Technologies : MOBILE APP
Category Name : CRM



Client's main requirement was to develop High Definition "WebCam Recorder" (Theme based) application to make video feedback for multiple companies. Application has been developed for multiple car franchise's companies.

Project Detail


  • Windows Application (C#).
  • Swagger APIs (.NET MVC).
  • DirectShow SDK(Webcam recording with HD quality)



  • Login.
  • Agreement, User Information
  • Video Recording with Webcam
  • User & Recorded video submission with Swagger API
  • Theme customization
  • Screensaver on based on selected theme

After analyzing the requirements of the clients we came up with the following solutions:

  • As application needs to be install stand alone and should be customized based on theme, windows application with C# is reliable solution.
  • Webcam recording with HD quality is the key feature for our application.Directshow SDK gives best output for recording through Webcam. It gives multiple features: e.g. Reliability to increase quality to match up with your requirement recording speed, etc.
  • Recorded video needs to be send on server, WebClient is being used to interact with swagger API and create bridge between client’s machine and server to send data (e.g. user information, video).