Internet of Things is one of the most talked out technologies in recent time. The popularity and implementation of IoT in nearly 4 or 5 years now have turned out as a sorted out trend. These technologies have changed the way we look at the world and the way we communicate. Connecting so many things directly to our mobile or any other smart device and operating it with the help of cloud support is something that we have to implement and deploy for useful results.

The Gartner’s Research Project on IoT

As per one of the Gartner Research projects, the number of connected things has been increased to 14.2 billion in 2019, and it will go up to 25 billion by the year 2021. Nearly 127 new IoT devices are connected to the internet every day and aren’t this something that you have to know about this technology used in your business.

Statista report IoT devices worldwide

According to the report of, the total installed base of the Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is projected to amount to 75.44 billion worldwide by 2025, a fivefold increase in ten years.

The Evolvement of IoT Technology

This is how swiftly the IoT technology is improving and continuously evolving. There are so many things about this technology that are making a more significant impact on different industries and corporate sectors with time. As technology is enhancing, it is making so many things simpler, more straightforward, and easier in diverse marketplaces.

In this blog post, we will explore and check out such exciting and interesting IoT trends that you have to watch out for in the year 2019.

1) Data Security through IoT Technology

There is no denial in saying that data security is an Achilles heel in IoT technology. Internet of things majorly revolves around only one thing, and that is data. The data is sent from one device to another; it is stored, analyzed, and observed. Despite being a very important factor to manage, there is no proper security for the data in IoT.

But current IoT trends are indicating that this thing is going to change. The researchers and developers are trying a lot in order to provide proper data security for the IoT and by the IoT too. Yes, if everything goes well, this IoT technology will also help with the data management too. This is going to be a massive and innovative trend in the IoT world.

There are so many organizations out there that are already using the blockchain technology to provide security for their IoT devices. This indeed is welcoming. A new and decentralized system is being built, which is going to be a remarkable industrial IoT trend in 2019. The IoT technology and usage of blockchain for security is going to bring in some major and impactful changes in the industry. They indeed are something to watch out for in 2019.

2) Better Data Convergence and Analysis

Internet of Things is not only about changing our lifestyle and making it easy, but it also concentrates mainly on the data part too. Everything that we say to IoT or converse with the help of it is stored in the form of big chunks of data. The Big Data is a platform which will store all the data and support huge demands for large scale storage. It also helps in performing the required investigations which will help in extracting all the advantages of IoT.

Although there is a cloud for storing space, it may misbehave without proper support and storing huge amounts of data isn’t easy either. This is the rationale why it has become imperative for IoT to work along with the Big Data and use it for storing up all the data that it collects.

Another important thing that we have to consider here is the analysis of data. All the data that one collects with the help of IoT and various other technologies must be analyzed, and this is where you will observe the biggest industrial IoT trends 2019. AI will merge with IoT to provide even simpler and better analytics for the users. This is something that will change the way we are living now. Machine learning artificial intelligence technology, along with IoT, can completely influence the way we communicate and create a greater impact on this world.

3) Cloud Computing and IoT

IoT is nothing but a technology that encourages communication between devices with the help of the internet. In this communication process, there is a need for storing the data, and IoT takes help of both Big Data and cloud computing. While the Big Data is good at storing large chunks of data, cloud computing ensures that the data is sent and received on time.

The data that we share with this Internet of Things can be hacked, violated, or sold for any other person. Hence, the organizations started using cloud computing as a way to store data securely. Without any doubt, we can say that this cloud computing will be one of the best current IoT trends that you have to watch out for in 2019.

4) Blockchain as Backend Technology for IoT

As discussed above, security has always been an important concern in IoT, and there is no denial in that. The mass adaptations of IoT and scalability issues have made it even tougher for IoT. Internet of Things (IoT) is chiefly all about data, and there are high chances when this data is misused by the users. There are so many instances where the data has been sold.

The one reason for this misuse of data is the centralized system. As many employees and people have access to your data, any one of them can sell it or misuse it as they want. This is the key and the main reason why most of the people are concerned with getting it either in their domestic or commercial places.

