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Why Use Mobile Apps In Real Estate Industry?

Mobile App for real estate
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Sep 24 2019

Do you know that there are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world? After learning about the number of people using smartphones, it is no surprise that the mobile apps industry is thriving. People are looking at easy and simple ways to get things done, and one such route is using mobile apps.

Despite industries, all businesses these days are adapting to this mobile app culture and trying to promote their business that way, and this includes real estate industry too.

Downloading an app in mobile and using it whenever they need actually reduces a lot of headache for any person out there. This is the reason why the importance of mobile apps in various industries has skyrocketed. As the number of mobile app users has increased, diverse industries are adopting it.

Users spend 85 percent to 90 percent of their mobile time on apps, and these shows how important, as well as effective these apps, are for the users. By 2020, mobile apps are going to generate $189 billion in revenue.

There are various applications for real estate agents, and using them effectively can ease so many tasks. In this extensive blog, we are going to explore the magnitude of real estate mobile apps.

Mobile Apps for Real Estate

A decade ago, people who are planning to rent, buy, or sell a house should go to a real estate agent office or try searching for houses in newspapers. They didn’t have a lot of options back then, but the times changed, and with time, the way people are searching for their houses also changed.

With the advent of the internet, everyone started searching for their houses online-only, and now with smartphones and apps, it has become even more accessible.

No one would like to spend a lot of their time on simple tasks like searching for a house, and this is the reason why you can go for mobile apps. These apps will reduce a lot of time and hassle of searching for the houses. Lately, people are not buying a newspaper to get the details of any house or something. All they need is a smartphone with active internet on it.

Reasons to Use Mobile Apps

There are a lot of real estate websites out there which can also be accessed by mobile too. But, they do not provide a myriad of possibilities for the users. The mobile apps are not only good for the users, but they are also a good option for the real estate agents too. They increase the productivity of real estate agents.

Better Mobility

Having a smartphone in hand always is a great way to communicate with people around the world. Having a proper internet connection will make it easy for a person to use their mobile app for real estate business anywhere.

This way, the agents can operate from across the world remotely and sell their house online too. This is one of the main bases why most of the people are now adapting to mobile apps. These apps make it easy to communicate and conduct any kind of transactions online without any hassle.


The mobile applications are designed to be location-centric. The geolocation will help you in getting the deals that are present around you.

There is no need for you to work any harder to get these details, just switch on the GPS in your mobile, and you will be able to get the details of all properties and listings near you. Users can see the properties around while they are on a walk or drive. This makes the complete process simpler, trouble-free, and easier.

Access to Instant Notifications

The mobile apps will instantly notify home hunters as soon as there is any listing announced for a house. This will help them in getting their favorite home right when it is listed. This is an added advantage, and it helps the users in so many ways. The instant notifications are a big asset for any mobile app.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

There are a lot of benefits of mobile apps for both users and for real estate agents. The real estate agents can use it to the fullest and gain some of the interesting details with ease. Here, we are going to see and explore some of the benefits of these mobile apps in the real estate sector.

Extend the Market Reach

The millennials and Generation X is all about mobile phones. Half of this generation found their homes via the internet. This proves how effective the online marketplace is for users these days. Every business cares about the reach that it gains. It is important to gain a lot of exposure, and one sure shot way to get that is by app marketing. One listing that you post on an app will reach all the people who have downloaded it.

The increased reach will help in increasing the chances of selling your house or any other property. This way, it will be a great addition to the business. Not only youngsters, but the people of all ages are also shifting towards the internet world lately, and it is better to have a real estate app design with various features ready.

Superior Customer Support

Before and after buying a house, it is very important to provide the customer with the required support all the time. It is surely not possible to attend customer queries every time, and this is the reason why you should have an app. App with a chatbot will help in answering customer queries whenever required.

The improvised AI and big data analytics will help in solving some major issues of the customers. It will also help in letting them know that you are busy now, and you will address their issue as soon as possible. This is a straightforward and easiest way to reach customers. Better support will surely increase your credibility before customers, and this is something that we all need to take care of.

Swift Sales of Properties

The real estate mobile apps will not only help in reaching out to the customers right on time; they will also aid in selling the properties soon. As these apps will have notification alert, whenever you list a property online, it will reach all the users who have your mobile app. This increases the reach of the property and whoever likes it can buy it immediately. Selling the houses as quickly as possible is indeed a great trait in the real estate field, and you will be able to master it with the help of these mobile applications.

Provides Customer Feedback

For any business, customer feedback is an asset. It is important for the business people to know and understand their customers and requirements from time. This will help in satisfying their needs and catering them with the exact service they require. This is the reason why customer feedback matters, and it is not possible to visit a customer every time you make a sale right.

So this is the reason why you can use this real estate app as your way to get in touch with customers and provide them with the required service. Provide a feedback section in the app where customers can drop their feedback, queries or any other thing that they want to convey to you and use this as a way to address the various issues they are facing.

Taking customer feedback and providing the solutions that they need will increase customer satisfaction and enhances your reputation too. Who wouldn’t want to gain a good reputation in real estate business right! Now, you can get it without putting in so many efforts.

Act as a Direct Marketing Channel

Well, there are various kinds of marketing techniques available out there, but none of them is as effective as getting in touch with the customer directly right! This is the reason why you have to start adapting yourself with this direct market channel.

This is a way to get in touch with your customers via the app and deal with them personally. You can attract a large market by talking to potential customers via the app. It is a better way to interact with customers.

You can link the app with social media channels and start posting on your social media channels via the app. This is the best way to connect with people.

Handles Paperwork with Ease

Real estate industry relies heavily on paperwork. It is both imperative and essential for you to ensure that the paperwork is done right on time. The entire paperwork can become clumsy with time, and the best way to deal with this is with the help of apps.

The real estate app will handle the complete paperwork by itself. You have to scan and upload documents in the app. It will segregate the details and share them with the required people in time. This will reduce a lot of time and stress that real estate agents face with ease.

IoT Smart Water Meter Sensor Solutions

The IoT smart water meter sensor solutions will help in letting you know the water present in an area. If you need more water than usual, then this feature of the real estate app is nothing less than a boon. This custom-made feature will also help in eradicating water crisis in various areas.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the interesting benefits of mobile apps in the real estate field. The entire world is digitizing, and this digitalization has reduced a lot of work done by human efforts. Real estate is one such field where it is essential for people to adopt these latest technologies. It will benefit all the customers, agents, and other stakeholders.

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