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Technostacks launched a brand new logo and a user-friendly website

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Feb 3 2021

There is always a rising need for brands to keep in tune with the changing times and alter their brand image accordingly. With this thought in mind, We at Technostacks, a leading global IT solution and mobile app development company, have decided to transform our appearance and re-introduce ourselves with a sturdy bang!

Rebranded of the Brand

Rebranded with a new logo has its challenges and fruits that are difficult to weigh on a single balance scale. However, Technostacks decided to combat the rising challenges and meet them with its efficient team and professionals on board.
January 2021 witnessed a complete rebrand with the launch of a new logo, website, and colour scheme. With the company marked its 7th corporate anniversary on 21st January 2021 by sustaining trusted relationships with its stakeholders and the story behind the creation, the brand shares fond insights into the transformation.

A Logo with Significance that Counts

The new logo represents a kindling relationship between distinct brand entities, and it is a unique piece of artwork that reflects the core of the organization, its vision, and the technology expertise Technostacks possess.
With a lot of thought going into the process, the brand had zeroed down on colour, spacing, and sizing as a part of the brand image. By choosing explicit brand fonts, it creates consistency and makes sure the legibility remains across the contents.
Technostacks stands for the hues and multiple significances, so we have offered variations in the logo styles offering a fresh impression to the corporate identity.
On the other side, we have even showcased the precise logo usages in diverse scenarios. The brand’s primary aim is to contribute to the technology ecosystem significantly. Technostacks draws a significant relationship with diverse modern technologies, and the brand image represents the contribution to the global ecosystem.

A Strong Online Presence with a Fresh Website

With the primary aim of enabling the brand identity, integrity and offering a powerful online presence, Technostacks has geared up to re-launch its website. The launching of the brand new website provides a profound online presence with a seamless user experience. The website comprises accommodation for all new business rebranding.
The brand aims to help businesses and global clients reach out in a jiffy by enabling a newly designed and developed website. The announcement of a new business logo and rebranded has been a well thought of management decision.

Key Takeaways

The primary purpose of rebranded has been to bring the brand back with the right zeal and impact it deserves. Hence, Technostacks thus rebrands by offering an online presence and has re-launched the brand with a bang! Get in touch with us for more details.