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What Are The New Beta Features In Android 11?

Beta Features in Android 11
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Sep 8 2020

Google has made an important announcement of Android 11 beta launch and released Android 11 Beta 2 and Beta 3, which is scheduled for release on September 8th 2020.

Last month Android 11 Beta 2 release introduced the final SDK, NDK, app-facing surfaces, non-SDK restrictions, platform behavior, etc.

Android 11 Beta 3 includes bug fixes while they prepare for a stable update. However, Google added a change to Android 11 in Beta 3 i.e., and now users need not turn on-location services for the apps using Exposure Notification System – ENS to work. Along with this, there are a few unannounced changes that can be seen after installing the update on a Pixel Device.

New Android 11 features of the Beta 2 version are ideally for Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 users. Anyone using any of these models and go ahead and install Android 11 beta features for testing purposes. Android allows users to get an update over the air by signing up for the Android Beta Program. Not only this, but Android also takes it to another level with the availability of downloadable packages for Pixel phones, which can be flashed using Android Flash Tools.

On the other side, the release of Android 11 Beta 3 does not have many changes as compared to the previous beta version. Regardless of the version, here is what we have found out.

What’s new in Android 11, and what can you expect from android 11 beta?

One of the most significant and essential transformations introduced in Android 11 Beta 2 is its platform stability reach. It means all the app-facing surfaces and behaviors are now final in Android 11. Further, this is not restricted only to the SDK and NDK APIs. However, it also enables final system behavior and the restrictions on non-SDK interfaces that might affect the apps’ functionality. Therefore, from Beta 2, you can expect compatibility updates and be sure that the platform won’t change.

As you may notice, Android 11 Beta 2 emphasizes more on the compatibility aspects. This scenario means Google wants to ensure that the beta version gives the developers enough time to check whether their apps are running smoothly.

  1. Updated Pixel Launcher

    Updated Pixel Launcher

    One of the significant changes you will not work in Android 11 Beta 2 is the updated Pixel Launcher, which does not have any transparency. You will notice the display toggle has been added to the display setting, allowing users to navigate from 60 to 90Hz for selected content easily.

  2. Screen Recording

    screen recording option on Android 11 in Beta 2

    The default screen recording option on Android 11 in Beta 2 comes allows users to record the screen as well as the device’s internal audio. This feature is in addition to the already existing audio recording from the microphone option. The new few features can be used to record the device’s audio as well as from the microphone.

  3. Bubble

    bubble feature in android 11

    Another new feature is launching a conversation in a bubble. So now, the Allow Apps to show bubble option is enabled by default, which shows all the conversations in bubbles. A list of apps supporting this particular feature comprises renowned names as of now e.g., Facebook, Messenger, and Google Messaging apps.

  4. Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

    Picture-in-Picture in Android 11 Beta 2

    Android 11 Beta 2 has also revised the Picture-in-Picture dimension criteria, as now the PiP window allows limited resize ability.

  5. Updated Media Player

    Updated Media Player in android 11

    The New Media Player is now moved to the Quick Settings Panel, so you do not have to go into the developer options menu to allow the new design. The latest ripple animation makes the user experience a treat while hitting the media player’s play/ pause button.

  6. Device Drop Monitor

    Android 11 Beta 2 came in with a pre-installed app called Device Drop Monitor that uses the in-built sensors to detect the drop of the device and log the freefall duration. Once the app identifies the fall, it triggers a notification to the user and requests them to fill in a survey and share more details about the drop/ accident. Google uses these findings to improve future Pixel device designs.

  7. Restriction on the third-party app for camera use

    This feature does not sound to be so interesting; however, Google claims that this feature restricts third-party apps from tracking your location. So, when a third-party app asks to use your camera, the latest version will push the app only to use the default camera even when you have a third-party camera app installed in your device.

    This restriction does not apply to Instagram, and users can still use the Instagram camera as earlier.

  8. DND and Notifications

    DND and Notifications

    To permit apps to notify you, the new Do Not Disturb feature gives you advanced choices to refine and allow apps and contacts to send you a notification.

    Google goes to a new level to send you silent notifications, ensuring to which notifications your phone grabs your attention and all this you can customize in your device.

  9. Smart Power Button Menu

    Smart Power Button Menu

    Google’s OS now features a Device Controls menu, which appears when you press the power button on your Android device. This feature gives you instant access to payment cards, smart home system controls, and other settings. This scenario makes it very clear that Android 11 will provide quick access for managing intelligent home gadgets right from your Android device’s convenience.

  10. Bunch of new Emoji

    new Emoji in android 11

    Google has come up with around 117 redesigned / new emoji’s, which are approved by Unicode Consortium. As Google is considering redesigning some of its emoji’s, we look forward to the final release.

  11. New Icon Shapes

    New Icon Shapes in android 11

    Users who got early access to Android 11 notice the new icon shapes, namely Vessel, TaperedRect, and Pebble. However, we are still not clear if these are just for the sake of change of design, or it also offers different functions.

  12. Improved Screen refresh time

    In Android 11, all the users will be able to set refresh rates for apps and games. This scenario will allow games to take advantage of phones, which has displays that function on faster refresh rates – hence improving the gaming experience.

Android 11 final release date is likely to be September 8th, 2020

As we already updated you on the android 11 beta release date in the earlier conversations. Android 11 beta 3 builds were released in August, and the final release for AOSP and ecosystem is scheduled for the last quarter of the year, and most likely, it will be September 8th, 2020.

As shared above, Google is now focusing on improving the stability of Android 11. And with the release of Beta 2 they have come up with a list of changes/ updates. The release of Beta 3 is more of working on fixing the bugs and enhancing the user experience. As we continue to dig into the latest version of the Android 11 final release and come up with some unannounced updates, we will soon share it with you. In the meantime, if you have not moved forward or started testing Android 11 beta features, now is a perfect time.

  • Grab your pixel 2 or any latest Google phone
  • Go to Android 11 Preview site
  • Tap on to “Enroll in the Android Beta Program”
  • Then the subsequent step is to sign in using the same Google account, and in some time you get a direct alert on your phone
  • Approve the update, and you are good to go. Follow the instructions on your phone screen, and install the Android 11 Beta.

Key Takeaways

So, these were important announcements of the android 11 beta launch and development features in android 11 beta. We at Technostacks will further update you on critical announcements and keep the conversations going. If you have any questions regarding this article or if you have a query related to any app developer issue then you can comment below or fill up the contact us form. We will reply to you with further assistance.