Technologies : IOS,Android,PHP
Category Name : Conference/Event



Client came up with a unique idea of developing personalized Mobile apps for each Event Organizers. And the same can be re-skinned and deploy for another organizer.
The main objective is to provide the easy and quick mobile interface to all the users associated with the events with different roles like: Speakers, Visitors/Attendees, Guest, Sponsors, etc.
Client wanted to develop this dynamic solution in such a way that they can easily re-skin the Mobile apps and make some necessary changes for each event and publish a personalized app for each of them.
As an initial requirements, client came up with the concept and idea of the app. Technostacks team, provided consulting to the client to groom their idea/concept and build an entire solution that consists of Designs, Mobile app Development and Admin Panel Development.



  • Event Signup and Badge Printing Capability
  • Event Agenda with Speaker details
  • Different Level access for Speakers, Sponsors, Visitors & Guest
  • User check-in to session via QR code
  • Session analytics and reporting
  • App Announcements for events via push notification
  • Ability to print Customised Certificates for Attendees

  • App allows users to sign up and register for any particular or multiple events from one single organizer.
  • Events & Details: App displays the list of events along with its specified details like event venue, date-time, speaker and event agenda.
  • Auto Generation of the Badges, based on user’s registration. Organizers can simply print all the badges and keep them ready for the event day.
  • QR Code based Check-in: QR Code gets assigned to each and every event/sessions. Visitors/Attendees would require to scan the QR code to mark their check-in into the event. On each check-in user scores some points.
  • Analytics: These Check-ins help Organizer to get the real-time statistics and analytics about the presence in the event.
  • Certificates gets generated automatically from the back-end based on the User role along with their score.
  • This entire solution is already deployed with different branding and custom changes for 5 Event Organizers across the globe, who are managing multiple events.