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9 Ways Mobile Apps Can Benefit Event Management Business

Mobile Apps For Event Management
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Feb 9 2021

The future is mobile is a fact. The size of the computer is getting smaller and smaller from the time it was invented to the extent that now we can hold it in our hands. Mobile browsing has now turned out to be our core foundation of computing, beating desktop computer browsing. You may be quite wondering how all this is closely related to event management. Even the most experienced individuals face difficulty when it comes to mastering event management.

However, technology in today’s time is no joke. We have systems that are easy to navigate and simple to access with great use. Mobile apps are dogged to transform the means we look at event management. By understanding the tools available, we can not only simplify our event but also stay ahead of the competition.

Why is an event app important?

Event planners have understood that mobile apps are inevitable to take the event experience to the subsequent level. Most event planners use mobile apps for event management, such as meetings and other events. Attendees find event management apps suitable and appealing. Apart from reducing printing costs, event management apps empower organizers to gather data and open more doors to a sponsorship opportunity.

Organizers can maintain track of the whereabouts of attendees by using an event app. It also helps to present attendees with an insightful and personal choice to routine program brochures and to connect with them in a more clear-cut manner. Event apps influence the most excellent features and functionality of mobile devices and merge those with unique touch-points, interaction abilities, and data compilation opportunities to improve the worth of even a small conference for all of the participants.

The era of connectivity

A recent study says that mobile users spend over 3 hours a day on mobile apps. Well, that’s where your attendees are. To be present in front of your participants is really important in the era of connectivity, or else you’re losing the game. Organizers need to have event management mobile apps to keep up with the trends. The end goal is to make your event stand out.
Thus it is a must to have custom apps for event planners.

Benefits of event management app

Having an event app is an unconditional necessity for your event. Event apps bring additional worth not only for your attendees, but also for your sponsors, speaker, and lastly for the coordinator, to get more insight, boost the ROI of your event and save your valuable marketing money.

Choosing to get the right event app is based on various factors such as cost, advantages, and sufficiency. So let’s look at how event management mobile apps can make your job of planning an event less taxing:

  1. Team management
    There are a group of people who are caught up to organize an event,including event managers, admin, onsite coordinator, and email marketer. An event management app helps to allocate the chore to the concerned person making room for clear communication. It is also useful to analyze the time taken for each task and the progress made on it. Thus it is a great way to keep everyone informed about the on goings.
  2. Cost-effective
    Do you want to get your work done at a low cost? Having a sustainable event management app is the new trend this season. A custom app for an event planner can cost much less than the amount spent on printing leaflets, signage, and enrolment forms, and other material required. Thus you’ll save a decent amount as well as save paper. Also, last minute changes to the event can be notified to people via push notifications.Also, read here about how much it cost to develop and build an event app.
  3. Supervise numerous events effortlessly.
    One of the most important benefits of event management apps is that multiple events can be managed simultaneously. After you’re done with forecasting a line of attack, you can input the data and automate the tasks and status of your events.
  4. Enhance attendee commitment
    When a person pays for a ticket for the event, he becomes a registrant, but it does not give confirmation of him attending your event. This scenario is most real for events that are free. Here comes another reason to have an app for event planning. It helps to keep the registrants up to date by sending those planned reminders, newsletters, and messages. During the event, live polling helps to keep your audience occupied and alert.
  5. Automating check-in
    Another benefit of an event management app is that it is a one-stop destination for event planners. Having deployed a mobile check-in app is of great advantage. It helps to deal with multiple matters all at once, such as registrants who haven’t paid, online attendees, last minute attendees, and attendees who want to buy merchandise. Having a mobile check-in app saves you a lot of trouble at significant events.
  6. Facilitate networking
    The majority of attendees participate in an event with the intent to network and make new connections. Make sure that the event app deployed by you provides a networking platform that has built-in features such as activity stream and attendee profile, which makes it simpler for attendees to network smoothly.
  7. Find real-time analytics
    There is always an opportunity for enhancement and improvement for everything. Well, the same applies to event management mobile apps. Such apps give you real-time event analytics to make changes to the app, enhance the user experience, and measure whether your events are going on the right path. Such learning gives useful insight into further happenings.
  8. No Stress More TimeA question that may pop into our mind would be how are mobile apps helpful for event management? Well, Event Planning is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of activities that need to be executed well to make the event a success. Mobile apps with the use of technology make our task planning and management a lot easier.
  9. Helps to boost revenue
    What makes a high-quality event management app outstanding is its customization. A custom app for event planners will go a long way in
    creating an excellent first impression of your mobile app in the minds of prospective attendees. From the types of tickets to the forms and landing page, everything catches the eye at first sight.A renowned software development company like Technostacks makes sure to create a unique app for you to leave a long-lasting impression on diverse visitors. Most of the time, it is this first impression that is the deciding factor for people if they want to get the tickets for the event or not. Marketing the event, influencing data, and capture behavior behind the scene helps to boost ROI.

Moving Forward
An event app not only makes your addressees glue to your event but also transforms a normal experience into a captivating one. On the grounds of an event app’s widespread listing of benefits, any organizer would like to get an app for their event.
So, if you are convinced to invest in an event app with a multitude of lively features, Technostacks should be your next destination. Technostacks is a top mobile application development company and has proven experience in building custom event apps. Contact us for technology consulting and event app development.