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Business Continuity Planning During COVID-19 Effect

Business Continuity Planning in COVID-19
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May 19 2020

COVID-19 is the massive Pandemic the countries suffer by. Everything has messed up during this lockdown situation. What circumstances occurred in routine life due to coronavirus? Corporate companies, passenger travelling, schools, and all the sectors applied quarantine. Managing business continuity and finance during COVID-19 is rough enough to handle due to unprecedented disease spread overall. Then, what would be a solution during this? One can’t hold on, like eat, sleep, & repeat. How to maintain business continuity during COVID-19? It’s time to reckon the current strategies and remodelling work policies and sustain your business continuity even with problems. A digital platform is actively available for specific industries like IT, i.e., it can serve the product/service deployment thoroughly using all the essential tools.

IT firms or other organisations are continually supporting their representatives to gear up the right levels of support for them by continuously observing their dedication. This difficulty forces managers and CEOs to think about their companies, team, community, and customers. An initial step for business continuity amid COVID-19 is required to reimagine the current plan and create guidelines for employees’ consistency in work. It’s time to produce testimonials for future offerings in terms of design and development with brand-new norms.

Amid Pandemic, companies are responsible for acknowledging their clients and employees about their working strategies and plan to run their business cycle with remote location facilities.

How would a business continuity plan work during the lockdown?

  • For the employees’ safety, work from the home policy should apply from day one of lockdown.
  • Need to allocate the essential resources [Computer System, Laptops, and devices for testing] to the employees for justifying WFH policy.
  • Redesigned the effective business policy and also kept in mind for future reference.
  • Employees’ work updates have to be taken on video conferences every weekend.
  • Each employees’ approach shared a VPN network resource for secure data sharing from a remote location.
  • Constant communication and face-to-face meetings should take for objective clarity, and project progress.
  • Clients must get project progress with video conferences or other ways, as like before.

Steps for Business Continuity amid COVID-19

We are discussing here COVID-19 business continuity plan and how it will help organizations to run their businesses effectively.

  1. Measuring firm strength

    Do you have enough technology backbone? If so, then how feasible is it to outsource the tasks to do from remote teams? Accordingly, you can decide and provide the IT support to remote teams for accomplishing work. It is as much as required to have enough resources and technical assistance to successful WFH policy.

  2. Pay attention to customer’s needs

    Businesses need to pay attention to their customer’s aspirations during this COVID-19 Pandemic. To uphold responsibility for operations and successful service deployment can bring trust between companies and clients.

  3. Assuring business continuity

    Disasters” not being informed before it arrives. Be ensuring what instructions given to the teams are adequately following or need any support to deal with new arrangements. Thus, work continuity is a new dimension due to COVID-19 business continuity planning, adapted to the new height of business continuity, decision-making, and ways of cooperating with each other and makes it a progressive work approach handling current problems. Also, it is considering determining readiness for operational work in future emergencies.

  4. Remote working and the developer teams

    A business continuity plan can be successful if work from home policy improves work efficiency from the representatives. More work from a remote location is possible to get a benefit of virtual communities, as geographies travelling are reduced. Distance communication makes it easier for employees’ to track work progress. It becomes a solid reason to take work as long as possible to improve the business continuity strategy.

  5. Teamwork approach

    What are the effects of remote working? It is fast optimisation in business, technology, and social level and also a requirement due to this changing state. We have persuasive communication with business partners, clients, and teams using collaborative accessories.

How Technostacks helps businesses During Covid-19?

Why the importance of business continuity planning? Disasters are happening as it has not provoked with certainty time or period. Therefore, businesses should not get into influence or make excuses for it. Our professional development team, designing team, and sales-marketing team working from home and conquering the current situation.

The purpose of a remote working policy is to help clients and the team during this troubled period. But, it is an opportunity to explore business skills, work innovations through a remote working strategy. Thus, Technostacks seized the opportunity and succeeded.

Technostacks has successfully originated its business continuity plan. We have kept safety measures first for our employees. Accordingly, Technostacks authorities have distributed systems to each employee at their home or regional area, with basic needs for work accomplishment.

A distributed network system has driven for more accessible communication and task management—for instance, file sharing and software installation.

Under the guidelines given to the employees and team are following at good and accurate coordination.

Employees with remote teams use advanced tools for real-time communication, video-conference, screen sharing option makes straightforward explanations to clients and concerned project coordinators.

Thus, Technostacks has zero percent effect of COVID-19.


Business continuity during Lockdown is a very crucial factor for every organization and we had described here the whole steps for doing it. Technostacks provides remote staffing and also hiring developers for particular projects. Mainly, our business continuity planning unit constantly monitors and follows government guidelines to offer work from home during the pandemic situation. Our senior business authorities are looking for changes in the position, and their priority is to keep safe employees, and continuously provide services from the remote location until the government announces to regulate the corporate offices, as usual, like before.