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Navigate Inside With Indoor Geopositioning Using IOT Applications

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Jan 31 2017

Each incarnation of technology redefines our life in its own way. When GPS came into existence, it showed us the path least traveled. And from the past few years, IOT is a new buzz that has compressed our world by letting the devices to communicate with each other. Imagine the situation when these two become one and you will be surrounded by geo-position enabled IOT devices that not only can locate and track down the outside objects but also conquer your indoor territory. Keeping this in mind, let us take an insight into this indoor GPS IOT system.

Indoor Geo-Positioning through Internet of Things
By now, you all have experienced that how geo-positioning works marvelously for outdoor locations but when it comes to indoor, tracking goes out of its hand. With Internet of Things, this gap can be fulfilled. The IOT enabled devices can gather the geo-positioning data from inside of your location. This is further analyzed to detect the person or object’s position within it. The invention of geopositioning hardware systems will stimulate soon for you to have access to anyone, anywhere. So from the next time, you are not going to lose your friend inside the mall.

Hardware options to assist Geopositioning applications:
The devices such as smartphones and smartwatches may be one of the sources for Internet of Things geopositioning application, but they are not the best. The preferred geopositioning hardware systems include Wi-Fi routers and iBeacons because it is already present inside the location and will directly affect anyone looking for internet access. For those who were wondering about iBeacons, it is a small wireless device emitting Bluetooth signal and can be used to geofencing the objects that come in its range. By determining the positions of all routers and iBeacons, we can track, locate and monitor the object’s activities within the walls.

How is it going to transform business and customer experience?

The IOT enabled indoor geopositioning system helps individual and business in many possible ways like:

  • Locating a person inside the complex or mall in the case of missing
  • Analyze the behavior of customers within the business premises.
  • Tracking down customer’s activity and determining their area of interest that helps business to serve them better.
  • It will help the end user to get free Wi-Fi access and business can use data to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improves the visibility and provides deeper insight into the business intelligence.

Though Internet of Things with the geoposition seems vulnerable, but it sounds more promising in the near future. The experts at Technostacks are building Indoor geo-positioning IOT apps that bring the technology in your hand to get started with it soon.