Technologies : MOBILE APP
Category Name : EVENT BOOKING



Basically, this app is for Event Booking hosted in different clubs among the city. All the well-known organizers can be found at one place. Moreover, one can get information about different types of events like Day party, Night hours parties and After hours events arranged in the well-known clubs. Give a facility to book a Table for the event for special place in the club. The app helps avoiding long queues at the venue and gives direct entry in the club.



  • Native Login for verified customer
  • Day and night event list with club details
  • Secure payment through Stripe within app for confirm booking
  • Push notifications and text messages to customer to confirm booking
  • Can call Uber to reach club from the application
  • Join Friend's table and can also pay his share to the event.
  • To come up with client requirement, we have divided the whole app in two different parts. One is for Customer and other is for Event Host who is actually organizing the event or any volunteer of a particular event. The reason behind the two parts is that, customer can quote for the event and the host can give his quotation. Then after satisfying with the quote, the customer can book. Moreover, it is easy to track the records and make the event more managing from the Host side for the customer.
  • For flexible booking, we have added QR code scanning functionality in which we just scan QR code of the event and directly redirect to its booking page. The booking process is done in less number of steps and there is no need to find that event in the bunch of events.
  • As per the given functionality, the customer can share his table booking by telling them about the event and can even invite them to his table. Moreover, the user can set contribution among number of people in his table booking.
  • Client wanted this entire solution to be dynamic so that the same solution can be re-skinned with the new logo and branding for the other restaurant as well.
  • Host can give the Quote of his customer and track the record of number of booking for the event.
  • Customer can also rate his host after the event. The app automatically sends notification for ratings after the event has finished.
  • Customer can also book Uber from this application to reach at the venue of the event.
  • For this wonderful application, the backend server should be strong and reliable. For this, we have chosen Parse server. Application can directly communicate with the server; thus, there is no work of APIs and no domain maintenance cost.
  • Generally, most of the work of any events would be to find out the customer who has not come for the event and make a reminder for the customer. For this requirement, we have generated automated system at Backend side, which will find all pending customer who did not come, send them notification about this event and CLOSE all booking automatically when the event is completed.