Data Management Services

Tailored Data Management Services For Your Business


Our MongoDB developers use the platform’s express query language and secondary indexes to create extremely scalable applications for diverse enterprise needs.
  • Our experts harness the power of NoSQL, document-based setup of the platform to deliver analytics, simplified database management or any service your business would require.
  • Our dedicated team monitors your MongoDB IT infrastructure to provide 24/7 customer support and ensure there’s no downtime for maximum efficiency.


Our DynamoDB solutions can replace all the traditional software and complex hardware requirements with a database service that is designed from the ground up to support low latency and high speed requirements of today’s high scale applications.
  • Our team of developers has detailed knowledge and skills to build large scale apps for web, mobile and desktop using DynamoDB.
  • Our training in creating DynamoDB empowered apps ensures we can deliver the app you want, with the features you need in quick time.


Technostacks developers use relational db system to deliver secure, deeply embedded apps with low memory footprint. Reliability is the hallmark of apps backed by MySQL and we use its elastic scalability and multilayered security to create apps for small as well as large businesses.
  • Our team of highly trained MySQL professionals is skilled in using the various features of MySQL like Data Partitioning, Parallel Load Utilities, Strong Indexing and more to create power packed apps.
  • For more than one database or load balancing, sharing, our developers can easily set up multiple instances of such databases.


IBM Cloudant NoSQL DB enables high concurrent reads and writes in the cloud, data flexibility and global availability. We are highly skilled at using the advanced Cloudant APIs, to provide extremely cognitive apps that can handle heavy workloads with speed and accuracy.
  • Our team of professional developers uses Cloudant to provide your apps with integrated data management, search and advanced analytics engine.
  • We specialise in IoT application development using IBM Cloudant to help monitor device activity and give you a range of detailed usage analytics.