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How Augmented Reality Changing The Way Of Online Shopping For eCommerce Stores?

AR in ecommerce
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Jan 11 2020

There are so many emerging technologies out there, but AR stands apart from all of them. It is driving the eCommerce industry into an entirely new horizon and is striving to provide a better experience to the customers. AR in eCommerce has spiked customer’s interest, and their participation level has also increased. People these days are using AR under various fronts, and eCommerce is indeed making the most out of it. We will see a huge impact of the AR on Ecommerce in upcoming days.

Augmented Reality in online shopping can be very helpful. eCommerce stores have done shopping easy, it lacked the real in-store experience. When a customer steps into a clothing store, they will try all the dresses on themselves and pick one of them. But the situation in eCommerce stores is different. Customers have to choose by just looking at the dresses on models. This scenario, indeed, is a big issue.

AR Market Value Growth Statistics

Augmented reality impacts almost all industries and eCommerce is one of them. According to the report of statista.com, the AR market value was 3.5 billion USD in 2017 and it will be estimated to increased 198 billion USD in 2025. These statistics shows how AR can be helpful for the eCommerce industry.

Benefits Of AR in eCommerce

There are a lot of benefits of AR in ecommerce. Here you are going to look at some of those benefits.

    • Connected

The customers who get to see the virtual product in the form of the 2D image seems to be more connected to it than usual. For every business, it is vital to take their product into the customers and make them connect with it right! This entire thing is possible for companies with the help of AR. If they get to see the intensive view of eCommerce, they will be motivated to visit the shopping site more than once, and the conversion rate will eventually increase.

    • Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the most important things that drive the world. AR has become one of the fascinating things for people, and they are pretty excited to know how it works. Although curiosity brings them to your site, your products are the ones that will make them stay. You need to use this opportunity to provide better products and an excellent AR experience.

    • Accuracy

The AR, combined with 3D visualization, will help users in making accurate decisions. Let us consider that a user is shopping for a mobile online. In the 3D AR view, he or she will get to see how the mobile looks from various angles. They will know what they are paying for here, and the returns rate will be decreased exponentially. From mobiles to apparel, customers can see everything beforehand. This interactive experience will help customers in making the right choice.

    • Personalized Experience

As said earlier; the online shopping experience is not great when it comes to apparel. Users won’t be able to wear the dress and know how they look in it, and this is the reason why most of the people avoid shopping online for clothing, gowns, etc. But now, with AR, this situation can be changed. AR offers a pretty high-level customization options to the customers so that they can pick the outfits and check them on. The entire AR version will give them an idea of how they will look it the dress, and this feature makes it easy for them to shop.

    • Shopping Support

The online stores don’t have any salesperson, and users have to pick a product and place an order for it. This entire process is simple, but the lack of shopping support may hinder the online shopping experience for older adults. An AR virtual assistant will make shopping as this whole experience smooth and straightforward. This virtual assistant will give suggestions about the products, helps with checking out and all. People who are not familiar with the online shopping process can use this feature.

    • Integrating Real Images

The images that you see on eCommerce stores are the designs but not the real product, and this usually bothers the customers. But with the help of AR, the online stores will be able to project the actual image on the screen and show the same to the customer. Watching the real image online will surely spike interest in people.

    • Excellent Shopping Experience

The AR will help customers in more ways than you imagine. The customers will get a never before never after experience online with AR. Be it supporting staff or 3D imaging, their whole experience will be enhanced, and it will become even more useful. The brick and mortar kind experience is something that customers will always cherish, and with eCommerce giving that, the sales will surely increase.

    • Creative Storytelling

Putting up content on a website describing a product is well and good, but is it enough? No. Not every customer will have time or interest to read about the entire product online. If you keep a virtual new platform that describes the product and lets customers know about it effectively, you will be a step closer to the customers. A new kind of platform with everything in place is undoubtedly something that every customer would vouch for.

Use Cases of Augmented Reality in eCommerce

There are so many use cases of AR-based eCommerce. It has evolved into one of the key aspects to drive in traffic to retail stores. The future of augmented reality is going to develop even more with customer expectations.

    • Virtual Tryon

Tryon feature has become a key player in the retail industry as it is successful in driving traffic and turning that traffic into sales. It helps in driving cross channel traffic and attract the shoppers too. When it comes to the user’s perspective, the VR provides a more productive and better experience for customers. The latest VR tries on solutions are acting as a great marketing option and will attract more buyers too. Jewelry, watches, furniture, shoes, clothes, and various other options are available in the market already.

    • Body Measurement App

The body measurement app is intended to provide the customer with a perfectly fitted dress for their body. This AR solution is indeed a better way to measure the fitting of the body. This case is a revolution in the eCommerce world. No matter what kind of wearable’s you shop online, fitting is a problem. Some of them are perfect for your body, while some of them are not. Classifying the right ones from wrong is not an easy task. The body measurement apps will give users an option to try a product that fits them accurately and the ones that they can rely on upon without any worries.

    • AR Manual

The AR user manual will demonstrate users how to use the appliances with the help of a practical guide. Usually, when someone buys a device online, they will get a manual with all the installation, usage details in it. People have to read those manuals and use the appliances. Now AR manuals are going to replace these usual manuals, and people will get a virtual guide who will explain to them what to do step by step rather than them reading online. This complete step by step guide is an excellent benefit for the users. They just have to scan the barcode present on the appliance, and they will get a virtual assistant who will explain to them all the things. This way, the mishaps in appliances will be reduced.

Future Of AR In eCommerce

The future of AR in eCommerce is pretty solid. With the improvements in technology, it will bring in even more changes to the online store, making it even more useful. People are investing in the eCommerce and AR market more because they believe that it will change the entire customer experience. Games like Pokemon Go have already proven how people will embrace this AR feature, and hence the companies are planning to make the most out of it now.

AR Projects Portfolio in eCommerce | AR Ecommerce examples

Technostacks is an AR app development company, and it has delivered AR-based eCommerce solutions. One of its projects includes Augmented Reality Solution for a Watch App. The client with an eCommerce platform enabled customers to explore and purchase a premium collection of Rolex watches online. We at Technostacks have updated this watch selling application version 2.0 with new functionalities and features.

The mobile application was categorized into three models, which comprised of a retailer’s App, customer’s App, and administrative panel. The new appealing stuff in this 2.0 version is that it is completely modernized with the augmented reality solutions. The customers can test and look at watches on their hands in real-time without wearing it in reality. The users with AR functionality can wear marker (template watch) on their wrist and scan that marker for checking-out the watches on a real-time basis. Another major update is that the customers can now assess the watches without wearing a marker on their wrists. Also, customers will be able to alter the watch faces as well as the straps. This feature will assist customers to try a variety of watch combinations on their wrist.

The technology stack involved in this project by Technostacks comprised of a native android app – android studio, Java, Native iOS app – Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, AR SDK – Kudan, PHP – Codeigniter, Laravel, and MySQL as database.

Moving Forward

Nowadays, many customers prefer brick and mortar stores above eCommerce ones for some or the other reason, but the AR will change this entire paradigm in quick time. With AR features, customers can get many benefits and added advantages, which we discussed above.

AR is a new and exciting way to shop by exploring the online space and enjoying the new challenges. It has transformed the retail stores into an advanced eCommerce shopping space. Technostacks is a leading AR app development company, and it has successfully delivered many AR-based eCommerce solutions in swift time.