Scale And Accelerate Your E-Commerce With Our Excellent Retail Solutions

In the changing and challenging business dynamic, Technostacks is working with the latest market trends to enhance the customer-shopping experience. Our team of experts and consultants are helping retailers to manage and sell their products more economically, efficiently and creatively. We have the most comprehensive retail solutions expertise both in developing and supporting e-commerce websites.

Our Retail Specialty:

  • Solution for consumer package goods – With our proprietary methodology, we help global CPG companies to get maximum ROI in their retail businesses. We clean, validate and formats the company’s downstream data for optimum analysis and excellent services.
  • Retail Execution optimization – We save million dollars of the retail and ecommerce company by offering them a systematic way to measure and maximize their performance. By retail execution optimization, the owner gets complete control over the operational excellence of their store and customers.
  • Real-time analytics – With real time analytics technique, Technostacks is transforming the way industries views retail data. Retailers can monitor all the computation and sales activity in a real time domain, which helps them to get better insight to their business.
  • CRM Integration – With our CRM integration solution, we develop the best customer relationship bond to drive business to the next level of success. Our CRM system helps retail managers and supervisors to set, implement and measure business goals in a more efficient manner.
  • Operational excellence – Our operational excellence team manages all day-to-day operations, inventory management, marketing spend and end-to-end process to enhance business productivity and user experience.

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Our retail solutions help e-commerce to turn the visitor into buyers and then to frequent shoppers. We excel in predictive methodology and business forecasting to catalyze the growth of our clients in the most competitive e-market. Write to us today or request for a quote by simply dropping us a mail at will get back to you in minimum time.
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