This is the motive why it has become important to focus on the blockchain as the backend technology for this IoT. Blockchain is a decentralized platform where no one will be able to access the data until and unless they have the required keys and user permission to access. Using this technology in IoT can tighten the security for the data that we provide for the devices which will, in turn, increase its usage in our daily life. This is one of the emerging trends in IoT, which will increase its usage among the people and expands its reach for the users at the same time.

The consumers will have complete control over their data, and they can choose with whom they want to share it and with whom they don’t.

5) Smart Home Automation will be on the Rise this year

Using of IoT technology in homes has become a fantasy for so many people out there. Owning a smart home where everything happens with just a word of yours is something that almost every one of us is looking out for, and this dream can become true pretty soon. It is one of the latest trends in IoT 2019.

A time will come where devices will start telling people where to look for a thing and what to do rather than people telling the devices. The world is going to change at a rapid pace now erasing all the boundaries. The security and other fragmentation issues are influencing the growth of this technology in domestic applications. This is the reason why we will observe steady growth rather than an explosive one with a huge market for IoT devices.

6) IoT Devices for Effective CRM Management

Almost every business these days is running with the help of CRMs. It has become an easy way for organizations to reach out to the customers. IoT can change the way we are using this CRM and make it even more interesting with time. The automation of customer’s data and their requirements will be made easy with these IoT Devices for the CRM management.

For example, let us assume that a customer is having an issue with any product or service that a company is offering. Even before the customer reports it to the organization, the IoT will send all the required information and reason behind that problem. This makes it trouble-free for the company to solve the issue in a very short time, which is a great addition for their sales. There are so many CRM platforms that can be integrated with the IoT technology in the market.

7) Edge Computing For Better Data Processing

One main issue that we see in IoT is it adds up the devices behind a firewall network. Securing the normal devices from any kind of malware is easy as we use the firewall and other things, but securing the IoT devices is not an easy task. There is a need for high-end security in all the sections of the IoT connection.

The main aspect where IoT excels is the data processing capabilities which help with analyzing the information. Faster performing and processing goes a long way, and there is no denying in that. Edge computing is one of the easier and faster ways to speed up the processing of information.

While the developers are already using cloud computing, they can also start using Edge computing for better processing features. It can be estimated that both Edge computing and cloud computing can be used for better processing of the information.

8) Personalized Retail Experiences in 2019

Who wouldn’t love personalized experiences right! IoT is going to transform the retail experience and make it more personalized for the shoppers. According to IoT trends 2019, this personalized experience is something that you have to look out for. The Internet of Things devices will take up the data while you are shopping, and this data is used to provide you with a unique and personalized experience.

Any discount in your favorite shop or any other interesting offer out there will keep you interested and hooked up for the things. The IoT technology will make this your entire shopping experience better and interesting too.

9) Smart Cities Will Become Mainstream

There are a couple of cities globally that have completely turned out to be smart cities. Government is incorporating sensors and other kinds of technologies for automating many processes in smart cities. Now, with IoT, these smart cities will become a part of our mainstream. Every city will have these devices installed, and the government will use this technology to the fullest to provide better service for users. The smart cities will become smarter by using IoT.

Key Takeaways

The best thing about these IoT devices is that they provide easier and cost-effective services. They save up a lot of time, money, and effort for organizations and government agencies who are using it. This latest and emerging IoT trends this year will help in shaping up the smarter world with so many other significant advantages and benefits.

We at Technostacks Infotech , has years of experience in creating IoT apps and If you want to integrate IoT technology in your business or something related? then you can inquire us, mail to, or call +91 990 901 2616.

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Android 10 Q Features

Android 10 or should I say Android Q update is almost here and it brings some cool features. Google is all set to bring its next major update Android 10 for the users now. The primary thing that the majority of the people here would have thought about it what will be the title or name of this new Android version. Google is famous for giving dessert names for its new OS versions.

