Technologies : iOS, Android & Web
Category Name : Business Solutions



The scope of this product was large with very flexible solution. The purpose was to use it in all kinds of businesses to maintain their day-to-day activities in one solution.
For example, a Real Estate / Building / Construction Materials kinds of business need to collaborate with their management team, business leaders, employees and co-workers of the company, regarding their material requirement, task management, order management internal communication, company management, employee management, news of the company.



  • Company Management
  • User Groups - General Communication , Order , To do Assignments & Reminders , Newsfeed , Menu Permissions
  • Employee Management - Departments , Roles Assignments , Pro/Normal user
  • Sales Order Management - Order assignment to individual , Delivery Date , Order will be shown to all group members of the assignee , Chat-communication between 2 parties , Notifications for activity or status change
  • ToDo Management - Todo assignment , Manage status (Open/New, In-progress, Hold, Review, Completed) , Notifications for activity or status change
  • Instant Chat Messenger - Chats will be classified into threads/topics , One to one chat , Group chat
  • News feed Management - News will be spread to specific groups with a purpose of marketing any product. , User can see suggestions of public newsfeed , User can request to subscribe in newsfeed groups
  • Enterprise Management - Basic App Settings , App Color schemes Setup , Menu (dynamic for app) , Publishings (iOS & Android) , Triggers , Permission groups management
  • Contact Management - Sync contact book from mobile app , Contact list generated in app by matching contacts with users using the app , Send invitation to user via Email / Mobile number

We provided a complete solution for all the features listed above and many more which are related to these. Below is the points description of the solutions.
  • Company Management

    Any company/business can register here to use this solution to mange and collaborate with their regular day to day activities.

  • Users & User Groups

    Individual users can also register and take benefits of this solution.

    Users will be sub-divided into different groups to manage them all in different kinds of departments into company/business.

  • Employee Management

    Employees can be managed departments wise. Admin can assign different roles to the employees so he can give rights to other employees and assign small managements.

  • Sales Order Management

    User can create or assign an order to the individuals who will be there in charge. Order will be shown to each department persons where assignee member belongs.

    For more discussion, the users can communicate via order chat feature with order requester and department members. Users will also be updated on activity and or status change.

  • ToDo Management

    User can create and assign a todo to self or other group members and manage their status.

  • Chats

    End-to-end chat feature between individuals and group of peoples. Chat further will be classified into topics/thread discussions.

  • Newsfeed Management

    Company can spread the news to a specific group of people about business promotion or other purposes. It will be totally flexible to schedule on specific time with expiry date as well. Moreover, you can assign rights to individual for creating a newsfeed post or manage subscribers.

  • Enterprise Management

    This will contain many kinds of settings like Content management, App Look & fill settings, Menu (dynamic for app), Menu access permissions, Triggers

  • Contacts Management

    User's contact book will be sync with the system and mange the contacts based on that. Moreover, the user can send invitation to user via Email / Mobile number.