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The Top React Component Libraries that are Worth Trying

React component libraries
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Aug 21 2021

With the launch in 2013, the React JS JavaScript library started getting massive recognition around the globe. Developers need to use React JS for all kinds of applications.

One of the keys and significant reasons for the growth of React JS is the array of React component libraries. Developers have developed beautiful user interfaces for web, desktop, and hybrid applications using these easy-to-use libraries.

Most regularly used framework revelations suggest that 60 percent of professionals use React, followed by Vue at 33 percent, 21 percent Angular.JS, and 20 percent Angular.

So, in this article, you will come to know the variety of React JS component libraries that are excelling in terms of aspects comprising the design framework, user interface, components, utilities, animations, and the layout.

The List of the Best React Component Libraries

  1. Material UI
    One of the most popular React components is well known for faster and simpler web development. You can easily and quickly create your design system or start with the material design. The primary point of the component library is you can get the number of spotless and modest, highly customizable components obtainable for developers.

    The React development library includes a collection of interesting, ready-to-use components that you can plug into any application without app developers.

    The material UI has also been offering a range of tools and API for enhancing the app’s creation. Material-UI is one of the most prevalent React UI libraries, with a lively React community of 1Million+development experts in more than 180 nations.

  2. Ant Design
    Ant Design gives a complete and flexible design and has a 50-component library. With the help of Ant Design, which is the correct React component library for an application, you can consider designing and developing a full-sized application.

    There are undoubtedly essential and most-used components of the Ant Design that make it stand out. There like a date picker, dropdown, icon, button, and several other components. The 115 companies use Ant Design, including Kaidee, QRPoint, and Evooq. Besides, 383 developers have stated that they use Ant Design.

  3. React-Bootstrap
    The quite popular entity Bootstrap is popular in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS libraries. It comes inclusive of UI creation elements for both the web and mobile applications.

    The bootstrap has been referred to as the JS library. But it is the complete revamp for React altogether. With its components, React-Bootstrap works without bootstrap.js or jQuery dependencies.

    You can get complete compatibility with the terms of React-Bootstrap themes that have been already present. React-Bootstrap has a long list of components having total power over each of them.

    The updates with React-Bootstrap ensure offering the most stable solution for the development with the help of the incorporation of the bootstrap features in the virtual DOM.

    What makes it useful for React developers is that instead of the entire library, you can just import the individual components like React-Bootstrap/button. It can also help in minimizing the amount of code for sending to the client.

  4. React Router
    React Router got massive popularity for the declarative programming model. Whenever you create the application with React, it proves to be a great idea to have some components and elements that you can compose declaratively in the app.

    React Router, the collection of such components, helps you add some URLs to bookmark if you want. The possible way for navigating in React Native is that you can get React Router as a solution for solving numerous tasks.

    It is one of the best React libraries that gives you the effortless option to handle navigation on a single app page. Besides that, the library also gives you the seamless screen-to-screen shift, server-side rendering with intense sustenance for precise nesting.

  5. Semantic UI React
    Getting the customized library by integration of React with Semantic UI is one of the best ideas. The library is entirely free from jQuery because, unlike React, it does not have the virtual DOM.

    Rather than the semantic UI React library, the development specialists can effortlessly access the formation of striking and responsive web pages with articulate code.

    Semantic UI React is even better because you won’t face a shortage of customizable elements leading to unleashing uninterrupted creativity. However, like lenses, you should have hands-on experience with using them. Sometimes there may be chances of facing issues in the library that are a bit complex.

  6. Blueprint UI
    The Blueprint UI React component framework is alike in terms of the User Interface development as that of the fresh dataheavy desktop and web-based applications. Overall, it works in the form of the UI toolkit based on React designed for desktop applications. It works for the creation of the complex Data Dense interface.

    That fantastic UI package offers usability standards with all the components that seem out of the box. Besides, it gave you access to the light and dark theme according to your requirements.

  7. React Motion
    Have you been looking and exploring for an easy solution for animating components in React? If yes, you can get access to React motion which is one of the best React libraries that you can get access to. It helps you with the creation of realistic animations.

    What’s more attractive is the specification of the values for the stiffness, which is one of the significant components that you can export. One of the leading and most popular React component libraries takes care of the needs by the creation of the endless possibilities of animations. The documentation with React motion is easy, and you can get started with it at any time.

  8. Fluent UI
    Previously it was known as Fabric React. Today Fluent UI is one of the exciting UI libraries by the Microsoft development team. The components with the behaviors and graphics are similar to the Office product that makes it stand out.

