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Know Everything About Amazon Alexa For Business

amazon alexa for business
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Feb 15 2019

Amazon’s Alexa for business is a fresh and new way to incorporate voice commands into the corporate offices and small businesses. The voice interactions with the AI assistants have become a common practice in houses, but with the new Amazon Alexa for business, they can be incorporated in offices too.

The first question that popped into your mind after reading the phrase “Amazon Alexa for business” would be what is Alexa for business? Do not worry because this article answers all your questions regarding Alexa, its uses and benefits for businesses.

The Purpose Of Different Alexa Devices

The Alexa devices like Echo dot, Echo, Echo Plus and Amazon Tap have already assisted in business matters, but they haven’t been used completely for the official purposes. They were largely used by consumers for their personal purposes.

In 2018, Alexa was integrated into various devices in order to connect with the users, but this integration wasn’t helpful for businesses either. This is the reason why Amazon has designed special devices directly intending the businesses only.

With this Alexa for businesses, Amazon packed various integral features into Alexa making it much more business oriented. They designed the device to match all the requirements of an office. It added the most important feature – shared devices which allow the public to use one device. This latest Alexa for business can take care of various types of tasks without much stress. A lot of equipment can be replaced with this Alexa and some of the humdrum tasks of the corporate offices like ordering printing paper, organizing the videoconference camera, giving office directions, etc. can also be handled.

Well is it right for your business? Yes, you read the question right.

Is Amazon Alexa is right for your business?

There are different types of industries out there and each industry belongs to a different niche.

Does Amazon Alexa for business capable of handling tasks of any industry?

The answer to this question will be “Yes.” So many people used to integrate their personal Alexa with their office work and handled scheduling as well as their calendar with Amazon Alexa for business; with these functions, they will be able to enjoy so many other benefits too.

This Amazon Alexa is crafted to suit any kind of business and one can use it as they want because of the customization options. The employees can bring their own Alexa devices to an office and pair it up with the office Alexa device for better coordination. Before knowing about the uses of Alexa, you have to get an idea of how it works.

Types Of Alexa

There are two types of Alexa for business- one is personal Alexa device and another is public Alexa device.

The personal Alexa device is confined to only one person and he will be operating the device all by himself. These devices have enrolled users and only those users can use it. These devices can help in completing the personal tasks, managing the to-do list, setting up reminders, making personal calls, schedule the meetings and finding the required information from other software and programs. Personal users can integrate their Alexa home and office devices and use them collectively.

The shared devices are for everyone. These devices are placed in the public places of the office and can be used by anyone. Lobbies, conference room, kitchens, printing rooms are some of the places where these devices can be placed. You can customize the skills as per your requirement.

How To Use Alexa For Business?

It uses the resources that you have provided to it to process the information. Let’s imagine that you asked Alexa to start meeting in the conference room. It starts checking the location, looks up the calendar to know whether the room is booked or not and then checks with the schedule too. This way Alexa uses various resources and skills that have been provided to it in order to process a specific command.

You should have an AWS account and one or more Alexa business devices to start using the Alexa for business. You have to sign into the console and open Business productivity, then navigate to Alexa for business.

Why Use Amazon Alexa For Your business?

Almost every entrepreneur would have gotten this question in mind when they first heard about Amazon Alexa for business. Alexa answered their questions with ease through its features. Here are the uses of Alexa for business.

  • Managing the Emails

Usually, an organization receives more than 100 emails per day, and it is really a hectic job to organize all those emails. It is a time and effort consuming task and it is important to handle it with utmost care. The Astrobot skill will help you in managing the Office 365 Email or Gmail from your Alexa device. This skill aids in reading, replying and managing the emails. Prioritizing the emails can also be done with ease. The additional functions of this feature are deleting, quick replying and archiving certain emails.

  • Management of Schedules

It becomes extremely difficult and overwhelming when to manage the hectic schedules. Alexa coordinates with the free busy scheduling assistant in order to organize the meetings so that you never miss any appointment. It will remind you from time to time about the meetings and other things present on your schedule. You can use the calendar or contact feature to manage these meetings.

  • Monitoring of Website

The Vigil website monitoring skill of Alexa will help you with the maintenance of your websites. You can ask Alexa about the status reports of your website and whenever your website is down, you will be sent a push notification immediately.

This helps the business owners in maintaining their site. They need not worry about the website or its status as Vigil skill takes care of it.

  • Managing Invoices

Invoicing and receiving payments is a vital part of any business. Amazon Alexa’s Account Receivable factoring skill will help the small business owners with the invoicing. The small owners who aren’t able to afford any invoicing software can use Amazon Alexa for this process. If you tell Alexa the amount of invoice and factoring rate, it will calculate the total amount and tells you the value. This makes the entire computation process easy.

  • Collecting Store Information Online

If you have an online store or a Shopify account, Alexa will gather all the information from the account like inventory, store performance summaries, orders and provide it to you. All the data will be available at your fingertips.

  • Tracking Business Trips

Small to medium business owners plan their trips and organize everything by themselves. Alexa for business will take care of tracking everything on business trips. From your flight ticket price, taxi fares, upcoming trips, checking the flight status, booking a rental car and even checking your loyal points. The device does everything that needs to be managed. This reduces a lot of stress.

  • Editing Documents

If you want to edit the documents and do not have any computer nearby, then you can use Alexa. With the Edit docs feature, Alexa edits the documents with just your voice commands. You can edit the documents on the go with Alexa.

  • Providing Digital Marketing Tips

For a small business, digital marketing may sound complicated. The Authentic digital marketing tips skill of Alexa will provide you with some effective tips for branding and marketing your business.

Benefits Of Amazon Alexa For Business

Amazon Alexa aids a business in several ways and deploying it with efficiency can make a huge difference. Here are the benefits of Amazon Alexa for business.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Alexa takes care of almost all the tasks of your employees and this will make them more productive. It manages their to-do lists, reminds them of the meetings, and manages the meetings. It is capable of setting the one on one meeting for the colleagues, dials the conference calls, moves and cancels the meetings. It takes care of all the things that don’t need special attention from employees. This will save a lot of time for your employees which make them more productive.

  • Intuitive Control

With the Alexa for business, the administrators have the provision to manage all the Alexa devices present in your organization via one console. The IT specialists can operate and update all the devices present in the organization with the help of one Alexa. It provides extensive management and control over the entire organization. The admins can also manage the status of the device and usage with ease.

  • Simplified Meetings

Just a voice command to the device will make the entire organization of meeting easy. it helps in knowing the availability of the meeting room, sends the reminders to all executives to participate in the meeting, etc.


We can fruitfully conclude this blog post with the fact that Amazon Alexa for business is really assisting the business owners to become more productive and efficient with its best in class features packed device. The world will see more advancement in the coming time.