is important. They make a huge difference in the team. These people are responsible not only to test the products but also to deliver the best products for the customers too.

With testing activities in the Scrum, the tester needs to participate in the sprint meeting, daily work, and day to day Scrum. The tester is encouraged to write about the new user stories from time to time so that it will help the customer with a better understanding of the project milestones. He should also assist and help the team in recognizing any user story that has been uncovered.

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