    Besides, you can get the user interface library offering compatibility with the desktop, iOS devices, and Android. Besides, it also shares compatibility with OneNote, Office 365, Azure DevOps, and other Microsoft products.

    With Fluent UI, you can get the pre-built components that can be useful for developing most of the parts of the application in the design of Microsoft Office design language. Whenever you’re creating a web like Office, you should always utilize Fluent UI.

  9. Redux
    It is one of the most famous React libraries. Besides, it also comes under the category of the best component libraries with 20.9K GitHub stars. Redux is most useful with the components of React UI that you can use.

    Be ready to use Redux with Angular and other JS frameworks. What makes it favorable is that it helps in connecting the React components to several components. The library is also referred to as a Developer’s Best Friend. The great part is that Redux will be helping you in writing the consistent codes and offer environment friendly. You can also use it for editing the code while the app is live.

  10. React Suite
    The library has the standard components necessary for the web developer to build most of the finest web apps. React Suite comes inclusive of modern apps for the customized themes, variety of clean and simple icons, and the color palette.

    The library ensures support for the recent version of the standard web browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome. The facets of the library, including the components, have been addressed by the insightful documentation. It is swift for getting the library that has the simple command.

  11. Grommet
    HPE developed Grommet, which provides a more vibrant look and feels than other alternatives like material UI or Ant. Grommet is one of the most famous alternatives that come with the capability of providing accessibility, responsiveness, modularity, and theming everything available in the tidy package. It is lightweight, and also the website design it makes is very eye-catching.

    The bolder component design makes it stand out. Some of the components you can get with Grommet include layouts, color type, controls, input visualization, media, and incredible utilities. Besides, you can get the documentation and support, including the template.

  12. Shards React
    Web development professionals get the choice to craft an extensive range of precise dashboards, web portals, and mobile applications for a diversity of industries component libraries. The sleek and straightforward design Framework also makes it one of the best in the minimalist libraries of React components.

    The React library is fast and efficient on the different platforms because of the optimized code. Shards React can ensure giving the developers the perfect mixture of the customization options. There are a massive number of components, and the base library is free. But if you wish to get more templates, components, blocks, then there is always a way of purchasing the pro kit to ensure the addition of tons of the additional features.

  13. React 360
    This is the world of augmented and virtual reality. Most businesses, especially in the retail or E-Commerce sector, provide artificial intelligence and virtual reality experience for trying out the product. But indeed, it is also helpful for creating artificial intelligence and virtual reality experiences in React.

    React 360 is one of the best React libraries for the creation of virtual reality and 360 experiences. Using React ensures the creation of everything for running smoothly on mobiles, virtual reality devices, and desktops. The goal of this library component is always amplification of the process of creating the complex virtual reality and 3D user interface. Similar to React VR, React 360 boasts an engagement experience to the users by utilizing the standard components and tools.

  14. Chakra UI
    The React component library is aimed at developers to spend less time writing code and more time building a fantastic User experience. Chakra UI better gives the modular, accessible and straightforward user interface components that you will need for building apps. The components are also accessible and follow the WAI-ARIA standards.

    You can just go with customizing the components easily to match the design specifications. You will have both the light and dark user interface, themes, and 49 components, including inputs, accordions, icons, and tooltips, to make it popular.

    The components are specifically designed with the composition as the primary goal. You can just go with the creation of the new components quickly. The community is also very active, and so you will get all kinds of help required whenever you are stuck.

  15. OnsenUI
    These days, companies are working with the development of cross-browser-compatible mobile. So as an app developer who has faced the pain of dealing with the device or operating system-based compatibility issues, you will find interest when you’re using OnsenUI.

    It is the best component library for React, utilizing JavaScript and HTML5. Besides, OnsenUI integrates with Angular, React, and Vue. You can rest assured that the component will be styling itself automatically based on the platform.

    The single source code ensures working both in Android and iOS. The collections of the elements use pure CSS. Yet, there are custom elements that will be helping you out in finding some detailing.

  16. Evergreen
    The React UI Framework by Segment is based on the design system that created ambitious building products on the web. The Evergreen component has 30+ components built on the top of a React UI primitive.

    Besides, it also comes with commonly usable patterns. You can get the default themes with Evergreen for reflecting the Segment’s current brand, and there is a classic theme for the first version of Evergreen.

    Getting access to the documentation and the resources is also easy. The Evergreen Figma library that is available in the Figma community makes it even better.

Key Takeaways

You have got the list of the most popular and fastest-growing React component libraries, all of which are available today with various support systems.

You’ve also got the look at the type of applications that fit best. So, before you’re planning to go with a React project, take time to review frameworks that can stay focused at saving you a ton of time during web or app development.