The company has been giving these names in alphabetical order and whenever Google announces their latest Android update people start anticipating the name of the version. Usually, before rolling out the update, Google uses code names like Android P for Pie update and Android O for Oreo.

Similarly, the latest version of Android is called Android Q for now. People started thinking about various types of desserts already, but you guys can stop thinking and guessing new names because Android Q’s official title name will be Android 10 only. Google has already the name of its latest android version official.

Android 10 Release Date

The official Android Q release date is not updated by Google yet. As of now, the company released complete six beta releases. These beta releases are usually for the developers, but Google ensures that they are stable enough for the enthusiasts to use too. If you are interested in getting this beta update and have a supporting device with you, then Google will provide you with the beta update over OTA.

Android 10 or Android Q will launch along with the Pixel 4, and we are hoping this to happen on September 3, 2019, positively. Google is not confirming the official date yet, and the only option that we have right now is to be optimistic about the release.

Android Q Supported Device

This time, Google has expanded its beta version support for devices other than Pixel. Yes, there are twelve other OEMs with a total of 21 devices that support the latest Android version beta update.

Here is the list of those 21 devices. Check and if yours is one of them, then congratulations you are eligible for testing the beta update.

  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3XL
  • Asus ZenFone 5Z
  • LGE G8
  • Essential Phone
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • OnePlus 6T
  • Nokia 8.1
  • Realme 3 Pro
  • Oppo Reno
  • Vivo X27
  • Sony Xperia XZ3
  • Vivo NEX S
  • Tecno Spark 3 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Vivo NEX A
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

Google has added devices from various companies this time, and all of them support the beta version. The one thing that you have to remember here is if you are not a tech-savvy person with an idea of how these updates work, it is better you stay away from them. This beta update is given to check how things work and identify if there are any bugs in the Android version. There are chances when the update results in factory reset too, so be careful about that. The stable version will be in the market pretty soon now.

Android 10 Q Features

Now, let us start discussing the Android Q features. Similar to earlier times, Google just announced a handful of features that are necessary for the users, or at least it thinks that they are necessary. As of now, the following features are the ones that users know about. We have to stay and observe what all new features will come in the future.

1) New Branding

New Branding android logo

Image Source:-

Yes, Google is adopting a new branding style. This is the first time since 2014, where Google update the logo. The Android now has a robot head which is playful and fun. From now onwards, this is going to be the symbol of Android. One thing we can say about it is that this new change is indeed fresh and interesting for the users. The OS will be the same, but the logo is going to be an entirely new one. Google is taking up some new steps to make its new Android Q look different and also sound different as they didn’t even give it a new name yet.

2) Live Captions

Live Captions

Image Source:-

Well, most of us rely on Google assistant a lot when it comes to our daily work. The one thing that can be considered as a con for Google Assistant is that this assistant only works when there is an internet connection. If you are in a remote area with no internet connection, then you cannot use this assistant. Now, positively, Google is planning to fix this issue. From now onwards, the google assistant will be on your device all the time irrespective of the internet connection.

Turning the transcription into speech is going to be easier and simpler now. Google is planning to make its assistant available offline. This feature is indeed a game-changer in the industry. The best thing about this Android Q update is that it is going to provide live captions for every other video that you see on your device. And there is no need for any kind of internet for this feature. Isn’t that great! The subtitles are going to help deaf users a lot. This feature will be available under accessibility settings, and you can turn it on whenever required.

3) Replacing Navigation Keys

Replacing Navigation Keys

Image Source:-

The home button, back button, and recent apps button are one of Android user’s best friends now, and Google has decided to get rid of them. Yes, you won’t find any kind of navigation keys in the latest Android version. All you can do here is replacing the navigation keys with gestures. Google wants Android users to leave the buttons and move to some advanced setting, and these gestures are one of those settings.

There are some mobiles that are offering these settings for their users already, but Android users are so habituated for the navigation keys that they are not ready to replace them anytime soon. It is not going to be your only option, well as of now beta update still have the keys which you can choose in the settings option.

