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How Can Attendance Management App Assist Schools and Universities?

Attendance app for schools and universities
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Oct 24 2019

Online attendance management software for schools, colleges or Universities is a dream come true for so many out there. This software is not only for taking attendance, but it has so many other features, too, which makes it a go-to solution in so many schools. Usually, the teachers in schools out there spend a significant amount of time taking attendance of the students.

While noting who is in the class and who is not is necessary, it takes up an ample amount of productive time, which is not beneficial for either teacher or students. This scenario is the reason why there is a requirement for an attendance management app. The application will take care of the attendance and save up both teacher’s and student’s time with ease.

So, why schools, universities and colleges need attendance software? As said, an ample amount of attendance taking time will be saved with the help of online attendance management software. Apart from that, there are so many benefits that prove how valuable the software is. First, let us look at the features that one can find in online attendance management software for schools and then check out the benefits this software and app can offer.

Features of Attendance Management Software

  1. Timetable Management

    Be it a college or a school, and proper timetable management is more than a necessity here. Allocating faculties for all the classes, organizing different events, managing extracurricular activities, or sudden changes in the levels are some of the most important stuff that needs to be handled regularly.

    It becomes a hassle at times, but with the help of attendance management software, one can ease this entire thing. The software will help in managing the timetable accurately, and although there is a small change in the timeline, it is notified to the concerned teachers immediately without any human interference. The software will quickly check the availability of teachers and organizes any sudden classes according to it.

  2. The Dashboard

    This dashboard is the place where all the events, attendance, timetable, etc. everything is present. From checking up on the monthly transactions of schools to the progress of students, one can use this dashboard for various things. It is a place where everything will be present.

    The school administration can add the details that they want and customize this dashboard according to their requirements. The panel will be user-friendly and straightforward to access too.

  3. Streamlining Admission Process

    Almost all the educational institution websites have an online admission process where students can apply via the website only. While this feature is an interesting one, it is not easy for the admission department to stay up-to-date with the admission process. It is impossible to respond or reply to every request that comes to the site manually.

    This scenario is where attendance management software will help. Almost all the attendance management system out there has this feature of admission management. The entire admission process is automated, and parents are guided in every step to what to do next by the software itself. There would not be any requirement of human interference because everything is handled with the help of the software only. A lot of paperwork is reduced. And both parents and admissions office will be able to handle the work without any hassle.

  4. Attendance Management

    As said earlier, taking attendance in class will take up a lot of class time. This attendance management software reduces that issue. There are three types of presence or participation-taking mechanisms that are involved in taking audience presence –

    • RFID
    • Biometrics and
    • School mobile app

    All these procedures don’t need a teacher, and the software itself automates everything. Apart from tracking the student’s presence in class, this software also sends the report to parents immediately. The same software can also be used to track the teacher’s attendance too.

    The attendance management software for schools will segregate attendance into terms, departments, classes, and years. The entire process is streamlined and stored in the cloud for future reference.

  5. Student Record

    The schools that have massive strength go through a lot of hassles in managing student’s records. This scenario is the reason why they should get the online school management software where the student’s files are stored safely. The student’s performance in examinations, homework and assignment reports, student participation in extracurricular activities, and attendance.

    Every aspect of the student can be uploaded into the software. It will be stored in the cloud for some years, and it is pretty easy to access this information no matter whenever the student or teacher wants. This is like the student database with every information present on the record. Parents are also given access to check their kid’s progress.

  6. Examination Records

    Examination management is another big task that is present before the school management out there. This attendance management app will help in the proper organization of the examination records.

    Teachers can upload the schedule online, and the entire examination schedule will be present on the website only. They can upload the student’s results along with their examination papers if necessary online. The results can also be sent to the parents via this software only.

  7. SMS Alerts

    You can let the student’s parents know everything about their kid with the help of this SMS feature. With the hectic lifestyle, no parent out there has the time to attend PTA meetings. This condition is the reason why you can send all the required information of a student directly to his or her parents. This scenario saves a lot of time for both parents and students. You can inform everything to the parent’s right from the system without any hassle.

Benefits of School Management System Software

This era is mainly a modern one, and every educational institution out there needs a school management software that streamlines the entire processes. The attendance management software has become the need of an hour, and it is essential for all the schools out there to take necessary steps for the same. Let’s see the benefits of the best attendance management app for teachers and why every school out there needs it.

  1. Comfort and Time Saving

    There is no doubt in saying that it will take approximately 10 minutes of a class for attendance. Those ten minutes are not productive for either student or teacher. This scenario is the reason why one should incorporate the school information system software, which will take the attendance of students without teacher intervention.

    The entire attendance process will become effortless and will save up a lot of time too. Students will be given an attendance card with the RFID feature, or their biometrics is stored online. They should scan their card or finger before the system and their attendance is noted for that class. There is another method of taking attendance – attendance market by the app. This feature requires a teacher, but the entire process will be done in sixty seconds utmost.

  2. High Accuracy Levels

    The attendance records are saved up in the cloud system, and it can be accessed in the future too. With the papers, there will always be a struggle of losing the documents, but it would not happen if you start using the software. All the things will be stored in the cloud and on the system too. Even though there is some hassle with the system, you can start accessing data from the cloud.

    Having a cloud storage option will make it easy for the administration and teachers to check the attendance at any time of the day. There is no need for them to go to a particular system to review the records.

  3. Greater Security

    All the data collected by the attendance management system will be stored in the cloud database. The manipulation of this database is impossible. From the administration to parents, everyone is assigned a different role, and parents can only view the attendance of their kids. They cannot change or do anything with it, and the same goes for students too. There will be multiple layers of security for the data that has been stored in the cloud platform.

    Furthermore, the push notifications and messages for parents or guardians about their kid’s absence or any other issue will help in maintaining proper student care too. Parents will get to know everything about their kids, and this helps in disciplining the students also.

  4. Flexibility & Suppleness

    The schools and other educational organizations out there come in different shapes and sizes. Not every school needs a high-end attendance management software system, and this is the reason why developers created highly scalable software. The software and apps are completely flexible and can be adjusted according to the school requirement. You will be paying for what you are using, and there is no need to pay for anything more.

  5. Improved Communication between Parents and Teachers

    The parents and teachers can now communicate with each other without the help of students. The parent and teacher communication is crucial for every organization out there, and this can be done with the help of software. From sending notifications to inform the results to parents, the software can do everything with ease.

  6. Greater ROI

    The return on investments for the best attendance app for college students will be high. You would not be able to see the ROI now, but when you start considering all the work that can be reduced because of the software, you will understand how vital it is. From saving up teacher’s attendance taking time to manage the admissions, single software can do so many tasks, and a lot of time can be saved because of it. The productivity of teachers will also increase along with the students.

  7. Auto Generation of Reports

    Now, this is another critical aspect that you have to look at for process improvements. The progress and attendance reports of students can be automatically generated and sent directly to the parents online only. There is no requirement for you to worry about paperwork or something. You can mail it or share it anywhere you want right from the software only.

Key Takeaways

This is explicitly how the mobile attendance app can help colleges and schools? It is a pretty significant solution that school management should think about and move forward. The benefits mentioned above are the answer to adopt this solution.

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