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What are the Features of Real Estate Mobile App?

Real Estate mobile app features
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Jul 21 2020

As per a recent research, 1 in 4 people utilizes real estate mobile apps to search, buy, and sell properties online. The best part about using such apps is that you can find properties in just a button click. One of the most fruitful businesses is real estate; with technology development, it has become more profitable. You will know more about the features of real estate mobile apps in this blog. The on-going trend of searching properties online has led to cutthroat competition in the market. As per a few market pieces of research, it can be concluded that at least 95% of the real estate agencies have their web portals featuring property listings.

Furthermore, if you want to sustain in the competitive market, it is advisable to take this tiny step to build a website. Additionally, it would be the best scenario if you create a custom mobile application for your real estate agency.

Above all, your real estate mobile app must stand out in the cutthroat marketplace. Mobile app development is a viable option for businesses that deal with customer data and directly serve clients. Apps can bring many benefits to the company and different types of users. As companies need to inform and engage with users about their brand. Furthermore, mobile apps can help in enhancing brand visibility. The mobile apps are custom made as per buyer’s requirements. In marketing, it is known as hammering. The brand logo acts as a reminder for the client. The results are brand enrichment.

How Can You Make Real Estate App Development Effective?

Every mobile app has some social media integration under which users can post directly on their social media handles from the app. Most users tend to post their images, experiences, or upload live videos on the app. The users are marketing the product themselves to the potential buyers. Many apps even offer some schemes, including discounts, free vouchers, etc. If users wish to avail of this benefit, they need to promote the app. The majority of the industries currently are using a mobile app to encourage its users.

When it comes to real estate mobile apps, it is essential to develop user-oriented applications. There are several issues faced by the real estate industry that can be solved easily by developing user-friendly apps. The users aren’t aware of the information about real estate properties. Traditionally the users have to visit the site and spend a lot of time analyzing the property. Also, it is difficult to search and contact the sellers directly.

Current Scenario of the Real Estate Market

By developing a real estate app, an agency can target many issues. The majority of real estate apps come in use for house hunting. While some apps are designed for agents, some are prepared for the users. As per a recent survey, it can be concluded that 44 % of buyers searched property deals online while 17 % of users contacted the real estate agent, and 6 % physically visited the property. Lastly, you should ensure your app is easy to install and use.

What are the Diverse Features of a Real Estate App?

Curious to know, here are some fantastic features. The main aim of developing a mobile app for your real estate business is to grab users’ attention and make the selling process easy. Additionally, you need to keep a tab on the latest trends and features getting implemented in your app.


  • User Onboarding:



It is one of the top real estate app features. Users can access onboard on the app by doing the following:

      • Authorization via email
      • Phone verification
      • Social media authorization

You can pick or decide on any of the methods mentioned above to allow users to sign up for the app. It is an excellent idea if you are considering combining all the arrangements. It will provide both resilience and convenience to the end-users and make the signup process simple.


    1. User Profiles:


The users should be able to open their account on the app to perform various app activities. There are a different set of users, so the app should have separate profiles. For instance, the options visible in the agent’s profile will vary from the options visible to the users. A buyer can save their preferred listings, contact the agent, or raise a query, etc. At the same time, agents should be able to see advertisement opportunities, a list of potential buyers, etc. Some common factors should be accessible to all.


    1. Listings and Database:


One of the must-have features of real estate mobile apps is property listing. Under this feature, the available properties are listed along with the necessary details. People who desire to sell or rent their property should be able to edit their listing easily. As property listing is an ever-growing feature, you will need a vast database. There will be an increase in the database as the users will increase. So you must ensure, both database and servers are amenable enough to aid the operations. For any real estate app, it is essential to have a secure database.


    1. Filters and Categories:


It is challenging to search properties online, but you don’t need to worry as filters are here to make your hunt easy. The advanced search features added to the app will make the property searching process effortless. By adding categories and filters, users can easily hunt properties that match their needs.


    1. Property Profiles:


The property profiles include extensive details about the property, including photos, description, price details, videos, neighborhood information, value proposition, etc. At least 80 % of the users decide to buy a house or not – based on the photos and videos posted on the app. Also, the app should feature the contact details of the concerned property owner or the agent.


    1. Shortlisting:


All real estate apps must have a shortlisting feature so that users can save their preferred properties. It makes their decision making easier. By adding this feature, the users can access their favorite properties with the details directly in their accounts.


    1. Maps & Insights:


It is one of the required features of the real estate app as by integration of maps in the app can help users get a lot of information. You can do both show the properties and also display the statistics and data related to the shortlisted properties. Users can also find info, including crime rate, nearby schools, infrastructure, average income, etc. locality wise. You can hire experts from Technostacks, a leading real estate app developer company, as they will help you fetch the information and display the same on your app.


    1. Push Notifications:


A robust marketing technique is to use push notifications. If you are willing to make your app successful, you should have this feature on your app. By implementing push notifications, you can stay on the top of the customer’s mind. Additionally, it can also be useful in promoting your services. Consistently you can use these notifications to reach out to your potential buyers and send the latest updates on the industry to the users. Also, you can keep the users updated about the price fluctuations prevailing in the market. You can notify the potential buyers if a new property is added to any location. However, you can optimize the benefit of the feature by customizing the notifications. Ensure you send only relevant messages to the users.


    1. Property Cost Calculators:


A useful addition to the real estate mobile app is a property cost calculator. You can rightly ask the developer to add this unique feature and get a rough estimate of real estate app development costs. This feature enables the user to get an idea of the average property cost. Ensure that the calculator provides detailed costing. Furthermore, the users should also be able to calculate or estimate the final amount based on various factors, including taxes, loan repayment schedule, initial payment range, and loan interest amount.


    1. Calendar:


Though the calendar sounds like a fancy idea on the app, having a timeline on the app plays a vital role for both agents and buyers. The buyers can directly check the agent’s availability if they plan to meet the agent face to face and schedule their appointment. The agent will get a reminder from the calendar.


    1. Call or Direct Messaging:


Offering user’s property information is a single part of the app, but the next stage of call or direct messaging adds additional values to the app. The feature of call or immediate messaging can help users connect with the agents through direct calls, online chat, callback options, etc. A buyer can contact the agent or the owner if they are interested in a specific property.


    1. Analytics:


One of the most significant features of a real estate app is analytics. If you are willing to create a real estate marketplace where users can sell or rent properties, you should know the app’s end user’s interacting pattern. By adding analytics, you can get an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the app. Thus you can get maximum data if you segment your users based on their buying behavior.

Key Takeaways

You can develop a high-quality app if you add these features to a real estate application. You can sustain in the competitive market if your app features are outstanding. Technostacks is a leading real estate app development company. Connect with us to identify how we can assist you and get the needed cost estimations to build your next mobile application.

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