Client Requirement

The client approached Technostacks to develop an automatic attendance collection system that can enable related stakeholders to manage attendance. The critical requirement was that the client wanted a system that can even work offline.

Users can use the system and add/edit attendance at any time when an internet connection is available. The attendance will be saved at both local as well as on the main server. However, when there is no internet accessible then attendance will be saved in the device’s local database. And whenever a user connects the device to internet and syncs attendance, then attendance will be seamlessly synced.

The client needed a key functionality wherein when a student scans NFC card a pop-up should appear showing attendance status as present or late with user profile picture if selected ON from settings. While scanning if there is internet connection and if user has selected the Sync attendance button then the attendance will be saved at both local and server levels. However, when it does not works that way then data will be saved locally and will be stored to server on timely syncing.

IntelliTracker Project Features

Instructor App Features
  • Instructor app is built for authenticated instructors to take attendance manually
  • Registered user can log in and use different features
  • Forgot password feature helps if the instructor forgot the password then he/she will receive reset password link to the registered email id
  • An instructor can add or update profile picture through the application
  • On one tap of any date on calendar from home screen shows the courses or programs which are scheduled on a specific date and time.
  • Course history feature helps the instructor to view the attendance history of any course
  • Set any of the present, late, absent and excused indicators for the student
  • Can add notes and save the attendance with a single click of the button
IntelliTracker Attendance Management System
University Portal Management
Class App Features
  • Saves time, efforts and eliminates paperwork
  • Simple access and friendly attendance register
  • Smooth user interface and experience
  • Secure logging and password protection
  • Scan and take attendance by NFC card
  • Mark attendance manually
  • Manage multiple courses and timing of courses
  • Handle multiple students and their attendance
  • Take instructor attendance
  • Automated sync system with instructor app and web
  • Maintain course history and sync data to the server manually
  • Access to writing individual student notes or comments
  • Swift and easy tracking of student attendance
Backend Features
  • Attendance tracking software
  • Have access to report generation
  • Present, late, absence and excuse handling
  • Parents can check different reports
  • Subject and day wise attendance
  • Easy adding and updations of attendance
  • Calculation of attendance percentage
  • Sorting, searching and filtration functionalities
  • Enable and disable features
  • Export data into CSV format
  • Import data in CSV and XLS format
  • Sync data with the application
  • Upload profile image
  • Manage multiple courses and time
  • Student profile details with photograph
  • Swift dashboard management
  • Logging and password protection
  • Print functionality
Attendance Management App


With our successful efforts, we delivered the IntelliTracker software solution enabling dynamic and automatic attendance collection as well as management. With this all-inclusive project, the client achieved and offered the best attendance experiences to its clients without any substitute. With smooth logging methods, instructor application functions, and flexible course, as well as attendance management features, made client stakeholders much more comfortable to use the system.

Technologies Used

iOS app