Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented Reality (AR) technology lets users see the actual world showcasing digital information onto the present environment set-up. AR has transformed the healthcare industry in every way. In this article, we will see the benefits of Augmented reality in the medical field.

In several ways, AR works on virtual contents in the form of digital imagery or sound, more often applied to 3D models and videos. AR works through a series of different sensors which include the camera, computer components as well as display devices. Augmented reality in healthcare 2020 will help both doctors and patients to diagnose medical problems.

The mobile applications for the medical industry are drafted as per the specific requirements of the client. Portability, cost-effectiveness, and better accessibility of health care apps have made them fruitful among the different kinds of users as well as various stakeholders.

Most of you have a question about how AR changes the healthcare industry. By blending AR technology and healthcare industry app development solutions, the horizons of medicinal projects can be advanced and taken to the next level.

AR impacts on the healthcare sector

The augmented reality technology is enabling new and innovative opportunities in the healthcare industry. It is likely that by the year 2020, the worldwide market will reach a value of around $1.5B in this technology domain.

Augmented reality growth statistics

According to, the global Augmented reality market was valued at $12.15 billion in 2018 and it will reach $78.45 billion by 2025. This Augmented reality growth statistics show that it will impact heavily on the healthcare industry.

AR can assist medical professionals in their capabilities to diagnose, in the treatment, and performing surgery on their critical patients more precisely. The technology can provide them with real-time data and patient analysis swifter and more accurate than ever before.

AR can also bring enormous value to practicing medicine and medical education by enabling students and trainee healthcare professionals to visualize health problems and scenarios in a better way. The applications and benefits that AR can bring to the medical industry can be pioneering, and we are exploring more than the openings of what is to come from AR in the area of healthcare.

Use of AR in the medical sector

augmented reality in the medical field

The use of AR technology is essential and growing in the medical industry. The healthcare fields are the ones to accept AR in excellent and advanced ways. Today, many doctors and nurses are communicating through AR applications on an everyday basis to enhance patient education and different medical procedures. By combining the AR technology with the medical app development processes, IT companies are advancing the role of AR.

Beyond the consumer marketplaces, technologies such as Google Glass have found a home in the healthcare domain, displaying the significance of AR even at the early stages of technology development.

Healthcare professionals have to learn a massive amount of information about the way the body functions. AR applications offer learners the capabilities to visualize, communicate, and interact with 3-dimensional representations of human bodies.

However, it is not only medical executives who are benefiting from this technology. It is also proving practical and useful as a tool intended for patient education, enabling professionals to lend a hand to patients being aware of surgical processes and the different techniques on how medicines actually work.

Today, surgeons use quite a lot of techniques to visualize the operated area, and augmented reality, which can help in displaying 3-dimensional representations of the patient’s anatomy into the surgeon’s view, is likely to enhance precision and results for patients.

Many applications have been built that can project a map of a patient’s body parts, making it more straightforward and uncomplicated for healthcare stakeholders to plan the surgery in advance. The applications of AR also include radically transforming the quality of life for seniors and others who rely entirely on the medical industry.

Key Pointers on how AR changes the healthcare industry

  • Augmented reality is utilized in medical facilities across the globe today, for applications that comprise healthcare education, training, surgical as well as vein visualization.
  • The latest hardware and software advances have trimmed down the overall cost of augmented reality while notably getting better on the users and developers experiences.
  • Advanced level healthcare service providers are studying and exploring the potential benefits of AR to their clients.
  • The future of augmented reality in the medical field will bring considerable advances to patient education, medicinal professionals, engagements, and healthcare outcomes.

Advantages and Benefits of AR Technology for Patients

  • The foremost advantage or benefit of AR for patients is that of having more safe surgeries. With the assistance of this technology, the risk involved in different surgeries can be minimized.
  • Further, without defocusing the attention towards the patient while surgery, the doctor will have all the information and insights, he requires right in front of his eyes.
  • AR will also provide overlay 3D images of body parts to improve a surgeon’s visibility.
  • Apart from complex surgeries, AR will also assist in educating expecting parents with helpful facts and how to take good care of a baby.
  • Google Glass is helping and training in breastfeeding.
  • AR apps are quite competent in teaching patients about any meticulous disease and what are the most excellent ways of dealing with it.
  • The procedures like finding the patient vein to put in a needle turn straightforward with AR technology.
  • AR will also lend a hand to diabetic patients in handling their precise sugar levels, studying about diseases as well as effortlessly searching out about their symptoms.

