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Dynamodb Single-Digit Millisecond Latency Irrespective of the Scale

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May 8 2018

Technostacks uses DynamoDB, a NoSQL database service to create data intensive apps for large organizations. The fact that it is a cloud managed database means our developers can use this database service to create apps that can be scaled to meet the growing demands of your business. It also offers tremendous flexibility and predictability which means the app can solve extremely complex needs with easy to use functionality. With our DynamoDB app solutions you can replace all the traditional software and complex hardware requirements with a database service that is designed from the ground up to support low latency and high speed requirements of today’s high scale applications.

Most databases are just not designed to match the scale and performance needs of modern apps. As an increasing number of people use your business services and you add more and more web servers, the database layers can often not keep up. They get slower and slower and sometimes fail, taking your application down with it. Our expert developers will create DynamoDB database powered apps for your business so that you never have to face such problems.

Our developers will help you utilize DynamoDB for handling millions of requests from your databases. We will ensure a consistent performance without any downtime and also make sure none of your data is lost by using DynamoDB to replicate data across multiple data centers. This will also prevent any problems that may arise in the accessibility of databases due to loss of any individual node.

Why Technostacks for DynamoDB?

  • Our team of developers has detailed knowledge and skills to build large scale apps for web, mobile and desktop using DynamoDB.
  • We have a dedicated team that ensures all your existing data is transferred correctly into the new databases.
  • Our training in creating DynamoDB empowered apps ensures we can deliver the app you want, with the features you need in quick time.
  • We are available 24/7 to help you out with any questions that you may have.

DynamoDB is a truly revolutionary database service that is in tune with modern times. Whether you are a small-scale enterprise or a large-scale business, you should definitely use our DynamoDB development services to create apps that are data intensive. If you want an app that will create a large tranche of data, and will consume large amounts of data, apps backed by DynamoDB and developed by Technostacks are the right choice for you.

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