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Top 3 Apps for Advertising Your Business in 2020

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Feb 25 2019

This is the digital era and it is important to approach the audience in as many ways as possible. One such option that must be given special attention is marketing apps for small business.

Yes, you can market your way to the target audience via these advertising apps. There are various marketing apps present out there which will help in the advertising your business. No need to worry if you are on tight budget, etc because this marketing through apps technique is light on your pocket.

These days almost every person owns a smartphone and the business are trying to utilize this smartphone addiction for marketing their business. This is a great idea as it saves good amount of money and the business advertisement can reach large set of audience with ease. Business owners may get conflicted feeling when they are in for promoting their business. With the plethora of options present out there they may get confused about opting one of them.

A survey has been conducted by Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and it has been proven that the usage of apps for business marketing will save a huge amount of time and money for the small businesses.

According to the report they have provided, 78% of the small business owners believe that using these apps could really create a great impact on their business. These owners have estimated that they can save 5 hours per week by using these apps.

5-6 hours means nearly you will be saving half a working day every week, and this is a great benefit for the entrepreneurs who are short on time. So what kind of apps that one can use to market their business. What are the best marketing apps in 2020?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. There are some of the best apps that are designed for different purposes, yet they all help in promoting the business.

Best Mobile Advertising Tools of 2020

When you read the title of this article, the first question that pops in your mind is “how to market your business through mobile apps?” it is an easy process. The first thing that you have to do is learn how usually these mobile marketing apps work and use these tricks in order to take your business to the people.

  1. Trello


    Trello is one of the famous project management app present out in the market. If you want to market your business, it is important for you to be planned and organized effectively. Trello makes it easy for you to plan and organize the projects with ease.

    It is the visual project management app which is available for free on both Android and iOS platform. It also has a website version. So, you can access this app from anywhere at any time with ease.

    You can create a different board for each project and add members to it. After adding the members, you will share all the required details with these members collectively. Everything can be discussed and shared at one place.

    You will be able to create checklists and reminders for your upcoming task and even assign tasks for other members via this app.

    Trello follows the old school notice board style and you can create as many boards as possible and add all the files that you think are required.

  2. Yelp


    Who wouldn’t know about this amazing app. Yelp has nearly 90 million unique visitors every month and is one of the most downloaded apps in the play store. This app has been one of the greatest mobile marketing tools for some years now and there are some reasons for it too.

    If you are going to a restaurant to which you have ever been before, the first thing that you will do is to research about it right! And this is the main reason why Yelp has so many visitors. People use it to know about the restaurants, stores, hospitals, etc. that they are about to visit, and they search on Yelp for them. This is the selling mantra for Yelp, and it has been successful so far.

    So now how can businesses market on Yelp? The Yelp come in three versions, one of them is free and the other two are paid. If you are just starting out and are on tight budget, then you can just use the free version. It has so many features so do not worry about it.

    No matter whether you establish your page or not, Yelp will already have the good and bad reviews of your business and the traffic too. If you claim your own business page, then it is good for both you and your business.

    You will get control over the content that has been posted on the website, respond to the reviews and add photos of your business by yourself. These perks will surely create a good impact on the people who visit your page.

    The self-service feature of Yelp will help you in setting your own budget and designing ad campaigns according to it. You will be able to reach your target market with this feature. Although Yelp does not share their pricing publicly, it won’t cost you a lot of money to start campaigning in it. By using this feature, you will be able to remove the advertisements of your competitor when people are visiting your page.

    Yelp is a place where the potential customers of your business come when they want to know about your business and its reviews, so it is important for you to keep your Yelp page interesting. If you receive any negative review on the page, take extra efforts to address and solve it. This will increase your credibility among the visitors, and they will start trusting you more.

    Yelp also provides a call to action button for the people who your page. Use this feature to provide the visitors quick access to call you.

    Yelp is one of the most effective and famous business marketing tool present out there. If you are in search of a reliable way to promote your business via mobile apps, then you should definitely have this app because you will be able to reach your targeted customers with ease via Yelp.

  3. LinkedIn


    LinkedIn has the capability of playing significant role in the effective marketing of any business. LinkedIn is considered as one of the smartest marketing tools by so many companies.

    If you want to market your business via LinkedIn, you have to start working through your own network. You should increase the connections and make a potential list of the contacts in the LinkedIn community. You should start promoting your business online via LinkedIn and make use of the LinkedIn profile by sharing your online links on it.

Create LinkedIn Business Page

Similar to Facebook, you can create business pages on LinkedIn too. Use this facility and create a business page on LinkedIn. Complete the profile and make sure to add all the details.

The compulsory details that you have to mention on LinkedIn business page are

  • Company Description
  • Logo
  • Company size
  • URL
  • Company Type
  • Industry
  • Location

Encourage Your Employees to Have LinkedIn Accounts

Network plays a huge role in LinkedIn and it is important for you to use this networking option as effectively as possible. Ask every employee of your company to create a LinkedIn account. This not only increases your network but also helps them in their profession too. So, it is a win-win situation for your organization and the employees. So, do not let this immense opportunity slip out of your hands. If any of your employees isn’t interested in creating LinkedIn account, make them aware of the LinkedIn presence and how important it is in building a successful career.

Link Business Website and Blogs to LinkedIn Profile

As mentioned above the company website’s URL is important and should be linked to the LinkedIn account. You should mention the LinkedIn account in the company’s website too. This way the visitors for your website will get to know about you and your staff, the recommendations you got and much more about the company.

Make Use of Popular Keywords in Your Field

This is another important aspect. You can use any keyword searching website and get the phrases that are famous and are used more in your field. Use these keywords in your profile and on your company page. This will increase your company’s number of search appearances.

Include Trending Related Hashtags (#)

You can use hashtags in the caption of your post. This will reach your post for maximum people. For example, If you have a restaurant business then you can use #restaurant and the location hashtag in your post caption.

Create Article Over LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a facility to create an article or blog. You can write about your company services and products so that other users can know about it.

Go Fo The LinkedIn Sponsor Ads

This is another great way to get maximum leads and output. However, you need to spend money first in this process. Your ad will display over niche LinkedIn profiles and articles. Most of the LinkedIn users claim that they had got maximum returns over the spend money.

Be Connected

You shouldn’t post on your company page when necessary. LinkedIn is all about connections, it is important for you to stay connected with your connections all the time and keep on interacting with them. The one way you can do this is by posting updates and articles from your company’s profile from time to time.

Greet your connections on special occasions and talk to them whenever required, like, comment and share the content that connects with you. This encourages your connections to pay more attention for your posts. LinkedIn is a platform where interacting plays a crucial role. You just can’t ignore it and get succeeded on LinkedIn platform.

Use Company Buzz

Company Buzz is a LinkedIn based app which will help you in knowing the discussions that are going on under your company name. Using this app, you will have an option to respond accordingly and relevant to such comments.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the ways you can use these three most popular apps for marketing and advertising. If you want to know how to promote your business via apps, then make sure to read this entire article.

You will get nice insights and a lot of time of yours will also be saved exploring required stuff. All these tips and tricks will make your marketing easier and time effective. Thus, we can conclude that consistency and quality of the campaigns is the key feature for any marketing as well as the advertising strategy, so make sure that you have both of them utilized well in your business plans.

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