We can say that Android is taking inspiration from the iPhone now. There will be one gesture to switch between the apps and another to go back from where you are. Google is planning to give the OS an entirely new look with this recent update. In Android Pie, you will see a single home button along with the back button. This is an inconsistent update, and hence the company removed all the buttons and replaced them with gestures.

4) Updated Notifications Control

Updated Notifications Control

Image Source:-

Google is trying to provide users with an entirely new experience with its remodeled notification control. People are able to filter out the apps from which they want the notifications and from which they don’t. This has been good progress for Google.

Now, the company is planning on adding another interesting feature to manage these notifications. When you see a particular notification in the panel, you can just swipe and ignore it, or you can put it on alert and Google will remind you again when the app is ready. This is nothing less than a blessing in disguise. This smart move from Google is something that is worth appreciation.

5) Bubbles

Bubbles Android Q

Image Source:-

This feature is similar to Facebook’s Messenger app. There are so many apps on a phone, and it is not possible to always navigate through multiple apps at once. This is the reason why you are going to find this new Bubbles feature in the latest Android version.

If you receive notification from any app, it appears as a tiny bubble on the screen when you are using other apps or when the mobile is locked. You can directly open the bubble and do the needful for notification rather than launching the app completely. The company asked developers to ensure that this feature is perfect for a stable update. It asked them to check whether these bubbles work perfectly for taking up notes, answering messages, and calls.

6) Dark Theme

Dark Theme

Image Source:-

This is one of the most looked-for features of Google. Dark theme means the entire interface of the mobile will change from white to dark. The dark theme will reduce any kind of strain that you have on the eyes and also reduces the battery consumption.

There are so many mobiles that are offering this feature along with their user interface updates, but this is the first time Google is launching it officially. There are so many users out there who are waiting for this dark theme update.

7) Immediate Sharing Shortcuts

Immediate Sharing Shortcuts

Image Source:-

Every Android user knows the pain of hitting on a share button and then waiting for at least ten seconds before he or she actually shares the news. Even Google and we understood that issue and hence optimized this feature in its latest Android version. Starting from now onwards, you will have an immediate sharing shortcuts option. It loads up pretty quickly, and you can share everything that you are seeing with your friends or any other person pretty quickly.

8) Parental Controls

Parental Controls

Image Source:-

Parental controls on the devices have become a need of an hour later, and Google is doing a great job about it. Now, parents can set up the time for their kids, restrict app downloads in mobile, and even control the time that kids are spending on particular apps. This parental control is nothing less than a boon for all the parents out there.

Moving Forward

Further, mobile companies are launching their innovative foldable-screen phones lately, and Android Q will support them. It will back in instances like “If you are watching a video on the foldable phone, but you closed the mobile for any sudden reason without stopping that video, Google will deduct the closing of mobile and will temporarily stop the video from playing.” Likewise, there are some advanced features for foldable phones too, which will play a significant role in attracting consumers in coming time.

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How to create a streaming app like netflix

Video streaming applications have taken the market by storm and captivated the attention of the world, while television is quietly dying. It is no wonder that one ends up being fascinated by the inner workings; behind the scenes of the giants like Netflix. Let’s check here how to create a video streaming app like Netflix and how much does it cost to develop.

Why video streaming?


In the past decade, video streaming apps like Netflix have penetrated all lifestyles to the extent that it is almost universal. In the United States, the number of digital video viewers is projected to be 236 million by 2020, and streaming apps like Netflix has caused digital video penetration to rise to a whopping 83.8%.

There is no doubt from statistics that the reach of streaming apps like Netflix is truly global, as Saudi Arabia leads digital video penetration at 95% as of January of 2018. The number of people indifferently snipping the TV cable wire is increasing exponentially, as video streaming app features allow for far more comfort and practical convenience.

The quality of Netflix content is a readily apparent allure that cannot be ignored. However, what is the most riveting video streaming app feature for viewers is the amount of control they have on what they want to watch as opposed to classic television.

