Technologies : iOS Application Development
Category Name : Location Based Mobile App

Client Requirement


The client company offers ferry services near Lake Champlain. They needed to provide mobile-based advertisements to their travellers. The client’s strategy was to convey the travellers with the advertisements when they reach a particular location through its mobile application.


The client wanted to develop an application for iOS platforms that can involve fun and is a simple way to connect with traveller while journey who have their app installed. This application can assist in making travellers enjoy offers while they are near the different and specific locations.

Key Challenges


The challenge was to connect all travellers and other stakeholders during fairs or trade-fairs at the defined locations. Combining all features and functionality in a single application was difficult to handle. Also, the announcements, notifications and offers had to be triggered while the travellers or users were near the diverse locations. The beacons were needed to be installed for offering users within range access to precise travel information, deals and special offers. The client needed a robust, stable and multi-tasking solution which can work on several criteria to help the users in multiple ways.

There were multiple objectives which included enabling:

  • The required advertisements to be sent to the travellers who have installed the apps
  • The app functionalities needed to define criteria for reaching out particular locations
  • The advertisements to be clubbed with announcements, notifications and offers while user or traveller is near the location
  • The management of multiple advertisement options and increase the application reachability

Comprehensive Solution


Technostacks’ team for iOS application development created an assortment of solution modules that can have wide-ranging features and functionalities as below:

  • The beacons are installed offering users within range access to needed travel related business and special deals information.
  • The mobile application is a location-based marketing drive. It demonstrates a marketing concept for advertising over a location.
  • The users receive the free offers, special deals and fresh information on all sorts of nearby things to see and do.
  • The users can enhance the experience of everyone stopping by and passing through the hub.

Key Takeaways on Solution Usage


  • The app is a solution that displays a marketing concept for advertising over a location having different components like deals for trade-fairs with announcements and notifications of offers while a user is near that fair location. The solution used is an instance of a location-based marketing drive.
  • This is a very useful and effective mobile app for travellers with everyone being so tech savvy in the present day scenario.
  • The application is helpful to travellers and beneficial to location-based service providers both being the key stakeholders.
  • The users can find the needed free offers, best deals and detailed information on all categories of nearby things to explore and do.
  • The app drives marketing and sales, creates promotional buzz, increases the brand presence and tracks required outcomes.
  • As per user feedbacks, the setup of the application is picture perfect; it is productively designed without having any concern in usage and comes with user-friendly features as well as functionalities.
  • Technostacks’ experienced application development and analytical expert teams have developed this location-based advertisement app solution using beacon which can handle multiple features between users providing a match for their respective requirements.
  • The mobile application is a location-based marketing platform featuring beacons that empowers you to connect with prospects and customers on the go and near you. Produce trial, drive marketing and sales, builds buzz, boosts the brand presence and monitors needed results. Additionally, for a limited time during the pilot program, advertising is free on the client’s platform.
  • Our client successfully and consistently handles the application solution and we are looking to add more features to the app in the coming time. The app developed by Technostacks is presently usable on iOS platform.