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Skills & Qualifications:

  • Swift and SwiftUI language
  • Multi-Threading (Dispatch Queues, Operation Queues)
  • Design Patterns (Like Singleton, MVC, MVVM)
  • Xcode Instrument Tools
  • Experience with Network APIs and JSON parsing (Codable & Decodable)
  • Local Database (SQLite, Realm, CoreData, SwiftData)
  • Source Control tools (e.g., GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket)

Added Advantage:

  • Basic knowledge of IoT
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) fundamentals
  • Basics of CoreML and CreateML (Machine Learning frameworks for iOS)
  • Basics of ARKit (Apple’s Augmented Reality framework)
  • Basics of Generics in Swift
  • SwiftUI
  • Good communication skills


  • Candidates should have knowledge about SEO (Technical, On-page, Off-page SEO and SEO Ranking Factors).
  • Implement on-page SEO strategies, including optimizing content, meta tags, and headings.
  • Conduct basic technical SEO audits to resolve website issues.
  • Basic Understanding of Metadata, URL Patterns, Website Architecture, etc…
  • Basic Knowledge of Google Analytics, Search Console, Ahrefs, Semrush, Keyword Planner, Moz, and other tools.
  • Excellent Communication skills in English (Both Written and Oral).
  • Basic knowledge of content marketing, link building, and social media management.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints.
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO and SEM.
  • Research and analyze the SEO efforts of competitors.
  • Develop and execute off-page SEO through link building.
  • Optimise website copy and landing pages.
  • Update existing content for blogs and articles.
  • Track, report, and analyze website analytics.

We are seeking a skilled Python Developer to join our team. The ideal candidate should have experience with Python and its common libraries/frameworks. They should also have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming and be familiar with popular Python frameworks such as Django, Flask, FastAPI, or Pyramid.


  • Develop and maintain Python applications
  • Write clean, readable, and efficient code
  • Integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • Design and create database schemas that support business processes
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features
  • Troubleshoot and debug applications
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices


  • Experience with Python and its syntax
  • Familiarity with front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of server-side CSS pre-processors such as Sass
  • Experience with REST APIs
  • Familiarity with database technologies such as SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB)
  • Understanding of MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful concepts
  • Ability to write clean and readable Python code
  • Understanding of fundamental design principles behind scalable applications
  • Basic or good understanding of serverless architecture (e.g., AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB)
  • Proficient understanding of Git
  • Familiarity with continuous integration

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Base lining the Scope and Breakup the deliverables into tasks.
  • Interacting with the client for requirement gathering, designing and documenting.
  • Delivering BA artifacts such as Project Plan Documentation, Project Initiation document, User stories, Use cases, Process flows, SRS, FRS Documents.
  • Creating Use Cases, User Interface Designs, Report Specifications, Wireframes using different tools like Visio, Axure, etc.
  • Lead requirements analysis, validation and verification, ensuring that requirement statements are complete, consistent, concise, comprehensible, traceable, feasible, unambiguous, and verifiable.
  • Collect and analyst the project’s business requirements and transfer the same knowledge to the development team.
  • Working with the development team to get the bugs fixed.
  • Analyzing the change request and co-coordinating the changes required with the development team.
  • Must have worked with ERP for more than 3 Years. Should have functional knowledge of Odoo, ERPNext, SAP or custom ERP implementation.

Skills & Qualifications:-

  • Developing front end website architecture.
  • Proficiency with fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Designing user interactions on web pages.
  • Good to have familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS/React JS/ElectronJS.
  • Developing back-end website applications.
  • Creating servers and databases for functionality.
  • Proficient with Typescript & NodeJS.
  • Designing and developing APIs.
  • Familiarity with database technology such as MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Good to have experience with AWS Services.
  • Ensuring cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.
  • Ensuring responsiveness of applications.
  • Working alongside graphic designers for web design features.
  • Seeing through a project from conception to finished product.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Good problem-solving skills.


  • Work with cross-functional teams and product managers to ideate software solutions.
  • Proven experience as a full-stack developer or similar role.
  • Experience developing desktop and mobile applications.
  • Knowledge of front-end languages and libraries (e.g. HTML/ CSS, JavaScript) and JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Reactjs, Node.js, Vue, angularjs).
  • Build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design.
  • Write effective APIs
  • Unit Test software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade software.
  • Build features and applications with a mobile responsive design.
  • Work with data scientists and analysts to improve the software.
  • Familiarity with databases (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB).
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

Technical Requirements

  • Laravel 8 or above with PHP 7.0
  • Experience in developing API
  • Experience in MYSQL or any RDBMS
  • Experience in PHP frameworks including Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony and CodeIgniter


  • Design, architect, develop, and test software
  • Use best practices in implementing technical solutions
  • Build software applications using PHP technology
  • API and Third-Party integration
  • Work with Agile/Scrum-based development processes
  • Providing support to the development team

Experience & Qualification:

  • 4+ years of experience in software development, with different roles from SE to TL
  • Hands-on¬†experience in developing software applications using PHP Framework (Laravel)
  • Experience in cloud development
  • Experience in version control using GIT/BitBucket/GitLab


  • Good understanding and knowledge of cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, etc).
  • Hands-on experience with Docker, Kubernetes, or ECS.
  • Hands-on Experience in Jenkins & AWS Native CI/CD implementation using code.
  • Experience in Cloud operational automation using Python, Shell script, AWS CLI, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Lambda, etc.
  • Understanding of DevOps practices which involves Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment.
  • Automated build/test principles and frameworks including Ansible, Jenkins, Git, and Jira.
  • Experience writing scripts in Python / NodeJs is a plus.

Added Advantage

  • Experience writing scripts in Python / NodeJs is plus.
  • Knowledge of above all + Terraform
  • Required experience in APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tool experience, specially New Relic & DataDog or experience with Grafana & Splunk, it can consider as similar tools.