Advantages and Benefits of AR Technology for Doctors

  • The most unique and noteworthy AR benefits for doctors are in different surgical departments. AR will assist them by delivering all the essential information like the location of body parts and organs, vein-meshes, and quick medical reports right in the front, which will assist their focus, minimizing any chances of mistakes or errors.
  • AR technology usage also helps doctors in their medical training. Utilizing AR-related tools, students can explore in a more engaging way and enable real-life simulation of different surgeries or diagnosis of a particular patient without any existent risk being a concern.
  • The AR technology is now also assisting doctors in operating diseases involving tumours in a safe manner by helping localize these types of conditions in crucial areas.
  • Using AR technology, surgeons can now perform surgeries remotely through video conferencing. A remote surgeon operates everything that a local surgeon will do remotely assisting in the surgery through AR technology assistance. This scenario can not only revolutionize the ways operations or surgeries can be conducted but also help in trimming down the risks involved in operations.

Future of AR in the healthcare industry

While fairly an intense debate can be well thought-out about the benefits and disadvantages of healthcare technology, however, no one can deny that augmented reality for public health is transforming the medical sector. And yes, there is a lot of superiority yet to come in the advanced technology, and we are yet to find a way to utilize AR more deeply; however, the early progressions are impressive and paint an inspiring picture of the future.

Moving Forward

High-end technology advances have enhanced the outcomes in the healthcare industry. With the set of promises augmented reality has made in the healthcare sector by 2020, the technology is evolving faster and even meeting the day to day routine of the medicinal industry.

AR will be incorporated more into healthcare domains in the coming years. There is a diversity of technical and even societal challenges by integrating AR into medicinal domains, but it is surely executable and will be seen as advancements within the subsequent few years.

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Mobile Apps in Social Helping

The mobile device and software industry has seen the most significant evolution in technology in terms of impacting the lifestyle of huge populations at a time. Websites are nowadays merely another point of interaction, and according to some researchers, they might eventually go obsolete, making mobile devices the primary source of spreading information and communication.

According to the report of Statista, mobile apps are expected to generate 935 billion U.S. dollars revenue in 2032 which was 365.5 billion in the year 2018.

mobile app revenues statista report

This measure shows the importance of app usage and there is no doubt that this will be affected in the social community. There are hundreds of mobile applications that are being used daily to share information instantly.

With mobile applications, access to information is not only on the fingertips, but the ability to make a societal impact is also on the fingers. Millennials and Generation Z want to be associated with purpose-driven organizations and make an impact daily. Mobile applications can play a significant role in facilitating the need for making an impact. Yet we see very few mobile apps built for driving causes, initiatives that are helping the communities in any way.

Creating a social impact with mobile apps

A social impact can be driven at different levels – local communities, remote locations, nationwide communities, and global communities. A few different ways in which mobile applications can be useful for doing social assistance should include initiation by private enterprises, NGOs, and government bodies.

Mobile apps for helping social society

A social community helping app is now available to be developed and can fulfill a social need in a couple of finger swipes or clicks. There are many easy to utilize fundraising applications accessible in the marketplace. They assist in reaching and interacting with donors.

They further assist in social fund collection and are extremely helpful for non-profit organizations. Such mobile applications help in social awareness. They have in-built functionalities to share a post directly from the mobile app to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. They help in boosting social awareness in familiar people as well as professionals.

These mobile applications can be used to help someone in need. Take an example of the Kuber Village App by Technostacks. This app enables assistance and helps villagers absolutely free. The application is used to build the village network by inviting family and friends via Facebook friend requests.

With Kuber Village App, a member can interact through the village community by picking a specific date and time when someone requires or wants to offer the necessary support. Someone who is easily reachable can acknowledge the request and manage the help as decided.

The app stakeholders will be able to take delivery of the assistance request as a notification on their smartphone, and in return, convey to the helper that they have received the information about the assistance. Once the app stakeholders communicate the village requirements and get details of the support from the helper through the app, they can get to the task and successfully complete the needed activities.

