Client Requirement

The client was needed a solution screener to review diamond, test them and provide 99% accurate certification. Client has developed hardware, which is intended for testing mounted jewellery and loose stones. This solution we utilised an android mobile based application which connect with Hardware devices through BLE, capture images in different internals to emit the UV light which helps in decision making of which type of loose diamonds or jewellery is placed in the hardware. This is a part of it in the sense that the application requires connecting with SmartPro devices through Bluetooth, capturing diamond images through the mobile camera, and identifying the diamond’s color. The requirements that clients placed in front of them were auto-detection, 360-degree view, low current consumption, and bulk testing in transparent plastic bags.

Diamond Screener Features

Diamond Testing:

Test for both mounted jewelry and stones.

Auto Detection Mode View:

Identifies stones automatically from 0.002 ct. by an auto-detection mode.

High-Resolution Camera:

Uses the inbuilt high-end smartphone with a high-resolution camera for accurate image capture.

Low Current Consumption:

Designed for low current consumption and can, therefore, be used over an extended period.

360-Degree View:

Rings and jewelry tested with the device also have the facility for a 360-degree view.

Result Sharing:

The results can be shared by way of an email.

Manual View:

Offers a manual view for observing stones on UV.

Diamond Testing in Action
Bluetooth Connectivity with SmartPro Device

bulk Testing:

Can do bulk testing on the samples in transparent plastic bags.

Enhanced Detection Process:

Enhanced in the process of detection with the removal of undefined results.

Automated Test Results:

Automated results are provided for the tests done.

Separation of CVD from HPHT:

Separate CVD from HPHT with separated mode.

Auto-Counting and Measurement:

Auto-count detecting stones, and in the separated mode, it will determine the estimated stone diameter.

Certification and Two-View Results:

Test result certifications auto-generated in an option of two-view results.

No External Devices:

Operates without the need for an external computer or screen.

Advantages of Diamond Screener

SmartPro is a mobile application that has many benefits that the client could be able to acquire, which include:
Efficient Test Results:

he automated test result is done for the effective and prompt diamond test results.

Separation of Diamond Types:

It is in a position of separating CVD from HPHT in the separated mode.

Auto-Counting and Measurement:

Auto-count for Stone Detection and Estimate Diameter in Separate Mode.

Certification Generation:

Automatically creates test result certifications for documentation.

No External Devices Required:

No need for any external devices like a computer or screen.

Automated Diamond Analysis


The SmartPro mobile application challenges in its development were the proper connection to the device, precision in diamond detection, color recognition, and a smooth Bluetooth connection with the SmartPro device.


The SmartPro mobile application succeeded in appealing to the client’s requirements in terms of providing an effective and user-friendly solution to diamond testing. It was capable of delivering accurate results, processing data automatically, and contained a few other useful features that are important for the functioning of the diamond testing experience.

Technical Specification

• Weight: 5.0 Kg
• Operating System: Android
• Screen Size: 6.2 Inches (157.48mm)
• Screen Resolution: 1440 x 2960
• Device Memory: 6GB RAM, 64GB

Power and Battery

• Power Supply: 100-240 VAC, 1.4A
• Power Fuse: 3A
• Power Cable Type: IEC C13
• Screen Device: Samsung S9+
• Lamp Life: Approximately 675,000 tests
• Mobile Battery: Auto-charging

Hardware details:

• Atmega328P MCU
• UV Bulb
• HC05 for Bluetooth communication for device config.

SmartPro App for Jewelry Testing


This brings out the mobile app developed for native Android platforms for being able to operate the SmartPro device, presented by Technostacks. The major things to be considered while mentioning the solution are:
1. Firmware Language:

Firmware for the SmartPro device was developed using the language of C++.

2. Image Processing and OpenCV:

Implemented Image Processing using OpenCV to capture and analyze the images of the diamond.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity:

Permitted Bluetooth connectivity to the SmartPro device for enabling control through the mobile application.

4. OTA (Over-The-Air Updates):

There is no implementation of OTA update in this solution.

Technologies Used

Embedded C