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What can you expect from Angular 11 new features?

Angular 11 Features
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May 1 2021

The go-to solution for creating applications and more, Angular has soared in popularity over the years for various reasons. Over a long time, the platform has invited many lucrative changes that make it extremely convenient and desirable by developers worldwide. These features have intrigued the minds of many and have come to be a part of the daily life of many.

As far as app development goes, Angular has almost single-handedly established a monopoly in the market that many would crave to have. So, if you’ve been following Angular’s progress closely, we won’t be surprised if you’re looking forward to knowing what’s new in angular 11. The answer is elaborate and intriguing enough for developers and laymen alike.

Serving as the ideal platform and framework that supports the easy creation of so many client applications, Angular makes use of HTML, Typescript, and a hoard of other features to create the illustrious experience it does. Angular 11 features are ever-changing and invite attention from creators all over.

The latest version of Angular 11 that has just come out brings an equal amount of contemporary goodness to explore. The platform continues to redefine the industry with its innovation and precision. Looking at these interesting Angular features can change the way you use Angular or think of it. Let us take a comprehensive look at what you should expect from the new angular version.

  1. Endless Compatibility
    This scenario isn’t to say that all new Angular versions are compatible with all the peripheral tools you desire. However, the compatibility that Angular 11 shows with Typescript, in particular, is amazing. Very compatible with Typescript 4.0, the software seems to have left the older version of 3.9 behind.As a result, one can expect the building’s appropriate speed as one creates with redefined speed compared to previous versions. Certainly, an important feature that contributes to the software’s success is one of the most interesting features of Angular 11.
  2. Hot Module Replacement and Webpack 5 Support
    Angular 11 comes with what is popularly known as HMR support. This support makes room for module replacement in a hassle-free manner as it inhibits full browser refresh, something that was more of a problem with the earlier versions.Certainly not an exclusive and new feature, it is still tremendously important as Angular 11 has made HMR configuration easier than ever before. This scenario makes sure developers get to rely on commendable HMR support through simple CLI commands. All that you need to do for configuration is opt for a very simple ng serve command along with an hmr tag.ng serve –hmrHopping onto Webpack 5 support, we can see that this is a simple yet vital addition to the Angular 11 features list. This feature helps in the easy compilation of files in a single bundle. This is a feature of extreme importance to regular users. The introduction of Webpack 5 in the market has been a source of tremendous delight to the users. Angular 11 is of the faith that Webpack 5 compatibility can be of real help in the creation of smaller bundles with the aid of speedy builds. These features in Angular 11 are making developer’s worldwide look for its core competencies and more.Related article:- Angular 8 vs Angular 9
  3. Look forward to changes in Language Service
    One of the most prominent features of Angular software is the language service capability. This tool is one of the best features in the Angular series. The language services feature any developers dealing with navigation and other technical problems.This feature works on both an internal as well as an external level. Ivy-based service is where the new angular features thrive. This progression has made it very easy for users to gain efficiency and work speed.That being said, the language services feature is very much in the development phase. It is, regardless, an interesting feature that will undoubtedly be vital in further developments.
  4. Room for Linting Changes
    Angular has also made room for better linting changes. The upgrades on this front are visible and are indispensable to the linting domain. TSLint has come to thrive at the core of linting, which holds for developers worldwide. The query here is: What are the new features in Angular 11? Undeniably, one of the most reliable changes incorporated in Angular 11 in the form of linting changes is the answer.The latest version utilizes the ESLint tool to invite more user attention. This scenario also means an end to the old TSLint tool, and the all new change is inspiring a lot of enthusiasts across the world to experiment with Angular 11. The switch from the old TSlint to the all-new ESlint can easily be made by following a simple three-step process.Also read:- React vs Angular
  5. Everything else that comes along
    These aren’t the only key features that make it to the Angular 11 list of expectations you have been looking forward to. Several other features are meant to tug at a developer’s fancy. A variety of these changes are not all that wide, but they are certainly noticeable. The updates in Angular 11 are fresh and inviting, and all of this is made possible by a smooth and interactive UI that makes developing apps easier than ever for developers.Several amazing features such as automated migrations and schematics, stricter types of built-in pipes, lazy loading support, format Date function, and a host of other features are now making their way to Angular 11, making it all the more desirable.For users looking forward to understanding what and what not to expect from Angular 11, some other features have been creating the buzz. IE mobile support has entirely been withdrawn. Expressions in ICUs are now passed off through type checks, and this is a comparatively new feature. With a hoard of such features on the horizon, developers can easily indulge in new experimentation when trying their luck with Angular 11.The latest Angular 11 updates make the entire experience worthwhile and convenient. It isn’t one feature, but all of these features give Angular 11 the much-needed edge over all the other developing applications.The hunt for the right name to help you out with your developing projects can get a little testing; however, Technostacks wishes to help you with all your Angular-based projects.

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