Every time the help is offered, the helper can earn Karma points. In this way, all the stakeholders can be aware of the balance and even-handedness of the aid being delivered to the village people. The assistance can be enabled, no matter where you are presently located through this Kuber Village App, which is specially built for helping and contributing to the social community.

Not just charities, but corporations and governments can also make an impact.

A government mobile application can help in outreach and taking user inputs significantly. It can assist in collecting funds in a crisis situation with better communication modes and enable engagements amongst citizens in such scenarios. The government powered mobile app even has the benefit of public trust and better reachability.

Benefits of mobile apps in the social community

One can enable fund collection by the app along with functionalities such as text messaging, broadcasting valuable public conversations, and educating a big audience with relevant content. But it is also essential for these apps to stay secure, supple, and compliant.

We at Technostacks have built a modernized mobile app that can assist in social fund collection and apps for helping someone to get donations for good causes. We focus on the objectives of our client’s requirements and then prioritize the functionalities while building an app for helping social society.

We concentrate on four main factors towards achieving a highly functional mobile app, which comprise customer engagement, service and support, promotions, and online sales.

Moving Forward

So we can conclude that it is significant for every social organization to have a mobile app that can be further used for social good enabling fund collection, social awareness, or help someone in need.

However, when you decide to raise funds, you will need a technology partner who can bring your initiative to life. Building an in-house team will need a massive investment in technology resources, infrastructure, and other costs. You will also require technical support to help you whenever you need assistance on the ongoing or completed project.

At Technostacks, we will build bug-free applications, trim down development time and costs to enable our clients. We concentrate on mobile app uses such as information gathering, communication, and social media integrations while building and enabling fund collection by the app. We even facilitate staying in touch and accessing information from other places as per client requirements. Contact us for more information >>

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Why Your eCommerce Store Needs A Mobile App

The one thing that matters most for all the eCommerce stores out there is an online presence. Stronger online presence, the more impact they will be able to create on their prospective customers. This scenario is the reason why most of the eCommerce stores prefers to use mobile app.

The users prefer shopping on mobile devices and it is an effective way to increase sales, reinforce the client base, and boost your brand. All these things and many others shows the need for mobile eCommerce development.

Ever-increasing Mobile Shoppers

Most of the people start relying on mobile apps because of the convenience that they provide. The world is continually evolving, and the number of people who want to shop on their mobiles is increasing rapidly.

Creating a website that supports mobile is good, but if you are going to give a personalized and an even better experience for the customers, then it is high time for you to start an eCommerce app. An app will be on customer’s mobile all the time, and whenever they want to shop, they will open the app. Apart from that, various other reasons prove the importance of mobile app for the eCommerce stores out there.

Statistics Associated with Mobile Usage

Statista Report Smartphone Users Numbers

According to research, the number of people who used to shop in mobiles at the end of 2017 was 2.7 billion, and it is expected that this number will reach 3.8 billion by 2021. The significant use of mobile shopping proves how important it is to have an eCommerce app.

Soon, people will almost stop shopping on their desktops and completely rely on mobile apps. Do you know the estimated mobile retail value? It is 151 billion USD. Yes, the mobile retail value is multiplying, proving how the importance of a mobile app for your online store.

Why Customers Spend More Time on Mobiles?

Mobiles are easy to carry around, and people have it with them almost all the time. This is not possible for laptops and desktops. The mobility that people get with smartphones is the main reason why they spend more time with them. Hence it is common for people to shop online on mobiles rather than shop with them offline.

Advantages of eCommerce Mobile Apps

It is a pretty simple benefit of having a mobile eCommerce app. You can reach customers almost at any time with ease.

1. Make Better Shopping Experience For Customers

Just imagine a situation where you have to shop for something. You can go to your desktop, open a particular eCommerce store, and search for the thing that you like. For this, you have to remember the URL of that store along with your login credentials. This scenario isn’t necessary with an app. All you have to do is open and unlock the app to search for the items that you want.

Shoppers prefer online stores for a reason- convenience, and an app is the best way to make their shopping experience convenient when compared to other options available. This convenience will inevitably boost your store revenue, and isn’t it the one thing that we all look out for in websites!

2. Increase revenue Of Your eCommerce Store

The mobile apps have a 130 % better average order value when compared to mobile sites and 140% better average order value when compared to the desktop sites. As said, there are a plethora of reasons for this, but one of the most important reasons is the announcement of offers.