Furthermore, according to recent market studies, more than half the videos on Netflix were watched on mobile devices, as mobility allows for great recreation even while watching.

As a result of this, the market for streaming apps like Netflix is a never-ending brisk torrent of consumers. There’s no better time to learn how to create a video streaming website like Netflix!

Video streaming app features and their “X Factor”

What features are especially pleasing the consumer base? It’s important to pick apart and pinpoint specific video streaming app features when learning how to make a video streaming website like Netflix.

  • Supported by numerous platforms
  • The app should be available for the widest range of platforms possible. However, it is extremely beneficial to be vigilant of the viewers’ response to each of the various platforms, as it may help decide new pricing options. A great example of this is Netflix’s new mobile streaming option for Rs 199 in India. This was made available as the other plans involving several devices were perceived to be too expensive, at Rs 499, Rs 649, and Rs 799. This was introduced after careful consideration of repeated cold customer feedback about expensive pricing.

  • Distinct design
  • In order to create a streaming app like Netflix, you should develop a design distinguishable from competitors. Bringing uniqueness to your app will create more demand and worth spending a decent amount of time for entertainment.

  • Content suggestions and the “skip” button
  • The addition of the “skip recap” and “skip intro” buttons on Netflix created quite a buzz on twitter for accurately premeditating solutions to viewers’ frustrations. Such a video streaming app features teach the gravity of understanding a users’ psychology while making your app. You are required to put a lot of thought process into how you would feel while using your own app. And you can use your own feedback while you create your own Netflix app or website. The user’s interface would require a lot of innovation to enrapture the currently intoxicated consumers. Don’t forget to tag content properly so that suggestions are associated with the viewers’ tastes, uses Cine Match software to recommend shows according to your preferences.

  • Quality and quantity of content

The product itself is, of course, quite significant when learning how to start a streaming service. Be prudent about your content, and you can target a niche and earn a lot of business, for example, Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is a streaming service similar to Netflix that offers Japanese animated content. Before Netflix ventured into anime sensing the untapped potential, Crunchyroll was the only site where anime watchers could access anime content legally, and thus became a successful business.

Specific benefits of a video streaming app like netflix

Using video streaming app features to the advantage of production companies that work with you is a smart idea. To create a streaming app like Netflix involves having to entice your viewers to keep them watching. To this end, there are several benefits for consumers using a video streaming app, and you should aim to maximize them.

  • Mobile Streaming
  • You have to expand your business model to specifically cater to mobile audiences, as this is a huge chunk of your consumer base. About 50% of all mobile devices are now equipped with high-end resolution streaming. Therefore there is always a constant demand for content.

  • Notifications on mobile
  • Almost all your users have smartphones and are always online. Periodic notifications can help keep them excited and interested in the product.

  • Share what you are watching
  • Social media is at the center of marketing now, and it is important to factor it into your business model. A feature to share a live video of the show you are watching could be used to post stories on Instagram or snaps on Snapchat.

  • Subscriptions
  • This may be a simple feature, but it is easy and convenient for the company to earn revenue, and also for the consumer to pay for the product.

  • Local storage
  • A consumer may have many complains about the internet quality in certain real-life situations. And so offering downloadable content is a delightful way to balance that scenario. The local storage feature on video stream apps can come in handy and helpful.

  • Gathering feedback for production companies
  • It can be difficult for production companies to gauge the reaction of fan bases to certain writing decisions. Video stream apps that allow for forums or user polls can bridge the gap between viewer and producer. App analytics tools can also track watch time and estimate user engagement for various shows.

  • Social features for community building
  • The aforementioned features like forums and user polls can also help create a sense of community on the platform and can help keep your customers coming. However, this is a two-edged sword as toxic online communities can also turn off viewers. Regulate these features carefully and make decisions on how much space and significance it must be given.

  • Integrated login
  • This is also a feature that enables convenience and is beneficial to consumers by keeping them logged in on frequently used devices, and beneficial to video streaming apps like Netflix by retaining viewers.

