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How Are Online Pharmacy Apps Helpful for Offline Pharmacy Stores?

Benefits Of Online Pharmacy Apps
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Jun 22 2021

Medicine is life-support. So, like every other online shopping application, mobile applications in healthcare are the need of the hour. They are especially essential during such times when the world is facing a pandemic situation. People need medicine, but they can’t step out to purchase it.

However, online pharmacies are now available 24X7. People can order anytime, and the medicine will be delivered to their doorstep. These are the situations when we truly understand the advantages of pharmacy apps.

How are pharmacy apps important to society?

Pharmacies apps are important to society as they provide opportunities to book medicines 24/7. It reduces the time and energy of the customers by not coming to Pharmacy stores and buying medicines.

Also, you can get a discount on pharmacy mobile apps and it will be cheaper than offline stores. The medicines delivered to your door stop so it will reduce the human interaction which is more crucial in pandemic situations.

What is the pharmacy app?

Pharmacy apps or online pharmacies are mobile applications that allow customers to buy medicine online. Despite being comparatively new in the market, online pharmacy apps benefit over offline pharmacy stores. This is not entirely shocking because of the wide range of advantages of Pharmacy apps.

These apps are advantageous for the customers, but they provide numerous selling and marketing advantages to pharmacists.

How can apps be useful for Pharmacists?

Pharmacy apps, just like any other eCommerce app, help pharmacists in increasing their customer base and keep an eye on their competition. As more and more people leverage these apps to order medicine online, it becomes easier for sellers to maintain a record of their purchase history and assist the patients if needed. To understand why these apps are gaining popularity, let us discuss the benefits of online pharmacy apps in detail.

How are online pharmacies better than offline pharmacies?

  1. Online Pharmacies allow better marketing
    In the growing age of digitalization, it is much easier to reach a wider group of people than in the offline world. As per the livemint research, average time spent on smartphone up 25% to 6.9 hours amid pandemic. Besides, it is easier to promote and advertise an online pharmacy using various social media platforms. You can send regular product updates to your clients using email and SMS automation. This way, your customers will know whether the medicine they were looking for is available or not. If a customer is not happy with your services, you can apologize and offer them a discount code to satisfy them and establish long-term customer relationships.
  2. Pharmacy apps help you gain more customers
    Another way in which a pharmacy app benefits over an offline pharmacy is because you can reach out to more customers. The only way people will know about your offline pharmacy is when they buy something from it. However, as mentioned above, online pharmacies allow better marketing. People can get to know about your pharmacy from any social media platform. The customer reviews in your pharmacy app can help attract even more customers.
  3. Pharmacists can collect user feedback
    Pharmacists with offline stores are just selling. They have no means of knowing whether their medicines are chemically correct and are working for their customers. In online pharmacies, customers can provide feedback about the products they purchase. This way, pharmacists would know if their service is up to the mark or needs improvements.
  4. Enhanced Patient assistance
    Pharmacy apps allow pharmacists to sell medicines and allow them to connect with the patients. They have many features to track a patient’s purchase journey and provide them any assistance they might need in emergency cases.
  5. Inventory and client database management
    One can only imagine how difficult it must be to arrange those long shelves of medicines. However, this isn’t the case for online pharmacies. Inventory management is an admin feature in the pharmacy apps that allows pharmacists to keep track of the products available with them, add incoming drugs, change prices and much more.
  6. Customer database management
    While online pharmacies struggle to maintain detailed customer records, online pharmacies can do that easily. These details help to improve the products and services a pharmacy can provide.

Online pharmacy Vs. Offline Pharmacy

Up until now, we only discussed how online pharmacies are advantageous for pharmacists. However, online pharmacies have many more advantages when doing this comparison, i.e., E- Pharma vs. Offline Pharmacy.

  • Buyer-focused features
    Most pharmacy apps have great buyer-focused features that allow users to easily search and locate the exact meds they are looking for. Features such as a personal user account, a detailed catalogue of medicines available, and smart search helps in many ways. Some pharmacy apps even allow users to upload their doctor’s prescription to their personal account in the app. This makes it easy for him to search for the medicine they are looking for.
  • Online Pharmacies are informative
    No offline pharmacists will tell each and every detail about the medicines they are buying. However, in online pharmacies, the customer can read every little detail about their buying drugs. Sometimes, a customer is unaware that a particular medicine may be harming him and still continues to take it because their doctor prescribed it. With online pharmacies, customers can look for similar symptoms and understand how medications may affect them. This prevents various drug allergies among the patients.

Which app is good for pharmacy?

PriceMyPills, established in 2018, is an online pharmacy that aims at providing affordable medication to all its customers. The platform has collaborated with many nearby pharmacies, and the user can choose from where they want their medicines. This allows even the smaller pharmacies to stand in competition with reputed pharmacies and improve their services.

On the other hand, customers have more options to compare and choose from because the pharmacies bid their best prices for an individual medication.

Another important advantage is that PriceMyPills has a very transparent model, and every tiny detail is known to the patient. Similarly, the patient can share their prescription and any other details they need to the pharmacy they are buying from. Again, this helps in better understanding and better trust between both parties.

Key Takeaways

Medicines are important to help and treat patients irrespective of where they come from. Everyone must have access to them. Online pharmacies are a way to ensure that. They offer numerous benefits to both pharmacists and customers.

The detailed information available in the pharmacy apps helps the user make an informed decision and prevent any drug infections that may arise due to the intake of the wrong medication. Pharmacy apps are the future of medication and improve the way pharmacies operate and sell to a large extent.

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