If you are running a sale online, the customer will get to know about it when they visit your website only. They won’t know about it until and unless you market it on TVs and all other social media sites (which will cost you a fortune).

3. Send Push Notifications For Discount Offers

if you have an app, you can send push notifications for users whenever there is a big sale on your store. This scenario is one of the best ways to attract customers and a cost-effective way of marketing. If you craft these notifications attractive enough, you will be able to lure the customers into shopping with you too.

Along with the ease of shopping, customers will get to visit your store whenever you are running huge discounts. They can buy and add things to the cart with just one click. The customers who are returning to your store again can make the most out of these kinds of offers. This is one of the best in the benefits of a mobile app for eCommerce.

4. Enhances User Interface

If you observe any eCommerce app out there and compare it with the respective website, you will understand the importance of this interface. The user interface is one of the most important things that people look out for a while buying products online. They need a platform that is very easy to use and shop. An app provides such ease to your customers.

All they have to do is come across the images, select one that matches their requirements, and buys them. If you provide an option to save their debit and credit cards, it becomes easier for them to access your store. There are various online payment methods available in the market, and you have to add all of these methods to increase the order value.

5. Enables Constant Reminders about Shopping Cart

Most of the eCommerce sites face this issue. It is pretty standard for customers to add things to the cart and forget about them. Persuading the customers to add items to the cart is one thing, whereas you need to make them buy. If a customer adds items to cart on desktop websites, they will most likely forget about it until they open the site next time.

But this isn’t an issue with the app. You can send push notifications for customers at regular intervals about the items present in the cart, and you can also warn them about the things that will go out of stock in some time.

The purchase and checking out process in mobile apps is pretty easy when compared to the browser, and this is another reason for the users to buy products instead of abandoning them in the cart.

6. Boost Customer Loyalty

Customers who have your app on their phone will be more invested in it than the ones who use desktop. Whenever they want to shop for a particular thing, your store name will pop up in their minds. You can leverage this great option by providing a customer loyalty program. You can give them exclusive rewards as they are shopping on the app. This scenario will surely motivate more people to install your app and shop on it.

Apart from that, you can give them shopping points for every product that they have purchased from you. Later you can provide a redeem option too for it. If you are putting up any new sale, then you can give early access to the app users. These are just some of the ideas to boost customer loyalty. There are so many other options that you can try out.

7. Reduces Loading Time

Most of the websites take a bit longer to load when compared to the applications. The response time for an app or website is going to play a massive role in deciding whether the customers will purchase on your store or not. As an app stays on the phone and makes use of various features that phone offers, it becomes easy for it to load quickly. This particular isn’t a scenario with the websites. There will be times when a website takes a lot of time to load. Apps usually retrieve data faster than websites, and it indeed is a great option.

8. Facilitate New Mobile Features and Functionalities

An app downloaded in the mobile will be able to use various types of features available on it. For example, you can use the GPS service present on the phone to know and input the customer address automatically. This scenario eliminates the need to enter the address for the customer. You can use the microphone present in mobiles to enable voice search. There are many other exciting features on mobiles that apps can make use of to provide better browsing options.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the benefits of a mobile app for the eCommerce store. The one thing that matters for every store is customer satisfaction, and you can provide your customers with that by using apps. An eCommerce store app will help customers in various ways than you can imagine, and this increases your revenue.

Sales Generation is the one thing that drives a store right, so if you are planning to increase the income of your store, then there is a need for mobile eCommerce development. Get a friendly app with the best features present in the market and use it to the fullest. The importance of mobile apps for eCommerce is something that cannot be gauged, so make the most out of it.

We at Technostacks Infotech, Expert in creating an eCommerce app for your online store. If you are looking for a trusted software agency, then hire us. We will provide all the above-mentioned features in your app at an affordable cost.

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Benefits Of IoT In Restaurants

The Internet of Things has been revolutionary and has transformed various businesses out there, and the restaurant business is undoubtedly one of them. There is no doubt or overstatement in saying that the Internet of Things is taking the world by storm. Global connectivity isn’t a buzz word anymore, and the internet is capable of connecting almost everything. So, what is this internet of things, and how is it going to affect any restaurant business?

Internet of Things is a technology that can connect almost everything with the World Wide Web. For example, people usually connect their wearable with smartphones and smartphones with televisions, etc. Now with IoT, we will be able to connect pretty much everything, from lights in the house to the hair dryers. You can operate anything that you want with just one click.