  • Picture-in-picture and background mode
  • The latest smartphones are built powerfully and can accommodate users that may want to do something in between a long show or a podcast. Here’s when a picture-in-picture or background mode can come into play. To be able to minimize the app to cover only part of the screen (or none for audio content) is very beneficial to users.

  • Unique Content

Let the content in your app be exhibited categorically and be accessible without much effort on the user’s interface. And most importantly, focus on whatever niche you want to target like Crunchyroll, or think carefully about the sort of shows you want your platform to host.

Other popular streaming apps

Netflix has been the major focus of this article, but there are other streaming apps like Netflix that are just as successful or notorious:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming apps, but we have to take into consideration that it also offers free delivery on the Amazon Shopping app and access to Amazon photos, music and Kindle at the price of 99$ annually. Videos can also be saved offline on the Amazon app, and users are grateful for this. It is clear to see why Amazon Prime Video is popular.

  • Hulu
  • Hulu

    Hulu is popular for its content library and fast, accessible streaming as compared to Netflix and Amazon. The pricing of Hulu is also unique. One option is available for 7.99$ with commercials and the other for 11.99$ without. However, a frequent complaint of Hulu users is that even in the commercial-free version, there are pre and post-roll advertisements.

  • HBO Now, HBO Go

    HBO Now

    HBO pioneered streaming premium content online. The demand for their shows is sustained as they have an established user base. We all are, of course aware of their smashing hits like Game of Thrones that first got users to subscribe to their online streaming service. HBO is a testament to the fact that your product makes all the difference.

  • Twitch
  • Twitch

    Twitch has seen unprecedented success in the gaming video streaming sphere. A major distinction between this and the aforementioned streaming apps is the ability to create and stream content yourself. Many viewers feel a special affinity for streamers because of the personalized format.

How to create a streaming app like Netflix

Netflix offers the largest content on-demand streaming service in the world. To create a streaming app like Netflix, you must:

  • Cook up a strategy in regards to content and users interface
  • Prepare a revenue model. Typically this is either commercials or subscriptions
  • Utilize tech stack to create a streaming app like Netflix
  • Add distinct features and build the foundation of your app
  • Design the website to have a unique look
  • Keep up with rapidly changing viewers’ tastes and remember the tips mentioned here

How much does it cost to develop a streaming app like Netflix

App features, app design and content on the platform are all factors that can affect the cost of creating your own Netflix. Therefore, there is no uniform answer to this question. However, if you are looking for the cheapest options to develop an app, there are DIY options available in web designing services online, that can go as low as 15$. However, depending on the growth aims and potential of your business, and the number employed, costs may eventually rise for maintaining and upgrading your app.

Key Takeaways

All things said and done; it is no simple task to create a streaming app like Netflix. It requires innovation and perseverance. Use the specific features mentioned and construct the general layout. Build a revenue model that understands the age and income levels of your user base. Remember to always keep in mind the preferences of your consumers and you can make it big like Netflix!

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Advantages Of Mobile apps in education

Now, it is almost been a decade since smartphones came into existence and within this time, the mobile app development market has boomed creating more comfortable ways to do daily activities such as finding faster routes, shopping online, scheduling, etc. They have even helped businesses perform their operations better.

Likewise, mobile app development has seeped into the educational industry. Many countries are seeking to eradicate illiteracy and EdTech, that is Education Technology, is one way to reach millions virtually.

First, let’s talk about the traditional study system

Traditionally, a teacher would be using the whiteboard to pass on knowledge to kids. Really, this is highly essential, but how many kids are actually engaged, actually listening and following the lecture?

Let’s move forward to employees who would like to continue their education, but don’t have the means to do so since they can’t attend classes at fixed timings.

To sum it up –

  • There’s no time flexibility with the traditional study system
  • Education may not be affordable for all
  • Lack of time for employees
  • Lack of access to proper study material
  • And the list goes on

Now, let’s look at some statistics

Statista Research report mobile education market

Reports show that millennials are among the highest section of smart device users such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. From 2012 to 2017, the education app market grew by approximately 180 percent. A report by statista states, The global mobile education reached USD 16.2 bn in 2011, up from just USD 3.4 bn, and it is expected that by 2022, the e-learning market will surpass USD 243 bn.

