The growing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the banking and financial sector has so far assured stability with growth aspects. The banking and other financial sectors such as insurance and mortgage have been using AI and ML in a wide range of applications to ease their process and enhance customer experience. Large financial companies capitalize the data acquired from AL and ML and use the same to understand market impact of trading significant amount and commodity.

At the same time dealers, brokers and other financial firms find it beneficial to gauge the right time to invest and get higher returns. On the other side, both public and private sector use these technologies for regulatory compliance, assessment, gathering data, analysis and fraud detection.

Swift Rate of Adoption and Adaptation to Technology

The technology is being adopted aggressively in both banking and financial sector as it has become the need of the hour. The assured financial stability and how these sectors function as more and more data is being available online have to be analyzed.

One can expect a more efficient and hassle-free customer interaction in banking and financial sectors such as credit and insurance decisions. These financial decisions took a lot of time and the probabilities of errors were more in the past. Constant monitoring and supervision will assure safety and improved regulatory compliance which will further improve the industry standards.

Data, Insights, Predictions and Experiences

The insights extracted from AI and ML will prove to be the most effective source for both banking and financial sector to predict customer behavior and strategize customer-focused services.

AI and ML play a major role in improving the website experiences and sales conversions as the intelligent algorithms help to improve visitor experience through personalized browsing access.

The data extracted through AI and ML are an excellent source to predict a particular segment of your audience and help you learn whether that member will churn or leave you and move to the competitor.

Key Takeaways

As one of the most evolving technologies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has transformed banking and financial sector experiences to reach the next level of advancements.

Today the needed systems are not hardcoded and the modernized technologies have been creating their own rules with the help of the guidelines and data fed into the systems. Hence an era of revolutionized banking and financial sector experience is ready to take off.

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In the present time, most of the discussions around health care and technology broadly revolve around the internet of things, personalised medicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. But how precisely are these technologies going to bring transformations? Three major trends that can impact and strike are improvements in human augmentation, the actual implementation of open AI ecosystem and better defining or proper testing of social robots applications.

Human Augmentation

We sense information, we practice it, and we take action on it. Technology can be used to bump up this information dealing out loop at any of those stages. On the sensing part, we are improving in not just to restore lost hearing or vision, but moving one step forward to enhance it. For instance, Doppler Labs has developed earplugs that can sort out sounds that we don’t want and augment the sounds we want to really hear.

Google is coming up with the contact lens which will sense your body glucose levels and temperature to assist you to manage your diabetes and other related diseases. Research is going on to develop implantable devices to assist in restoring memory.

Open AI Ecosystem

We have all heard regarding the internet of things (IoT) which we tend to think of devices and machines linking each other. However, we in actuality have an internet of things and people – all producing multiple sets of data by dynamic interactions and passive monitoring.

An open AI ecosystem refers to the idea that with an exceptional amount of data accessible, joint with advancements in social awareness algorithms and natural language processing. And defined applications of AI will turn to be more beneficial to consumers. Smart personal digital assistants, like Jibo or Alexa, are the best examples of this scenario.

Social Robots

The following technology trend is the companion or social robotics. Social robots use artificial intelligence to comprehend people and respond suitably. The straightforward robots have been around for loads of years and act in response when spoken to and have been utilized to trim down stress levels especially in elderly patients.

Moving Forward

These three above technology trends can assist with the move from treatment to wellness and prevention. We have heard about connected medical devices that are building a digital health uprising and putting medical care directly in the hands of consumers. Whether you are a startup, medium sized company or a large business, work with Technostacks today. Let us know your project needs, and we can have a business partnership.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most efficient and the powerful buzzword now a day. According to a study, AI increases your business efficiency to around 40%. If AI is effectively deployed in a manufacturing unit, the company will quickly notice saving in cost, time and process. AI if used skillfully can give you enough time to free you to do other business-related work. To understand how AI will impact your business in the coming year our experts have compiled their views;


Strategized and customized User Experience (UX)


The year 2018 is going to be the year of AI as companies are aggressively embracing it this year. In order to customize the user experience business and brands small or big have geared up to deploy AI in their organization. The smart analysis, buying trend and browsing history eliminates the conventional method of asking for the customer’s contact information.


