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Best Golang Frameworks For Programmers in 2022-2021

Best Golang Frameworks
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Jul 7 2020

This blog is updated on 6 December 2021.

Since its introduction in the technology market, Golang (Google’s Go Programming Language) has turned as a sturdy and popular choice to write APIs as well as develop web services. The mainstream users have a preference for this one of the most programming languages right after its launch.

After many surveys, almost 90% of the total respondents decided that they will go forward with Golang in their next set of projects. In terms of unique features and a better alternative, Golang has ranked the utmost framework across all web programming languages.

If we explore more details, it could be concluded that development languages C and C++ are the ancestors of the existing Go language. It is similar in temperament with almost all the applications and is designed exclusively for concurrency, making it a practical and go-to web framework for all app development companies.

Help Build Adept, Reliable, and Undemanding Software Solutions

Further, Golang supports native metaphors for some programming and valuable features for web services. As a compiled programming language and open-source, it assists developers in building trustworthy and unchallenging software.

10 Most Popular Golang frameworks For Web Development

Go programming language

Being used for developing APIs, developers further use Goland frameworks to build a REST API. Here are the Golang frameworks for programmers.

  1. Gin Gonic

    Gin Gonic is a leading Google’s Golang web application framework, which is considered as a minimalistic framework. The framework possesses the most needed libraries and features and is regarded as the best option if you are getting commenced with Golang.

    Meanwhile, discussing the web framework from a prominent development company can bring you the best of its acquaintance and clarity for seamless work.

    The framework is simpler to deal with when it comes to monitoring or tracking problems or debugging and is swifter than most of the other platforms.

    • The framework is highly suitable for building high performing REST APIs
    • It uses HTTP routers for managing Golang traffic
    • For precise documentation, it works with straightforward design rules
  2. Gorilla

    The biggest of Google’s top Golang Framework, Gorilla, rationalizes its names in the application development community. It is the most prolonged web framework that flawlessly caters to the net/HTTP library’s reusable elements and components.

    So, when it comes to the most exceptional web framework for Golang, Gorilla facilitates –

    • Modularity and scalability as its prime features
    • By comprising and enabling new extensions, modules, drop packages, the problem to settle with outdated functionalities will never come up
    • Backed right from native support to WebSockets, this framework has the prospective to go beyond currently positioned requests
  3. Martini

    It works like a precise ecosystem instead of a framework and thus can be effortlessly integrated with 3rd party support and additionally being light throughout. The web framework is also supple to enlarge the abilities apart from handling loads of functions with minimum overheads in the process.

    By being extremely scalable, the framework is built for writing Golang services and building compelling web applications.

    Martini has the complete potential to,

    • Enable requirements such as routing, exception dealing, and usual tricks for doing middleware further providing backing for wildcards, variable parameters, regex structure, and much more to offer.
    • Delivering so much, Martini is the most perfect Golang web application framework among the existing community. The community is small but extremely active and has around 20+ plugins on its side.
  4. Buffalo

    Among all the other Golang Frameworks used for Web Development, Buffalo is quite a useful framework for getting initiated with your project swiftly. Further, it is used as an integrated web development ecosystem, which is helpful for diverse projects.

    Among most leading web frameworks, Buffalo is highly known for –

    • Being simple and really speedy for building web applications by catering to the requirements of backend and frontend app development. So, it is regarded as the top backend framework and effective option for frontend too.
    • The hot reloading features of Buffalo framework with dev command automatedly observe .html as well as .go files for rebuilding and reinitiating the binary.
  5. Goji

    Goji is quite lightweight and swift Golang Framework for Web Development by being the precise blend of straightforwardness and composing abilities.

    By being lightweight and swift, the web framework is the ideal selection by the absolute number of mobile app development companies and firms working on different web projects.

    The framework explores and works after –

    • Like net/HTTP ServeMux, which possesses minimalistic HTTP request multiplexer
    • Apart from having additional productive features, Goji comprises URL patterns, re-configurable middleware stack, and seamless shutdown abilities.
  6. Revel

    When it comes to feature Google’s Golang web frameworks, ultimately, Revel ranks as one of the top frameworks on the list. And it is one of the latest Golang frameworks for web developers.

