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How AI and Robotics Will Impact Healthcare Industry

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Jun 20 2018

In the present time, most of the discussions around health care and technology broadly revolve around the internet of things, personalised medicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. But how precisely are these technologies going to bring transformations? Three major trends that can impact and strike are improvements in human augmentation, the actual implementation of open AI ecosystem and better defining or proper testing of social robots applications.

Human Augmentation

We sense information, we practice it, and we take action on it. Technology can be used to bump up this information dealing out loop at any of those stages. On the sensing part, we are improving in not just to restore lost hearing or vision, but moving one step forward to enhance it. For instance, Doppler Labs has developed earplugs that can sort out sounds that we don’t want and augment the sounds we want to really hear.

Google is coming up with the contact lens which will sense your body glucose levels and temperature to assist you to manage your diabetes and other related diseases. Research is going on to develop implantable devices to assist in restoring memory.

Open AI Ecosystem

We have all heard regarding the internet of things (IoT) which we tend to think of devices and machines linking each other. However, we in actuality have an internet of things and people – all producing multiple sets of data by dynamic interactions and passive monitoring.

An open AI ecosystem refers to the idea that with an exceptional amount of data accessible, joint with advancements in social awareness algorithms and natural language processing. And defined applications of AI will turn to be more beneficial to consumers. Smart personal digital assistants, like Jibo or Alexa, are the best examples of this scenario.

Social Robots

The following technology trend is the companion or social robotics. Social robots use artificial intelligence to comprehend people and respond suitably. The straightforward robots have been around for loads of years and act in response when spoken to and have been utilized to trim down stress levels especially in elderly patients.

Moving Forward

These three above technology trends can assist with the move from treatment to wellness and prevention. We have heard about connected medical devices that are building a digital health uprising and putting medical care directly in the hands of consumers. Whether you are a startup, medium sized company or a large business, work with Technostacks today. Let us know your project needs, and we can have a business partnership.