Technologies : MOBILE APP
Category Name : HOSPITALITY



This Application is developed with a unique concept of Mobile POS for customers for online food ordering from restaurants. The main objective is to provide the mobile interface to the customers, to easily place their order and make the payment. The client wanted to develop this solution dynamic in such a way that they can easily re-skin the Mobile apps and deploy it for different restaurants with their Branding. As an Initial requirements, client already had the conceptual document and designs ready with them. Technostacks team, take up the project from there and delivered the entire solution on iOS Platforms.



  • Order your meal quickly and conveniently
  • Allows user to order and pay for meal from app
  • Get real time updates on gift card balance
  • Pay by credit card
  • View digital copies of your receipt
  • Find a nearby store
  • Reward system
  • Order Booking: Main module of the app is to allow customers select the food items from the menu and place an order for the same. In case of restaurant chain, customers are also able to select any restaurant of that particular chain.
  • Payment: To complete the order, Customers are required to make the online payment via their Credit Card. Mobile App stores the basic card details, hence on the next order customer does not need to re-enter the card details.
  • Customer gets the Order bill or receipt on the mobile app and on the email as well. Customer can also find a nearby outlet of the restaurant chain and find a direction to reach that location. Customer gets rewarded on their each order placed from the app. Reward System is being managed by the App Administrator.
  • Client wanted this entire solution to be dynamic so that the same solution can be re-skinned with the new logo and branding for the other restaurant as well.
  • Our team engineered such a Dynamic Solution for this POS App, so that it can be easily replicated for other restaurants.
  • Solution is already deployed for 2 Restaurant Chains (having 80+ outlets) with different designs and branding.