Benefits Of Using IoT For Restaurants Industry

There are various benefits of IoT in restaurants, and multiple businesses are using it already. So, how IoT benefits in the restaurant industry? In this article, you are going to learn about it.

1. Streamlined Operations

Every restaurant must have control over their kitchen appliances. There are various kinds of devices present in a restaurant, and all of them have to be adequately monitored and controlled effectively. Usually, the restaurant employees check these appliances from time to time and ensure that they are correctly working. They even note the temperatures of refrigerators and ovens when required. This work takes up a lot of time when done manually, but using technology like IoT will make this easier.

When the appliances in restaurants are embedded with this IoT technology, the situation of appliances is noted, and the details are sent to the cloud from time to time. This way, all the data is stored properly, and the restaurant manager will immediately be notified about the details. This way, human intervention can be reduced. And this kind of system will improve the workflow as well as effectively streamline required operations. It reduces the costs and saves up a lot of employee’s time too. The best thing about this system is that it immediately notifies if there are any issues with the appliances, which reduces potential risks.

2. Customer Ordering From Table

There are at times when customers have to wait for long hours before ordering. This kind of procedure is quite frustrating for the customers too. In such situations, customers can order directly from their table with the help of IoT. They will be provided with a device through which they can place the order directly. This way, the waiters don’t have to wait for customers to order, and they can spend this time productively on other works.

On the other hand, the restaurant IoT devices will also help customers in ordering the food while they are on the way or at home too. Yes, there are online ordering options that will help customers to order food right at home so that the restaurant will have enough time to prepare for it by the time the customer reaches the restaurant. IoT technology offers faster delivery and proper organization among the restaurant staff too.

3. Better Food Waste Management

The restaurants usually use food items with a very less shelf life. Sea foods, meat, vegetables, and fruits should be used for the same day or until the next day only. Later this food has to be thrown out. There will be a lot of food waste, and it has become a common aspect of the restaurant.

IoT can help in reducing this food waste. It analyzes the inventory present in the kitchen, along with the items that are going to waste on an everyday basis, and gives reports to the manager. This way, the managers will understand which items are in shortage and which ones are going to waste. This scenario, in turn, helps in proper ordering and better food waste management. So this is the main benefits of using IoT In restaurants industry.

4. Automation of Tasks

Automation has increased the efficiency of so many businesses out there. No matter whatever the size and niche of a particular business are – the automation makes it easier. The restaurant industry is no exception here. Automation will help a restaurateur in various ways. As the appliances are automated, they don’t need any human supervision, and this makes it easy for the cooks, chefs, and managers to do their job. The automation isn’t only sufficed for appliances, and this technology will also help in finding the parts that need maintenance, shortage of any kitchen supplies, parts replacement, etc.

5. Remote Management of Kitchen

Chef or the kitchen head can make appliances work even though they are not present in the kitchen. They can turn the oven on, get the HVAC report from ice cream maker, turn the refrigerator off, or do so many other things remotely only. If there are any malfunctions with the appliances, the restaurant management will handle it immediately with the help of IoT technology.

6. Direct Bill Payment with Table

Similar to ordering the food items directly from the table, customers will be able to pay the bill directly from their tablet only. As said, everything can be automated with the help of IoT, and customers will get to pay bills directly from the tablet they have at their table. There is no need for a waiter to go to the customer and wait there until he gets the cash.

7. Connecting a Chain of Restaurants

There are so many restaurants that offer as a chain. The data of these restaurants are shared online from one place to another. While this may sound interesting, it is not easy to transfer the data as it will take time, and a person has to stay and check the data before transferring it to another franchise. But now, with IoT, this issue can be solved with ease. IoT collects all the data by itself and uploads it to the cloud directly. There is no need for human interference here, which is a great way to get things done.

8. More Customization

If you are overly health conscious or a fitness freak and want your dishes to be done in a particular way, you can convey it to the chef directly with the help of this IoT technology. Usually, customers say these things to waiters, but there are times when a waiter misses a thing or two. In such situations, it gives the restaurant a bad name, and customers may not return to it. This is where the restaurant IoT devices do magic. Every table will have a tablet where customers can select the menu, order food that they like, and even customize the food according to their requirements. This is a great way to provide better service for the customers.