    The reasons for the same are as below –

    • It comes with arrays of pre-configured innovative features and functionalities that are meant for most optimal usage
    • The framework does not need looks for configuration and setup obligation
    • Different than other Go language frameworks, as it is entirely self-sufficient, Revel is liberated to middleware and 3rd party plugins
    • One of the best frameworks of Google’s Golang, Revel is the one-stop solution for building API irrespective of the multifaceted task
  7. Beego

    In some aspects, we found that Beego is analogous to the inclusive Django web framework intended for Python. It steers an exclusive array of functionalities and features which are common to web applications. Further, it is organized into eight diverse modules which can be avoided or used as needed.

    Apart from the wide-ranging MVC components which appear in the utmost web frameworks, it moreover includes an ORM (Object-Relationship Map) to access information and data, session management tools, and in-built cache handler. This further includes libraries for joint operations and HTTP elements, components, as well as diverse logging systems.

    Beego is another way indicative of Django in its different command-line tools. For illustration, a developer can use bee command for building Beego apps from scratch or manage with the current ones.

    Apart from these functionalities, Beego is familiar and competent of –

    • CL (Command Line) tools similar to Django
    • Building powerful applications right from scratch or the middle of the present ones
    • A bee command is all it takes to get in full swing with any project
  8. Mango

    It is not maintained actively; however, several Golang users still use it. The modularity is the marvelous thing as regards to this web framework. You can decide on from diverse libraries to have different features in your project.

    Mango framework assists you to build and create reusable modules of HTTP functionality as effortlessly and rapidly as possible. Moreover, it includes a list of applications and middleware into one HTTP server object for sustaining your code as self-directed.

    The recognition of Mango framework is the outcomes of –

    • For all categories of web development projects, Mango enables app developers to select on stuff from an option of libraries which makes things quite simpler
    • So in the process, the Mango framework facilitates developers to work with HTTP-based modules quite swiftly and straightforwardly
    • For keeping codes independent and productive, it works with a list of applications as well as middleware
  9. Gocraft

    Another sturdy but old school framework is Gocraft that offers scalable and swift routing functions. Routing is added as functionality by it to the HTTP or net package from the benchmark library.

    It is a Go mux tailor middleware package that possesses reflection and casting abilities, so you can statically type your application code.

    Besides, you can create your own or add additional functionality with the current in-built middleware. As programmers offer the most precedence to the performance, Gocraft is a remarkable alternative for them. Further, it is quite easy to create and write backend web apps with the use of the Gocraft framework.

    So, Gocraft is the blend and enables –

    • Mobile application developers with in-built middleware and get easy access to attach further functionality to it
    • When it comes to the peak API performance, there is no superior selection than Gocraft
    • Supports custom middleware package, so it can have power over reflection and casting competence for dealing with codes
  10. Web.go

    Web.go is quite light in weight at the end of the list and comes under the class of Google’s simplest Golang web frameworks. It is straightforward, and one of the top Golang frameworks delivers added functionalities with the tree-routing system.

    If, in any use case, you are implementing and working on a project that needs routing, then Web.go can be proven just the correct option.

Hire Golang Developers to Advance your Business

These were significant Golang Frameworks for web developers. Incorporate the superior Golang web development and mobile app development techniques into your organization to mark your presence in this competitive technology space. Utilize all the possible services of this commanding language and build the top Golang applications to lift up your current business’s success rate.

Key Takeaways

So, these are the 10 Golang Web Frameworks in 2022 that can be utilized for the Golang language. All frameworks described here have a set of functions and features to experiment in your upcoming projects.

These are the most chosen Google’s Go language frameworks for going ahead with your web and mobile app development projects. Before selecting the best one out of the list, ensure understanding the project’s needs first or connect with our technical specialists for an in-depth understanding of their functionalities.

If you already have a project in hand and want to build something robust with Go web frameworks, you can definitely try any one of the above ten frameworks or contact Technostacks at any time with your project requirements. Our professional team is always ready to lend a hand with advanced technology experience, talent, and skill-sets.