The drastic change in approaching Social Media


The day is not far when social media will start showing real-time personalized content in order to achieve the bottom line, i.e. increasing sales numbers. The data collected through AI proves to a useful tool to project the sales and strategize your business.


Fraud Prevention


AI enabled fraud detection tools to help your business to gain the shield of protection on the digital platform. Other frauds that happen through manipulation of automation, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine learning engines can be detected easily.


Behavior of Customers


AI is powerful in predicting customer behavior hence it goes to the next level to understand and detect whether or not the customer is willing to buy their product. While considering AI, the era of machine learning will get a bit more aggressive so that the approach looks more of human and not robotic to engage customers.


Incomparable Customer Support


The recent internet sensation chatbots are deployed to give 24/7 support to the customers, by integrating this business can gather more insightful data. This data can be used to optimize various important points including feedback. The indispensable customer data is an ultimate invention to enable incomparable customer support.




These are some of the ways how AI will impact businesses functions in the year 2018 and the more years to come. The AI app developers at Technostacks create modernized algorithms that can assist your business leverage both unstructured as well as structured data that they fetch from an assortment of business activities. This helps our clients to optimize their business and revenue streams.

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WWDC 2018 keynote just got over in California and we are covered with all of the key news live, comprising the headline pronouncement of iOS 12.

It was a software dominant keynote

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his senior staff came up with macOS 10.14 Mojave, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 announcements in accumulation to iOS 12. There was no fresh or innovative hardware, though – last year’s conference gave us a foremost look at the HomePod, with the iPad Pro 12.9 as well as iPad Pro 10.5.

A lot was highlighted on Apple for WWDC 2018

Google wowed us with its Google IO keynote and pioneering demos last month. Apple software had a lot to answer for, together with the annoying iOS 11 issues. It was all about refined iOS 12 and other OS updates. The developers can download the iOS 12 developer beta 1 now.

For everyone else, it’s a quick look at the current Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, and thrilling new-fangled hints in advance of the theorized iPhone 9 and iPhone XI.

Confirmation of iOS 12 and ARKit 2.0

Apple kicked off procedures with a swift look at iOS 12 and its features with key functionalities for the opening time at WWDC 2018, amongst others.

  • iOS 12 – Performance and Overall Presentation is the Key

  • iOS 12 was owed to see an interesting home screen redesign and twists to mainstay applications like Camera and Mail, as per multiple leaks, however, that’s been shelved in favor of constancy and performance enhancements. 

    Apple is instead looking to make the iPhone quicker and more receptive than it’s up to that time been. It’s undertaking that at WWDC, right back to the iPhone 5S.

  • ARKit 2.0 Features

  • Apple’s ARKit and Augmented Reality development platform was also displayed, with Apple teaming up with Pixar to build a completely new file format for sharing AR content. 

    Showing off the advantages of the digital and physical worlds merging was a fresh app known as Measure, which lets you use AR to view the size of items just by dragging a finger across them when your camera is pierced at them. Apple demonstrated a photograph with a frame and sized up a suitcase.

Other Key Updates

  • Brands like Fender and Lego came on board with their striking demos.
  • The Photos app got an elegant update with a new superior search option.
  • Siri gets smarter with a new feature ‘Shortcuts’, which integrates with applications to create bespoke voice commands.
  • Stocks, News, Books, and Voice Memos were announced.
  • Apple is expanding its Do Not Disturb feature, like grouped notifications, with options for addressing notifications from a lock screen.
  • Apple’s going further with ‘Memoji’ – tailored animated emoji that can be well-designed to look like you.
  • FaceTime group calling is the improved feature.
  • WatchOS 5 is on its approach to come to your wrist.
  • Pride Edition watch band & face: Having support for the LGBT community with a new rainbow-themed band and watch face.
  • You have to be all set for Dolby Atmos Apple TV content.
  • Dark Mode introduced: making Apple first-party applications taking on a darker hue.
  • Key Takeaways

    Apple WWDC 2018 presented updates on iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS 10.14 and much more stuff. The event was not the prevalent WWDC 2018, and some of the attendees commented to it as ‘underwhelming’. However, what was majorly conveyed included refined iOS 12 and other OS updates.

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