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How Deep Learning Will Impact Education Technology

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Jun 21 2018

Former generations of machine learning algorithms were dependent on humans to give instances of the well-read concepts and to prepare functionalities to detect in the data. In comparison, deep learning methods use multiple individual learning algorithms in equivalent to analyzing enormous amounts of data. They are able to sort data into groups with automated processes and use these groups to build new features.

Deep learning methodologies have been intelligent and learn visual concepts from activities like:

  • Analyzing online videos and Infographics
  • By being familiar with the spoken words
  • Learn from the translation of different languages
  • Enable from advancements in internet search results and much more

Use of E-learning softwares and deep learning in education industry

The rise of e-learning software in schools and educational centers has enabled open-ended environments in the classrooms. The popularity of online platforms is offering large amounts of data of how students interrelate with educational software.

This data and insight have opened new ways of using deep learning methods to look up the understanding of how students can be trained. This process will personalize the educational atmosphere to precise needs of the students.

How deep learning can better enable student activities

At the individual stages, we will be able to routinely identify which solution strategy a student is following when relating to open-ended virtual laboratories. This will empower us to distinguish amongst the prominent student activities against or in addition to those demonstrating the trial and error. We will be able to offer machine generated nourishment to students that will support and guide their learning while minimizing any exterior disturbances.

We will able to perceive which students’ solutions are resourceful, in that they display performance that is both new and of assessment, and use this details to build constructive principles. This principles and analysis can be used to bring improvements in educational software that hold up creative thinking in students.

With use of deep learning personalization can be empowered

We believe that with proper use of machine learning you could enable personalization, rethink assessments, have flip classrooms and bring non-conventional credentialing. Personalization through intelligent tutor systems can monitor mental steps, facilitate better feedback systems and help in building customized as well as engaging training programmes.

Moving Forward

We are at the sunrise of an AI revolution in the education sector, brought about by the combination of two factors. The first factor is to enable massive student interaction data as well as the ability to make logical use of techniques like deep learning and machine learning regularly.

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