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Food Delivery App Development Cost Estimation & Required Features

Food Delivery App Development Cost
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Dec 19 2019

The on-demand food delivery apps are on the rise these days. In the previous article we discussed how to make a food ordering app and in this article, we are going to discuss how much it costs to develop a food delivery app.

People usually love food and comfort, and these delivery apps are providing them with both of these things. These food delivery apps are an instant hit now, and the number of companies that are involved in the food delivery app business is increasing.

If you are someone who wants or requires getting a food app developed, then this article is for you. You will get to see the cost estimation of the food delivery app and the factors that influence this cost.

Worldwide Online Food Delivery Sector Growth Statistics

online food delivery statista growth report

As per Statista, The amount collected from the online food delivery sector in 2019 is $1,07,438m USD and it is expected to reach $1,64,002m by 2024 with annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2024) of 8.8%. These statistics show that online food delivery will be booming in the upcoming years.

Cost Estimation For Food Delivery App

How much does it actually or really costs to build a food delivery app like Swiggy, Zomato or Ubereats? Specifically, this will be the first question that you will have in mind, right!

The cost to develop a food delivery app will be around $6,500 to $11,000. If you want to add advanced features in your android or iOS app then the price may go high as $35000 to $40000. Most of the india based app development companies will charge $25 to $49 hourly basis whereas in USA, the hourly charges rate is $150 to $170. This is the big reason why most of the USA based businesses approach indian companies for app development.

The pricing here is a bit higher when compared to the pricing of a restaurant app development. There are so many factors and functions that influence this pricing model. Here is the list of features that affect the actual pricing of food delivery app development.

Note:- The pricing mentioned above may change as per your app requirement and complexity.

Factors That Influence The Food Delivery App Development Cost

There are diverse factors that affect the development cost. Let’s see one by one.

Development Agency and Location

The pricing of app development varies from one agency to another, and this is a pretty standard norm. Some agencies offer these services at a relatively lower price than some other agencies, but you need to focus on quality rather than the agency here. Because some agencies provide low-quality apps and they lure clients touting cheap app development. In such cases, you will face huge loses, so you must be careful about the type of agency that you are choosing to get food delivery app developed.

The location of the agency also matters a lot in this issue. For example, the food delivery app development cost in India is less compared to the price in America and other european countries. This scenario is the reason why so many American companies outsource their app development requirements to India. The region of development agency is going to play a significant role in such situations.

App Upgradation

A food delivery app needs to be updated from time to time with new features and by adding further discounts and offers too. This app upgrade is significant when it comes to the pricing of development. Depending upon the type of upgrade, the pricing of an app will be decided.

Custom Restaurant Table Booking App Portfolio

Pre-App Marketing

It is crucial to tout your product before it hits the public. If you are new to the food delivery business and want people to know about your app, then you must run a campaign regarding the same. This pre-app marketing will help customers in understanding your services, and it is something that you need. Depending upon the type of pre-app marketing strategy that you opt for, your app development price can be estimated.

UI UX Design

The UI and UX will help in constructing a practical face for your app. You need to understand how important these are from the user’s point of view. The interface of the app must be user-friendly so that it becomes easy for the users to order the food items that they want online. They are going to play a crucial role in deciding the pricing of your food delivery application.

App Platform

Some apps are built only for iOS or Android, and then some apps are made for both of them. The platform here includes the cost that you pay for the Apple Store or Google PlayStore for hosting your application too. The platform that you choose will have a high impact on the entire price of app development. If you are really planning to launch your app on both iOS and Android platforms, then you should go with Hybrid app development. This way you can cut some development costs.

Features of Food Delivery App

Features present in a delivery app are the deciding factor for the pricing. There are a total of three panels involved in the app, and all the elements present in these panels will affect the food delivery app development cost. If you want advanced or modernized features, you have to pay a bit more than usual. Here are the features that are going to increase the development cost.

User Panel

    • Login

Users have to log in to their accounts via social media channels, email, or with their mobile numbers. The report will save up delivery addresses; cards added by a particular user and will also reward them.

    • Location

The app should be capable of using a mobile GPS system and provide a list of restaurants that are closer to the user along with all the other ones from where the user can order food.

    • Home Page

The home page will consist of all the restaurants that are present in town from where food can be delivered. Along with the restaurant, any offer that comes along with it will also be mentioned on the home page.

    • Menu

Whenever a user clicks on a particular restaurant, the restaurant’s menu, along with the images of food and price, will come on the screen. This menu will be divided into parts for easy navigation of the user.

    • Cart and Payment Section

This is where the users will add the items, and they will be redirected to a secured payment gateway.

    • Delivery Tracking

Delivery tracking is one of the exciting features that delivery apps have.

All these features are mandatory for every food delivery app, and their costs will be added to the development cost.

Restaurant Panel

    • Dashboard

A home page where restaurateurs will keep track of the pending orders, orders confirmed, etc. This scenario is where they will have complete information in hand.

    • Accepting or Declining Orders

The restaurant can either take the order or decline it depending upon the availability of products, etc.

    • Restaurant Account

This is like a database for the restaurant where they store menu, images of the food items, restaurant logo, etc. All the information regarding the restaurant will be available here.

    • Payment

All the amounts that were processed via card, PayPal, or any other digital wallet will be saved here.

These are the four critical features that every restaurant panel should have. You can also provide revenue reports for restaurants if needed.

Delivery Boy Panel

    • Login

Every delivery boy will have their own credentials.

    • Order Request

When any customer places an order, it is auto allotted for the delivery boys depending upon their location. Once an order is placed, the boy will get an order request.

    • Order Delivery

Once the order is delivered, the delivery boy should update the status. There are different statuses like food packing, ordering on the way, etc. and delivery boy should update at every step.

    • Order History

This is the history of orders that a person has done. This scenario will help them in keeping track of things.

    • GPS

GPS feature to know the exact address of the customer.

    • Calling Option

The delivery boy should be able to call directly from the delivery app only and contact the customer. The customer will also be provided with a delivery boy number for contact.

    • Push Notifications

The delivery boy will get notified when a customer places an order; they will also get notifications from the admin panel.

    • In-App Wallet

The delivery boy can be paid directly in the app only by adding the in-app wallet feature. This scenario will make it easy to track the deliveries and make payment accordingly.

    • Withdrawal of Payment

This feature goes hand in hand with the in-app wallet. The delivery boys can use this feature to withdraw the payment into their bank accounts via this feature.

    • Online Support

If any problem arises with food delivery or anything else, the online support feature will help them in getting in touch with their team.

Moving Forward

These are the main features that are present in the delivery boy panel. Now an app needs to have all the features mentioned above together. These are the main features that every food delivery app needs, and all of them are going to increase the food delivery app development cost.

The future of the online food delivery app is pretty secure right now, and people are looking for options that provide the utmost comfort. If you are planning on getting an app developed for you, then these are the things that will cost you money.

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