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Leverage Ai To Increase Your Business Efficiency In 2018

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Jun 19 2018


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most efficient and the powerful buzzword now a day. According to a study, AI increases your business efficiency to around 40%. If AI is effectively deployed in a manufacturing unit, the company will quickly notice saving in cost, time and process. AI if used skillfully can give you enough time to free you to do other business-related work. To understand how AI will impact your business in the coming year our experts have compiled their views;

Strategized and customized User Experience (UX)

The year 2018 is going to be the year of AI as companies are aggressively embracing it this year. In order to customize the user experience business and brands small or big have geared up to deploy AI in their organization. The smart analysis, buying trend and browsing history eliminates the conventional method of asking for the customer’s contact information.

The drastic change in approaching Social Media

The day is not far when social media will start showing real-time personalized content in order to achieve the bottom line, i.e. increasing sales numbers. The data collected through AI proves to a useful tool to project the sales and strategize your business.

Fraud Prevention

AI enabled fraud detection tools to help your business to gain the shield of protection on the digital platform. Other frauds that happen through manipulation of automation, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine learning engines can be detected easily.

Behavior of Customers

AI is powerful in predicting customer behavior hence it goes to the next level to understand and detect whether or not the customer is willing to buy their product. While considering AI, the era of machine learning will get a bit more aggressive so that the approach looks more of human and not robotic to engage customers.

Incomparable Customer Support

The recent internet sensation chatbots are deployed to give 24/7 support to the customers, by integrating this business can gather more insightful data. This data can be used to optimize various important points including feedback. The indispensable customer data is an ultimate invention to enable incomparable customer support.


These are some of the ways how AI will impact businesses functions in the year 2018 and the more years to come. The AI app developers at Technostacks create modernized algorithms that can assist your business leverage both unstructured as well as structured data that they fetch from an assortment of business activities. This helps our clients to optimize their business and revenue streams.