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How Mobile Apps Are Benefits Retail Businesses

benefits of mobile app for retail
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Jul 24 2019

It is now apparent that everything can go mobile and this opinion even applies to retail businesses. The latest research showcases that American consumers invest around 3 hrs and 40 minutes each day on their mobile-based devices. A step further, we are likely to see that 85 percent to 90 percent of the time on mobile will be used up in exploring apps.

Coming back to retail business, the large scale retailers such as Wal-Mart are seen acquiring e-commerce firms like Jet.com. The giant retailer investing $3 billion makes clear that retail and the digital era have merged. The news is that Wal-Mart will utilize Jet.com’s technical resources in improving its customer service that is registered and using the Wal-Mart applications.

Revolution of Mobile apps for Retail Industry

The mobile uprising has transformed the way retailers can work together with their consumers. There is no call to depend on billboards and print advertisements when you can do it more resourcefully using a mobile application.

Additionally, mobile augmentation has brought a high-level impact on the buying habits of the customers. They can now match prices, search for other service providers, track products, and explore other buyers’ reviews just with a tap on their smartphones.

Why is a Mobile App Useful for Retail Business?

Today, mobile commerce is maturing at such as speed that it will outdo all other sorts of e-commerce or retail engagements. It is predicted that M-commerce transactions will lead to more than half of all online purchases by the year 2021. The retailers can hire resources for retail mobile app development to increase their revenue and customer engagement.

The Key Benefits of having a Mobile App for Retail Business


  • Make Online Shopping Simpler



Smartphones are progressively relied on for shopping requirements. For a lot of consumers, smartphones are now the foremost screen they utilize when exploring the internet. Consumers now utilize their mobile phones for their shopping options in many shifting perspectives. This list includes shopping in-store; exploring product reviews, discover new products and more.

There are multiple ways a retailer can make shopping simpler through a mobile application by:

1) Offering customer reviews on services and products;
2) Enabling coupon redemption using a mobile app;
3) Providing store location information;
4) Marketing through in-store promotions as well as events; and
5) Empowering users to track orders and distribution updates


    • Enhances Business and Brand Visibility


Exploring the market research figures, you will find that mobile usage by both professionals and common consumers are increasing rapidly.

While not all of them are utilizing the applications for similar reasons, however, these massive numbers clearly display that there is a full-size market of people online who like to utilize mobile app solutions because of their tailored service offerings.

As smartphones remain in the hands of people, a devoted retailer app enables you to get their awareness in a way that no conventional marketing tool can go with.

Whenever a smartphone user who has installed your mobile app opens the phone, they will see your app. This continuous advertisement boosts business visibility assisting to recall your brand whenever they are searching to purchase a product that your company markets.

This amplified brand visibility will boost the overall sales with outcomes of increased profits for your organization.


    • Saves Resources and Money on Infrastructure


If you weigh against the cost for retail mobile application development with having to pay rent for an offline office or store, then you will realize better ROI in the first option. Further, you will conclude that sales and marketing efforts for a brick and mortar store are more costly in comparison to the same applied for a mobile app.


    • 24×7 Availability and Automated


One of the finest advantages of an out-and-out mobile application for a retail business is that it lends a hand to keep your business operating 24 x 7.

A retail application can make your business completely automated so that you don’t have to oversee any of the in hand transactions that are conducted through your online business.

The automation of your online business application will assist you to offer enhanced services to the end customers with the help of innovative technologies. These technologies comprise but are not limited to virtual assistants and having automated chatbots which perk up your new as well as repeat business.

Some Mobile App Features that can assist Retailers

In order to stay pertinent, retailers must use the following significant features for their retail store mobile application.


  • Swift Response and Registration Procedure



In this busy time, customers need quick responses from the technology they use or they will switch without even waiting for a second. They don’t like unresponsive applications or complicated registration or payment procedures. Mobile apps modernize and automate the necessary e-commerce procedures. With a superior application, payment details can be used securely, and a solitary fingertip is able to fluently make an online purchase.

Even the registration procedure for your mCommerce application must be straightforward and uncomplicated. Today, customers require full convenience, and having a prolonged, time-consuming registration procedure will turn them off. If your mobile app requires more consumers’ information from likely users, make sure to trim down insignificant details to keep hold of attention in your application.


    • Multi-payment and Currency Support


The primary concept of making your smartphone to explore and involve product sales is to localize your online business which in return can reach to an extensive user base. A mobile app with multiple payments and currency support can easily localize your retail business. With many accepted online payment methods, it is significant to recognize what the buyer chooses and how valuable the solution is to meet future needs.


    • Enabling New Age Push Notifications


Retailers now let consumers opt in to push notifications for communicating helpful information, sales offers and discounts on their mobile phones and tablets. With the opt-in model of push notifications retailers offers customers empowerment in relation to the marketing campaigns they want to receive. This is a massive benefit that makes retail mobile apps to any how meet the customer expectations otherwise they will promptly delete your app without thinking much.

The other trendiest mobile apps features for retail industry which are highly useful include Geolocation function, QR-codes scanning, Beacon technology, mobile point of sale and customer loyalty programs.

Key Takeaways

Above were the significant reasons why your retail business needs a mobile app. Retailers simply must account for this change to track online or offline shopper mentality since anyone can become a key customer from the comfort of his or her smartphone. A sophisticated and customer-friendly app is a great way for retailers to entice a potential customer to be receptive to their brand message.

So, mobile apps are turning more and more essential for diverse retail businesses. If you want to keep your business relevant to upcoming trends and technologies, you should step up for a custom retail mobile application development solution.

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