The survey stated that 65% of faculty support the use of open educational resources (OERS) in teaching. Also, about 58% of 13 to 17-year olds in the USA own a smartphone.

How have mobile apps changed the education industry?

It seems that technology has become the backbone of education. Education scholars come up with new techniques every day to employ technology for creating innovative learning methods.

Traditionally, students are expected to take notes while the teacher is giving a lecture. However, it has been found that most students cannot absorb knowledge while they are busy taking notes. It’s essential to let students only focus on absorbing knowledge; hence, it’s imperative to make it fun and more engaging.

Here are some major advantages and benefits of mobile apps in education sector.

1. New learning methods with mobile educational apps

With the introduction of education app development, there are now many mobile applications that can stimulate thought processes and help students look at things from a different perspective.

2. Better parent-teacher communication

Technology and educational mobile app development help in building parent-teacher relations beyond the walls of the educational institution. Teachers can now respond to queries from parents about their wards. Mobile apps for educational institutions can also help parents and teachers in case of emergencies. They could be used to record attendance, marks, and students’ progress.

3. The eBooks and online study

It’s easier to maintain a virtual library than a physical one. It saves costs, infrastructure, etc. Students can also access this library remotely. With the help of mobile educational apps, students can also access study material and segregate it easily. Notes can also be shared with other students, and online study groups can be created to help facilitate learning.

4. Recorded classes

It is possible to record class courses and share them with students via mobile educational apps so in case a student misses a particular lecture, he or she would still be able to access it through mobile educational apps.

5. Miscellaneous functions

In addition to the above benefits, educational mobile app development can provide various other miscellaneous functions such as online payments, notifications, holiday calendar, etc. Parents would prefer to make online payments instead of standing in long queues. These mobile educational apps can also store all the required data in one place, making it easy for students, teachers, and parents to keep track of everything.

6. Utilization of free time

School and college students do have quite a bit of free time at their disposal. They can use this time to learn something productive through the general educational uses of mobile apps, such as delving into a subject they have not elected for or isn’t a part of their curriculum.

7. Changing educational standards

With technology, it is now possible to improve the standards of education. There can now be more focus on practicals, live projects, etc.

8. Real-time messaging

As mentioned earlier, mobile educational apps can help facilitate communication regarding events, updates on attendance, etc. Some other general educational uses of mobile apps are real-time messaging and instant updates. Students can directly message their teachers about any queries they have, especially during examinations. Likewise, parents can message teachers and ask about their ward’s progress and any other difficulties that they may be facing.

9. Reduction of communication gap between institutions and students

With the help of mobile educational apps, institutions can communicate to all students at once. Traditionally, schools and universities issue notices and put them up on billboards. Instead, institutions can now send messages through mobile educational apps. They can even be sure that the message has been received and read by the student or parent.

10. Searching for information is super easy

If a student or a teacher requires some urgent information, let’s say a formula for a test paper or an assignment, they need no longer go to a library, search through heaps of books until they find that information, especially if they have a deadline coming up. Educational mobile apps can be built with a smart search feature through which one can access information in minutes and save hours!

Key Takeaways

The future of education belongs to technology. Not only does the educational implication of mobile app make learning more interactive, practical, and useful, but it also reaches millions. Through the help of these apps, people who don’t have access to education and would like to learn some skills can do so.

To create an educational mobile app, one would require the help of an SME (that is a Subject Matter Expert), a content developer, and a mobile app developer. The benefits of creating such applications are paramount and will help in instilling competence in students.

At Technostacks, we take intense pride in being called a trustworthy mobile application development company in India & USA and on a global basis. Advanced mobile app development projects have always given us a feeling of massive enthusiasm and their thriving delivery an intense pleasure. If you are looking for educational mobile app development then you need to speak to an expert!. You can inquire us, mail to or call on +919909012616.

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