9. Reduced Energy Use

Wastage is a common thing in every restaurant. From food to energy, every restaurant that you see out there has one or the other wastage issue. You can avoid that with the help of these IoT devices. You closed your restaurant on holiday, but your staff forgot to turn off the HVAC, just imagine how much energy it will consume by the time you return and open. But with IoT, you can turn off the HVAC or any other appliance for that matter remotely. There is no need or prerequisite for you to go to the restaurant and turn down the device. The IoT commercial kitchen has a myriad of benefits, and cost-saving is one of them.

10. Better Customer Insights

The restaurant business is never just about cooking and serving. There are so many other important things like keeping a check on customer’s tastes and providing them with the food they need. IoT will help you in understanding your customers requirements but analyzing their tastes from time to time.

Key Takeaways

These are some ways Internet of Things can be used by restaurants. The world is changing pretty fast, and it is significant for every restaurateur out there to stay on top of the technology. IoT is one such technology that is going to occupy everything in the future, and there is no escape from that fact.

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Hanshal Shah Goodfirms Interview

“Hansal Shah, MD of Technostacks Infotech Believes Innovation Is Key to Changing Perceptions of the Digital Industry”

Technostacks incepted in 2013 is a renowned software,web and mobile app development company in India & USA. Within a few years of its inception, the company has successfully carved its niche in developing software solutions and catering to clients all around the globe. The professional team at Technostacks holds in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and technologies along with the excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moreover, the company has its focus mainly on providing desirable solutions within a quick turnaround with a guarantee of the highest level of client satisfaction. Recently, the GoodFirms team interviewed Hansal Shah, the co-founder, and MD of Technostacks Infotech. During the interview, Mr. Hansal unveiled the insiders’ view and also mentioned the company’s objectives and other parameters.

View Technostacks Infotech’s GoodFirms’ profile

Starting with the interview, Hansal says, “In the last five years with expertise of 93 engineers, we have our offices in the USA, Australia, and Germany. We are focusing on Emerging technologies like IoT, AR / VR, JavaScript frameworks.” Moreover, Hansal describes his roles and responsibilities for the company by adding, “As a founder and CEO of the company, I look after the operations at Technostacks. With my focused vision and experience of 9 years in this domain, I ensure growth and success for my employees & customers.”

Furthermore, the CEO also unveiled an idea behind the inception of the company by citing, “The idea behind Technostacks was obvious since the day of its commencement. We are very much focused on digitizing and automating the client’s business purposes. We believe in transparency with clients to serve them as their home side team.”

When asked about the most flourishing services, Hansal says, “We do all of our work 100% in-house. We treat every project and client uniquely. I stay-back during odd hours to help the clients as and when required.” Technostacks is a single destination to get the right app to meet the specific requirements of the clients and to perform well in the competitive market. The team of app developers holds in-depth knowledge in app designing, programming, testing as well as its successful deployment. The designers’ guarantee that each app infused is distinctive and has the consistency to obtain the attention of its users.

Furthermore, the autogenous team of developers has created an app development strategy that helps in delivering appealing apps within the scheduled deadlines. Besides this, the group offers a wide range of apps for various platforms like Android, iOS, iPad, etc. Thus, armed with such expert and professional app developers’ team, Technostacks Infotech burgeons amongst the top app development companies in Germany at GoodFirms.

The below-displayed review is confirming the quality apps infused at Technostacks Infotech.

Technostacks Goodfirm client review

Apart from curating appealing mobile apps, the developers’ team also produces robust and scalable solutions for software developed with the latest trends in technology. The developing process followed by the experts is qualitative and reduces operational costs. Furthermore, the team helps the clients to focus on core business activities to accelerate their market positions with the accomplished software. The services catered to the clients include – server application, location-based applications, middleware, and GPS-based applications. The developing cycle is inclusive of designing, developing, and testing the software developed as per the international standards of the habitués. Hence, leveraging modern tools by experienced and efficient software developers will soon endow Technostacks Infotech among the leading software development companies in Costa Rica at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms is confirming the quality products developed at Technostacks Infotech.

Technostacks Goodfirm client review 2

Having read the in-depth information shared by the Hansal Shah, one can also have a glance at the detailed conversation at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts in finding the top software and mobile app development companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

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