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Best Mobile App Development Tools in 2022 That Every Developer Have To Know

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Jul 21 2022

As mobile apps have become a go-to method for most businesses to market their services, modern-day developers are seeking top mobile app development tools that can help them build apps resourcefully. With enlightening guidance on tap and loads of templates to pick from, app developers can now swiftly create good looking mobile applications.

Creating a mobile app is becoming quite straightforward for development stakeholders, especially with a lot of tools and programming languages for Mobile App Development. These are available and easily accessible at hand right now.

The fresher and experienced developers have a question about Which are the latest mobile app development tools? If you are also among them then this blog is for you.

However, there are a lot of open-source mobile app development tools in the market, which puts development stakeholders often in confusing scenarios and these are the prime reasons why we have curated all the information that stakeholders need to know about mobile application development tools. With this blog post, development stakeholders get to know what kind of tools or software can be used depending upon the occasion and where they can invest the resources too. For instance, they can know where native or hybrid mobile app development tools are useful and where not.

Best Mobile App Development Tools That Developers can Use in 2022

There are a lot of mobile application development tools for Android and iOS available in the market, but which one is best for your project? Let’s discuss all the details. The developers have to be extremely careful with their choice here and have to make sure that the app tools they choose are handy.

Here are some of the latest mobile app development tools in 2022 and fair comparison of them so that you can make the best selection for your upcoming projects.

  1. Buildfire.js

    Buildfire js

    This is the foremost and best mobile app development tool that you will find in the market. It is a cross-platform library that can be used to build custom functionality in the Buildfire.js. The best thing about this specific tool is that it can be customized according to your requirements with the help of JavaScript. The customization options here are unlimited. This is the one feature that makes it simple and easy to implement the framework.

    Buildfire.js is an open-source tool, and with the help of its platform Buildfire, the tool will help in reducing 80 percent of the mobile development task.

    There are more than 45+ open-source plugins that this tool will use to overcome or minimize a lot of hassle from the developer’s shoulders.

    The platform can help with the development of apps on both Android and iOS devices. It reduces the development time a lot and provides some great options for the users. The pre-existing templates and pre-build functionalities like direct integrations with Smooch and Segment have highly contributed to the performance of Buildfire.js.

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  3. Ionic


    Ionic is another famous mobile app development tool that everyone should check out. This tool is perfect for various projects and will help developers in different kinds of aspects. This is based on Sass CSS language and is a cross-platform tool. This scenario means that the developers can use this tool to create apps that will run on different kinds of operating systems with ease. The best thing about this Ionic tool is that it is pretty easy to use. It can be integrated with Angular JS to build various types of apps.

    Ionic has a huge library with JS CSS components, mobile-optimized HTML, and CSS features too. These tools and gestures work perfectly with the features that are present in mobile phones.

    A proper command-line interface will help in providing features like emulators, logging, and live to reload. The app developers can send any app updates directly to the users without any third-party intervention. This is the reason why it has been one of the top tools for mobile app development.

  4. Xamarin


    Xamarin is backed by Microsoft, and this is enough for most of the app developers to go with it. With the help of C# codebase, it is pretty easy to develop Android, Windows, and iOS apps. The best feature of Xamarin is that it allows code sharing options on multiple platforms, which means that the same code can be used on various platforms without any hassle. Xamarin has a cloud service, which makes it one of the best cross-platform mobile app development tools.

    Xamarin is equipped with standardized UI controls, and there is no need for the developers to use any kind of extra UI option either. The tool is integrated with SDK, and hence the apps will be updated depending upon the changes in the OS of a device. This is very important for the apps if they want to be compatible with any kind of OS.

    The best thing about this Xamarin is that it is open source. The app offers a lot of features, and being open source is indeed a great benefit for the developers. They can make use of the features effectively. The component store of Xamarin needs a special mention here because it has a great set of UI components, libraries, third party web services, and UI controls. All these features are a great help for developers.

    Xamarin and Azure are associated with one another, and both of them will assure you with the app security. You don’t have to worry about the data of the app at all as they are secured and are rock solid.

  5. Android Studio

    Android Studio

    The Android Studio is one of the noteworthy open-source mobile app development software that you have to look out for your project. It is straight from the Android IDE and is very stable. This is the perfect tool that you can use for Android app development. It won’t support cross-platform development but is the perfect pick for developers. This studio is specifically built to reduce the app development time and accelerate the process.

    There are so many features in the Android studio that makes it stand apart from the other options that are obtainable in the market. It is significant for users to make the most out of these features. The tool is tailored to match the requirement of Android developers.

    There are so many modern functionalities in Android Studio, and it is even a highly reliable mobile development application tool for Android. Being the official IDE of Android, it has a lot of backing and great community support that the users can take help from in the project.

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  7. Corona Labs

    Corona Labs

    The Corona labs support almost all the major platforms and are one of the effective and top application development tools for both Android and iOS devices. This tool is used to develop educational applications and 2D games specifically. It can also be used for developing 2D applications on various platforms too.

    The tools can be used for free by the developers. The platform is pretty easy to learn, and any beginner developer can opt for it without any hassle. There are so many guides and in-depth tutorials that will help in understanding the features and how to use the Corona labs platform.

  8. Sencha Touch

    Sencha Touch

    Sencha is a rapid mobile app development tool that is perfect for developing apps on multiple operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Blackberry. This tool is based on MVC and works along with JavaScript. The JavaScript, along with MVC, makes it a go-to choice for so many developers as JavaScript is one of the simple programming languages that almost every programmer is aware of. The developers have to code in HTML 5 and then use the program for both iOS and Android applications. The tool has more than 100 supporting components, which helps in various ways. Even the community support for this tool is commendable.

    There are so many commercial supported widgets that will make UI even more friendly.

  9. Appcelerator


    Appcelerator is another amazing tool that can be used for both native and hybrid apps development. This is a favorite for so many developers because it reduces the number of programming lines and makes it pretty easy for them to use. The best thing about the Appcelerator is that it has an open market place that allows the users to share and sell templates, modules, and extensions with ease.

Key Takeaways

We hope that this comparison of the mobile app development tools will be helpful for development stakeholders. Requirement and budget of the client are two other factors that one has to take into consideration for picking which mobile dev tools are right for your app.

Tools like Android Studio are not suitable for developing hybrid or iOS applications; they are meant for only Android applications alone. So, if you are trying to develop an app for only an Android device, then this tool is perfect for you. Likewise, depending upon your requirements, you can pick the right kind of app. Your budget will become a key factor too.

The open source mobile app dev tools are an essential part of the development process. It not only speeds up the development, but it also reduces a lot of efforts on the developer’s part with the help of various interesting plugins.

However, not every tool is fit for the development process. The developers have to choose wisely here. There are a lot of factors that will impact their choice here, and one such factor is the project size. Not every tool is perfect to handle huge projects, so the developers have to make a smart choice here and pick the tools that will go perfectly with their app development.